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Andros Greece: 10 Places to Explore in Andros Island

Andros Greece

The island of Andros is the crown jewel of the Cyclades. One of the Cyclades’ lushest islands with lush vegetation. Andros is certainly the most popular collective of Greek islands and the most well-liked destination for ideal vacations in one of the mainland destinations, Greece.

Andros Greece achieves the ideal harmony between the picturesque and the modern. What could be more beautiful than a harmonious combination of dense foliage and sugar cube homes grouped on hillside slopes overlooking the Aegean Sea? You are surrounded by the vibrant splendour of Andros, feelings of peaceful relaxation, and unique experiences that you can only have there.

1. Where is Andros Island in Greece

Image by Máté Markovics from Pixabay


The Cyclades island group’s northernmost island, Andros, is the one that is closest to Athens. In a projected path from Euboia, Andros is the first island, followed closely by Tinos and Mykonos.

Andros has a Mediterranean climate, which means it experiences dry, hot summers and somewhat warm, rainy winters like the rest of Greece. On average, winter temperatures are between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius, while summertime highs are between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius.

2. How to Get to Andros Island?

Only a ferry from Rafina port, not Piraeus port, may take you directly to Andros. Rafina is reachable via taxi or bus. From Athens airport, the drive there take around 30 minutes. Andros may be reached in under 2 hours via ferry.

There are flights to other islands in the Cyclades, such as Mykonos, from which you can take the ferry tickets to Andros, although doing so won’t save you any time. However, getting to Tinos, Mykonos, or Syros islands from Andros is advised if you intend to stay a while, as they are close by and make for fantastic island hopping day trips.

In Andros, the harbour city of Gavrio, Batsi, Chora, and Korthi Bay are the most popular places to stay.

3. Best Time to Visit Andros

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The weather in Andros is Mediterranean. From June through September, the daily average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, and there is hardly any rainfall during those months. In July or August, the high will be around 30 degrees, and the sea will probably be above 25 degrees.

Average temperatures during the “shoulder” seasons that fall on either side of the busiest summer months will range between 16 and 23 degrees. Until November, the sea might continue to be warmer than 20 degrees. Although October can be fairly rainy, the majority of the island’s rainy season lasts from November to February.

4. Places to Explore in Andros Greece

There are a lot of places to explore in Andros. Some of the best places that you would like to visit are mentioned below.

4.1. Explore Chora

Chora, the island’s capital town, is a stunning and proud location rich in culture and heritage. The city, which lies southeast of the island, appears to be cutting through the water since it is situated on a small peninsula that connects to the Unknown Sailor Monument.

Two sandy beaches flank it on either side, and the tiny islet that the short peninsula connects to has a Venetian castle. You can only see one lighthouse from the outside, which appears to be constructed on the water.

4.2. Batsi Village

A wonderful fishing village on the coast called Batsi is 27 kilometres from Chora. Despite being quite popular with tourists, it is very scenic and has maintained its original character. There are many eateries, pubs, and cafes in Batsi where you may take in the beach scenery.

Batsi Village, Website Screenshot
Source: Batsi Village

One advantage of Batsi is that the village location completely shields it from the wind, making it the ideal place to go to sandy beaches when swimming elsewhere is challenging. Batsi perfectly complements the refinement of Chora and the beautiful appeal of the classic Cyclades.

4.3. Foros Cave

Foros Cave, the first cave complex ever to be discovered in Greece, is only 4 kilometres from Andros’ Chora. It has a rich history, beginning with its name. Foros is now accessible for your exploration.

Foros Cave, Website Screenshot
Source: Foros Cave

Its eight big chambers will reveal to you a fascinating and magnificent underground world filled with vibrant stalagmites and stalactites, water basins, and rock pearls. If you’re lucky, you might even see species that have evolved to live in conditions that are almost entirely black! As one of the most significant locations in Andros, Foros is a fascinating underground world that you shouldn’t miss.

4.4. The Gorgeous Beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades may be found in Andros. There are more than eighty beaches to decide from because of the curve of the coastline. This essentially means that Andros offers many beaches and seasides to suit every taste. But among all the amazing beaches, there are a few that are simply spectacular, and you should include them on your list of places to visit:

  • Aghios Petros Beach: Beautiful, one-kilometre-long sand beach. You won’t ever feel crowded or like there isn’t enough room to spread out and enjoy the beach, even on the busiest days of high season. Due to its proximity to Chora, Aghios Petros Beach blends the best of both worlds and is both wild and modern.
  • Ateni Beach: It is located 12 kilometres from Batsi town. Even though there is just one beach, it has the appearance of two secluded, stunning coves due to the dense vegetation that touches the golden sand and the turquoise and emerald waters.
  • Ahla Beach: This beach features a lovely sand area and a habitat. The Ahla River empties into the sea there. In the resulting luxuriant vegetation, there is a little delta in the sand and a grove of towering platan trees. Drive to Ahla Beach or take a boat there. Both are memorable experiences!

4.5. Agios Petros Tower

The magnificent tower of Aghios Petros over Gavrio Bay. Around the fourth or third century BC, during the Hellenistic era, the historic tower was constructed. It is cylindrical in design and formerly had five floors. It was used to detect prospective invasions or impending pirate raids in advance. The historic tower served as a defence for surrounding copper mining. Visit to be in awe of its size, construction, and endurance through the ages.

4.6. Castle of Faneromeni

The largest mediaeval settlement of Andros was the Castle of Faneromeni, popularly known as “the Old Woman’s Castle,” which was constructed by the Venetians to protect themselves from pirates.

Castle of Faneromeni, Website Screenshot
Source: Castle of Faneromeni

The surroundings, with their rocky hills and sheer cliff walls that seem to protrude out from the fortifications and surviving structures, are also breathtaking. Because of its elevation, untamed surroundings, and fortitude, the castle was said to be invincible. There are secret communication routes as well as a church called Faneromeni that hosts a sizable feast on August 15th. Take a stroll to the Castle, take in the mesmerising scenery, and absorb the history all around you.

4.7. Hiking Paths

The Cycladic island of Andros is exceptional because it has some of the most beautiful and varied scenery you can find and hike across. Rivers, creeks, woodlands, beaches, and paths are all present. Make sure you take at least the “Andros Route” hike—one of the best and only internationally recognised hiking route programmes in Europe.

4.8. Goulandris Museum

The Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art is worth a visit. The Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art alone makes it worthwhile to travel to Andros. It regularly hosts a fascinating new show. The paintings of Picasso, Matisse, Klee, Chagall, Rodin, Miro, Kandinsky, and many more have previously been considered treasures.

4.9. Sail into the Realm of Sea Captains

Image by Yuri from Pixabay

Above all, seafarers—captains, ship owners, and local sailors—are Androids. They built elegant residences and neoclassical buildings with their income more than a century ago, and the major town of Hora is full of them.

With its vast squares, huge cathedrals, and sculpted marble fountain, the broad main thoroughfare radiates wealth. The archaeological museums, bustling cafes, and two expansive beaches (Paraportiani and Nimborio) flank Hora’s central square, which is its beating heart. If you continue into the town’s historic district, you will reach a square near the tip of the promontory that is home to a lone monument to the Unknown Sailor.

4.10. Pythara’s Waterfalls

Due to the ravine surroundings of Pythara’s Waterfalls’ uncanny beauty and fairytale-like quality, it is known as “fairyland.” Fairies and nymphs are said to have taken baths in the sparkling waters.

Pythara Waterfalls, Website Screenshot
Source: Pythara Waterfalls

A verdant, lush habitat full of gorgeous waters, unusual plants and flowers, and a special ecosystem of aquatic life are created when the waters from multiple springs combine to make spectacular cascades of intense and wild beauty.

5. Other Facts About Andros Greece 

  • Andros Greece, unlike Mykonos or Santorini (Thera), is still somewhat undiscovered, giving you more opportunities to take in the island’s top attractions without feeling crowded, especially during the peak travel season.
  • This lush island’s natural beauty is exquisite! You may explore the island’s beautiful greenery via the hiking trails that traverse it.
  • Andros is a natural paradise, teeming with olive trees, walnut trees, chestnut trees, and oak trees.
  • The prehistoric Plaka village, Zagora settlement, and Palaiopolis, the ancient capital of Andros, are all must-see locations, not to mention its fantastic museums!
  • Visit the Cyclades Olive Museum, the archaeological museums, and the Museum of Modern Art as well to learn more about the island’s culture.

6. Wrapping Up

These were all the amazing things you can do on Andros Island. Explore Andros, Cycladic islands and other greek islands for your next trip to Greece.

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