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8 Best Restaurants in Distillery District

Madrina Restaurant

Go to the Best Restaurants in Distillery District for dinner in one of Toronto’s most well-known and historic neighborhoods. There is a lot to see and eat in this city, which is popular for the Christmas Market & historic architecture.

For every kind of traveler wishing to restaurant hop, there are a variety of options, from French & Spanish to Mexican & Canadian food. These restaurants offer a variety of authentic Mexican cuisine(particularly fresh fish) and amazing food, which you would like.

The Distillery District, one of Toronto’s oldest neighborhoods with notable Victorian-era architecture, is also a well-liked tourist destination, even though it has a growing food scene. The Distillery District is a must-visit location for history lovers as well as foodies because some of the original buildings are still in operation.

Restaurants in Distillery District

Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay

The Distillery Winter Village, which attracts tourists from all around to enjoy the glittering lights and browse the cabin-style vendors while sipping hot chocolate, only exists during November and December. Of course, no trip to the Distillery District is complete without dropping in for a bite to eat, so make a reservation, especially throughout the Winter Village.

Before eating in one of the Restaurants in the Distillery District, spend the day meandering among the area’s many specialty stores on the cobblestone streets. The Distillery District is full of treats, from Spanish tapas and tacos at El Catrin to excellent French cuisine at Cluny.

1. El Catrin Destileria

Comes in the Best Restaurants in Distillery District. At El Catrin, contemporary Mexican cuisine is prominently featured, with a setting to match. Three Mexican painters created an intricate mural to decorate the area. The beautiful mural, which is as detailed and exquisite as the dishes themselves, really brings the room to life.

The Baja & pastor (marinated shaved pig) tacos are the most popular items on the menu. There are both flour and corn tortillas available for those who are gluten intolerant.

However, this menu and true Mexican food go far beyond tacos. Aguachile, empanadas, sopes, and more are available. Esquites, which are roasted corn that has been cut off the cob and is served with cilantro, chipotle aioli, and cotija cheese, are a good place to start.

Keep the margaritas coming since El Catrin boasts the biggest mezcal & tequila bar in the nation. They are ideal for warming up on their heated patio, which is open all year.

2. Madrina Bar y Tapas

For a genuine feeling of location, the chef’s menu at Madrina combines fresh ingredients with genuine goods imported from Spain. Explore a variety of cheeses and jams, including some of the greatest ham in the world.

Enjoy larger courses like steak tartare on such a roasted marrow bone along with tapas like patatas bravas & Catalan chicken lettuce wraps. There are many different kinds of drinks available, and the wine selection is a tutorial in Spanish wines.

Madrina Restaurant
Image from Madrina Restaurant

The popular casual eateries are traditional Catalonian tapas, whiskey barrels began, charred corn, rice bowls of modern interpretations, oysters flown, and Barcelona classics containing authentic ingredients.

3. Pure Spirits

One of Toronto’s best seafood restaurants, Pure Spirits, serves seafood treats in a casual yet elegant setting. Of course, start with a dozen oysters. Not all of these are Malpeques.

They can pick from a variety of salty beauties. The main courses are conveniently separated into “Fish” & “Not Fish” on the menu. There is a variety of seafood to savor, from pan-fried Arctic char to spaghettini stuffed to the gills with clams, mussels, and shrimp.

The non-seafood-oriented will find steak, jerk chicken, and a few vegan alternatives. One of their numerous distinctive cocktails goes well with your meal. They have a tonne of beer on tap as well as a huge selection of wines.

From the outside, this peaceful location could easily be confused with a gin bar. During the Prohibition era, the area formerly housed whisky barrels; today, it housed a number of the best spirits in the city.

They not only have a great assortment of cocktails, but their seafood is also top-notch and consistently ranked as the finest in Toronto. Try some fresh oysters from Canada’s nearby waters, or for a sweet treat, rip open a steamed lobster.

4. El Catrin Modern Mexican Cuisine

This elegant Mexican restaurant is everything but ordinary. Located in the centre of the neighborhood, El Catrin is awash in color and Spanish charm. When you see the enormous black and yellow and black chandeliers adorning the patio, you know you’ve found it.

To run the restaurant, the renowned executive chef relocated from Mexico, bringing with him dishes that combined traditional Mexican flavors with Canadian flavors. For a taste of his signature meal, try one of the ceviches and a Mezcaltele drink. Situated near the prohibition-ruled America ham carving station.

5. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Forget those stuffy formal dining establishments; Cluny offers excellent French cuisine in a casual setting. It’s cool-European, not snobby European.

Best Restaurants in Distillery District- Cluny Bistro
Image from Cluny Bistro

Almost everything in this place is homemade. Warm up by indulging in treats from the tasting menu, like lobster salad, oysters, and yellowfin tuna ceviche. Good luck picking the main event from their list of knockouts, which includes dishes like mascarpone ravioli, herb-roasted chicken, côte de boeuf, and seared foie gras poutine.

6. Mill Bew Pub

This laid-back setting could easily be mistaken for a gin bar from the outside. The location once housed whisky barrels during the Prohibition era; today, it is home to some of the best spirits in the city. Along with having a fantastic selection of beverages, they also consistently rank as having the best seafood in Toronto. Try some delicious oysters from the surrounding Canadian seas, or crack open a hooked lobster for a delicious delight.

7. Boku Restaurants in Distillery District

This might be the Distillery District’s best-kept secret because it is hidden and unnoticed. This relaxed restaurant serves delectable Pan-Asian fare and is ideal for lunch or fast dinner. However, there are many meat and seafood dishes on the menu.

Additionally, a wide variety of vegetarian & vegan options are available. Visit there throughout the winter months since the Christmas Market offers a special, new menu. Request one of the sake-based artisan drinks for something distinctive.

8. District Pizza

district pizza
Source: District Pizza

District Pizza was developed by The Distillery Restaurants’ fine dining chefs while the restaurants were closed as a result of the pandemic. Their homemade pizzas are produced using dough that has been matured for two days to make them tarter. It is also completely hydrated, resulting in a gorgeously blistered, chewy crust.

The standard Margherita and pepperoni, as well as the fully loaded butter chicken pizza, are available as toppings. They don’t provide in-house dining, so place a delivery or takeout order and set up shop on a bench for some excellent people-watching. Comes under the Best Restaurants in Distillery District.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on the Best Restaurants in the Distillery District. We hope you like it. Comment below which one is your favorite. We appreciate your responses.



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