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9 Important Things about the New Forest Camping

New Forest Camping Site

The New Forest Camping site, which is close to London but beautifully tucked away in the countryside, is one of the UK’s shining jewels.

The New Forest in Hampshire, a renowned national park known for its wild ponies, lovely trees, charming villages, and a wealth of cycle trails, feels like the ideal place to grab a bit of leisure and renewal.

And if you want to reconnect with nature, going on a camping trip is definitely the best way to accomplish so.

You can go here for a camping holiday in the royal hunting ground near the new forest ponies.

New Forest Camping

This is the ideal vacation destination since it is close to London and many other locations in the south of the UK, has a tonne of natural beauty—much of it protected—and is accessible without taking a long or expensive trip.

Camping is the most affordable way to visit the New Forest and is the best way to see its natural beauty.

It goes without saying that making the most of the natural beauty that exists in this quaint & peaceful area of the UK is the best course of action.

Practically speaking, being able to drive to and through the New Forest makes camping here simple because you can bring all the necessary equipment from home with you!

1. The New Forest National Park: Where to Camp?

Travelling from the north to the south of the park takes around 45 minutes, and that’s on the main road that passes through it.

If you want to take any of the side roads, however, you should definitely stop along the way to take pictures of the wildlife (or line up behind them!) means that most journeys will be much longer.

Having a base and exploring from there is the best strategy. Therefore it’s a good idea to choose properly where you wish to camp in the New Forest.

New Forest Camping
Image from Camping In the Forest

There is a tonne of options because there are campsites spread out over the park. You should definitely start by deciding whether you want to be in the middle of a forest or close to the seaside.

Otherwise, camping close to a major town, like Lyndhurst or Brockenhurst, is certainly an excellent choice if you’d like to be near essential amenities.

The southeast & southwest corners of the park are the quietest spots if you truly want to stay as far away from the action as you can.

The distance from major highways or cities is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting a peaceful campsite in the New Forest.

2. Types of Camping in the New Forest

What kind of camping you wish to enjoy should be the first thing you think about while organizing your New Forest camping vacation.

This means that you often have the following alternatives available to you:

2.1. Caravan or Motorhome

If you choose the first option, you’ll probably use your own motorhome and caravan, though it is also an option to hire a camper in the UK and drive it to the New Forest.

The benefits of this choice include the freedom to travel anywhere you want to go by car and the ability to get between campsites fast if you want to appreciate the park fully.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy more comfort and luxury at home and save time pitching and packing up while also having the assurance that you’ll stay dry if it rains.

Cons include the expense and inconvenience of operating a huge vehicle. This, especially for large vehicles, can be aggravating on many of the narrower, winding island routes and scarce parking spaces.

2.2. Bring Your Own Tent

Finally, you have the option to bring your own tent and travel to the New Forest on foot, by bicycle, or by public transportation.

Many campgrounds in the New Forest offer the option of renting an on-site bell tent, cabin, house, pod, or yurt. Having your own vehicle will give you a lot more alternatives when it comes to where you go and how much money you can spend.

Since there is little public transportation in the New Forest, we’d generally advise having your own car or bike to explore the area. This will make camping & bringing everything you require much simpler.

Accomodation at New forest Campsite
Image from Hurstview Leisure

You have a wide range of alternatives when picking your own tent, from enormous family versions with various rooms and room for you to stand up to tiny 1 man tents, which pack down to virtually nothing & are both light & easy to move.

Choose your tent based on the number of campers you’ll have, the length of your stay, the amount of luxury you’ll require, and the method you’ll use to move all of your belongings to the New Forest.

By this, can you fit everything in the car or will you need to use bike panniers?

To allow you the maximum flexibility to truly take in the beauty of this region of the UK, we advise travelling with just an ultra-light lightweight tent you could easily move along with food and drink, among other essentials.

However, bringing your own tent has its drawbacks, including the level of organization needed, the inconvenience of carrying everything, and the possibility of getting wet if it rains heavily.

If you have to set up your own tent, you’re also more inclined to choose one campground and stay there because packing up can be a headache.

3. Glamping in New Forest Camping

You might think about glamping instead of loading everything into the car, getting a tent, and generally, pitching & unpacking sounds like a lot of work, but you still want to check out some New Forest camping!

In essence, “glamourous camping” is a more upscale variation of the traditional outdoor lodging choice.

This is a terrific way to enjoy nature and the outdoors without giving up too much comfort, typically recreating the enjoyment in slightly more stable and permanent structures like yurts, huts, bell tents, cabins, or pods.

In the New Forest, glamping typically entails camping out in sites that have had more substantial buildings transformed into distinctive lodgings.

Glamping in the New Forest is becoming more and more popular, and it can involve everything from staying in huge canvas safari tents to completely furnished cottages with bathrooms and kitchens!

New Forest Camping
Image from New Forest Camping

Booking a glamping stay in the New Forest is similar to booking a regular camping site. Check out these possibilities from Yha New Forest if you need more inspiration. As an alternative, Fernwood Glamping & Arniss Bell Tents are both highly regarded.

Glamping has the true advantage that all you have to do is show up and enjoy the amenities without worrying about organizing all of your camping gear!

4. Protecting the New Forest Camping Sites

A large number of unusual animals and flora can be found in the New Forest. The Forest is looked after by a committed crew from the entire community, who work all year long to do so.

Here are just a few of the numerous people who carry out this important task every day.

4.1. Rangers

To make sure the thousands of tourists have fun and act appropriately while they are here, the rangers look after the wildlife, run the amenities, and engage with the visitors.

4.2. Keepers

New Forest Keepers were appointed by the monarch. They are in charge of maintaining sufficient habitats for the Forest’s unique fauna and caring for it.

In addition, they care for a diverse range of species, including the largest mammal in the UK, the red deer, as well as the smallest butterflies.

Agisters, The care of these animals is the responsibility of a group of Agisters first from Verderers Office.

They also oversee the annual collection of these animals for health inspections and payment of parking fees.

4.3. Forestry Artisans

To enable animals to feed on the open spaces and maintain the hundreds of gates, bridges, trails, & fences across the Forest, Forestry England’s artisans ensure the safety of everyone who enters the Forest.

4.4. Exemplary Citizens

The community has consistently shown the New Forest a lot of support. This comprises a variety of committed groups and individuals who frequently pick up rubbish in the Forest and along the neighbouring beaches.

5. App for Free Walking Routes

The walking directions app for the New Forest National Park makes it simple to navigate the New Forest. Twenty-seven different walking routes, ranging in duration from woodland walks to beach strolls, are available on the Android & iPhone apps.

GPS navigation is easier because your location is always visible.

This eliminates the need to understand a map or comprehend printed directions, making it perfect for casual walkers.

Additionally, the app’s routes feature points of interest where you might discover significant historical.

6. Discovering the New Forest

You can use your car or a rented bicycle to travel along specified bike paths. For a more leisurely trip, board the narrow-gauge steam train. The wooden playsets along the “Play Trial” and the daring play areas will appeal to kids.

Try the Nets Adventures by Go Ape at Moors Valley. Moors Valley is accessible all year round and has a full calendar of events for both adults and children.

All of the thrill-seeking, family entertainment checkboxes are thoroughly checked with Treetop Challenge & Forest Segway. Eat some delectable meals at Seasons restaurant if you’re hungry.

The New Forest’s history and people are described in detail in the audio commentary. The advantages don’t stop there; you can also take advantage of amazing savings at attractions like the New Forest Wildlife Park and the Beaulieu National Motor Museum.

7. A Vital Site for Wildlife

The Forest is a real haven for wildlife, with all of the UK’s native reptiles as well as rare birds that are on the point of extinction travelling here from Africa to breed.

The species that vanished from other parts of the UK & Europe still exist here. The New Forest has the finest conservation status and safeguards, and this is just one of the contributing causes.

8. Forest Ponies

The forests of the New Forest offer breathtaking displays of vibrant autumnal hues. Explore the many mushrooms while taking a walk through the Forest.

Numerous rare, threatened, newly discovered, and scientifically undiscovered species can be found in abundance in the New Forest.

Don’t pick fungi in the New Forest since they are vital to the environment and “web of life” there.

In addition to being significant recyclers, they also provide food for some animals and are essential for many insects to finish their life cycles. Fungi are highly photogenic and wonderful to admire.

9. Buy Local, Eat Local, and Travel Locally

Explore the New Forest Marque, which sells food that is locally made, when you are in the New Forest.

You’ll get wonderful local produce in addition to assisting small local companies and upholding New Forest customs.

Cycling in the New Forest
Image from Hurstview

The seal of approval is given to quaint pubs, attractive tea rooms, and upscale eateries that serve a variety of cuisine bursting with regional ingredients.

The inhabitants of the New Forest Marque eagerly await your arrival all year round. Delicious local fare can be found at many retail establishments, so you may indulge while travelling or take a piece of the New Forest with you.

The promotion of regional cuisine is welcomed by campgrounds, catering facilities, & breakfasts, boutique hotels, & larger hotels.

The New Forest and stunning arts and crafts serve as inspiration for exquisite woodcrafts constructed from sustainably harvested local wood.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on New Forest Camping. We hope you like it. The New Forest is a stunning region with a unique mix of forested and open spaces that is crucial for ecology & conservation on a worldwide scale.

Numerous rare plant & animal species that have long since vanished from other areas of the UK can be found here, along with 1,000-year-old trees, sizable ponds, bogs, and open heathlands.

If we want to keep the New Forest a secure place to come and maintain its unique natural environment, we must all treat and care for it.



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