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11 Best Book Clubs in London

book clubs in London

Sick of reading on your Kindle alone? At one of the many Book Clubs in London, get together with fellow bookworms from all around the city.

There is a group with interesting discourse for every type of book enthusiast, whether you enjoy dystopian fiction, musical biographies, translated literature, radical history, or want to study works by female writers.

Here Are the 11 Best Book Clubs in London-

1. Wimbledon Book Club London

In Wimbledon, London, there is a book club called Wimbledon Book Club. Gerard, the group leader, works to keep this book club a welcoming, accessible place for readers.

Wimbledon Book Club was established in 2008 and is dedicated to continuing to be an autonomous reading group that accepts book aficionados who appreciate books in a variety of genres, including romance, crime, science fiction, and others.

Book Club London
Image from Wimbledon Book Club

2. Black Girls Book Club

Black Girls Book Club has evolved from a brunch gathering of women of colour to discuss books while sipping mimosas into a massive event in less than three years.

They have held discussions and debates in places like the House of Representatives with luminaries like Roxane Gay & Malorie Blackman.

It was founded by best friends and defies the conventions of traditional literary events by substituting author Q&As and even raves for panel discussions, all the while decolonizing the bookshelf and providing a safe haven for Black women to connect over literature.

3. Putney Book Club

Scarlett, the group’s coordinator, hosts the Putney Book Club, a book club that meets in Putney, London.

She is the leader of a close-knit group of more than 50 book members of the club who are enthusiastic about reading books & sipping wine.

The book club invites women who are interested in reading and aims to create a welcoming place for female book readers.

However, they will all be located in and around Putney, London. Members of the book club vote on the books to be discussed and the meeting place is announced on their meetup profile.

4. Club of Fantasy Books

Fantasy Book Club is an English book club with headquarters in the heart of London that accepts members of all ages & genders who enjoy reading fantasy books with other like-minded people.

Horror, post-apocalyptic fantasy, as well as other genres, are among the books that Fantasy Book Club like and reads. Every month, book clubs meet on a Tuesday night at various locations in London, England.

5. Solitary Book Club London

A chapter of the international book club Silent Book Club is located in London, England.

The idea behind the Silent Book Club is exactly what its name implies: a group for silent reading.

The book club encourages participants to take the books they are presently reading to enjoy discreetly with other book club members, with a few exceptions, like when the club hosts themed reading sessions for particular categories, including non-fiction works.

Additionally, Silent Book Club gives participants a chance to participate in a variety of activities with some other Silent Book Club members, such as local walks, quizzes, and live events.

6. Tooting Literary Club

In Tooting, England, there is a book club that caters to readers.

Every month, book club members read the selected book in time for the group’s meeting, when they have a lively conversation and unwind with a drink at a local hangout.

Tuesday nights on Tooting High Street are typically when book clubs meet.

7. Empowerment Book Club London

The focus is to read a personality book with the group and then get together once a month to talk about the book’s content and any personal lessons learned.

All book club sessions for Empowerment Book Club are free and held online using the meeting app Zoom.

Book Club London
Image from Unstainable

8. Book Clubs for Wild Women

Hundreds of group members are assisted in managing this group by group leader Marina.

Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join the book club if they enjoy reading books and debating issues that affect women in contemporary society.

The strong companionship and friendship that the Wild Women Book Club offers its members will be beneficial to participants.

Meetings are typically held at St. James’ Cafe on Horses Guards Road on Sunday mornings.

9. Wine & Dine Book Club London

London Wine & Dine Book Club seems to be the place for folks who enjoy drinking as much as they do reading.

This reading club, which currently has more than 1,000 members, is guided by group leader Robert. No matter what genre you may enjoy, the book club invites all readers & book lovers to its gatherings.

10. Rebel Book Club

After identifying a need for book clubs that focus on non-fiction, the founders of Rebel Book Club decided to fill it.

They now have hundreds of members, and they meet together every month. You’ll receive a voucher for just a non-fiction book every month.

You’ll debate it with other members while sipping cocktails inspired by the books at a special location. Previous events have taken place at Airbnb’s headquarters and Virgin’s Rooftop.

The author may occasionally be available via Skype or in person when discussing forthcoming topics like digital minimalism, religion, fatality in the modern world, and personal finance.

11. Walking Book Club

Come rain or shine, the author and journalist guide a group of book lovers over Hampstead Heath each month. It is believed that since you are more at ease when you are moving, the discussion will flow more easily.

The books that will be discussed have been chosen in advance, but there is no need to make a reservation; simply put on your hiking boots and show up at Daunt Books in Hampstead, where your brisk walk will begin.

Over the years, an independent bookstore has won numerous accolades. They also host a thriving monthly book club and a variety of author events in addition to their remarkable collection of books, which includes a carefully chosen selection of older titles.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on Book Clubs in London. We hope you like it.

These are the places where you can do the book discussions at. This list is for the people who love reading books at the best book clubs.



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