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24 Fun Things to Do in Denver

If you’re searching for peace or excitement, a live music show, museums, dining options, or free things to do in Denver, this list offers it all. For the spring season, Mile High has a ton more events planned, including festivals and fiestas specific to our community, special performances at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, and more.

To learn more, check out our list.

24 Things to Do in Denver

1. Downtown Denver

things to do in Denver
by annasiracusa, Pixabay Copyright 2017

While there are plenty of skyscrapers in downtown Denver, they are dispersed along broad avenues, punctuated by open squares, parks, pedestrianized areas, and an amazing network of cycle lanes that give the place a big, open feel more akin to a country town.

Larimer Square is a very famous block in Downtown Denver, that has been renovated into the ideal location to enjoy drinks, go shopping, or take in some live music entertainment.

The square was Denver’s original commercial area and the site of the city’s first city hall. The majority of the square’s 19th-century structures are in good condition.

The outdoor activities shopping area in downtown Denver is a large public walk line with trees and potted plants that, during the night, give it a picturesque view with thousands of lights on strings that are spread across the street at night to brighten it.

There are at least 300 stores available in downtown Denver for shopping, eating, and many gift shop. You can stop by one of the many cafes or pubs with outside seating on the pavement and enjoy your drink while people-watching and also do window shopping.

2. Union Station

things to do in Denver
by Colin Lloyd, Pexels Copyright 2020

Union Station was one of the primary stops for supplies coming from the West side. Denver Union Station, which received reconstruction in 2014, has developed into the cultural center of the Mile High City and is currently the most visited tour for tourists.

The Great Hall’s Heart is located at Union Station; it is a grand space brimming with elegance and nostalgia. The 65-foot ceilings are highlighted by sparkling chandeliers and elaborate white molding, and the chamber is illuminated by huge Palladian and arched windows.

There are many lovely locations near Union Station, but the most well-known is in front of Terminal Bar, which is a beautifully restored former ticket office now serves Colorado-distilled spirits and 30 rotating regional draft beers.

Spend the night at the opulent Crawford Hotel, where the sumptuous suites are decorated to evoke the Pullman period of rail travel. Make sure to use the free Tesla service offered by the hotel.

This will carry you everywhere in a two-mile radius, making it simple to visit the well-liked Highlands neighborhood just outside of downtown or see a Broncos game at Mile High Stadium.

There are several possibilities available to you if traveling is on your plan. To ride the train from Union Station, people travel from all over the world.

Enjoy When taking the California Zephyr train from Chicago to San Francisco, which passes through two mountain ranges, you may unwind and observe bald eagles soar over stunning snow-capped peaks along the way.

3. Denver Art Museum

things to do in Denver
by Abhardphoto, Pixabay Copyright 2020

The Denver Art Museum is well-known not just for the visionary design of Gi Ponti but also for its collections of Native and Western American art.

The collections of the Denver Art Museum are diverse, even though they may draw strength from their Rocky Mountain heritage. Look for works like Monet’s Waterloo Bridge and Sandy Skoglund’s startlingly expansive installation Fox Games, which shows a surreal dining room.

4. Denver Botanic Gardens

Any trip to best the things to do in Denver should include time spent in nature, but if the thought of trekking through the wilderness or up mountains seems a bit much, consider taking a stroll through the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Locals frequent this expansive garden frequently to wander along the exquisitely crafted trails that pass hidden gardens, reflecting pools, bubbling brooks, gazebos, and waterfalls. Along the trip, be sure to look out for hummingbirds and bunnies.

The Denver Botanic Gardens, which span over 20 acres and contain a dozen different horticulturally distinct collections, is an oasis in the harsh desert. From cacti to orchids from the rainforest, you may see thousands of plant species from all around the world here.

Denver Botanic Gardens serves as a cultural and educational hub as well, often hosting gardening lessons, plant displays, and art exhibits. Take a break from exploring and look at Dale Chihuly’s Colorado, a piece of glass art that adorns the pond at the Ellipse Garden.

The Denver Botanic Gardens has two buildings. Just ten minutes outside the city center, on 24 acres on the east side of Denver’s Chees Man Park, are the major gardens.

The gardens on display at the York Street facility include Gardens of the West, Internationally Inspired Gardens (with inspiration from the tropics, South Africa, and Japan), Ornamental Gardens, Shady Gardens, and Water Gardens.

5. Washington Square Park

Image by Sascha from Pixabay


Although the marble arch in Washington Square Park is its most famous feature, Washington Park is also a busy gathering place for city inhabitants. Washington Park, which has historically served as a center for activism and the arts, is a popular gathering area for longstanding residents, NYU students, tourists, and anybody else looking for a peaceful, shaded seat to contemplate.

The “Dosa Man” is the most well-known food cart you’ll found Washington Park(as seen by the lengthy queue full of devotees), and he has been dishing out South Indian staples like thin, crispy vegan dosas for more than 18 years.

Follow the stairs up to Hamlet’s Vintage just around the corner from Washington Park for a touch of nostalgia. Particularly when Hamlet can be seen in between the racks styling your next garment, the location gives off the vibe of a local hangout.

You can kind of go through time if you take the half-block north of Washington Square between Fifth Avenue and University Place.

A significant portion of the original early 19th-century facade of Washington Mews, a historic private alley, has been maintained. At that time, Washington Park was home to upscale carriage houses and cobblestone streets.

6. Rooftop Restaurant

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Denver offers some wonderful rooftop bars to visit if you enjoy sipping cocktails while taking in the picturesque views while dining on dishes created by up-and-coming chefs. Diners at The Woods are drawn by the breathtaking views of the city and the mountains around.

at the Source Hotel to forgo their chef-driven cuisine in favor of taking pictures on the wide rooftop deck with fire pits. The New Belgium brewery is located at this popular RiNo destination, which is open from breakfast on. If you can, watch the sunset though.

A range of palates will be satisfied by the casual-gourmet pizza, barbecue, Arepas, vegan bowls, sushi, beers, mocktails, and Big Chill frozen drinks offered in Avanti F & B’s bi-level shipping container food hall.

It serves as the social center for the young, vibrant LoHi area day and night. If the weather is nice, enjoy the magnificent city views from its spacious terraces covered by umbrellas.

The scenery at Denver’s Linger, a location constructed atop a former morgue, is Instagram-worthy.

7. See Some Best Street Art

things to do in Denver
by hada83, Pixabay Copyright 2018

Street art is the best thing to do in Denver. Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony Walls in the River North Art District showcase blocks of avant-garde street art made primarily by Denver-based artists.

For “Larimer Boy/Girl,” Jeremy Burns painted the fins sticking out from a block-long structure on both sides. As you get closer, other images start to appear from every angle.

During the inaugural Art RiNo festival in September 2022, new murals were installed. Take the two-hour walk-and-talk Denver Graffiti Tour, which focuses on the most important works.

Denver, Colorado, shares many large cities with the rest of the world in having a thriving street art scene. All across the city, you may find striking artwork on the outside of buildings and in back lanes.

Every street artist has their style, just like every other type of artist. Others are whimsical while others are assertive. Some people like to use words while others want to use symbols. But everyone stands out for their creativity and individuality.

8. Hiking Trails

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

There is nothing like hiking trails. No matter if you opt for one of the flat, leisurely laps on Lookout Mountain or the challenging climbs via Eldorado Canyon State Park and past the spectacular Flatirons.

You’ll enjoy magnificent natural panoramas. Watch for mule deer and monarchs as you stroll among ponderosa pines and Indian paintbrushes.

A strenuous climb in White Ranch Park, the Belcher Hill Trail rewards you with 4.6 miles of stunning views, including rainbows and mesas that resemble mirages.

If high-altitude views are what you’re after, the Mount Galbraith Loop’s 1.6 miles circle a 7,260-foot mountain while overlooking Golden and the Continental Divide.

The 8.217-foot top of Pence Park’s Independence Mountain Trail’s 2.2-mile trail offers a breathtaking view of snow-capped and pine-covered mountains, as well as streams, wildflowers, and birds.

If your travels bring you close to Boulder, check out the difficult Royal Arch Trail, which leads to a sizable natural stone arch with stunning Flatirons views, hiking is one of the best things to do in Denver.

9. See Live Music Performance

things to do in Denver
by 12019, Pixabay Copyright 2016

Although Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre may be the city’s most well-known musical setting, but id you explore, there are many other places, such as Blue Bird, where you can enjoy a local performance.

There are frequently bands, artists, comedians, and other performers passing through the Mile High metropolis due to Denver’s excellent art and entertainment culture and its status as a rapidly developing American metropolis.

If you enjoy alcohol, Blue Bird is the spot for you. This midnight club has amazing service and a pleasant atmosphere. After the play, there are late-night snack options nearby, and alcohol is fairly priced, a nice place to see performers of various kinds, with some great service, clean bathrooms, and a great venue.

The Bluebird Café, a music venue with 90 seats, debuted in 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee. Acoustic music is played in the club by both well-known singer-songwriters and cover performers.

10. Denver Zoo

Image by Boris George from Pixabay

Since the 1890s when the Denver Zoo originally opened, it has only gotten better. It’s one of the best tourist Denver attractions that will transport you to a remote wilderness area because it was modeled after a Kenyan wildlife reserve!

The Denver Zoo is home to almost 4,000 animals. It encompasses the entire 8 acres of City Park and features a variety of locations that highlight some amazing creatures.

You can see birds, invertebrates, aquatic life, mammals, reptiles, and more! There are a lot of things to do in Denver, Zoo as well.

You can attend some engaging staff members’ lectures at Denver Zoo if you arrive during the regular eating hours. In addition to photo safaris, animatronic dinosaurs, and other special events, the compound is covered in enormous Lego replicas of various animals.

The tiger exhibit and elephant passage, which have bridges that pass 12 feet above visitors’ heads, are not to be missed.

11. Denver Firefighters Museum

Image by Paulo from Pixabay

Numerous things to do in Denver abound, and if you happen to stray into Tremont Place, you can find Denver’s history simply begging to be discovered.

The Denver Firefighters Museum’s mission is to communicate and conserve the city’s fire department’s heritage. Along with pictures, papers, and studies, there are special exhibitions on show.

In Colorado, the fire department first functioned between 1866 and 1869, and it has been crucial to Denver’s prosperity ever since. This museum’s goals include encouraging fire safety while also providing entertainment and education.

12. Colorado State Capitol

things to do in Denver
by Abhardphoto, Pixabay Copyright 2020

The Colorado State Capitol is one the most stunning building in Denver, Colorado, and is a neoclassical structure with a golden dome on top.

You must travel to the Colorado State Capitol if you truly want to stand a mile above sea level. Additionally, if you’re already close to Denver, why not put in a little extra effort to secure that intriguing claim?

The Colorado State Capitol serves as the seat of the state’s government and, depending on who you ask, one of its stairs should raise you exactly one mile above sea level.

Consider participating in one of the weekday free tours if you’re curious about the Colorado General Assembly, the building’s architecture, or its history.

To learn more about the legislative process, you can go inside the House and Senate chambers with a guide. A climb to the dome, which is exactly one mile above sea level and the reason the city is known as Mile High City, is another option.

13. City Park

things to do in Denver
by 12019, Pixabay Copyright 2017

You might have heard of the City Park while looking for tourist attractions in the Denver area, and with good reason.

This enormous park, which occupies 330 acres and is roughly on Denver’s LoDo side, is home to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science next to one another.

Although Colorado as a whole doesn’t skimp on picturesque views, it would be difficult to locate backdrops as beautiful as those offered by this park.

There are some stunning vistas available at this park, whether you merely want to take in the perspective of the city skyline against the Rockies or the romantic silhouette the Spanish-style pavilion offers.

And after spending the entire day outside, you can just enter the Museum for an air-conditioned educational experience.

Ferril Lake in City Park is also a great location for a couple to rent a kayak or pedal boat and spend the afternoon or evening on the water. 320 acres of windswept prairie were previously City Park, which was established in 1882.

The Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature & Science, which includes the IMAX Theater and planetarium, are located there. It also has acres of green space, gardens, and, lakes.

14. Larimer Square

things to do in Denver
by islandworks, Pixabay Copyright 2017

Denver, Colorado’s Larimer Square is a significant historical area and the first local historic district to be so named.

Larimer Square, which is comprised of period structures, is referred to by residents as the innovative and pulsating heartbeat of downtown Denver. Larimer Square is also the area of the city that has been conserved the best.

Denver’s landmark protection with some commissions recognized Larimar Square as the city’s initial historic area in 1971, then in 1973.

Similar to Danvers Union Station, it was listed on the national register of historic places. Larimar Square is an urban shopping and dining area where chefs, restaurants, and pubs frequently drive through Victorian structures and specialty shops.

The must-see location also has some unique shops with district fashion and unique offerings.

15. Denver Aquarium

things to do in Denver
by StockSnap, Pixabay Copyright 2017

Visit the Downtown Aquarium for an undersea journey while diving into cuisine and entertainment! The Downtown Aquarium, a fantastic eating and entertainment facility with more than a million gallons of aquarium exhibits, is conveniently situated in the center of downtown Denver.

The unique Aquarium Restaurant, Dive Lounge, Nautilus Ballroom, 4D Theater, Stingray Reef, and hundreds of marine species, otters, and Sumatran tigers make this trip noteworthy in addition to the fun activities for the whole family.

There are many family-friendly things to do in Denver that also houses a well-regarded eatery where customers can eat in front of a 150,000-gallon marine aquarium. Decide to go to the Downtown Aquarium today.

16. Coors Field

things to do in Denver
by 1778011, Pixabay Copyright 2017

If you enjoy baseball, Coors Field is a spot for you. It will be simple for you to cross this Denver activity off your list. The Rockies’ home has earned a reputation as the “hitter’s park” despite being one of the newer MLB stadiums because the Colorado altitude makes batted balls travel great distances.

The Rockpile, an area of the bleachers behind Centerfield where Rockies tickets can be purchased for as little as $7 per person, is one of my favourite features of Coors Field.

You’ll have to strain your eyes to see the home base, but considering the breathtaking views of Denver’s cityscape you’ll receive in the background, and it’s a great deal.

Although you’ll have to strain your eyes to see the home base, the magnificent views of Denver’s cityscape you’ll get in the background make it worthwhile, in my opinion.

17. Beer Spa

Image by Darya-Greengrey from Pixabay

It can be a bit difficult to choose a place to grab a pint and enjoy some sunshine and cornhole in Denver because of the abundance of factory-made beer. But don’t worry, we comprehend your issue.

Join one of Denver’s amazing craft beer tours to see numerous breweries, sample regional beers, and discover some interesting facts about Denver. Take the RiNo Beer and Graffiti tour, which will take you on a stroll through Denver’s gritty neighborhood and let you enjoy a drink while you take in tons of graffiti art.

With a lavish spa experience that celebrates beer and features services like fantastic Beer Bath Hydrotherapy, an Infrared Sauna, and a Zero Gravity Relax Massage, you can express your love for yourself.

A quiet, self-serve taproom is also available at The craft beer tour, where visitors may unwind with local craft beer, kombucha, tea, and meditative music.

18. Paramount Theater

Image by dixoncain from Pixabay

This iconic Denver location, which dates back to 1930 and is housed inside a gorgeous Art Deco building, still hosts gigs, speaking up comedies, and seminars today, with over 100 distinct events taking place there annually.

Amazingly, the old Wurlitzer twin console organ from the Paramount, which was built to screen mute movies, is still there to prove it!

The Paramount, one of American architect Temple Buell’s finest creations, has maintained its former glitz while showing the creativity of the era. The theatre has a Wurlitzer twin-console organ, one of only two in the country, and Chicago-based architecture.

19. Molly Brown House Museum

Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

ARE YOU AWARE? Why? because the ill-fated RMS Titanic was not sunk by the supposedly “unsinkable” Margaret “Molly” Brown.

James Joseph Brown, the spouse, was an underground geologist engineer who discovered gold in Leadville, Colorado, in the Little Johnny mining. Her renovated Denver residence, which is a few streets from the State Capitol in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, is open for self-guided visits.

For the most recent details on how to be ready for your visit, check out the museum site. Formerly, the Governor’s home was the Molly Brown House.

The Molly Brown House included modern amenities including indoor plumbing, power, heating, phone service, and other crucial features, in contrast to several residences constructed in the 1880s.

Before being bought for repair in 1970, the property was scheduled for demolition.

20. Food Tour

Image by Vietnam Culinary Travel from Pixabay

In Denver, you may eat everything from traditional international dishes to contemporary adaptations. While some of the best restaurants are upscale places with a seductive atmosphere, others are modest food trucks.

In the Mile High City, you can probably find any cuisine you’re looking for. The Mile High City has high standards and offers a menu that only a handful of other cities can equal in flavor, whether you are traveling to Denver from elsewhere in the US or from across the ocean.

On small-group excursions, knowledgeable locals show hungry tourists around some of the best restaurants in the city, including award-winning diners, hidden gems, and farm-to-table restaurants.

Grab the Rotisserie Chicken from Steuben’s. 523 E 17th Ave (at Pearl St), and the jaw-dropping BBQ Biscuit at Denver Biscuit Co. whether you’re traveling with a group or on your own.

Are you seeking something a little more… eerie? The city also provides pub trips and ghostly meals.

20. Garden of Gods

Image by Welcome to All ! ツ from Pixabay

You’d hope that The Garden of the Gods would produce something extraordinary given its name. It does, in fact, with seemingly infinite fields of astounding mountains of rock and striking contrasts of color between orange sandstone and green grass this place is a picturesque spot for photo lovers.

A hassle-free small-group (affordable) or private (VIP, but more expensive) tour that picks up from Denver hotels is the most practical way to experience the area.
Hiking, difficult rock climbing, street, and mountain biking, and horseback riding are all popular activities in the Garden of the Gods Park. It is the most frequented park in the city, receiving over two million people each year. The paths are 21 miles long.

21. Aurora Municipal Golf Course

Image by bedrck from Pixabay

In Denver, Colorado, there are 16 golf courses, 8 of which are municipal ones. Within 20 miles of Denver, there are 78 additional golf facilities, including 19 public, 42 local, and 17 private properties.

Colorado’s largest water park, with a total area of 50,000 square feet, is located near Aurora’s newest and most incredible public golf course. The par-72 course, built by Jackson and Kahn, has five different teeing areas for golfers of all skill levels.

It’s easy to understand why this brand-new 18-hole championship-style course was named the best golf course in America.

For those hot summer vacations, Aurora town also features several water parks with splash pools and water slides.

22. Lakeside Amusement Park

Image by Frank Winkler from Pixabay

With its roller coasters, huge wheels, and wheelchair rides, Lakeside offers some good old-fashioned fun things to do in Denver. It is one of the few family-owned amusement parks left in the nation.

While the miniature trains and traditional carnival attractions are sure to keep the kids entertained, the Wild Chipmunk and the Cyclone are particular favorites for thrill seekers.

The Cyclone, a 70-year-old wooden roller coaster that is one of the few still operating in the nation, is one of the most well-liked attractions. Everyone’s heart rate will increase as a result of the curves and twists.

Other vintage rides include a 1908 carousel with exquisite hand-carved wooden animals and two tiny steam trains from the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904 that still run around the lake’s perimeter.

23. Red Rocks And Amphitheatre

Image by Andrew Rix from Pixabay

Since its inception, Red Rocks has become a favored location for concerts of many genres because of the ever-so-dramatic sweep of its jagged sandstone formations.

The rest, as U2 fans know, is rock history. In 1983, an unfamiliar Irish group just so happened to record an evening at what you might call the environment’s singing arena.

Of obviously, it also functions as one of the finest and most beautiful gyms in the entire globe, as athletes work up a sweat ascending the infinite stairs and hikers take to the paths in the 868-acre parkland nearby.

24. Try Barbecue

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Every year, Pitmasters and BBQ enthusiasts from all over the nation congregate at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium for some sunlight and grilled pork.

Don’t forget to get your fill of ribs, brisket, burnt ends, and wings from Denver‘s neighborhood or from distant barbecue hotspots in the state of Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas, either dry-rubbed or coated in gravy.
Good barbeque is nothing new to Coloradans. Barbecue, commonly roasted or grilled food, is a southern tradition that has gained popularity in Colorado. Enjoy a meal while listening to live music and prepare yourself for a fun-filled day of cuisine.

End Note

The enormous blue bear near the Colorado convention center and Sculpture Park by the DCPA are two additional sights that you could encounter while strolling around the city normally.

They are both excellent and make wonderful tourist photo locations to keep as a memento of your trip to Denver.

We hope you like our list of the top 24 things to do in Denver.

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