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11 Best Amusement Parks in UK You Must Explore

11 Best Amusement Parks in UK You Must Explore

Holiday activities include visiting sites and galleries, going on leisure walks, and relaxing on the seashore. Why don’t spice up your holiday by spending a day visiting an amusement park? There are fantastic parks throughout every location in Great Britain.

Many amusement parks in the UK are suited for all types of visitors, no matter if you’re traveling with certain other people or even with kids, or even if you enjoy rides and attractions or limited thrills. Several of them also contain associated zoos, which adds an element of entertainment to your experience!

During the summertime, amusement parks, resorts with swimming pools, and seaside towns are attractive destinations for people to entertain themselves. Visitors may take advantage of great amusement parks in the United Kingdom.

Theme parks aren’t only for kids; they can provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who appreciates amusement park rides and excitement rushes. If you’re considering a trip to the UK, these are the five best amusement parks you should explore.

1. Thorpe Park

Image by tunechick83 from Pixabay

Thorpe Park seems to be another wonderful tourist attraction in Surrey that is approximately an hour and a half by rail from central London. The amusement park has many attractions and thrill rides, such as the legendary Nemesis Inferno, Britain’s second tallest coaster, and Stealth, the UK’s speediest rollercoaster ride.

Thorpe Park was also among the earliest theme parks in the United Kingdom to feature a VR technology thrill ride. The park is indeed recognized for organizing big events, as well as having a waterslide and lodging, providing it with a preferred day outing for both parents and solo visitors.

Chertsey, a municipality near the park, has several dining alternatives that you may discover when exploring the park, namely Italian restaurants, cafes, and taverns.

2. Alton Towers

It is a traditional amusement park in the Staffordshire rural areas. Alton Towers is among the biggest theme parks in Great Britain, featuring over eight themed zones as well as a Charming Town and Skywatching Capsules.

Plywood homes imitating residences from the movie “Lord of the Rings” may be seen in the Enchanted Town. The park has various amusement park rides and roller coasters for a variety of ages, notably the well-known Top Spinning and Nemesis.

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Galactica, a virtual world attraction, is also available there at the site. This also boasts a waterslide and customized accommodation, which makes it perfect for a family outing. Alton Towers is among the most popular theme park in the United Kingdom.

Alton Towers is also approximately an hour’s drive from Burton, the planet’s brewery center. This town is host to several excellent breweries, including Coors Brewing and Marston’s. Staffordshire has many ancient towns and villages including Lichfield and Stoke, that convey stories about the province.

3. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is among the most well-known theme parks in the United Kingdom, which is located just only a few mins as from the city of Blackpool, Lancashire. It is among the biggest amusement parks in the UK, with ten coasters, along with the park’s brand-new and fastest rollercoaster ride, Nemesis.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Britain’s first Nickelodeon Park, offers various group attractions. The theme park also boasts its very own accommodation and water slides, which makes it an ideal family outing. In case you’re certain to have limitless enjoyment at this theme park, Blackpool has many reasonable lodgings as well as a beachfront that allows you to promenade and rest.

4. Drayton Manor Park in the UK

Drayton Manor has become one of the most prominent theme parks in Great Britain, situated in the center of England here on fields of the historic Drayton Manor in Staffordshire. This site features a variety of carnival rides, thrill rides, and family-friendly attractions.

Families may also see various threatened species at Drayton Manor Park’s preservation zoo, which is a habitat to over 100 creatures such as the fluffy red panda, the strange slim cheetah, as well as the amazing crimson parrot.

The theme park also houses Europe’s first Thomas Land. Thomas Land is home to a variety of children’s adventures based on fictional characters from the Thomas the Tank Television series and novels. In addition, the park has 150-room accommodation within the park.

5. The Flamingo Land Resort Theme Park

Flamingo Land Resort situated close to Kirby Misperton is a theme park, resort, and safari that everybody ought to visit. It is a touristic destination including all services on-site, completely contained inside 365 acres.

The vacation town offers its entertainment center, two swimming pools, a gymnasium, a jacuzzi, and a country club. An amusement park offering rides for children and thrill rides for adults as well.

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Musical performances here display both throughout the day and at night. Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, and Rhinos are just a few of the unique species in this amazing zoo. Flamingo Land also ranks among the most popular zoos in the UK, with 200 unique amphibians, primates, and avians.

Flamingo Land enhances your holiday experience. Amusement parks at Flamingo Land provide lots of choices. There seem to be 8 different thematic zones in all, one of the most popular of which is the flamingo, and maybe you’ll discover that one day isn’t nearly sufficient. It’s a terrific place for family enjoyment!

6. Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures is situated in Central London, approximately 10-15 kilometers from England, and seems like it corresponds to the kingdom of Harry Potter. It is famous for combining an amusement park, a safari, and a resort building.

Vampires and Dragon’s Fury are some of the facility’s popular highlights but don’t be fooled by their titles. There is enough for everybody in your group to experience, and there are not many finer parks in terms of accessibility compared to this one.

7. Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island, situated on the eastern coast of Britain, Uk near Lincolnshire, is indeed an ideal day excursion for your beach holiday. The park encompasses hundreds of attractions that will appeal to both adrenaline enthusiasts and first-time visitors.

You may either purchase a ride-all-day ticket that allows you to enjoy as many coasters as you like or pay as you travel during your stay. Market Town, Europe’s biggest seven-day marketplace, is also located on Fantasy Island. Explore the various stores and sellers providing anything from clothing and shoes to home goods and foods and desserts!

8. Gulliver’s Kingdom

The coasters and activities at Gulliver’s in Matlock Bath are geared for youngsters between 2 to 13, although parents and their older kids will enjoy them as well. Gulliver’s Kingdom’s attractions include a shipwreck ride, a double-decker spinning, and a railway.

The amusement park is located on a high slope, providing panoramic panoramas of the surrounding landscape. Aside from attractions, there are several activities such as the extraction of gold, gigantic chess, and engaging with the 13 interactive exhibits in the Lost Kingdom at Dinosaur Park.

9. Oakwood Theme Park

If your journey to the UK takes you to Wales, make time to see Wales’ biggest amusement park! Oakwood Theme Park has a plethora of coasters and activities. For hardwood rollercoaster ride fans, ride the Megafobia, which has been named the UK’s favorite hardwood rollercoaster ride on many occasions.

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Vertigo, Britain’s highest aerial swinging, is yet another pleasure. If you don’t require a rush of adrenaline, there are a variety of community thrills, such as a thrilling 3D haunted mansion, a bobsledding experience, or paddling boating in the lagoon encircling the area.

10. Legoland Windsor

Legos are indeed an important component of any kid’s growth, and Legoland puts such fantastic toys to life via games and educational activities! Legoland Windsor boasts over 10 themed zones that will transport you to various Lego constructions.

Monarchs, Vikings, pirates, and the blockbuster Lego Ninjago movie are among the concepts. They provide bright and entertaining activities as well as possibilities for youngsters to use their imagination and create one ‘s unique Lego masterpieces!

11. Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park is the sole park on this listing that is entirely dedicated to animals! Knowsley is a sanctuary for thousands of species from all over the world.

You may encounter them in person, such as on the Amur Tiger Trail, which allows you to wander together around the tiger habitat and observe them from several viewpoints.

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Alternatively, board the Baboon Tour on a safari circuit and just get up personally acquainted with a variety of species. You may also travel the wildlife circle in your automobile and view anything from tigers to gazelles, which may approach your automobile!


Many individuals believe that going to Disney Land or Universal Studios in Florida, America is the only way to receive an authentic amusement park adventure. The choices on this listing demonstrate that this is just not the case! Amusement parks in the United Kingdom compete with some of the renowned attractions around the world by providing different and interesting thrills and attractions.

If you’re searching for a relaxing weekend getaway or a holiday in the UK, each of the attractions on this listing could be a terrific choice for your upcoming amusement park excursion!

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