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21 Best Gastro Pubs in London You Must Visit

Are you looking for the Best gastro pubs in London?? Pubs no longer provide pints without anything other than insanely delicious peanuts as a side dish.

It also doesn’t matter how hard bars try; two pints of craft beer and a bag of handmade chips won’t satisfy London’s ravenous customers.

The divisive gastropub enters the picture at this point. Even while we don’t have any complaints about a bar serving a variety of high-quality cask beers, we are also the kind of individuals who are always hungry (as I am sure you are).

If you ask, “Fancy a beer?” the response is, “Yes, sure, people do.” But, the response is a resounding “hell yes, people do” if the inquiry is followed by “Would you also want something wonderful to eat as you sip that pint?”

Genuinely, excellent food and good beer go together. With a city the size of London, you shouldn’t have to choose between having one or the other, and you won’t find many pubs that advertise themselves as specialists in both. But, determining which ones are worthwhile is every other thing.

We’ve put together this small guide to assist you in finding pubs that are as dedicated to serving high-quality British cuisine as they are to making dishy bitters.

There’s a reason London’s pubs are beginning to get genuine Michelin-level attention, from cutting-edge gastropubs like The Plimsoll to the classic hangouts your granny and grandfather would have no trouble frequenting, like historic landmarks The Red Lion and Sun.

1. The Drapers Arms


If you’re seeking the best gastro pubs in London, Drapers Arms is a terrific starting point. In an Islington neighbourhood, The Drapers Arms is a charming bar from the 1830s.

Their establishment, which resembles a pub, is very hospitable to individuals and groups enjoying special meals while enjoying a beverage and a newspaper.

They take pride in our cuisine, beverages, and service while having a casual and comfortable setting. Their menu is seasonal and updated daily. All of their cuisines are freshly made.

Their wine selection, which is accessible on their website, ranks among the finest in London. They strongly emphasise being pleasurable, genuine, and seasonally appropriate.

2. The Princess of Shoreditch

Visitors seeking the best gastro pubs in London should go here. The “Princess,” which is delightfully tucked away on a peaceful side street, has earned a reputation as a Shoreditch landmark.

The Princess, from the award-winning chefs who also created Smokehouse and the Pig and Butcher, offers high-quality traditional British pub fare in the bustling downstairs bar and sophisticated British & European cuisine in the quaint and beautiful dining room.

Using local family businesses, farms throughout the UK, and day boats off the south coast, they get the finest meat and seafood they can. Award-winning, notably “Best New Gastropub” by Timeouts.

They have received a fair proportion of honours and accolades over the last several years, but their core values have remained constant.

Becoming the greatest bar in Shoreditch, with the best cuisine and ambience in Shoreditch. The finest value for your money is what they strive to provide throughout. Fresh food with British origins is what they are providing.

3. The Marksman, Hackney

The Marksman
Image Source: The

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for the best gastro pubs in London. The human experience requires conformity in some way.

People don’t probably drink at 10 o’clock every morning, and you won’t see individuals racing around the streets completely nude.

It’s also the reason why if they serve food at all, most pubs aren’t required to provide anything save pies and roasts. The Marksman isn’t like “most pubs,” and it’s not trying to fit in.

Hackney Road has an ancient Victorian bar operated by two competent men. At the Marksman, people are free to act whatever they darn well choose.

Anything they damn well please apparently implies some pretty amazing meals. Although generally British, the food at The Marksman is not what you might find at your neighbourhood pub.

The cured Tamworth pig belly is particularly fantastic if you enjoy anything slow-cooked and beefy.

The beef and barley bun is wonderful and should always be ordered. They provide one of London’s top Sunday roasts, and a decent selection of beers and cask ales is available.

The downstairs seems precisely the same as it did before The Marksman gained a reputation for serving outstanding meals, except for the absence of the enormous plasma screen broadcasting Sky Sports nonstop.

4. The Jugged Hare, Barbican

At 49 Chiswell Street, in the City of London, between the Barbican and Moorgate subway stations, there is a bar and restaurant called The Jugged Hare.

The pub was established in 2012 by brothers Ed and Tom Martin, who also owns The Gun in the Docklands and Prince Arthur in London Fields, among other businesses, on the site of a former Grade II listed brewery.

The interior design has red leather couches, wood floors, and a variety of mounted and stuffed animals. When it first opened, The Times’s Giles Coren, a food reviewer, gave it a favourable review, calling it “a really fine addition to a strong chain of pubs.”

5. The Empress, Hackney

The Empress
Image source: The Empress

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for the best gastro pubs in London. Her royal Empress greets a variety of significant local dignitaries throughout the day just close to Victoria Park: the fishmonger, the butcher, the baker… all pay their respects here.

As a consequence, Chef Elliott Lidstone’s cuisine celebrates the burgeoning gastronomic scene just outside his door, even though his inspirations are more international.

As seen by the attractively presented, shareable meals of fried duck egg and trompettes on toast or cured sea trout with citrus, fennel, and hazelnuts, bold, vivid seasonal flavours are the foundations.

They compete for attention with hearty main dishes like fish with Moroccan-spiced chickpeas, monk’s beard, yoghurt, and sumac or roast pig belly and apple sauce.

The “excellent” weekend brunch, £10 Monday suppers, BYO “frugal feasts,” and all-day tapas-style nibbles to pair with London brews, classic cocktails, and contemporary wines from highly touted producers are some of the other highlights at this art-filled café.

However, the service is inconsistent compared to the cuisine.

6. The Cleveland Arms, Paddington

Only a short stroll from Paddington or Lancaster Gate stations is the stunning tavern known as The Cleveland Arms, which is located on the peaceful Chilworth Street.

The Cleveland Arms is in the centre of the street, not far from Paddington’s bustling streets. As soon as you enter, you’ll be astounded by the pub’s magnificent interior design and immediately notice the lovely tiny terrace.

The modest eating room is tucked away behind the horseshoe bar, a cosy, private space that immediately exudes a romantic aura. That said, it’s not all gorgeous pub architecture.

A bigger dining area, an open kitchen, a fireplace, and dim lighting can be found downstairs, where they combine to provide the ideal setting for a semi-private celebration or a dinner party with friends.

From Wednesday through Saturday, the menu features a variety of delicious small plates and fantastic entrees that are influenced by the seasons, fine ingredients, and classic cuisine. Our Sunday roasts often sell out on Sundays!

7. The French House

The French House
Image source:

Visitors seeking the best gastro pubs in London should go to a French house. Soho’s Dean Street is home to the French House tavern.

From 1914 until 1989, it was managed by father and son Victor and Gaston Berlemont, formerly known as the York Minster, and was dubbed “the French” despite the Berlemonts’ Belgian heritage.

According to one report, the bar had a reputation for being “the French” due to its clientele of ex-pats before Victor Berlemont came.

It has become so difficult to distinguish reality from fiction because of all the urban legends that have sprung up around this bar.

A German named Christian Schmitt was the landlord of the business starting in 1891, but contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t incarcerated or sent away when the First World War started.

His wife sold the bar to Victor Berlemont in 1914 after he passed away.

8. The Cadogan Arms

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for the best gastro pubs in London.

The Cadogan Arms reopened in 2021 after an extensive makeover that honoured its two centuries of community service. The restoration of this beloved Chelsea institution to its former splendour was long anticipated.

With a menu emphasising origin, seasonality, and traceability, they showcase the finest British ingredients with specially brewed beers, fine wines, and traditional cocktails, redefining “the humble pub” as a public house that Chelsea and London can be proud of.

9. The Guinea Grill

The Guinea Grill
Image source: The Guinea Grill

Although being nestled away on Bruton Place, this quaint old tavern is not one that you would often stumble across.

The present landlords, Youngs, have held the reins since 1888, yet there has been a bar on the property for more than 500 years—longer than much of Mayfair.

Everything about the location gives off the impression of being a well-established, historic stronghold of alcohol. On the inside, a wooden screen divides the patrons of the bar area from those of the restaurant (the Guinea Grill), which has separate entrances.

This is not a gastropub: the worn-in carpeting and woodwork exude a homey, nostalgic vibe. Caricatures, drawings, and a photograph of a tense Prince Charles sipping beer are all featured in the artworks.

The wines come from Cockburn & Campbell, while Young’s beers are available on tap, sometimes with a guest ale. Nonetheless, you may treat yourself to a “Three Times National Champion” pie for supper. The lunch buffet is adequate.

10. Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green

Visit this location if you’re seeking the best gastro pubs in London. At Paradise in West London, they put food at the centre of all they do and are very passionate about their cuisine.

Home-cooked British and contemporary European cuisine is made with affection using the best seasonal ingredients. All year long, they utilize the greatest high-quality ingredients owing to their partnership with London’s leading providers.

This historic and stunning corner property comprises two first-floor private event rooms, a glass-enclosed conservatory, a dining room, an outdoor garden, and a front bar area.

It also offers a contemporary music department and an exceptional food and drink menu.

One of the upper rooms is the ideal place to begin an evening of dancing the night away after perusing the large international wine list and choice of handcrafted drinks.

11. Upstairs at The George, Fitzrovia

You should go here if you’re seeking the best gastro pubs in London. On a weekday evening, when you go into The George after work, your first challenge will be navigating the crowds in the bar to get upstairs.

The bustle of the pub downstairs serves to highlight how different the restoration of the upstairs is from that of the downstairs.

Both renovations were done with love for the original structure, but Upstairs at The George has the air of royal quarters, set apart from the rowdy crowds below.

These were previously the residences of The George’s former bartenders, although we doubt they seemed nearly as nice back in the 1700s. The English Sparkling Wine Bar is a subdued pink, which must be among London’s best-stocked English wine bars.

The main dining room is olive green, with old carpets and banquettes, while the tapestry-covered private dining room has a banquet table fit for a king.

Everything is so well planned out that it almost seems mystical as if you have been taken back in time. Maybe a little stuffy, but in an endearing manner.

12. The Crown, Chiswick

If you’ve been searching for the Best gastro pubs in London, this is a fantastic location to check out. The Crown is a classy independent bar with a semi-private conference room. Bar snacks, charcuterie, and freshly made bread are available if you’re hungry.

The 24-hour menu is also available for ordering. The Crown also has a wonderful covered courtyard garden with understated reminders of the pub’s former existence as a police station.

13. The Cow, Notting Hill

If you’re looking for the best gastro pubs in London, go over here. The gastropub as we know it today was created by Sir Terence’s grandson, Tom Conran, a design star turned restaurateur.

Although the landlady who gave the tavern its reputation is fortunately no longer there, it nonetheless maintains a lot of the shabby charm of its prior existence. Look for a few wryly bizarre farmyard-related artefacts painted on the walls.

The slogan of the pub is “Eat Heartily and Give the House a Good Reputation,” but the main draw here is the food.

Go to the modest room upstairs to munch on a menu heavy on British staples like sausage and mash with lashings of onion sauce. Of course, you may taste the roast on Sundays.

Spend a lazy Sunday here at The Cow with a group of affluent Britons while enjoying a roast and a few beers, either indoors or outside on the sidewalk, depending on the weather.

14. The Pelican, Notting Hill

The Pelican
Image source: The Pelican

This recently updated Notting Hill bar has received the gastropub touch. Diners dig into contemporary British cuisine filled with varied delicacies like mince on toast, potted prawns, and tomahawk steak in its understated yet warm setting.

Find London’s best rooftop restaurants, underground cocktail bars, chef’s tables, bottomless drunken brunches, immersive theatre, underground supper clubs, lectures, odd events, exhibits, hidden treasures, and more.

15. The Lady Ottoline, Holborn

If you’ve been searching for the Best gastro pubs in London, The Lady Ottoline is a fantastic location to check out.

The Lady Ottoline is a quaint tavern that is tucked away in Bloomsbury’s side alleyways, conveniently close to Chancery Lane & Russell Square tube stations.

Locals and visitors to the city frequent the pub throughout the day to take advantage of the fantastic seasonal, handmade, quality British food.

In the evening, the bar below fills up with after-work drinkers, while the dining rooms provide a cosy setting for all dining occasions.

Although the dining room above may be rented out for parties or experienced with a group of friends seeking to indulge in a fantastic evening together, the pub below is ideal for sinking after-work drinks, a cosy date night, or making the most of the big gin choice behind the bar.

16. The Rose And Crown

The Rose And Crown
Image source: The Rose And Crown

The Rose & Crown on Park Lane is a historic 17th-century English bar in the centre of Mayfair, London.

The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, London’s Rose Park Garden, and several other attractions are all nearby. Green Park, which is well-known for being close to Buckingham Palace, is also nearby. They are ideally situated between these parks.

Due to its former use as Oliver Cromwell’s bodyguards’ lodging, this tavern has several intriguing ties to English history. The structure is more than 400 years old, yet they’re now renowned for their incredible food and drink options.

Come and experience it for yourself! An upper dining area with a bar is available for private rentals. Simply contact them away to make reservations for your meal and beverage.

The Rose and Crown used to be a popular destination for artists, connoisseurs, and a boisterous bunch of young toffs every week, but these days, our patrons are much more focused on their drinks.

They provide a fantastic selection of drinks, such as beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks, in addition to a magnificent traditional pub menu featuring popular British comfort food.

17. The French House

If you’ve been searching for the Best gastro pubs in London, this is a fantastic location to check out. The readers of Londonist chose this bar as their favourite in Soho.

In 1953, Dylan Thomas misplaced the original, handwritten draught of Under Milk Wood at this location, which served as a gathering site for the French Resistance during World War II. Rumpole’s founder, John Mortimer, also indulged in a drink here.

Originally known as The Wine House, York Minster became recognized after 1914. After the fire at York Minster in 1984, the name was renamed to the French House.

With black-and-white photographs and posters covering the walls, the tavern is small, dark, and spooky. The beer is, to put it mildly, uninspiring, but you may sample thirty different kinds of champagne by the glass in addition to typical French cider.

The pub doesn’t offer pints and doesn’t like it when people use their phones. Congrats to the 1,700 users who have ‘checked in’ on FourSquare.

18. The Culpeper

The Culpeper
Image source: The Culpeper

If you’re looking for the best gastro pubs in London, The Culpeper is a great place to visit.

The ground level is where the Bar is. It features enormous dark wood windows, a centrepiece U-shaped bar, a leisurely menu of homemade pies and fat-roasted potatoes, and, most crucially, offers popcorn with ground-up pig-scratching flavour.

It is also open for coffee, lunch, and supper (until 1 am on weekends, for the love of shapes). Since their chefs believe that “fresh is best,” they produce each of their meals from scratch utilizing top-quality raw ingredients.

They are renowned for serving full English breakfasts, fish and chips, Foxham Farm burgers, foot-long pig scratchings, soft yolk chorizo scotch eggs, and gin-cured smoked salmon, fish and chips.

Try one of their Gin Creation cocktails, would you please? They were created especially to enhance the flavour character of their house-distilled gin.

Don’t worry if gin isn’t your thing. The bar offers a fantastic selection of craft beers, excellent wines, handmade soft drinks, and iced teas with British influences.

19. The Harwood Arms

If you’ve been searching for the Best gastro pubs in London, this is a fantastic location to check out. The Harwood Arms in fashionable Fulham is a neighbourhood bar with outstanding cuisine and is the only Michelin-starred establishment in the city.

The Ledbury, a past high-flier on the World’s 50 Best lists, taught head chef Jake Leach strategies for using the whole animal in his dishes. A Fallow deer shoulder that has been roasted for eight hours is among the items on the à la carte menu.

Leach has also introduced some new bar treats, such as oyster schnitzel and pieces of the luscious beef tongue on toast dripping with celeriac.

All of the restaurant’s ingredients, including the stone-milled wheat and meat, are purchased from trustworthy local vendors. One of London’s greatest roasts may be found there on Sundays.

20. Plaquemine Lock

If you’re seeking the best gastro pubs in London, you must undoubtedly go to Plaquemine Lock. A peculiar bar, as Tris so eloquently expressed it. With a yellow motif to the left and a watercolour painting on the back wall, this place seems to have two personalities.

Behind the bar and to the right, you’ll find numerous pre-war elements, notably in the lonely snug with the circular table that’s on the far right side. There is a notice warning that you might have to give up your seat for people eating when it’s busy.

Southern-style food served here includes gumbo and po’boy sandwiches. The only place to see the Regents Canal, which travels by in a cutting before plunging into Islington Tunnel, is from the drinking shelf with the yellow-covered cushioned seats that are just across from the bar.

Eight speciality kegs are available, and they include some hipster-friendly breweries like Four Pure and Belleville. Two handpumps were pulling Three Sods Mon Cheri IPA and Hammerton N1, though (decent).

Expect a margin of indifference from the staff because two of them are French; the atmosphere is like that of a restaurant in Paris.

21. The Honor Oak

The Honor Oak
Image source: The Honor Oak

In the centre of Forest Hill sits the intriguing gastropub, The Honor Oak.

The establishment is a neighbourhood-focused drinking hole that welcomes customers at noon and stays open until late while serving a variety of craft beers from nearby breweries, cask ales, and excellent wines.

The pub takes great satisfaction in serving British fare on its seasonal menu. It has a shiny appearance and a sizable beer garden area that is ideal for sipping a cold beverage whenever the sun is out.

For residents of South London, The Honor Oak serves as a home away from home and is the ideal pit stop for meeting up with friends, unwinding with a drink after work, or indulging in some hearty British classics.

Conclusion –

The concept of “pub grub” has been completely transformed in London by the invasion of new, hip gastropubs.

The new standard has emerged, moving away from the conventional yet maintaining a restaurant-like atmosphere: fresh food and contemporary drink menus.

These hip gastropubs in London guarantee the entire hog, whether you’re wanting to wow your parents with a delicious Sunday lunch, dazzle a significant other with a romantic supper, or just want to enjoy a night of culinary delights with friends.



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