10 Best Coffee Shops in Milwaukee

Coffee has continuously been rising in popularity for quite some time. It is the perfect drink for any occasion, be it breakfast with a friend or a date with someone special, you can never go wrong with a cup of coffee.

From the bitter-sweet aroma in the air that turns your head or the hot but amazing feeling you get in every sip, Milwaukee, Wi is here with its top coffee shops just for you.

These great coffee shops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are sure to make any normal day special and much more exciting for you!

Coffee Shops in Milwaukee

1. Colectivo Coffee

They are continually shocked that what began as a simple concept to do something properly has grown into the organization that it is today.

Colectivo Coffee is a great coffee shop with its own beans and fuel cafe.

Being one of the best coffee shops in Milwaukee, they have a dining area, micro-roaster, and board games located inside.

Screenshot from Colectivo

If you are on a road trip to Chicago, do stop at the Colectivo Coffee shop and refresh yourself with their amazing coffee while entering Milwaukee.

All of their freshly baked goods are produced from scratch daily at the Troubadour Bakery.

Their handcrafted loaves of bread, cookies, cakes, croissants, and other baked goods are produced with care and skill.

To that end, they place a premium on quality ingredients and try to purchase locally whenever possible.

They have an extremely enticing menu filled with delicious food, drinks, and baked items!

(a) The Food Menu

They take pride in collaborating with local producers to use the highest quality and freshest ingredients available in the Midwest.

(b) The Drinks Menu

From Session coffees to a variety of cafe classics using their distinctive Espresso Toro and Letterbox Fine Teas.

They’re also delighted to provide a creative and exciting menu of Specialty Drinks and Seasonal Beverages.

With the ability to customize fun flavors in each drink, they’re confident you’ll discover something you enjoy.

(c) The Troubadour Bakery

Their skilled bakers handcraft each piece using only natural ingredients. Every day, they strive hard to provide you with the freshest items possible.

2. Coffee Makes You Black

They provide fresh meals and networking possibilities in a metropolitan Afrocentric setting, as well as a social, political, and economic resource center featuring southern comfort cuisine.

Screenshot from CMYB

They provide an unparalleled dining opportunity that makes it possible for you to establish relationships with other professionals while simultaneously enjoying a delicious dinner.

The mission of Coffee Makes You Black is to uplift and strengthen the region’s Black community.

The term deliberately de-stigmatizes Blackness by parodying an ancient pejorative phrase that goes, “If you drink coffee, you’ll become Black.”

Rather than hiding this particular instance of our collective past, Coffee Makes You Black confronts it and reclaims the phrase.

They have several programs which help them establish good social bonds in the community, like Annual Father and Son Retreat, Culinary Job Training, Community Advocacy, Wood Crafting, etc.

Their menu is divided into two sections, Breakfast, and lunch, with several amazing options of food to choose from.

(a) House Specials

Their House Specials have several items like fried chicken, waffles, catfish breakfast, and grits.

(b) The Classics

This section has all those items which are simple to choose from and remind you of a calm day, like pancakes, omelets with toast, and sandwiches.

(c) Meats

They offer a variety of meats as non-vegetarian options for you to choose from like, chicken, ham, bacon, sausage, and pork.

3. DryHootch Coffee Company

DryHootch Coffee is run by Veterans and is one of the best coffee shops in Milwaukee. When you return “home,” it’s natural to feel confused, dejected, and alone.

Photo on DryHootch

Their veterans’ peers, who once stood in your shoes, can demonstrate to you how to acclimatize to a new location after a long absence.

Unfortunately, returning home might result in legal troubles, both civil and criminal.

Their programs with Veteran Courts and understanding lawyers might assist you in reassembling the puzzle.

Family peers can assist you in locating and comprehending the programs you seek.

Their mobile technologies are intended to connect you with peer help when and where you require it.

Dryhootch is a terrific social area where veterans, their families, and the community can come to talk, offer aid, and relax over a nice cup of coffee, tea, and other beverages.

Dryhootch is first and foremost a Veteran supporting community in Milwaukee and then a cafe with coffee drinks.

4. Stone Creek Coffee Shop

The Stone Creek coffee shop is one of the local coffee shops in Milwaukee. Though its interior design and menu items make it seem like some big coffee brand.

This is one of the well-known coffee shops in Milwaukee for you if you wish to show your support to a locally owned coffee shop but want to click Instagram-worthy pictures of space-time coffee, that looks like you’re sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop!

They have several items on their very meticulously prepared menu, some of which are, Boneshaker Columbia Coffee Tin, Key Lime Ecuador, Sweet Melon Rwanda, latte art, caffeine fix, caramel cosmo, and rishi tea.

Screenshot from Stone Creek

Available in two locations, the Stone Creek coffee shop has independent artists and book clubs near Kinnickinnic Ave.

The bay view from this coffee shop in Milwaukee and the food are to die for. This cafe and bakery in Milwaukee is a hidden gem. 

They also have outdoor seating available. You get a nice view of the Milwaukee public market.

They have fun events planned like waffle weekends and a live music venue and they offer great service.

5. Valentine Coffee Roasters

Valentine coffee roasters have a simple formula for their amazing coffee.

Art + Science + Passion = Coffee

It is the reason for what they do.

Photo on Valentine Coffee

They are constantly inspired, tested, and rewarded in the realm of coffee because it has plenty to give. It is one of the prettiest coffee shops in Milwaukee.

(a) Coffee Without Compromise

“Coffee without compromise” is their motto.

Feel free to visit their new website, where they have made it even simpler to order fresh Valentine’s Coffee.

(b) Handmade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

See why they’re a favorite among locals who value taste over branding by visiting their roastery or cafe.

(c) Wholesale Coffee Roasting

Always roasted to the peak of its inherent richness, freshness, and harmony. For wholesale options for your café, restaurant, or company, get in touch with them.

They have several types of coffees and coffee blends like Kintamani Bali, Bering Sea Blend, Columbia Huila, cold brew, and Ethiopia Guji.

6. Anodyne Coffee Roasting

Anodyne is one of the coffee shops in Milwaukee that aim to produce a fantastic cup of coffee by combining just enough technology with their crew’s knowledge to ensure exact consistent outcomes and guaranteed pleasure with each roast, every time.

Image By Anodyne Coffee Roasting

They specialize in coffee. This is what they understand and enjoy coffee which is working toward being perfect. So, take care of this coffee. Transport and keep in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Stop by, call, or order online if you run out. They’d love to get feedback from you and supply you with the best coffee shops in Milwaukee that will heal whatever ails you the most.

They serve several coffees like singles, blends, espresso, decafs, organic, and limited editions.

(a) Espresso

This Central and South American coffee mix yields a robust, round, and smooth shot of espresso.

A creamy chocolate base is offset with cherry sweetness and a roasted almond finish. The same espresso is served in-house and across all Anodyne cafes.

(b) Decafs

The Decaf they sell here is for coffee and tea lovers who want to forego caffeine.

They guarantee you won’t discover a better decaf elsewhere, featuring two coffees chosen for their velvety texture and nutty flavor.

This Colombian decaf coffee is produced using a unique, natural process that employs an ethyl acetate solvent generated from fermented sugar.

The resultant product maintains its flavor integrity while containing nearly no caffeine.

(c) Organic

This new Sumatra offering originates from the GARMINDO collaborative, which is based in Sumatra’s Aceh province.

This coffee lot contains exclusively coffees grown by women that have been segregated from the remainder of this collaborative’s coffee products.

They have moderate and stronger roasts available as usual!

7. Hawthorne Coffee Roasters

It is a coffee shop opened by Steve Hawthorne and Kendra Barron who bonded over their passion for coffee and roasted their beans.

Photo on Hawthorne

It is one of those coffee shops in Milwaukee where you find the love of home in a cup of coffee. Now, this amazing cafe is run by them and their three children.

The place of business is open for business daily and has enough indoor and outdoor dining space available.

They provide a calm environment in which you can meet and speak with friends, along with complimentary WiFi and connection to outlets whenever you need to work.

They serve a range of grab-and-go breakfast and lunch sandwiches, as well as freshly baked goodies from their kitchen.

Aside from their excellent coffee, they also offer a complete bar and a well-curated cocktail menu, as well as a limited variety of beer and wine.

8. Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea

As a result, they feature a wide range of tea and espresso varietals, along with the greatest companies from around the world.

They titled their coffee and tea adventure Fairgrounds to reflect their devotion to inclusiveness in their products and services, their conviction in equal billing for caffeine and tea, and their devotion to fair business practices.

Photo on Fairgrounds

They, too, enjoy the play on words.

Because their childhood fairgrounds were dedicated to finding something new and witnessing anything that made them exclaim WOW.

9. Rochambo Coffee and Tea

Rochambo Coffee and Tea House enjoy promoting great items from dedicated enterprises that advocate for the planet’s and its inhabitants’ well-being.

Screenshot from Rochambo

Their offers provide our clients with the greatest intents and products, the majority of which are responsibly obtained, honestly exchanged, organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO, and devoid of corn syrup with high fructose content and artificial colors and flavors.

What they provide is intended to vibrate at the most powerful frequencies for happiness on your everyday journey.

They, like their Rishi Tea Company pals, are truth-seekers dedicated to identifying and selling the most ecologically friendly and tasty items available.

Their motto is to be peaceful to generate peace.”

10. Pilcrow Coffee

The pilcrow represents the paragraph marker used to indicate the beginning of an additional paragraph.

Photo on Pilcrow

Each paragraph frequently introduces a fresh topic or an idea. For this reason, they adopted the name Pilcrow. They wish Pilcrow Coffee to meet you every morning.

A day full of positive energy and fresh, new ideas is what you can expect from one of the most amazing coffee shops in Milwaukee.

Whatever stage of your coffee journey you are in, they want to assist you every day in the greatest manner they know how: with coffee!

They have several tasting rooms from which you can choose which coffee suits and soothes your taste buds!

They have various coffees and coffee blends like the bring it on Spring, Koba Sundried, archia natural, Worka Sakaro, and Pastora.

Final Words

All these great coffee shops in Milwaukee are filled with amazing coffee options and positive energy.

From supporting local coffee shops in Milwaukee to supporting women’s businesses, you are changing lives while having a great cup of coffee!

You are sure to get a life-changing experience once you visit any one or all of these amazing coffee shops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they not only make great coffee but also make sure their customers are happy and have the healthiest of what they can offer!

So, what are you waiting for? On your next trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin make sure to visit at least one of these coffee shops in Milwaukee to consume heaven in a cup and make your trip a memorable one!

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