10 Best Omakase in Toronto

Yasu Omakase

The Best Omakase in Toronto entrusts your food to the pickiest itamae. Omakase, which signifies “leave it up to you”, is a traditional manner to enjoy a chef-selected selection of meals. It provides daring customers with high-quality fish prepared creatively.

Stop eating hot cuisine and reward your taste buds with an elegant and delectable meal by ordering the omakase at one of the Best Omakase in Toronto. In an omakase sushi experience, the chef personally selects each meal for you, frequently utilising the finest and freshest ingredients.

Best Omakase in Toronto

Here are the top places to eat omakase in Toronto if you’re seeking a high-end experience. Although Kaiseki & Omakase are similar & frequently used interchangeably, Omakase is more centered on sushi and Kaiseki more of a multi-course feast, depending on your reaction. Both are affected by seasonality.

1. Sushi Kaji

The food is excellent. There is delicious food, and the cuisine is also amazing. Then some foods go beyond a person’s basic perception of taste. When you eat this kind of meal, everything else stops, and your mouth becomes the only thing that matters.

Never enjoyed such a delight before? Use it as a test. Visit Sushi Kaji and enjoy every bite; it is among the eateries that contribute to Toronto’s reputation as a global metropolis. Sushi Kaji is arguably one of the top restaurants in the world. Consequently, you were prepared to leave when the day for the reservation finally arrived.

So let us give you a quick overview of the menu at Kaji: for $120, you can order the weekly Omakase tasting menu, which consists of eight to ten courses and only the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients. (There is also an $85 menu, but then at Kaji, you’re seeking the complete experience.) There is a passion for perfection perpetuated not just by Chef Kaji but rather by every individual in his team.

Take a ride towards the Queensway in Etobicoke for an unforgettable sushi experience. Omakase-style sushi eatery Sushi Kaji Restaurant is the ideal choice for sushi lovers seeking a cosy dining atmosphere.

Sushi that has been expertly prepared is a sensual experience, but it also takes a lot of skill and attention to do it right. The chief chef at Sushi Kaji, Mitsuhiro Kaji, has been polishing his trade since he was 13 and has studied under many renowned chefs around Japan.

Kaji operated several various sushi joints in the city after relocating to Canada until ultimately finding the ideal opportunity to launch Sushi Kaji in 2000. Dedicated to serving the most genuine Japanese food possible

2. Sushi Masaki Saito

A memorable omakase eating experience can be had at the two-time 2-Michelin-star sushi restaurant Sushi Masaki Saito, which is situated in the heart of Yorkville.

Chef Saito, who has a background in marine biology as well as a lifetime love of sushi, grew up with a strong affinity for fish. He is committed to maintaining the culinary customs & memories of his boyhood in Hokkaido, Japan, drawing on his training and decades of expertise in making sushi in the Edomae style.

Due to his proficiency with this distinctive form of sushi, Saito is the sole chef to hold in both Toronto & New York. He stands out from other cooks around the world due to his commitment to quality and authenticity, making him a genuine culinary icon.

Each slice of sushi is a work of art in itself, crafted with the finest seafood, rice, vinegar, wasabi, and proportionality. The Sea Foie Gras, an opulent and decadent meal that is not to be missed, is one of the most well-liked dishes of Sushi Masaki Saito.

3. Aburi Hana

A Japanese-owned restaurant called Aburi Hana is well-known for its flame-seared cuisine. One of the priciest Kaiseki omakase experiences in Toronto starts at $380 per person.

The Maguro Flower, one of Aburi Hana’s hallmark courses, is a very exceptional and captivating dish that highlights the skills of the renowned executive chef. This inventive meal is the ideal representation of our restaurant’s name, which in Japanese means “flower.”

The Maguro Flower, with its elaborate presentation and sumptuous flavors, is a must-try for just any food enthusiast who wishes to sample the best in Japanese cuisine.

4. Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto

At this tranquil restaurant, sushi chef Hashimoto offers a modern interpretation of the classic Japanese multi-course meal known as Kaiseki.

Image from Kaiseki

A typical omakase will consist of six to eight dishes, the majority of which will cost a lot of money and might feature seasonal fish in Japan and a5 Wagyu beef as the main course.

A5 Tome-zen Griddle-grilled Iwate Wagyu rib eye with homemade teriyaki sauce. This dish was served with a range of other savory side dishes, white rice, and green tea soba noodles. This dish was incredibly decadent and unforgettable.

The first six classes are $250 per person. However, given your experience, it was all worthwhile.

5. Shoushin

Chef Jackie Lin is the owner of the Toronto establishment Shoushin, which serves sushi in the style of Tokyo. Sushi chef Jackie Lin, who was raised in Guangzhou, became passionate about Japanese food at an early age. When Lin was only 12 years old, his family emigrated to Canada. Lin lived in Scarborough and rapidly developed a love for the cuisine of his new country.

After working at various sushi restaurants for the following 12 years, he committed himself to perfecting the craft of sushi-making & learning about various fish species. In 2016, Lin launched his eatery, Shoushin, where he produces beautiful meals based on Japanese culinary customs.

Shoushin has become popular among Toronto foodies seeking upmarket dining because of its posh setting and refined menu. Omakase pre-fix set dinners at Shoushin start at $330. They r Obsession Perfection Omakase gives the most genuine Japanese sushi eating experience available and starts at $480 for the premium choice of top-quality fish.

This omakase menu, which is completely customizable, was created by Jackie Lin’s outstanding chefs to take into account your unique preferences as well as the freshest seafood that is currently available. At the age of 17, Chef Yasuhisa Ouchi began his career as just an apprentice after being inspired by the art of sushi as a young man.

6. Yasu Omakase Sushi Bar

Yasu is renowned for its authentic & traditional Japanese food and is owned by a chef with over thirty years of experience in the culinary arts. Yasu was Toronto’s first Omakase sushi bar. The cost of the 17-course appetizer meal per person starts at $180.

Although the menu changes frequently depending on the season, you can expect to sample a selection of nigiri sushi, sashimi, & tempura.

Best Omakase in Toronto- Yasu
Image from Yasu

Ikura, snow crab, and Hokkaido Uni The Snow Crab & Hokkaido Uni at Yasu, one of the restaurant’s most well-known dishes, is the ideal illustration of the establishment’s dedication to employing only the freshest.

7. Shizuku’s Omakase Menus

Shizuku, which translates to “drip” or “drop” in Japanese, is a brand-new omakase-style sushi joint that is swiftly establishing a reputation as one of Toronto’s most specialized and exclusive sushi establishments.

Shizuku, run by chef Kazuki Wan, provides a distinctive and individualized sushi dining experience that is unmatched in the city.

Since there are just eight chairs available, chef Wan can give each patron the time and attention they require. The restaurant’s diminutive size also makes for a more personal eating experience, ideal for those seeking a really special sushi night out.

Shizuku’s daily menu changes based on what is in season and most fresh. You may have a starter, a drink, and two dinners for $175 each.

8. Edomae Kiyomi

Chef Saito and Katsumi’s new sushi restaurant is called Edomae Kiyomi. Edomae-style sushi, a classic variety of sushi, is the restaurant’s specialty. Sushi & Tempura Omakase are very proudly served at Edomae Kiyomi.

Providing a genuine and customary Edomae sushi experience. The restaurant solely makes use of seasonal, fresh ingredients that are bought from domestic and foreign suppliers.

You can select between the Tempura Omakase and Sushi Omakase for prices that start at $195 per person. According to the season, the Sushi Omakase provides a range of sushi, including Hirame, Kanpachi, Tai, Chutoro, and many more. Kuruma Ebi, Anago, Ika, Kisetsu no Yasai, as well as other delectable are included in the Tempura Omakase.

9. Jumi

A brand-new Japanese eatery called Jumi provides an omakase-style eating experience. At Jumi, a range of fresh, in-season ingredients is served in a Japanese Gozen manner to honor the ocean.

Diners may interact with the ocean and get a closer connection to its numerous culinary delights with an immersive counter experience.

Kaiseki Restaurant
Image from Kaiseki

Gozen is a typical Japanese supper that is served on a single tray and includes a main dish, pickles, and various side dishes. Gozen, sometimes called the “Emperor’s Meal,” was previously only provided to kings and other affluent people in ancient Japan.

Highlights of Jumi include the seasonal menu diversity, the “Firefly Squid Sumiso” signature dish, and various seafood specialities.

10. Tachi

If you’re interested in Omakase, check out Jumi’s distinctive menu. The restaurant also provides an à la carte menu. Gozen Omakase is a 10-course meal that costs $118 per person. Tachi, a member of the Sushi Masaki Saito & Shoushin group, offers the very first & only hold Omakase experience in Toronto.

For those who enjoy sushi but are seeking something a little different, Tachi offers a special experience. Nigiri and sashimi selections are served first, accompanied by maki rolls & tempura at the end of the dinner. With 11 pieces of sushi, the meal costs just $69.75 per person. Stand-up Omakase is a quick, enjoyable, and relaxed method to eat sushi with friends.

Final Note

So, that is our list of the Best Omakase in Toronto. These restaurants offer omakase menus, fresh fish, and omakase dining to the guests. When you eat this kind of meal, you often find yourself lost in thought, oblivious to everything around me, and entirely overcome by the distinct feeling that begins on your tongue and somehow sweeps over your entire being.




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