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License Plate Sticker Renewal in Ontario: Important Points

To drive lawfully in Ontario, your car needs to have a legitimate license plate and insurance. The time required to renew your licence plates differs according to the kind of automobile and whether you decide to renew for one or two years.

Every one or two years, typically around the time of your birthday, owners of passenger cars, light-duty vehicles weighing under 3,000 kg, motorcycles, and mopeds must renew their licence plates.

But one might be the question “How to get a license plate sticker renewal in Ontario?” You’re here to get your response because of that. Let’s delve deeper into the subject to learn everything there is to know about it…………………….

1. What is a Decal for a Licence Plate?

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Prior to 2022, an Ontario licence plate decal was indeed the small coloured label on the back of the plate. It shows when your registration and licence plates expire. Previously, you received a new sticker to place on your licence plates once users renewed your Ontario car registration.

The new procedure for updating a licence plate seems to be comparable, but you won’t get a tangible sticker and there’s no fee.

2. What is Necessary for the Replacement of my Licence Plate?

When you purchase a car, you should renew your licence plate to maintain your registration current, just like you do with your Ontario driver’s licence. You must refresh every two years in Ontario. You can either complete this online or at a ServiceOntario facility close by.

You will require the necessary details in order to renew:

  • The number on a licence plate
  • Licence number (RIN number)
  • An accurate insurance parking ticket or contact details
  • The odometer reads
  • Payment of any penalties that are still due

If you renew a heavy-duty diesel car, you might also be asked for your Drive Clean security code or the number from one’s vehicle safety inspection certificate. Already when you file for a sticker renewal, the MTO must be notified if you recently relocated.

3. How to Get a Licence Plate Sticker Renewal in Ontario?

By going to the Ontario license renewal page, you can get your license plate sticker renewal in Ontario electronically in about 2 minutes.

Trying to get your license plate sticker renewal, not one decal, is important to keep in mind. In Ontario, vehicles are no longer needed to have licence plate decals. Therefore, you won’t get a sticker to put on your licence plate and you won’t have to pay to update it.

You’ll require one’s licence plate number, vehicle permit number, insurance company name, insurance policy number, and mileage on your car in order to renew using the web interface.

Before renewing, make sure that all pending fines, tolls, and other costs have been paid.

Additionally, you must settle any outstanding fees, tolls, or fines before renewing. When you renew one’s licence plates online, the databases used by law enforcement are instantaneously updated, letting the police know right away.

It’s important to keep in mind that renewing a licence plate for a motorbike, moped, light truck, or passenger car requires only a two-minute call to a simple web interface.

Up to 180 days prior to their expiration, usually, on your birthdate, licence plates may be renewed.

4. Is there an HST Fee? Could Indeed I Update my Ontario Licence Plate Online?

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Indeed, you should. You don’t even need to leave your house to complete the procedure, which is quick, easy, and simple. You effectively become a savant as a result of this saving you time and money. With the necessary documentation, simply access the Ontario new licence page, and you’ll receive an email confirmation in a few seconds.

However, don’t hold out for a replacement plate decal in the mail because you won’t get one. You don’t have to, but you can erase previous stickers from your licence plate.

5. Do You still have Your Old Licence Plate Decal Fees?

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Many drivers in Ontario received refund checks in the mail in the springtime of 2022, covering some of the costs they had incurred when they last updated their licence plates. Since about March 13, 2022, the sticker scheme was discontinued, saving drivers $60 to $120 annually.

However, there are some outliers. When doing license plate sticker renewal, some kinds of cars will still be required to pay a fee and are not eligible for a refund. These automobiles include coaches, trucks, trailers, and snowmobiles.

6. If I don’t Renew my Licence Tag, Will I be Fined?

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A $260 fine and the cancellation of your insurance benefits are possible for driving with an expired or invalid licence. Driving without a legal license plate can result in a $1,000 fine.

If you choose to receive notifications, which you can do by going to the ServiceOntario digital pop-ups website here, you won’t receive notifications about renewing your license plates.

Make sure the licence plate on your car is clear.

Keep in mind that your car is equipped with special lighting that is intended to illuminate your licence plate at night because it is imperative that it be seen clearly at all times. Check on the condition of this illumination periodically, changing bulbs as needed. You might receive a fine if a law enforcement officer can’t recognize your licence plate.

Make sure that no part of the plate number is obstructed or blocked before putting any licence plate covers, protectors, or frames for the same reason.

7. Can I Update my Licence Plate if I still Owe Fines?

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No. If you want to renew your licence plate and Ontario car registration, you must pay all outstanding fines. This includes unpaid licence costs, traffic fines, red light camera fines, and tolls for the 407 highway.

Licence plate sticker

8. What is the Consequence of Driving a Car with a Cracked Licence Plate?

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You must renew your licence plate per the legislation. Underneath the Highway Traffic Act, failing to update one’s licence plate in Ontario could result in a fee between $60 and $1,000. Make sure you have a duplicate of an Extended Vehicle Validation Period Receipt to show that you have renewed if you did it online but did not receive it in the mail.

The Takeaway!

This was all about the topic “How to Get a License Plate Sticker Renewal in Ontario?”. Follow the steps stated above and get your licence plate renewal. You can also get more information about licence plate renewal from above in the article.

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Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding “How to Get a License Plate Sticker Renewal in Ontario?” are listed below:-

Q1. Are stickers for registration plates still used in Ontario?

The sticker and renewal payments will no longer be required of vehicle owners. To make sure insurance is current and there are no unpaid fees or penalties, the Ministry of Transportation nevertheless mandates that licence plates be updated every one to two years./

Q2. Did Ontario stretch the expiration date for license plate stickers?

For licences, stickers, as well as health cards that lapsed after March 1, 2022, the Ontario government had also ceased mailing paper renewal notices, with the exception of certain groups. The state also eliminated fees for renewals of licence plates last year, and yet individuals must nevertheless renew their plates.

Q3. Why did Ontario remove the stickers from registration plates?

“By removing licence plate renewal fees as well as putting money straight into the pockets of working Ontarians, the Ontario government has made life more affordable and easy for over 8 million drivers,” ” says Lee Alderson, chief issues advisor with the Ministry of Transportation.

Q4. What is the penalty in Ontario for failing to update your sticker?

Underneath the Highway Traffic Act, the penalties for anyone found operating a vehicle without a valid pass could range from $60 to $1,000.

Your validation typically ends on one’s birthday, and after that, you are responsible for renewing it.

Q5. In Ontario, am I required to purchase a vehicle sticker?

ATLANTA – With the elimination of licence plate renewals and the requirement for a licence plate decal for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds, starting March 13, 2022, the Ontario government will make life easier for the nearly eight million owners of vehicles.

Q6. Can I retain my previous Ontario licence plate?

Throughout Ontario, licence plates follow the owner, not the vehicle, when they relocate. You retain the licence plates as well as install people on your new vehicle if you sell or trade-in your old one. You can return one old licence plate to a ServiceOntario location if you aren’t planning to use them.



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