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12 Famous Bars in Birmingham You Must Visit

Bars in Birmingham

Do you want to explore the five best bars in Birmingham? This article this just for you!

Birmingham’s drinking culture is vibrant and diverse, ranging from classic English taverns to trendy cigar lounges. With so many options, it’s easy to forget about the other unobtrusive sites. For people who appreciate drinking in places that are a touch out of the usual.

There’s much to enjoy when the sun goes, from parties to wine bars to artistic theatres, and even individuals who don’t prefer to go out may discover something according to their liking. Although Birmingham’s downtown area is bustling with bars and pubs, a lot of the town’s smaller areas attract tourists in the evenings.

It’s difficult to just not become fascinated with Birmingham as well as the rest of the region, and it has never been simpler to get out and discover some of its hidden secrets. So, here in this article, let’s try to explore the top five bars in Birmingham that you should not miss!!

Bars in Birmingham

1. 52 Gas Street

Nestled hidden in Gas Street Basin, this is considered one of Birmingham’s best cocktail bars. The site is a must-see for lovers of vivid cocktails, and it also offers specialized lectures as well as a selection of cocktails, tropical beverages, and champagne.

52 Gas Street has experienced its good proportion of history, initially as a weapon foundry, again as waterway barracks, and today it is dedicated to one of Birmingham’s finest local eateries.

Bars in Birmingham
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Make friends, converse over a work drink at lunchtime, or enjoy a covert special evening in the comfortable chairs and be liberated to kick back canalside this summertime. Understanding how to gather a group – 52 Gas Street is the backbone of a great time across every sense of the phrase.

2. One Trick Pony Club

One Trick Pony Club is a laid-back franchise bar that features massive sports, musical performances, and Irish-inspired beverage and food selections. Moseley’s One Trick Pony Club is a bustling bar that is enthusiastic about hearty food and lovely beverages.

This is one of Birmingham’s most unusual bars. Come inside the graffiti patio for an evening of drinking and eating succulent hamburgers and scrumptious fried chicken.

One Trick Pony Club, situated in the middle of Moseley Neighborhood, is an exciting social setting that routinely features live entertainment and Djing.

Among menu options are traditional bar fare, delicious hamburgers, scrumptious fried chicken, and a selection of meat-free options. Chicken Societies, Ruby Jean’s Hamburgers, Veggie Heads, and Fantastic Microbrew Beer are the four divisions of the food.

3. Bar Ikigai

Bar Ikigai, being one of Birmingham’s best premium pubs, emanates minimalist vibes in a stylish and modern atmosphere. Japanese flavors and products abound, from citrus and soy to instant noodles and sashimi, and even a small obsession with cherry blossom trees. An Izakaya is a Japanese tavern that sells beer and cuisine.

These casual bars are usually utilized for after-work drinks. The Ikigai, a new venue in the Jewellery Quarters influenced by the Izakaya institution, has debuted, and this is why you need to go. The bar and its dishes are heavily influenced by Japanese tradition, as the name implies. They include a selection of Japanese liquor and a sophisticated charcuterie platter in the bar.

4. Flight Club Birmingham

Flight Club Birmingham is indeed the birthplace of Professional Darts and the land of surprising, ridiculous joy. Flight Club has modernized dart by developing a variety of incredibly quick, multiplayer modes that connect people closer. It’s not just about darts; it also involves having an enjoyable time!

Bars in Birmingham
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Flight Club Birmingham on Temple Lane features a gorgeous bar that is perfect for lunchtime, breakfast, and beverage catch-ups! Take a journey down Temple Alley to find a few of the town’s most unusual bars.

Grab a faceoff dots, drink a few drinks, eat some pizzas, and prepare for some hypercompetitive and entirely participatory darts. Flight Club, the team of Social Darts, has redefined projectiles for the 21st century with quick, online games that attract users together for surprising, ludicrous enjoyment.

5. Be At One Birmingham

Whenever it concerns the bars and pubs in Birmingham city center, Be At One, recognized for hiring a number of the best bartending in the industry, doesn’t mess around. Come for wonderful 2-4-1 drink specials and innovative drinks – the Irish Disco Biscuits are delicious for those with a sweet appetite.

The famed London bar franchise has expanded its reach and brought the celebration with its renowned delicacies to Birmingham’s Piccadilly Arcade. Customers who are new to Be At One may be lured by an almost unmatched 2-4-1 cocktail hour, a long range of brilliantly titled cocktails – including the ‘Porn Star Martini’ and ‘Irish Disco Biscuit’ – and many playful cocktail lessons made up of various foreign alcohol.

6. 180 Club at the Rectory

In a leading subterranean location, this distinctive St Paul’s Square service blends darts with a dive bar ambiance. 180 Club in Birmingham is a sophisticated subterranean darts club that offers NYC dinners and mixed beverages. Visit the initial and only subterranean darts bar in Birmingham.

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This concealed subterranean bar will be placed beneath The Rectory in the Jewelry Quarters and will have 6 darts alleys that may accommodate up to 14 gamers.

180 Club, Birmingham’s only of its kind, aims to teach the game to a modern audience while also giving a new alternative to the city’s existing thriving immersive party scene. The 180 Club is accessible for exclusive rental, with food and cocktail options offered.

7. The Night Owl

Digbeth’s Night Owl pays homage to all things vintage, with record albums, blinky lights, and odd décor. They’re a charming, humorous, and stylish bar and nightclub specializing in funky, blues, jazz, and dub. The Night Owl is a deep and retro daily performance space, bar, and club in the center of Digbeth.

The Night Owl is a soul and retro nightclub and live entertainment venue in Digbeth, Birmingham, which first opened its doors in July 2015. There are amazing music and dance parties every Saturday and Friday.

The 250-person occupancy club on Lower Trinity Road has continued to grow in popularity since its beginning in 2015. The Night Owl was one of the first Northern Soul nightclubs in the Region and it has since expanded.

8. Kilder

Kilder is a Craft Beer, Natural Wine, and Orchard pub in Birmingham. Offering bar snacks and sharing platters prepared from the best British ingredients. Do you like a blend of reduced elegance and elevated craft beers?

Travel down to Moor Street Station’s arches to discover this elegant tiny local beer bar with a huge range of exceptional drinks and a few of the tastiest baked fries in the city.

Kilder is an excellent tiny pub and all-around strange hangout nestled beneath Birmingham Moor Street’s rail tunnels. This lovely sipping hole, just next door to sister site Original Patty Men, draws a combination of foodie natives, tourists, and younger creative people with a diverse and intriguing selection of craft breweries, organic beverages, and outstanding meals.

9. Dead Wax Digbeth

Dead Wax Digbeth is a great option for a relaxed atmosphere and a spacious seating area. After dining on wood-fired flatbread pizzas, visitors and guests can sample a variety of beers and drinks.

Come to Birmingham’s latest music-themed pub. ‘Beer, Music, Pizzas,’ is Dead Wax Digbeth’s simple (& superb) tagline. Dead Wax Digbeth works with numerous breweries across the region to deliver the best beer available.

Bars in Birmingham
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They offer stalwarts like England’s Beavertown and Brighton’s Laine Beer Co to try, as well as superb experimental beers. The soundtrack at Dead Wax is always played on records. They have almost 4,000 tracks to choose from, and their employees and frequent Presenters will even perform your albums if you have them with you.

In case that wasn’t sufficient, they also deliver some of the best stone-baked pizzas in the city. You can choose from vegetarian, meat, or vegan bread choices.

10. Tilt

Tilt is a pinball-themed pub. There must be a plot twist. And there is, since this Urban Arcade café is a master of artisan beer, specialty espresso, and tea teas, in addition to a dazzling, smashing assortment with some 20 current and old equipment. You’ll want a repeat whether you’re wiggling the paddles on a 1993 ‘Twilight Zone board or filling your mouth with something unusual and sweet.

Alcohol and ping pong? You are not needed to request them again. Tilt is a charming tiny café during the day and buzzing bar by evening, serving a hot cup of coffee till 5 p.m. as well as a selection of post-work drinks. They also have a large selection of computers and outdated controllers to compete with someone.

Tilt describes itself as a lunchtime coffeehouse that also sells various microbrews, so swing by for such relief, delicious pastries, or a small lunch. The main attraction of this charming cafe bar is its multiple bowling equipment (13 in all), which promote amicable games and give room for individuals to gather or relax with companions.

Tilt’s goal is to serve as a gathering center with a community ambiance where speciality espresso and microbrews intersect – they also provide loose-leaf tea, hot cocoa, whiskies, as well as other fizzy drinks. The interior decoration is contemporary with an urban flare and is spread across the bottom floor and subterranean area.

11. Jungle Bird Tropical Restaurant and Bar

Jungle Bird Tropical Restaurant and Bar, a foresty beverage institution, is ideal for first encounters and group get-togethers. The establishment provides wonderful Tropical and Caribbean meals in combination with outstanding beverages, mixed drinks, and wine.

Birmingham’s newest autonomous tropical beverage bar and organic eatery is in the town’s center, only a short distance from Grand Central Train Station.

Vibrant, assertive, and daring. Fresh, intriguing, and inviting. These are referred to as Jungle Birds. Custom beverages that are both accessible as they are imaginative (all of which may be reproduced as mixed drinks) are available, as are specially chosen all-natural wines.

Curated craft beers paired with a selection of Birmingham’s most imaginative plant-based snacks influenced by Tropical and Caribbean food.

12. The Gin Vault

The Gin Vault is indeed a canalside subterranean bar located on the exact property as O Bar on Broad Street. The nightclub has indeed been renovated to its former state as a basement and follows in the footsteps of the 40 St Pauls. The Gin Vault presently serves 30 different varieties of liqueurs and is ideal for a late-night snack following supper.


Birmingham has numerous fantastic locations to drink in addition to superb food. There are lots of options for artisan beer bars, sophisticated cocktail bars, and plain old-fashioned boozers. Birmingham, a town famed for its important contribution to Industrialization and often dubbed “the very first industrialized city in the entire globe,” has a unique past, which is largely still in decent form.

One example is its excellent selection of English pubs. These classic bars in Birmingham provide fantastic cuisine, beverages, and companionship by staying true to their roots or merging the conventional and modern.



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