10 Places Serving the Best Burgers in Toronto

Best Burgers in Toronto- Top Gun Burger

As it goes, there is nothing a big, fat, and juicy cheeseburger cannot fix.

Burgers are the ideal comfort meal, but for foodies, it might be challenging to find the Best Burgers in Toronto. Locals in Toronto now have even more options, despite what might appear possible.

We have put together a list of the top burger restaurants based on the burgers they offer, the atmosphere, and the cost.

Toronto’s top burgers are juicy, beefy, and of course tasty. Between two buns, charbroiled or smashed patties, sauces, and perhaps some cheese are piled to create the clumsy bite of your dreams.

Best Burgers in Toronto

When you need a burger, it is worth visiting one of Toronto’s neighbourhood eateries rather than McDonald’s.

There is a Toronto restaurant on our list for every burger enthusiast, whether they are craving smash burgers or decked-out burgers with secret sauce.

Here are some of the best burgers in Toronto:

1. Top Gun Burger

Among all other joints serving the best burgers in Toronto, Top Gun Burgers will wow your taste senses!

You can’t go wrong at this restaurant because their chicken is so delicate that it practically melts in your mouth and because their steak sandwich has just the right amount of pepper to add to the flavour without being overpowering.

The staff is nice and polite, and they provide you with the Best Burgers in Toronto. They provide fantastic menu recommendations as well, which makes choosing what to sample easier.

It’s comforting to know that there are establishments like these that still put thought & care into their food in a society where fast food is the standard.

Top Gun Burger
Image from Top Gun Burger

When you order one, everything from beef patties to cheese does not let you down—the ingredients utilized here really demonstrate how much they appreciate what ends up on your plate!

2. Burgernator Grilled Cheese Buns

The Burgernator is on a mission to purge this city of mediocre, overdone burgers that have been languishing under a heat lamp for too long and are topped with questionable ingredients.

It will be difficult to resist stopping by and trying some of Kensington Market’s best food since it is right outside the front doors at number 508.

They are well-known for their B.M.D. burger, a joint creation with some other fantastic local eateries!

A variety of delectable burgers are available, including the traditional arsenal meat, maple smoked bacon, steak sandwiches, beef bacon, beef patty, chicken burgers, smashed beef patty, and banquet burger covered with tomatoes and melted cheese.

They also provide vegetarian options in addition to this.

Mid-week treat. Who is in?! Torontos #1 Burger Joint #burgertime —————️Skip the line and order takeout on ⠀⁣⁣️Order delivery to you...
Source: The burgernator

3. Ozzy’s Smash Burgers

Offers classic burgers, signature burgers, juicy patties, and apache burgers, including melted American cheese. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you will believe that Ozzy’s serves some of the greatest burgers in town.

The meat around here is never frozen!

Any foodie should try the traditional Ozzy’s steak sandwich, and the high-altitude beef burgers are the best around if you’re craving a juicy, beefy burger. Additionally, they offer everyone’s favourites like Antioch and Classic Burger.

When you go inside this tiny restaurant, the first thing you see is all of the inviting streets.

The staff members smile as they meet each customer, and they work their way around the entire space to make sure they not only feel welcome but also have a comfortable experience.

4. Burger Drops

Burger Drops is a hit in Liberty Village, beginning as a mobile pop-up idea, the project first appeared at breweries & other locations across the city.

They have created what many consider to be one of the best smash burgers in the city.

The design is as elegant and understated as the menu and includes a posterboard covered in pictures of memories from the Burger Drops trip.

Like all burgers, it is served on a soft potato bun and topped with grilled onions, cheese, house pickles, and house “drop sauce,” which is a blend of ketchup, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, garlic, and other spices.

The caramelized, meaty patty pairs nicely with the soft bun & tangy sauce on these burgers, which you want to devour in a matter of seconds without pausing for air.

Best Burgers in Toronto- Burger Drop
Image from Burger Drop

The only other option is the American, which is more of a “McDonald’s” type burger with American cheese, pickles, and drop sauce.

To make the classic shoestring fries, skin-on Burbank Russets are chopped in-house, blanched, brined, and afterward fried at two different temperatures.

5. Rudy’s

Rudy is a straightforward burger joint in Little Italy that’s excellent for a pit break during a stroll, lunch during the workday, or a snack before or after watching a movie at the Royal Cinema across the street.

The two proprietors, Luke McCann & Chris Simpson, invented the term “Rudy” as a college inside joke.

They only season their all-beef burgers with a splash of salt and pepper after they’ve been formed into patties on the grill. The “The Valentino” chicken sandwich is another option you must try.

Then, rather than lettuce and tomato, it is topped with lettuce & pickles and drizzled with hot sauce as well as a sauce made from a combination of buttermilk, crème Fraiche, and chives.

They also serve poutine because they wanted to stick with the raucous school vibe and provide something that students in Montreal’s colleges used to consume frequently.

The Big Rudy
Source: Rudy’s restro

6. Holy Chuck Burgers

Holy Chuck appears to be your typical fast-food restaurant. Its atmosphere is comparable to that of any place with primary-coloured walls and swivel seats fastened to the floor.

The Grind n’ Shine is something you must try, it includes a double-bacon cheeseburger, caramelized onions, a fried egg, and crispy fries hidden in the middle.

The staff here advises that to get the most out of your burger, you should only add lettuce and tomato.

The Grazer is made out of what they refer to as “animal feed,” or more precisely, a Panko-crusted portobello mushroom that has been packed with feta & cream cheese.

The Big Chuck
Source: Holy Chuck Burgers

7. Cabano Burger Joints

The Chicago-style restaurant Cabano’s Comfort Food offers high-quality, straightforward burgers and sandwiches.

Every burger is made with fresh-baked buns that were brought that morning, and all the meat comes from a nearby Ontario butcher and is never frozen.

Two all-beef patties are used to make the Cabano Burger, they are crushed on the flat top & grilled for about two minutes on each side, so they are juicy but have a good charred exterior.

A big slice of delicious white meat with a straightforward peppery flour batter, lettuce, mayo, and crunchy, sour house pickles top the fried chicken sandwich, which is amazing.

The toppings include mushrooms, onions, & crisp green peppers.

Fudge bits are an additional dessert option sold separately and in packs of six, but you’ll only need a single of these decadent, very dense, and cayenne-dusted fudge bombs to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Source: Cabanos

8. Extra Burger

Out of all other best burgers in Toronto, this place is open until 3 a.m. on the weekends, Extra Burger is the go-to place for a late-night snack for burger lovers in Toronto. Given that their menu only has four things, the moniker Extra Burger is a pun.

The oddly tilted area was previously a walk-in clinic, & the fake plants still give it a funny, cheesy professional vibe.

Extra Burger
Image from Extra Burgers

The food is served in the form of three-ounce ground chuck patties seasoned with kosher salt and grilled on a flat top that can be seen from the takeaway window.

They follow the strict guidelines set forth by culinary expert Anthony Bourdain for what a burger should be.

The cheeseburger is served on a standard soggy Martin’s potato roll that has been grilled on the grill with American cheese, tomato, thinly shredded lettuce, and special sauce.

A grilled cheese sandwich consists of little more than American cheese sandwiched between two potato buns. It’s great that there is an option for people who don’t eat meat, but if you do, get a burger because they are so easily crushed.

9. Happy Burgers

The happy burger is a simple smash burger joint that exclusively offers takeout and offers vegan, pastrami, and hot dog options.

Formerly known as BBs Diner, the eccentric side street location is now stylishly black and white.

With no seating and only a subway-tiled area for standing, ordering, and waiting, the emphasis is kept on indoor cooking.

Each dish is served with a mustard-flavoured “Happy Sauce,” crispy chopped lettuce on the bottom, and soft yellow Martin’s potato buns.

The hot dogs are served with just a juicy pickle spear, an onion, and Happy Sauce on potato buns.

The Pastrami Burger adds thinly sliced, steamed pastrami to a smashed patty, enhancing the burgers’ already meaty, juicy flavour.

Happy Burger
Image from Happy Burger

The Oklahoma Onion Burger, a recreation of a regional burger initially created to bulk out a thin pork patty with heaps of onions, is a must-try.

Together, the patties and the thinly cut onions are crushed onto the griddle, creating a sweet, deeply caramelized mixture that is then topped with cheese, pickles, and mustard.

10. Rosie’s Burgers

In Port Credit, Rosie’s Burgers is a simple eatery that serves single and double hamburgers along with poutine, fries, and shakes. They will provide you with the Best Burgers in Toronto.

The only dine-in option is a bench with really no table off to the side and two picnic tables when the weather is nice.

Rosie's hamburger mascot
Source: Rosie’s burgers

Final Note: Best Burgers in Toronto

We have made this detailed guide on the best burgers in Toronto after browsing past all of these mouth-watering burger joints and bringing the best of the best for you.

Have fun exploring these best burgers in Toronto and don’t forget to comment on your experience down below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are burgers good for health?

Due to its high cholesterol and high-fat level, the beef they feature is frequently the ingredient that receives the most scrutiny. The beef patty, meanwhile, actually offers the most nourishment. However, due to their high level of processing, burgers should not form a frequent component of your diet.

2. Is burger junk food?

Burgers can be classified as either nutritious or junk food, based on the materials and methods used in preparation.

3. What are the benefits of burgers?

Burgers provide much more than just protein, however, it is still a crucial component. You still provide your body with B vitamins, zinc, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins when you consume a burger.



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