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Vancouver Pubs: 12 Best Rocking Vancouver Pubs to Try Out

Vancouver has long been known as a city that celebrates its Vancouver pubs and nightlife with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm. Residents in Vancouver put in long hours at work throughout the day, and then they hit the town hard after the sun goes down. In this lively city, going out on the town and checking out the many pubs, cocktail lounges, and bars that Vancouver has to offer is one of the more exciting activities that tourists and residents alike can do.

Mixology is regarded to have been elevated to the status of King at this establishment, which is the birthplace of the modern cocktail movement. These are the places that offer the greatest local and foreign alcohol, pub fare coupled with the best cultural food, food menu, and live music, Saturday night, and this is the place where craft is considered to be an art form.

In addition to this, it is the kind of place where one can really let their guard down, unwind, and have a wonderful time while imbibing alcoholic beverages along with craft beers. Here is a list of the best Vancouver pubs in downtown Vancouver where you can get your preferred drink.

There is something for everyone on our list, whether you want to try award-winning wines in a stylish lounge, swallow all the tequila you can at a fashionable and energetic establishment, or sip on locally created craft beer in a friendly watering hole.

1. The 12 Best Vancouver Pubs

1.1. Keefer Bar

vancouver pubs
Courtesy by: Keefer Bar

Keefer Bar is a darkly lit medical-themed bar with an extensive drink menu of “remedies” and “cures inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, and trivia night, and it has won several awards for its cocktails.

If Beefeater is your thing, order a Rosemary Gimlet; if bourbon is more your speed, try a Chinatown Sour; if you’re in the mood for something exotic, try a Tokyo Drift made with Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky, delicious food, live entertainment, draft beers, Ambre Vermouth, kumquat gomme, and “tobacco” bitters. Small plates, appetizers, and Dim Sum are available in the bar if you’re hungry.

Among the cocktails that may be ordered are Alumni Cocktails, Rosemary Gimlets, Chinatown Sours, Tokyo Drifts, Ambre Vermouth, kumquat gomme, and “tobacco” bitters. Other drinks include Tokyo Drifts. That is, it is for a rundown and among the top Vancouver pubs downtown area along with sporting events. We wish you a humming good time if you decide to give them a try. When planning your next brunch or evening out in Vancouver, be sure to peruse our listings of the greatest coffee shops and fantastic restaurants in the city.

1.2. Botanist

Botanist is a posh and elegant establishment that can be accessed after passing through an opulent indoor garden that has towering columns and verdant vegetation.

You’ll discover a modern cocktail bar there that can prepare all of your favourites and also show you some unique concoctions that will blow your mind there. This restaurant is also on the “Food Bucket List” for Vancouver, and there’s a good reason for that! What to order: Charred Ora King Salmon, Deep Cove, Rye ‘N Reynolds, Lamb Rack and Lamb Shank Pair

1.3. The Diamond

This breathtaking treasure exudes an unrivalled old-world allure and a glamorous vintage air that is sure to put anybody in the mood to kick back, relax, and have a drink. Hence, you should head there as soon as possible, since The Diamond is also famous for the incredible cocktails that it serves, making it a great place to stop for drinks in the middle of the night.

The Vancouver is made with Beefeater, bittersweet vermouth, and orange bitters; thus, you should start with The Vancouver and raise a glass to the city’s namesake. You should also try Penicillin, which is an excellent combination of J.W. Black, Laphroaig ginger, honey, and lemon. There is a variety of tasty and satiating snacks, as well as cured meats and cheeses (including vegan alternatives), to choose from when it comes to meals. What to order: the Penicillin, the cured meats, the cheeses, and the Vancouver

1.4. Chickadee

Chickadee threw up its doors in 2020 and immediately got to work, having been conceptualized by the same people that brought you Irish pub Juke Fried Chicken and Beatbox.

This establishment’s ever-increasing popularity is due, in no little part, to the hip ambiance, inventive drinks, and outstanding service it provides; if you take your drinking seriously, you absolutely must pay it a visit. At Chickadee, among Vancouver pubs, you have the option of creating your own cocktail from scratch or selecting one of their inventively titled drinks.

You’ll want to remember with a Cobra Kai or test your limits with a Risky Business after seeing The Super Amaro Bros. because it’s an awesome liquor store. Have some Spicy Wings, fries, salads, or even Belgian Waffles in order to soak up the alcohol in your system.

1.5. Straight & Marrow

Image by ncb80 from Pixabay

Straight & Marrow is the place to go if you’re looking for a nice and intimate ambiance, among all Vancouver pubs. In this establishment, the recipes have been perfected, and the focus is on being creative with the food.

Thus, go there quickly and make sure to savour each and every second of your adventure. We really like their Inverted Boilermaker, which is made with bourbon, as well as their Rain Shower Sour, which is made with five spiced infused brandy, sweet vermouth, and unsweetened cranberry juice.

Each and every drink served here is original and delectable. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to try the pork belly carpaccio or the octopus carpaccio. Inverted Boilermaker, Pork Belly Carpaccio, and Rain Shower Sour are some of the recommended drinks and dishes to order.

1.6. L’abattoir

L’abattoir is the kind of venue that may have you sitting for hours as you take in its beauty, thanks to its industrial-chic setting, French flare, creative drinks, and culinary delights. It has an air of sophistication, coolness, and coziness, making it an essential destination to check out when in Gastown.

They provide seasonal and vintage cocktails, in addition to a comprehensive drinks menu that includes options for those who don’t consume alcohol as well. The Mezcal Spritz is a delicious drink, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the Avocado Gimlet.

Make an order for the Baked Pacific Oysters and the Butter Poached Scallops; both of these dishes have a reputation for being really tasty. You shouldn’t leave without trying one of their main dishes, and if you do, don’t forget to spare space for dessert! We recommend the Mezcal Spritz, the Avocado Gimlet, the Baked Pacific Oysters, and the Poached Scallops. These are just some of the things you may order.

1.7. Brix and Mortar

A historic edifice that was constructed in 1912 and rebuilt in order to give not only an exceptional dining experience but also the unforgettable sensation of being in a Victorian castle among Vancouver pubs. Brix & Mortar is a restaurant and bar that serves delectable cuisine, excellent wine, and original drinks.

A variety of mouthwatering finger foods, highballs, and draught beer are available during the happy hours at Brix and Mortar. Cauliflower salad with fried cauliflower, pork ribs, and sockeye salmon

1.8. D/6 Bar & Lounge

An exciting and trendy rooftop lounge among Vancouver pubs with both indoor and outdoor seating can be found on the sixth story of the Douglas Autograph Collection, which is part of the breathtaking Parq Entertainment Resort.

D/6 is the ideal location for a business lunch, an intimate supper, or cocktails and more drinks since it provides a stunning view as well as an inviting atmosphere that is replete with a pool table, library, and a rooftop garden. There is no better spot to kick back and take in the views of Vancouver than with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand, and there is nothing else in the city that can compare.

 vancouver pubs
Courtesy By: Elisa Steakhouse

1.9. Elisa Steakhouse

The traditional atmosphere of a steakhouse has given a fresh new look and feel to Elisa, which is a redesigned steakhouse. It is a great combination of excellent dining with a homey ambience, among all Vancouver pubs, and cooking over an open wood fire with an enormous wine list that spans 45 pages, and a setting that is attractively designed.

Bring your friends and family to Elisa if you want to wow them and create experiences that are both pleasurable and memorable. There are local drafts available for those who like beer, and the wine selection is rather broad for those who are interested in drinking wine. With a menu that has won several awards, it might be tough to make recommendations on what to get here since everything is excellent.

If you insist on asking for our advice, we’d suggest either their beef or tuna tartars or the Elisa seafood tower. To order, get a Red Star Line drink, a local draft beer, a bottle of wine, beef or tuna tartare, and the Elisa seafood tower.

1.10. UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar

The UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar distinguishes out from other cocktail bars and entertainment venues because of its impressive flights, delectable charcuterie and small plates, and award-winning drinks. The setting is hip and exciting, which makes it ideal for a night out with the ladies, a romantic date, or simply hanging out with friends in general.

Choose one of their seasonal cocktails to enjoy or go for the flight option and have a great time. If that is what you want to drink, they also offer a superb wine selection; speak with your waitress for further information. When it comes to cuisine, you just have the pig and beef meatballs, or the pizza made in the Roman way. What to order: Roman-style pizza, pig and beef meatballs, seasonal drinks, and wine

1.11. La Mezcalero

The very trendy and groovy La Mezcalero, which is always bustling with the greatest vibes, has once again earned a spot on our list. This is a really popular place among Vancouver pubs, not just because they serve incredible cuisine, but also because of their beverages; and yes, the cocktails here are very divine! Begin with a tequila flight, since there’s no reason not to.

You wouldn’t be in a Mexican bar unless you had some interest in doing it, and you know you do. If that isn’t your thing, give their Mezcal Negroni or a traditional Margarita a shot instead. It is impossible (and unwise) to bypass the fondue if you are feeling peckish. Simply put your faith in us and take the plunge. The salsa is amazing, the platters to split are just right, and of course, there are tacos!

1.12. Craft Beer Market English Bay

Image by Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida from Pixabay

The Craft Beer Market is arguably one of the greatest places to have a relaxed drink because of its amazing location overlooking English Bay and the stunning views it provides. You won’t be sorry that you made the choice to visit, whether it’s for Happy Hour, some cocktails before dinner, or just to spend some time enjoying some delicious cuisine and beverages.

The beverages menu at this establishment has a changing selection of taps filled with lagers, ales, coolers, wines, and cocktails. Indulge in a mouthwatering Blackberry Mojito or a Paloma made with Passion Fruit.

If you’ve had a difficult day and feel like you could use a shot, go ahead and give it a try. They guarantee that they won’t pass judgment in Vancouver pubs. In the event that you are feeling peckish, they have fried pickles, and slides, and they also produce a delicious Cheddar Bacon Burger.  Want more? We recommend getting the Baja Fish Taco. Which dish should one get? Cheddar Bacon Burger, Blackberry Mojito, Passion Fruit Paloma, and Baja Fish Tacos are on the menu.

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2. Conclusion

The party scene in Vancouver pubs is second to none. This city has a lot of things to love about it, and its dedication to sunset activities is right up there. Neighbourhood after neighbourhood offers one-of-a-kind pubs that cover a whole lot of territory, and this city has a lot of things to love about it.

Gastown is the epicentre of it all, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you take into account the saloon-centric part of its history; but the whole of the city has enough to offer in terms of drinking options. You’ll need to bring an umbrella with you since you’ll be in the Pacific Northwest, but a little rain won’t be a problem if you’re planning to visit some of the greatest bars in Vancouver.

Once you’ve spent the day checking out the area’s top sights, it’s time to refuel at one of the city’s most acclaimed eateries before hitting the town.



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