10 Fun Festivals in Michigan to Witness Once in a Lifetime

Festivals in Michigan

Make sure to explore some of the amazing festivals in Michigan which offer a lot of fun and exciting things for all age groups of people. All these fascinating festivals in Michigan, from flower festivals to fairs to celebrations of ice sculptures to tater tots, will keep you entertained.

1. About Michigan

On the off chance that you love berries, seashores, and woodlands, Michigan is an ideal state for you and is a state in the incomparable lakes locale of the upper Midwest US.

It is lined by Minnesota towards the northwest, Wisconsin towards the southwest, Indiana and Ohio towards the south, and Lakes Unrivalled, Huron, and Erie towards the north and east.

By Brad West/ Unsplash

It is known as the home of the vehicle business, the lovely extraordinary lakes coastlines, and a clamouring school town environment as well known for its farming, with cherries, apples, and blueberries being the absolute most famous yields.

2. Places to Explore in Michigan

Michigan has attractions that are found nowhere else on the planet including Allen Park, which is a tribute to the Detroit Lions, the envisioned rocks, Comstock Park, and Tawas Point State Park.

Visiting verifiable locales, such as living history galleries, is one of the famous activities, particularly at Post Mackinac on Mackinac Island along with Greenfield Town.

3. Incredible Festivals in Michigan

For those anxious to look at something unique, festivals in Michigan will give you just that and here we have discussed below some of the best festivals in Michigan to discover and experience.

3.1. Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

Every spring, people who love flowers look forward to the brief but explosive lilac season and the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival when a lot of the short-lived plants go into fragrant bloom and effectively put an end to the winter in Michigan for another year.

Credits: Mackinac Island Lilac Festival

Activities and Duration

The fun activities include a 10K run, tours in horse-drawn carriages, and the taste of Mackinac Culinary Event with the Lilac Festival Queen and Court the celebration starts on the second Friday of June and finishes on the third Sunday of June with the pony-drawn Lilac Procession. It lasts for approximately ten days each year.

3.2. National Cherry Festival, Traverse City

With the blessing of the Blossoms Festival, which was held in Northern Michigan at the beginning of May to attract people to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, The National Cherry Festival, a summer festival, was established in 1925.

The Michigan Legislature changed the festival’s name to the National Cherry Festival in 1931 and moved it to summer. Even though they don’t have much to do with cherries, interactive exhibits from local businesses help keep this festival going.

Activities and Duration

The fun and best activities to witness include concerts, parades, the standard 5K run, and even an air show are held in Traverse City to celebrate the cherry festival.

It usually begins in early July and lasts for nine days.

3.3. Hart’s National Asparagus Festival – Among the Best Festivals in Michigan

West Michigan is a region where agricultural excellence is celebrated. Before the apples, blueberries, and even strawberries arrive in Michigan, there is a crop that doesn’t always appeal to your inner child asparagus.

In Hart, nonetheless, that is an alternate matter, and Hart commends its yield extravagantly with the National Asparagus Festival. Since 1974, no one has conducted asparagus celebrations like this one. This is amid the unique and one of the best festivals in Michigan.

Activities and Duration

In the mid of June, this event features the crowning of the asparagus queen, a trip to Michigan to promote agriculture, the seemingly obligatory 5K run, a food show, and arts and crafts fair.

3.4. National Morel Mushroom Festival, Boyne City

Every spring, hundreds of morel mushroom enthusiasts from all over the state, country, and world come to the small-town city of Boyne City in search of the magnificent morel and to celebrate it at the National Morel Mushroom Festival.

Many people in Michigan go mushroom hunting in the spring; it is the ultimate celebration of these delicious fungi and those who are fortunate enough to find this delectable treat enjoy the elusive morel mushroom, which can be found in the woods of beautiful northern Michigan.

The funds raised by the festival are used to provide college scholarships to area high school students planning to major in biology, natural science, hospitality, or culinary skills.

By bcmorelfestival

Activities and Duration

It features special morel-based dishes from local restaurants and singers from the local community singing about this delicious treat.

It also has a concert, a carnival, a national competition hunt, and an art and craft show.

This festival has been going on for nearly six decades and is always held the weekend after Mother’s Day.

3.5. Art Fairs in Ann Arbour

The Ann Arbour Art Fair is one of the largest juried art festivals in Michigan. It features nearly 1,000 artists and takes up 30 city blocks in downtown Ann Arbour.

The Ann Arbour Art Fair is made up of three nonprofit, juried art fairs that take place in succession: Ann Arbour’s Original Street Art Fair, Ann Arbour’s Summer Art Fair, and Ann Arbour’s State Street Art Fair.

It’s amongst the best festivals in Michigan for art enthusiasts.

Credits: Art Fairs in Ann Arbour

Activities and Duration

You can shop crafts like those in the Gems & Jewellery, Gifts & Handicrafts, Home Furnishings & Home Textiles industries, such as jewellery, glass, ceramics, wood, watercolour, painting, fibre, mixed media 3D, mixed media 2D, painting, printmaking, photography, leather, fibre, metal, sculpture, pastel, and so on.

The Ann Arbour art fair starts in the summer, in July, and lasts for three days.

3.6. Grand Rapids Food Festival – One of the Top Food Festivals in Michigan

Grand Rapids Food Festival annual celebration has set up a good foundation for itself as one of the best yearly tasting festivals in Michigan, estimated at more than  1,200 bottles of international wine, lagers, juices, and spirits from around the world, alongside manifestations from the area’s best cafés.

Activities and Duration

It gives a fabulous encounter that is sure to satisfy each sense of taste, from the expert who focuses on the better things in life to a novice looking for a prologue to the universe of food and spirits.

If you want to enhance your knowledge about food, then you should choose this festival among all the best food festivals in Michigan.

This food festival starts in November and usually lasts for 2-3 days.

3.7. World of Winter Festival, Grand Rapids

Every winter, Grand Rapids’ downtown is transformed into a sparkling winter wonderland for the World of Winter Festival.

According to The Travel, the World of Winter Festival is one of the ten most epic winter festivals in the United States and amongst the best festivals in Michigan, worth braving the elements for. It is, obviously, one of the biggest winter celebrations in the Midwest.

Credits: World of Winter Festival

Activities and Duration

It has over 100 art installations, events, and fun activities for all ages, making it ideal for a getaway with friends, a family outing, or a romantic getaway, and is one of the top festivals in Michigan.

This winter festival starts in January and continues for two months.

3.8. Festival of the Arts, Grand Rapids

The Festival of Arts is amongst the largest all-volunteer art festivals in Michigan, with over half a million visitors and nearly 20,000 community volunteers, according to the Library of Congress.

This multimedia festival features children’s opportunities in sculpture and art; music, literary, and video presentations; and a wide range of multicultural food stalls run by non-profits in the area and is one of the best festivals in Michigan.

Activities and Duration

Live music, dance, and other performing arts are on display at the event, which includes exhibiting and selling paintings and other works of art.

This festival takes place on June’s first weekend, starting on Friday and continuing until Sunday.

3.9. The South Haven Blueberry Festival

One of Michigan’s longest-running blueberry festivals is the National Blueberry Festival, also known as the South Haven Blueberry Festival and every year, approximately 50,000 people attend this festival.

The national blueberry festival has existed for 54 years at this point and is also one of the oldest festivals in Michigan. South Haven’s city greatly benefits from this event.

It boosts the local economy and brings in a lot of business. It’s a significant festival for the blueberry farmers in the area. You can also find a such festival in Paradise, Michigan.

Activities and Duration

It features a parade, free concerts, activities for kids, eating competitions, and lots of fun! This festival, of course, includes blueberry-based dishes like blueberry pancakes and blueberry pie.

This festival starts in the second week of August every year.

3.10. Coast Guard Festival, Grand Haven

In Grand Haven, The Coast Guard Festival began in 1924. Over 350,000 people attend the festival, including Washington, DC-based officials from the United States Coast Guard with the highest ranking in the country.

The annual festival’s primary objective is to honour the Coast Guard and those who gave their lives for their country by putting on a festival with activities for the whole family and focusing all year long on the Coast Guard men and women who work in the West Michigan region.

This is amongst the most celebrated patriotic festivals in Michigan.

Activities and Duration

You can watch fireworks, attend a memorial service, shop for unique products, go to a street dance, tour a ship, barbeque at a community picnic, or simply enjoy the children’s parade and other fun activities.

It is a ten-day event that begins on the last weekend of July and runs through the beginning of August.

End Note

Festivals from any country are enjoyable to celebrate, and Michigan is no exception. Enjoy these famous festivals in Michigan, and I can tell you that you will have a great time seeing them.

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