11 Best Steakhouses in Manchester to Explore

There are several outstanding steakhouses in Manchester to pick from if you’re searching for the best steak in the area.

Regardless of whether you want your steak rare or well-done, there is likely an amazing steak restaurant that matches your preferences.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best steak restaurants in London, do check out this article.

1. Top Steakhouses in Manchester

Many best steakhouses in Manchester offer the hefty slab, whole host perfect steak. Manchester City Centre and Oxford Street steak restaurants offer you the best steaks.

1.1. Miller & Carter

Miller & Carter, who have been dubbed the “Masters of Steak” by the Craft Guild of Chefs, take the preparation and cooking of each cut to perfection extremely seriously.

They meticulously and responsibly source their beef from reputable producers and train their chefs in their very own “Steak School.”

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Miller & Carter

The restaurant offers a seasonal menu along with specially crafted set menus for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day as well as fantastic monthly specials. It comes in the famous steak restaurants in Manchester.

1.2. Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is arguably Manchester’s most adored steakhouse and the pinnacle of authentic British steak. If you want a lunch that will satisfy everyone, even though it is more expensive, it is worth it.

Serving British-bred beef solely, customers can expect to taste beef that’s packed full of flavour and sumptuous cuts.

Try the side of mash, and then end with the Ambassador custard prepared in the Rolo fashion, certainly among the famous steakhouses in Manchester.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Hawksmoor

The location, housed inside a former courthouse, exudes elegance. Likewise, its food does. And as if that weren’t enough for us already (which it most certainly was), Hawksmoor Manchester has now been recognized as one of the top 20 burger restaurants in all of Europe by the culinary critics at Big7.

Comes in the famous steakhouses in Manchester, and in addition to several other English restaurants, Hawksmoor received praise for the quality of its drinks and the ambience of the bar.

Nevertheless, they neglected to emphasize how delicious the steakhouse’s bone marrow burgers are, packed with flavour and just the right amount of toppings.

Unfortunately, reading about it won’t allow you to appreciate how fantastic these steaks are, so if you’re planning a trip soon, we highly suggest trying them.

1.3. Gaucho

Gaucho offers superior Argentinian cuts, which are a popular choice for superb beef in Manchester and cuisine known for its excellent steaks and comes in the famous steakhouses in Manchester.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Gaucho

Located in a beautiful former church in the heart of the city, this establishment offers opulent décor as well as a broad selection of meaty cuts topped by chorizo butter, bone marrow, chimichurri, and other delicious toppings.

1.4. Etci Mehmet

Manchester’s answer to Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et restaurant is Etci Mehmet, which is very popular for serving a unique dining experience for everyone by boasting its very popular Turkish-style steak.

One of the famous steakhouses in Manchester, and from the spectacle of their tableside sculpting and being fed steak straight from the server’s knife to the selection of 24k gold steaks (along with a whopping tomahawk steak), there is much to love.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Etci Mehmet

Also, the pocket-friendly prices of Ecti Mehmet are another major thing to love about this steakhouse.

Additionally, there are options here that are halal-friendly.

1.5. Rosso

While the menu primarily pays homage to Southern Italy, the steak at Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso restaurant in Manchester has long been a favourite among foodies. It comes from the famous steakhouses in Manchester.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Image by Виктория from Pixabay

Imagine beef sirloin along with all the trimmings, dry-aged filet mignon with Madeira sauce & freshly shaved black truffle, and a superb assortment of sauces to satisfy all palates.

In addition to its extensive menu of traditional cocktails, Rosso also has a long variety of whiskies, wines, and fizz.

1.6. Baratxuri

Comes in the famous steakhouses in Manchester, Baratxuri, which has its roots in Ramsbottom, is known for its wood-fired grill and an extensive variety of meat dishes, particularly their 28-day-aged Cheshire highland cow steaks.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Baratxuri

Each steak, which comes in a variety of cuts, is grilled over a fire, producing an exceptionally delectable flavour that brings out the best in the beef.

1.7. The Refuge

All is well and good, but what’s the point if the dish doesn’t elicit a second “wow”? Thankfully, The Refuge offers a variety of them, including roasts on Sundays and small meals meant for sharing, and is among the famous steakhouses in Manchester.

The ingenuity of the cuisine lies in the flavour combinations, which provide the palate with fresh joys without ever tasting forced or just trendy.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Refuge

These frequently change, but you won’t be dissatisfied if you like the idea of smoked feta with beets, tamarind-glazed chicken wings, or spicy lamb flatbread over pomegranate and mint.

Comes in the famous steakhouses in Manchester, The Refuge is a food lover’s paradise with a fantastic assortment of wines and beverages and employees so friendly you’ll want to follow them on Instagram.

1.8. Dakota

In addition to being one of the city’s most luxurious places to stay, the magnificent Dakota Hotel boasts one of the greatest restaurants, with a wonderful grill that proudly delivers “the best steak in Manchester and comes in the best steakhouses in Manchester.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Dakota

Comes in the famous steak joints in Manchester for their finest Aberdeenshire Beef, which is hand-cut and presented as fillet or rib-eye with a lip-smacking sauce of your choice.

Additionally, it is provided by Donald Russell, who for more than 35 years has supplied the Queen & her Royal households.

1.9. Ducie Street

The laid-back warehouse Ducie Street turned aparthotel in the Northern Quarter is the ideal location for some casual dining.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Ducie Street

It offers a wide variety of dishes meant for group sharing, including steak of course. Cheshire beef is presented like a massive tomahawk and is served with vine and comes in the famous steak joints in Manchester.

10. Mr Thomas’s Chop House

Mr Thomas’s Chop House is among the oldest in the industry, with an amazing and empowering history that dates back to the 1860s. The present owners uphold tradition by paying homage to the original family proprietors.

Steakhouses in Manchester
Courtesy: Mr. Thomas’s Chop House

Among the famous steak restaurants in Manchester, the Chop House, which originally specialized in quality steak, now offers a full menu of classic British fare while staying true to its heritage by serving delectable options such as beef sirloin, Barnsley chop, 8-ounce rump, and 10-ounce ribeye.

Whatever you decide, Mr Thomas’ Chop House will leave you stuffed.

1.11. Bem Brasil

Do you want a steak with a twist? Only the best cuts of beef are offered by Bem Brasil, and they are roasted over traditional charcoal grills to enhance the flavour by sealing in the juicy fluids and seasoning and undoubtedly come in the famous Steakhouses in Manchester.

Courtesy: Bem Brasil

The meats are then expertly carved by their “Passadores” right at your table, providing a memorable theatrical experience. For a truly excellent Brazilian experience, visit their Deansgate and Norther Quarter location.

2. Final Note

We have made this detailed guide that comes in the famous Steakhouses in Manchester. Manchester, England, has a wide array of steakhouses that can suit different preferences at different price ranges.

These are merely a few alternatives; Manchester has a thriving restaurant scene, so be sure to check out some other steakhouses and eateries.



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