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Bars in Baltimore: 5 Amazing Places To Visit

Bars in Baltimore

Let us know some of the best bars in Baltimore. Well, Baltimore, Maryland, is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. Baltimore was declared an independent city by the Maryland Constitution in 1851, making it the most populated independent city in the nation. Baltimore, a significant city in Maryland, has an admirable love for distinctive and unforgettable nightlife.

This city offers various entertainment options, ranging from speakeasies to music halls. Baltimore is not just the city where the American anthem was composed but has a surprisingly functional food and drink menu.

Baltimore should be a city of bar crawls since it is a city of neighborhoods. The one where you and your companions stroll around the streets, stopping at cocktail bars or diving on every corner to get a fix.

Traditionally, they start with a formal meal and toasting of the glasses, and they end with either an encore performance by a live band or a late-night snack. Live music should be considered.

Sometimes, we only need a cold beer and the knowledge that the nearest bar is not far away. Baltimore has a range of entertainment choices, including lively comedy clubs and welcoming pubs. Live jazz, traditional Celtic music, and touring bands playing live are some of the musical offerings that can be found in these lively bars.

Baltimore’s diverse cuisine offers upscale cuisine, refined dishes, local fish platters, and hearty American pub food. Along with your dinner, you may have a fruity cocktail, a beer brewed in Maryland, or an imported wine.

The wines, spirits, and alcoholic beverages that fill the shelves of this collection of establishments have something to offer for every taste. Based on our experiences and extensive research, we have selected the best bars in the Baltimore area for unwinding and socializing.

1. Here Are The 5 Best Bars in Baltimore

Let’s begin our list with some of Baltimore’s most popular nightlife hotspots. These places feature a fun dance floor, great local beer, and good cocktails. According to our index, Irish bars, pubs, hotel bars, and club bars are among Baltimore’s top 5 best bars. Get ready for a realistic portrayal of Baltimore’s nightlife.

1.1. Brewer’s Art

Brewer’s Art is the place to go if you enjoy beer. The Brewer’s Art, a brewpub and eatery in Baltimore, Maryland, opened its doors in September 1996. It is at 1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, United States.

The Brewer’s Art is a beer enthusiast’s dream and is housed in a beautiful old estate in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon area. Chef Ray Kumm has created a great menu with Bavarian influences, and they brew their award-winning Belgian-style ales on the premises. The back dining room is sophisticated and romantic, while the ground-floor bar is consistently busy and boisterous.

The Brewer’s Art bar is an ideal example of the opposite that can be seen throughout Baltimore’s nightlife. An upscale, exquisite best bar that looks like the living room of a 19th-century lawyer is located upstairs. However, the downstairs area boasts a lively underground bar scene that draws young people who want to party in the shadows and artists and college students.

1.1.1. Why is This Brewer’s Art So Well-Known?

The Brewer’s Art is a hidden gem well-known throughout Baltimore for producing a brown ale-style beer called Resurrection. Many consider this beer to be the city’s most significant. Brewer’s Art is famous for various reasons and is likely the oldest brewpub in Baltimore.

One of these is the legacy it has left for other young breweries in Baltimore still in development. Another distinguishing feature is that it possesses two unique floors. In an elegant former townhouse, you can enjoy excellent New American cuisine and locally brewed Belgian-style beers. The beers produced there were top-notch and reasonably priced. The quality of service was satisfactory. The main restaurant’s décor is not as lovely as the bar’s, yet it is still adorable.

An over 20-year-old custom, The Brewer’s Art produces its beer. In addition to its house-made beers, excellent wine list, and continental cuisine, The Brewer’s Art is known for its laid-back ambiance and affordable costs.

Try some alcoholic beverages on the menu, including Beazley, Birdhouse, Resurrection, and St. Festivus. One of the best regional brews is available there, including Triple 7, a beer exclusive to that area.

In addition to superb wine, cocktails, ciders, and craft cocktails of the highest caliber, they also provide draught beer. Everything from the furnishings to the service to the selection of beers was excellent. Although there are numerous reasons to visit, the environment here is terrific.

The food is fantastic and inventive, the beer is excellent, and the bartenders and staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. You frequently stop by during the happy hour to sample the food from the bar menu. This location has friendly feelings and a team that provides better service. It also has exquisite lighting and carved tables.

The Brewer’s Art, a hybrid art gallery and craft beer destination, is a great spot to enjoy some unique brews in a welcoming atmosphere. The main restaurant isn’t quite as stunning as the bar regarding the interior design, but the bar is still beautiful. Parking isn’t a problem, the beers are excellent, the atmosphere is one of a kind, and there’s plenty of room to sit down. The house brews are unique, and each one has a name and a tap handle that are entirely original.

This neighborhood bar is for real beer enthusiasts, not the crazed college crowd that prefers quantity over quality but the true beer connoisseur who enjoys savoring each glass’s color, flavor, and foam. The restaurant serves distinctive European cuisine, which pairs perfectly with the crisp, light Belgian homebrews made here. However, guests who are not dining are also welcome.

1.2. Power Plant Live

Power Plant Live! is a venue for food and entertainment that can be found just two blocks away from the Downtown Inner Harbor. It is at 34 Market Pl, Baltimore, Maryland 21202, United States.

By Power Plant Live!

The Power Plant Live is a sizable outdoor bar on Baltimore’s inner harbor. Various restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and comedy clubs may be found within this cutting-edge entertainment facility. They provide the ideal site for any event and are conveniently close to downtown and the Inner Harbor hotels.

1.2.1. What Does This Offer?

They offer alternatives for large and small-scale events, including happy hours, cocktail parties, galas, banquets, concerts, receptions, gaming, and sports viewing. Fill out the form, and a representative will contact you to begin planning your corporate, convention, non-profit, wedding, or social event. The Cordish Companies created it, gradually opening in phases in 2001, 2002, and 2003.

This location, with its upscale pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, gaming spaces, and indoor and outdoor music venues, is a specialty of Baltimore’s nightlife. Power Plant Live! is a vibrant location with music, delicious cuisine, and extraordinary beverages.

Additionally, it is easy to get to due to its proximity to Inner Harbor. You can enjoy a beer while watching a show at Power Plant Live. You’ll have a great time at the one bar that offers various board games. There was no entrance fee if you arrived early.

Since its opening in 2001, Power Plant Live!, developed in collaboration with the City of Baltimore, has grown to become the preeminent entertainment attraction in the area. The facility is close to Jones Falls and the Port Discovery Museum in Baltimore’s famous downtown. Whether you prefer upscale dining, a night at the comedy club, or nightclubs and partying, it will satisfy everyone in your company.

1.3. The Bluebird Cocktail Room

The Bluebird Cocktail Room is a historic speakeasy with a cozy, passionate atmosphere close to Roosevelt Park. It’s at 3600 Hickory Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21211, United States. The Bluebird Cocktail Room is a literary-themed club with a romantic atmosphere that serves traditional cocktails and shares bistro cuisine.

The Bluebird Cocktail Room, situated in the center of Hampden, has a sizable selection of food and drinks with ingredients sourced from regional, organic, and sustainably produced farmers, distillers, and producers. This second-floor cocktail bar in Hampden combines a chic ambiance with a literary focus. It is stylish and welcoming. It is well-known for its cocktails and offers food, primarily bistro nibbles, and starters.

By The Bluebird Cocktail Room

Although there is frequently a line, you can sit on their porch swings during the warmer months, which are fantastic for people-watching down the Avenue. The Bluebird is a modern interpretation of a historic speakeasy. It is an expensive bar with expertly prepared cocktails and a few food options that go well with the beverages.

The inside was lovely with its blue color, and the focus on literature was an added treat for anyone who enjoys reading. One thing to note is that compared to other well-known establishments in the city, their drinks are cheaper, considering the amount of work they put into their constantly changing formulas. The atmosphere is quite comfortable and stylish. The drinks were excellent, and the bartender was exceptionally educated. The tapas were enough to fill you up while you sipped on some inventive cocktails.

Their small meals, which include scallops and lamb meatballs, are excellent in addition to the variety of drinks. They accept bookings, so prepare in advance if it gets busy.

The place’s name is derived from a poem by Charles Bukowski, and the drinks are themed after works of literature and change periodically. A recent cocktail menu at the Bluebird Cocktail Room featured Little Snow White, described as “a dry gin cocktail with a bitter heart” and served with an ice sphere.

The menu was primarily based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The drinks are expertly balanced, with no detail overlooked, and the ice crystals are hand-carved from a 300-pound block. Furthermore, a lot of glasses can be created without alcohol.

1.3.1. What Does This Bar Offer?

This spacious marble bar upstairs offers the same caliber of artisan cocktails and a menu of international whiskeys, which is an added benefit in the building’s basement. The cocktail bar is located on the third level of a structure just off the main drag of Hampden, and it is stunning in both daylight and candlelight.

The porch swings in front are also a nice touch. Since parking can be difficult in this popular area with all the stores and restaurants, Uber or public transportation would be better options. It would be unethical of you to avoid going there, given that they carve their ice, have a sensible menu, have an endearingly lovely staff, and have a beautiful atmosphere.

1.4. Federal Hill/ Riverside

Federal Hill / Riverside is a modern restaurant that serves burgers, nachos, other comfort foods, and draft beer. It is at 1542 Light St, Baltimore, Maryland 21230, USA. It takes careful planning to organize a pub crawl from Riverside to Federal Hill that features the most incredible waterfront views, handmade cocktails, and live music while avoiding the late-night insanity that sometimes comes with the region—an excellent corner pub with a wide variety of inventive food alternatives.

Thanks to the hardworking employees, you won’t be left lacking anything to eat or drink, and a wide variety of options are available. Enjoy a Saturday night with popcorn and drinks at Bar Liquorice (801 E. Fort Ave., 443-708-1675).

This Riverside hotspot attracted several devoted locals just over a year after its opening. The owner, Jeff, and his staff make you feel you’re hanging out with them in their living room when you settle in at the bar or the couch in the backside.

There is something for everyone, with a diverse selection of inventive cocktails created by a professional bartender (Shaun, who also produces his mixers and juices) and taps that cycle weekly and highlight local brewers.

While you wait for your sandwich or one of the not-so-small dishes, enjoy the complementary rosemary olive oil popcorn and a choice of licorice. Monday movie evenings are a must-attend event, and if you arrive on time, the proprietor might even give you a free soft serve from a nearby ice cream truck.

1.4.1. Why This Place is a Must Visit?

Visit Riverside and Federal Hill for various pubs, bars, and views of the Inner Harbor. They undoubtedly give Baltimore enough opportunity for a lively and laid-back nighttime with live music and well-made beverages. Each tavern and pub in this series has a unique history and specialty.

The cuisine and crushes at this restaurant make up for the fact that it may not be the cheapest in the neighborhood. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable, and the setting is charming. For the price, the food servings are enormous. The cuisine had a fresh flavor, and the presentation was superb.

1.5. Cat’s Eye Pub

Cat’s Eye Pub venue is located in the middle of the Fells Point neighborhood. There is only fantastic music and an energetic atmosphere there. Every night at the bar, live music jam sessions take place on the stage, which is a bit modest and cozy. The crowd, comprised of a diverse group of partygoers from all walks of life enjoying searing blues while holding beverages in their hands, is a major attraction. Visitors are urged to bring their dance shoes.

1.5.1. Why This Bar is a Must Visit?

The Cat’s Eye Pub is a fun place to spend a night with friends enjoying beer, food, music, and dancing. This intimate tavern, open since 1975, features nightly live music, TV sports, and a wide selection of beers on tap. It’s also one of the most famous music venues in the area, with performances almost every night of the year from groups ranging from traditional Irish trios to classic rock cover bands.

1.5.2. What Does This Bar Offer?

The dive bar provides live music each day of the week in addition to 32 different beers on sale. Music such as the blues, Americana, folk music, and independent music are the types of music that are generally provided by live bands. Despite many customers, the service was satisfactory, the music was excellent, and the manager was very polite and helpful.

On Thames Street, the Cat’s Eye Pub features a bar and a small beer garden with a view of the Inner Harbor, making it an excellent location to participate in Baltimore’s lively nightlife.

The service lived first-rate, and the staff was cordial. It is a charming location because something is interesting to look at in every direction. Some people adore it for the broad selection of tap beers, some for the nightly live music, and others for the laid-back and welcoming ambiance. It’s a busy place, so if you don’t like standing in line or shoving your way to the bar for drinks, this might not be the place for you.

2. Conclusion

This bars guide should have assisted you in choosing the ideal Baltimore bars. You will always be satisfied with visiting Baltimore, a popular tourist site. You can make your trip memorable with a visit to Baltimore’s iconic bars. There’s no better to end a long day of sightseeing than a cozy drink by the fire.

Baltimore offers a variety of fantastic bars in addition to its stunning environment, mountains, best seafood, and Italian cuisine. So visit the bars on the above list, sample their best wines, and satisfy your appetite for unique and modern cuisine. You will never be let down by these Best bars in Baltimore.

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