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12 Best Steakhouses in Toronto

Hy's Steakhouse

To feel posh, visit one of the Best Steakhouses in Toronto. Imagine a range of perfectly aged steaks, shrimp cocktails, beautiful wines, fantastic cocktails, and more, all served within some of the most opulent settings in town.

These restaurants ranging from the institution we refer to as a steakhouse to a modest bistro dishing out steak and fries, are serving remarkable steak that will cause you to rethink Toronto’s long-held reputation as Hogtown.

Best Steakhouses in Toronto

Looking for Toronto’s greatest steak? How about the top seafood and steak combinations? Any mention of a steakhouse conjures up memories of an earlier time. Red velvet booths, penguin-suited waitstaff, and jazz are playing continuously in the background.

But not all nice things have to end since Toronto still satisfies our cravings for a traditional steak meal. After a tough week at work, nothing beats a dry-aged ribeye as well as a sharp martini all these are offered in the Best Steakhouses in Toronto.

1. Barberian’s Steak Frites

One of Toronto’s top steakhouses, Barberian’s, is pricy and opulent without trying to fit into a certain mold. Both visiting celebrities and the city’s top athletes frequent this location, as do locals who want to pamper themselves. It’s a favourite among many in the industry and is open until midnight 364 days a year (supposedly, Matty Matheson frequents it).

The Barberians family has operated the restaurant for many years; son Arron is currently in charge, while mom Helen still has the last say and occasionally drops by. Some of Barberians’ staff members have worked here for 25 years.

Barberians’ greatest hits menu doesn’t mess about and offers generous quantities for the price. The three enormous prawns in their jumbo shrimp cocktail, which is topped with handmade cocktail sauce, are anything but shrimpy. Comes in the list of Best Steakhouses in Toronto.

Delicious Eateries

The lettuce is topped with red onion, parsley, & enormous chunks of tomato; the tomato & onion salad is a big, hearty staple. Downstairs, the tomatoes mature till they are ideal for the salad.

It is available in portions of 16 or 24 ounces, and it is served with a traditional baked potato covered with handmade bacon pieces, sour cream & feta, and freshly chopped chives.

The red meat-based main dishes are accompanied by a variety of sides, including aside from shishito peppers and corn pudding; they’ve also provided asparagus and cooked spinach. The establishment’s fifty-plus years in ownership are evident in this magnificently old setting that both history nerds and foodies will enjoy.

The walls are covered with numerous antiques from the family collection, and the rare original artwork and pictures by artists like the Group of 7 add to the atmosphere of wonder and exclusivity. So much eye candy fills the four-seat bar.

Their wine vault is unique to Toronto and is frequently reserved by guests. In one of the biggest vaults in the nation, wines are maintained by on-staff sommeliers. There are fourteen chairs in the top private area and thirty at the bottom.

The beautiful thing about wine here is that it’s certain to be good as well as the staff are able to recommend a complement to your meal if you’re not familiar with finer things but want to spend a splurge night out.

2. Jacobs & Co

One of the most prestigious steakhouses in Toronto is Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse eateries like this one, where professional hockey players, famous people, & suits hold court as jubilant crowds assemble to blow their budgets.

While the major draw is premium cuts of meat delivered with unwavering consistency, the recipe, because of its popularity, also calls for first-rate service as well as a splash of the ceremony, which is what customers expect when spending a few dollars on a single dinner.

There are two stories to the 180-seat restaurant, which has a dining room, piano bar, walk-in ageing rooms, private rooms, and display basements. This restaurant, which has the same ancestry as the Buca empire of restaurants, is airy & modern, turning convention on its head by using a light, muted color palette emphasized by dark woods. This stands in contrast to ancient chophouses such as the dark, gloomy but kitsch-out Barbarians.

For a good reason, the Caesar salad is at the top of our list of the greatest Caesar salads in Toronto. It is made from scratch at the table with lots of showmanship as ingredients are emulsified, cheese is sprinkled, and lettuce is turned.

As expected, the outcome is fantastic, with lots of garlic and a little zing from the anchovies. Although it isn’t creamy, the traditional inclusion of an egg yolk provides richness; nonetheless, avocado will be used in its place.

Menu Items

Although there are a few symbolic main dishes on the menu for vegetarians and vegans, chilled seafood is a popular option at the back bar. Of course, meat is the main attraction.

If cost is not an issue, forgo the printed menu entirely & have the waiters bring out a platter of raw select cuts so you can admire the marbling. The list of agri steaks changes every day based on what feels appropriate in the ageing locker.

It feels like bowing the head in appreciation as a hefty, 14-ounce Canadian Angus steak is placed on the table, sizzling.

Image from Jacob Steakhouse

There are also about a dozen well-known steakhouse favourites available as sides. Vegetables such as slow-roasted beefsteak tomatoes, mixed mushrooms, or sautéed spinach. Although there are a few symbolic main dishes on the menu for vegetarians and vegans, chilled seafood is a popular option at the back bar. Of course, meat is the main attraction.

Additionally, there are amazing potato dishes like poutine, mashed potatoes, filled & baked potatoes, au gratin, and thick duck-fat-fried potatoes.

The finishing touch of vanilla cheesecake is appropriately decadent. Lemon curd, blueberry coulis, and lemon tuile are used as bright, acidic counterpoints to the rich, creamy dome over the graham cracker base.

The wine selection is as long as a book and features more than 850 labels, yet it is difficult to explore because it is arranged by growing region. Everyone can find something they like at a variety of price points.

3. Harbour Sixty

With a straightforward name, Harbor Sixty is a sophisticated eatery. This restaurant serves steak, as well as oysters, caviar, foie gras that has been seared, lobster, meaty martinis and blue cheese olives.

Everything in this place is enormous, including the pie, crab legs, chairs, and floral arrangements. Impressing here is convenient because of its proximity to important downtown venues, tourist destinations, hotels, transit hubs, and Harbourfront. Vancouver Harbor Sixty

Mediterranean octopus is served with finger-sized spicy chorizo sausages, a smear of mayonnaise, and tentacles that change texture from supple & meaty to crispy & burnt at the ends. Although it could probably feed an entire family, a bone rib steak costs an outrageous. The meat melts in texture after being cooked with crisscross grill markings.

Delicious Eateries

For the market price, you can add Alaskan royal crab legs, Maritime lobster, Caribbean sirloin steak, or large tiger shrimp to every steak dish.

The meat of Alaskan king crab legs, which are served sliced in half, is delicious and sweet. After all, you came to be pampered, not to disassemble crab legs. They are presented with lemon in elegant netting, which, in our opinion, enhances the flavor of the raw shellfish better than a dijon aioli. Butter is only applied to hot fish.

An appropriately swaggering side is truffled Parmigiano fries ($16), which have a pungent fragrance in a flaky, crunchy crust topped with shredded white chocolate & toasted coconut, coconut cream pie layers of sweet coconut and fluffy cream.

You find out the whisky cocktail is really a kind of martini when you order a Manhattan after wanting to try one of the restaurant’s legendary martinis. It’s alcoholic with a bittersweet edge, made with martini and bitters and topped with cherries.

Standard vodka martinis with green olives that haven’t been pitted make a powerful impact as well. The characteristic Harbor Sixty martini adds a scotch rinse. Personally, I’d have to say that the Manhattan is better for the taste because bourbon has a strength that is warmer and more flavorful than vodka’s harsher, blander flavor.

You can picture Tom Haverford looking for a spot like this in Toronto where he could indulge himself. For covert exits, there is even a rear exit that leads to the parking garage behind the restrooms, which come equipped with warm toilets and cloth hand towels.

4. Hy’s Steakhouse

hy's steakhouse
Source: Hy’s Toronto

Hy’s steakhouse has longstanding ties to Calgary and has been in business for close to 50 years in Toronto. The franchise is still managed by Hy Aisenstat’s family, and it has expanded to include facilities in Winnipeg, Whistler, and Vancouver.

Although it’s only a short distance from their first location in Richmond and their second location, which was once in Adelaide, this spectacular location is the third in all of Toronto.

The multi-level space has high ceilings from its previous life as a bank, which is ideal for showcasing art and a lot of books on lofty shelves, as well as premium spirits on to an epic back bar.

Don’t miss the opportunity to begin your meal with mozzarella toast for two here. You might even simply order this as a bar snack on its own because it is cheesy, bubbly, crunchy, and hardly greasy with such a spongy interior.

The giant prawn cocktail is somewhat expensive, but the enormous, juicy shrimp comes with a generous serving of sweet, smooth cocktail sauce. “Black & Blue Ahi Tuna” is a bright, raw tuna with a kick that is covered in Hy’s brand of smokey Cajun spice.

Famous Eateries

A 22-ounce porterhouse, like all the steaks here, is crafted with prime beef that is only sourced from High River, Alberta, matured for at least 28 days, & grilled to order on such a radiant heat broiler. The only seasoning is salt.

A bone-in slice like this one should be ordered closer to medium so that all the fat can truly melt into the tougher flesh, producing a soft, juicy inside and a flavorful charred exterior.

All steaks come with the choice of hand-cut fries, a baked potato, or thick, garlicky roast potatoes piped on to plate in the traditional manner.

Hy's Steakhouse
Image from Hy’s Steakhouse

Carrots with maple pecans are sharp rather than soft & buttery, and they are presented in a rustic way with some green and root. A strong char on the exterior contrasts with the maple and pecan.

Due in large part to a parmesan crème of crème fraiche, mayo, lemon, and parmesan, crispy Sprouts are as addicting as you might anticipate. Although they aren’t an A&W specialty, onion rings are among the beefiest, crispiest, & most made of gold I’ve ever had.

The vodka and vermouth in the Disclosure cocktail are slightly overshadowed by marsala, ginger beer, orange and lemon juices, and marsala. The dining room on the upper floor has a separate champagne & whisky bar. Elegant private eating areas were fashioned out of bank vaults in the basement.

5. BlueBlood Steakhouse

Located in a castle from a fairy tale is BlueBlood Steakhouse. In the breathtakingly beautiful heritage setting of Casa Loma, which is adorned with genuine Dalis and Warhols, prime cuts from steak from all over the world are offered, along with a raw bar.

Liberty Entertainment Group, headed by Nick Di Donato and responsible for eateries like Spice Route and Cibo, is the company behind the lavish 138-seat project.

After passing a pair of lion sculptures and the award-winning gardens of Casa Loma, there is a separate entrance that leads to the restaurant. From inside the castle, BlueBlood’s entrance is marked by Dali’s Surrealist Angel. This place’s interior makes my heart race. The wood paneling and crown molding are entirely original in a stunningly restored space.

Delicious Eateries

The BlueBlood chopped salad, like many other dishes here, pays a modernized homage to the traditional steakhouse. It is a mild, pleasantly tart, and refreshingly light combination of chopped lettuce, avocado, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, and garden-grown tomatoes.

Ricotta and porcini are used to stuff the short rib ravioli, which are then topped with savory short rib shreds, fresh peas, porcini dust, and a delectable sauce.

Toronto’s BlueBlood Steakhouse The recipe can be made vegetarian by omitting the rib and adding freshly grated cheese on top.

The corn theme is continued with butter truffles, popcorn, charred corn kernels, charred pickled onions that give substantial texture, and so, of course, bacon, served in a smoking glass. Smoked seared jumbo scallops sit over a corn puree.

6. Bumpkin’s Restaurant

In a classic setting, this restaurant serves scrumptious specialty steaks, seafood, and beverages. We advise going during lunchtime because you’ll receive a side of soup & salad, but you’ll have a wider selection of options in the evening. The New York steak, which is hand-cut, grilled to your precise preferences, and topped with minced garlic, is highly recommended.

Additionally, try their tiramisu for dessert. Mascarpone cheese, wine, and ladyfingers are used to make the dessert.

7. New Orleans Steakhouse

The large seafood buffet and Cajun-inspired cuisine served here are well-known. Depending on the available seasonal ingredients, their menu varies. They serve beef tenderloin, strip loin, and ribeye, all of which come with a creamy green peppercorn sauce on the side.

8. Harry’s Steak House

Harry Barberian’s initial restaurant on Church Street, which had the same name, is honored by Harry’s Steak House. The Black Angus, a steakhouse founded by Barberian’s graduates, once occupied the location where the restaurant is now operated by staff with connections to Barberian’s.

Almost immediately upon entering, a smoldering charcoal barbecue is apparent, filling the 60-seat area with a mouthwatering smokey aroma. A classic old Hollywood vibe is given off by the use of brass, neon, plush upholstery, and Ralph Lauren lamp fixture details.

From a limited menu of simply named foods, a chicken liver pudding is a special that encourages conversation between diners and servers. Mousse ingredients could change, or a tartare could be on sale.

A dense and pearly wedge of lettuce slathered in chunky and wacky blue cheese dressing & topped with bacon, chives, and split cherry tomatoes is Harry’s Loaded Wedge Salad, a classic steakhouse staple. Smoky bacon, powerful cheddar, and vibrant tomato make up a straightforward combination that is always gratifying when done well.

Delicious Menu

All steaks are slaughtered and matured at Barberians’; thicker variations are available with all cuts. Everything is grilled on slow-burning sugar maple wood, which adds a tonne of flavor.

Harry’s Rib Steak, served with the bone in, is USDA grade, wet matured for 28 days, and then dry aged for three weeks at Barberians’. Like most things here, it also gets a dash of Barberian’s unique steak spice.

Harry Steak House
Image from Harry Steak House

The last touch of a masterpiece is the completely balanced flavor of sea salt, spices, garlic, and onion. It is a moist & blush pink interior with a nearly crispy golden brown exterior. In addition, there are hand-cut, fluffy, salty fries and a traditional blistering tomato.

Shiitake and maitake, the main event, are tastefully accompanied by fancy mushrooms, which are simply sautéed with butter & garlic to bring out their earthy aroma & smooth, creamy texture.

Every day, there are usually two entire fish given on the bone and a fillet in addition, like orata & rainbow trout. On the charcoal grill, oysters are also prepared.

9. STK Steak House

STK is a steakhouse appropriate for the Yorkville district. It blends in perfectly with its big metal sign, doormen, & opulent second-story dining room. The international brand, which has outlets in cities such as Las Vegas, Milan, London, and Ibiza, maintains consistency throughout all of its sites while allowing local cooks to experiment with the cuisine.

Since this business is mostly a steakhouse, You are tempted to say “Steak” out loud, but it’s actually pronounced “S-T-K,” keeping with the current trend that everyone is too hip for vowels.

The interior is quite stunning, and it is immediately apparent that this is a company with a lot of money, flash, & aggressive design sense. From floor to ceiling, enormous white pieces soar and twirl.

Delicious Eatery

You receive a complimentary piece of their renowned homemade sourdough tear-apart bread when you have dinner at STK. It is served with chive oil and has blue cheese butter spread on top.

Begin with the crab salad, which is a real appetizer created with grapefruit, hearts of palm, as well as a ginger vinaigrette. A tiny basil mache is added as the finishing touch.

The little burgs, or “bugs,” another STK specialty, are our other appetizer. A tiny wagyu beef patty topped with caramelized onion, tomato, and truffle oil is served on a homemade bun with house pickles.

10. Vos Restaurante

In this Argentinian eatery, the meat is grilled over charcoal in a particular way. Because the cattle are permitted to graze freely during the raising process, the meat has a rich flavor.

Their selection of steaks also includes organic New York cutting Argentinean import, veal skirt, grass-fed tenderloin, organic rib eye, and farmed local samples of short rib bone!

Try the Milanesa Combo Special, which we highly suggest. In addition to rosemary fries, arugula radicchio salad and cherry tomatoes, and sirloin beef with a fried egg are served with this entrée. Using one of the various wines or cocktails on offer, enjoy your meal.

11. Miller Tavern

It’s the ideal spot to hang out with a big group of people and serves exquisite comfort cuisine. The New York striploin and daily butcher’s cut are all available as steak options. It includes a house salad, baked potato, and your choice of fries.

Miller Tavern- Best Steakhouses in Toronto
Image from Miller Tavern Steakhouse

A Hand-Cut Beef Tartar is a great appetizer to start with. This meal is flavored with pickled cucumber, shallots, egg yolk, and a thin piece of toasted bread.

12. Blackhorn Rib Steak

Toronto has been home to the magnificent Blackhorn steakhouse, which serves delectable Mediterranean cuisine.

They provide delicious steak alternatives like New York striploin, emerald peppercorn steak, steak Neptune, beef tenderloin medallions, fillet mignon, and grilled back spareribs, among others.

Steak Neptune is what we advise. The 8oz piece of steak is cooked New York style. Tiger shrimp are added to this dish as a garnish for flavor. The milder taste of the shrimp balances the tender taste of the beef, making the pairing of steak & shrimp a successful one.

Final Note

The above Best steakhouses in Toronto are excellent choices if you’re seeking a mouthwatering steak supper. This list includes both casual and premium eateries, so it has something for everyone. These restaurants offered filet mignon, prime rib, York strip steak, bone-in rib steak, rib steaks, dry-aged beef, black truffle steak, duck fat fries, duck egg, grilled meats and so on.

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