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10 Best Indian Restaurants in Ottawa

There is nothing that comes close to the vibrant, savoury food of India, where each bite brings happiness and dissolves in the mouth. No matter where in the globe we are or what cuisine our taste buds are currently savouring, after only a couple of days, our appetites begin to ache for those Indian delights.

No other cuisine in the world comes close to the unique delight that Indian food offers. Despite the fact that there are Indian restaurants and cafés in every city in the globe, it only makes sense for well-known ones like Ottawa in Canada to have a few of the best.

Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in Ottawa serving quality Indian food.

1. 10 Amazing Indian Restaurants in Ottawa

Anyone interested in discovering the many flavours of the best authentic Indian food should check out the list. These Indian restaurants will only give you the best, whether you want to sample the cultural fusion of Indian flavours with Canadian food or are simply missing home.

1.1. Taj Indian Cuisine

Taj Indian Cuisine, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Taj Indian Cuisine

Due to its great service and delicious Indian food, this modest restaurant easily rates among Ottawa’s best Indian eateries. It offers the complete, genuine flavour of real Indian food in all its splendour and fineness.

For genuine gastronomic bliss and delectable food that melts on your lips, try the butter chicken and butter naan at Taj Indian Cuisine. It offers a wide variety of food that represents the entire Indian subcontinent, from traditional dals to samosa-inspired appetizers.

1.2. East India Company

When you are in the mood for Indian food, head to East India Company and get ready for an amazing experience. Its interior will shock you and give you the impression that you are in India. Indian food comes in a wide variety of spicy, and delicious meals.

This is the place to go if you want anything, from elaborate entrees to straightforward Indian street food snacks. If you want to enjoy the amazing Indian flavours and aromas, each of their meals is worth it. Every day, a different flavour of India is provided by delivering high-quality, often updated buffet food. This should unquestionably be among Ottawa’s best Indian restaurants.

1.3. Little India Cafe

Little India Cafe is going to be one of your favourite Indian restaurants in Ottawa at fair prices. The name perfectly describes the food and how it tastes. It provides a wonderful supper at a cost that will make you want more. It serves everything from your preferred Indian street snacks, and samosas, to regal seek kebab and a range of delectable cuisine items including curries, naans, and rotis. It is a one-stop shop for you to satisfy all of your spicy Indian culinary demands.

Little India Cafe, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Little India Cafe

Kheer and gulab jamun are two delicious Indian desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The service might be a little slow as it is a family-run establishment, but the buffets are excellent.

If you don’t mind the service and want to indulge in perfectly delectable food, this should be your go-to restaurant. They are completely licensed to provide you with drinks with your meal and offer a popular lunch buffet as well as catering choices. For pizza with an Indian influence, go to their partner Chili Craft Pizza across the street.

1.4. Fairouz

What happens when you combine mouthwatering Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine with Western food decorations? You get to have on Fairouz‘s incredible meals! The cuisine is beautifully presented at the restaurant, and it tastes just as well.

Fairouz Cafe, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Fairouz Cafe

To put it another way, this is a restaurant that consistently innovates and provides something new. Yes, their menu occasionally and consistently changes. As a result, there will always be something fresh to explore.

1.5. Host India

If you want to taste the true flavour of the traditional “thali” system, Host India is a terrific restaurant to check out. Curries, basic gobi aloo, and other “sabzis” are just a few of the many Indian cuisines you can select from. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, you can even choose from photos of strange chutneys and shakes.

Host India, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Host India

The menu options are far more limited than those at other Indian restaurants, which are significantly more varied. They might only do it out of a sense of superior cooking confidence. This restaurant serves Indian food and is among the best in Ottawa. If you can, try their chicken dish with ginger.

1.6. Coconut Lagoon

Becoming addicted to South Indian cuisine? Coconut Lagoon joins the list with its exquisite taste for southern cuisine and outstanding focus on other culinary offerings on the menu. They also provide butter chicken that will melt your heart in addition to their buttery naan and delectable tandoori lamb.

Coconut Lagoon, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Coconut Lagoon

Despite the fact that the portions may make the food a little pricey for you, the flavour of the cuisine more than makes up for it. Both the service and the dining options are top-notch. Thanks to recent changes, it now provides a more authentic Indian environment and experiences. There are also weekend buffets offered. In Ottawa, there is this fantastic south Indian restaurant.

1.7. Aahar The Taste of India

Let’s take a look at a restaurant that has been operating in the same location for ten years and is still growing. In Canada, demand for the Indian food label Aahar is rising. There are at least two of these in Ottawa, and both serve very good Indian food.

Aahar The Taste of India, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Aahar The Taste of India

The waiters will always ask about availability and, if necessary, go over the ingredients to help you make a better decision. More importantly, you may explore both authentic Indian food and fast food with a hint of Indian flavour. It works very well for buffets and delicious Punjabi food.

1.8. Mia’s Indian Cuisine

Thanks to alternatives like Chef’s special that can help you focus your choices, this modest family-run restaurant, Mia’s Indian Cuisine, rises to the top of the list of must-try affordable Indian restaurants in Ottawa. The flavouring layers’ cuisine will surprise you despite the modest size of the place and the potential for slow service.

Mia's Indian Cuisine, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Mia’s Indian Cuisine

Each dish is made from scratch using a unique mixture of ingredients to deliver an exceptional flavour. This is a fantastic, cost-effective solution for folks who adore Indian food but cannot afford to eat at pricey restaurants.

1.9. Kochin Kitchen

Kochin Kitchen is your one-stop shop for delectable southern cuisine if you’re curious to learn more about Keralan and South Indian culinary traditions. Additionally, there are more options accessible. Although what makes it most successful is the south Indian cuisine. Delicious Dosa, Sambar, Idli, and other meals are served in The Kochin Kitchen.

Kochin Kitchen, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Kochin Kitchen

Try some of their seafood if you’re not a vegetarian, especially the shrimp. The environment is fitting, and each bite has flavours that are uniquely Indian. Instead of south Indian food, you can also try other possible options, and they will similarly allure you.

1.10. Haldi

Indian restaurant in Ottawa, Haldi, has a variety of Indian delicacies that are sure to please your palate. In addition, Haldi is a master at achieving the correct spice balance in Indian food, which is important to note.

Haldi, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Haldi

What makes it so excellent is the staff’s attentiveness, comprehension of demands, and suggestions for how to get exactly what you want to taste. They offer a wide range of options, but their specialty is east Indian food. You may purchase Indian food prepared correctly here.

2. Facts About Indian Food

The diversity of Indian food, and Indian spices is what distinguishes it from other cuisines around the world. There will therefore always be something new and unique to sample wherever you go. It has a lot of strong flavours, is warming, spicy, earthy, and occasionally sweet and smokey. Cardamom, coriander, cayenne pepper, hot pepper, turmeric, ginger, and tamarind are spices and herbs that are often used in Indian cuisine. Curry powder, which is a key ingredient in home-cooked Indian meals, contains the majority of those seasonings.

Indian flavours are differentiated mostly by their use of fresh ingredients. Most fast food and Indian cuisines use gravies, which are usually comprised of a mix of fresh vegetables reduced to a sauce. Many people are pleasantly impressed by the flavour and suppleness of the meats when they first try Indian food. This may be due to the fact that meat is frequently prepared in India by marinating it overnight in yogurt and spices before grilling it over an open flame or in a tandoor.

3. Conclusion

Indians make up a sizable portion of both Canada’s and Ottawa’s populations. Ottawa restaurants offer various cuisines but solid Indian cuisine has its own charm. There are many excellent Indian restaurants in Ottawa because the city’s residents appreciate Indian cuisine. You may find everything you need at these Indian restaurants in Ottawa, from zesty North Indian dishes to spicily delicious south Indian cuisine. The most frequently used ingredients in a variety of euphoric recipes are chicken and paneer. So anything associated with them, such as Shahi Paneer, Butter Chicken, chicken biryani, and chicken tikka wrap is a must-try. Dals are a wonderful complement as well. A must-try is Indian dessert as well.

A few other famous Indian restaurants serving delicious Indian cuisine are RamaKrishna Indian restaurant with the most Instagram recommendations by locals, Mahakali Indian Cuisine, India curry and kebab house and Thali serving famous vegetarian Indian thali.



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