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11 Top Bars in Richmond for a Perfect Drinking Sesh

Richmond, Virginia, one of the oldest cities, has a long history of alcohol consumption that spans more than two centuries, and the city has risen to the top of the list of the best bars in Richmond.

Fantastic bars of all kinds may be found in Richmond, Virginia, from gin fizzes to Manhattans, boutique beers to biodynamic wines, and the city has recently produced a lot of superb cocktail bars and has a particularly strong craft beer culture.

1. Amazing Bars in Richmond

Richmond has the ideal bar for you, regardless of whether you appreciate the welcoming ambience of an Irish pub or are looking for a hip cocktail bar.

There are many Bars in Richmond and pubs in Richmond, like the Tap Tavern, which offers a delicious menu, classic cocktails, delicious food, delicious cocktails and offers a warm and welcoming environment.

bars in Richmond
Image by Ira Lee Nesbitt from Pixabay

Listed down are the favourite cocktail bars in Richmond, & make plans to visit them as soon as you can!

1.1. The Roebuck

The draw of The Roebuck isn’t entirely due to its prime location. However, after a moderate climb up Richmond Hill, the views from here are stunning.

If you take your drink outside and sit on one of the seats, you can see rural Petersham and the Thames, which is one of the best bars in Richmond.

One of this Richmond bar’s main attractions is the stunning view; after a good climb up Richmond Hill, you can see rural Petersham & a significant portion of the Thames. The only problematic aspect? The tranquillity is occasionally broken by a passing aeroplane.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: The Roebuck

Here, the focus is primarily on the alcohol, with the food menu largely consisting of British pub fare, including burgers, fish and chips, pie & mash, and ham, egg, and chips. Additionally, a cheap Sunday roast is provided.

Given that it is a Taylor Walker establishment, expect to find some of their beverages on cask in addition to London Pride, guest ales, and foreign lagers on tap. Worlds old and new are represented on a limited wine selection.

1.2. Richmond Vault Beer Cellar

Richmond Vault is a building in the heart of Richmond. The network of arches and corridors that make this pub and restaurant such a unique proposition must be explored below; the entry is down some steps outside a great Georgian home. Independent breweries’ beers are available at the bar.

One of the best bars in Richmond, Richmond Vault is a building in the centre of Richmond. The entry is down some steps outside a large Georgian townhouse, so you must go underground to get there.

To investigate the maze of arches and alleys that make this pub and restaurant a singular experience.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: Richmond Vault

Even though it is spread out over many floors, the maze-like design of this facility guarantees that each corner is comfortable and evocative, plus the curved skylights make sure that natural light enters.

Along with beer from independent breweries, including Goose Island, Gipsy Hill, and Yeastie Boys, the bar also sells wine and cocktails. Meanwhile, there are stone-baked pizzas, pots of mussels, burgers, and ribs on the menu.

1.3. Stein’s Bar in Richmond

In the outside dining area, the wait staff will quickly bring your meal to your shared picnic table once you place your order at the window. Choose from a wide selection of German imports for washing down all that sausage, and is one of the best bars in Richmond.

Ah, the mysticism of Richmond’s riverfront on a bright day. When entering Richmond from the bridge on the left, there isn’t a blade of grass to be found since the crowds, catered to by three or four bars, are vying for a few extra inches, just enough to sit comfortably perhaps.

And two minutes walk to the right? Lawns that are well-kept, meadows, and an underpass that connects the spacious area to the peaceful fields.

In the gardens of Richmond Hill, where there is space to cartwheel & picnic by the serene Thames if the mood strikes, but there are no taverns.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: Stein’s Bar

If you do turn right, Stein’s is your destination and your beer container, albeit there are fewer options outside the 1-litre jugs.

Six or seven Bavarian beers—including a nice selection from Erdinger and a very cool Adlerkonig—keep the conversation lively. But remember, this is not a tavern; it is a true homage to the beer gardens you might find next to streams in Munich parks.

You must eat to drink, but that is not an issue in this place. Imported sausages, especially the currywurst, which are covered in a sweet-sour sauce. Schnitzels the size of your face ought to come first on any order.

Perhaps not a heavily processed meatloaf, but great “sliced and pan-fried” potatoes with bacon, mashed potatoes, or a tangy potato salad are all excellent potato accompaniments.

During busy times, you’ll share bench seating and contribute to the German Beer Festival atmosphere; in fact, the only thing that’s missing is an oompah band.

1.4. White Cross

The grand dame of Thames sidebars is this Young’s pub. You can be sure that there will be fierce competition for a seat during peak hours from tourists coming by before or after a trip to Kew Gardens because the sunny river-facing beer garden is a desirable pub location. This is sternly billed on The Young’s website.

Among the best bars in Richmond and according to The Young’s website, this establishment is a “Traditional Historic Riverside Pub.” Although awkward, the usage of initial capitals is fitting for this legendary Thameside bar.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: White Cross

The White Cross is essentially a textbook example of Young’s establishment: good but unspectacular ales, straightforward pub fare, helpful and pleasant personnel, and unremarkable decor.

However, the majority adhere to the rules. The tides frequently cut off the White Cross in spring since Young’s activities are not as close to the river as this one.

Various long-time natives recently arrived tourists, and various rugger buggers will keep you company on the terrace or at the bar.

1.5. So, Bar

One of Richmond’s go-to bars is So Bar; the cozy, warmly lighted establishment is ideal for everything from a fun date to a girls’ night out and is one of the best bars in Richmond.

We wholeheartedly recommend the hefty Trader Vic Mai Thai & the fruity Red Lotus from the cocktail menu. However, the Virgin Cocktails are also rather good.

What might be superior to this? What? Cocktails combined with delectable cuisine, and from Wednesday through Saturday, go to So Bar in the evening to catch Jorge Gimeno’s pop-up kitchen. You can eat charcuterie boards and smoky Spanish food.

1.6. Rock & Rose

Owner and designer Lorraine Angliss created Rock & Rose, and her playful aesthetic is what gave rise to this incredibly kitsch restaurant and bar.

The bar is green, the couches are red, and the walls are vivid pink, so when we say that the R+R is adorned in every hue possible, we aren’t even kidding.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: Rock & Rose

Among the best bars in Richmond, the wine & beer menu is extensive, including French and Spanish wines plus Belgian beers.

The cocktails are equally impressive; a prime example is the inventive Aperol Spritz made with Martini Bitter & Peach Essence.

1.7. Be At One

We are confident that you will adore Richmond’s Be At One, a popular neighbourhood bar and one of the best bars in Richmond.

Popular drinks include a strawberry shortcake cocktail, the Russian Spring Punch with sugar on top, and the White Mocha-Tini. They are well renowned for their creative cocktail menu.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: Be At One,

Later in the evening, this location becomes crowded, so get there early to get a spot. You could even go there during happy hour, which is from 5-7 pm every day of the week, and wobble around the bar while holding a martini in each hand.

1.8. 144 On The Hill

The cocktail menu at 144 On The Hill is incredible and includes everything you could want, including distinctive drinks with a variety of over 85 gins.

One of the best bars in Richmond, these can be chosen based on flavour or place of origin in addition to being locally supplied.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: 144 On The Hill

The amazing selection of beers & ciders complements the well-chosen wine list in taking you on a global journey.

If sifting through the extensive menu sounds like too much work, they also provide a great selection of food if you are hungry. The pub in Richmond knows drinks better than most.

1.9. One Kew Road

One Kew Road Bar effortlessly bridges the gap between a chic pub and a hip bar; the calm ambience creates the best of both worlds and makes it one of the greatest bars in Richmond, London.

It is a renowned arena where the Rolling Stones performed and is situated in the heart of Richmond and comes among the best bars in Richmond.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: One Kew Road Bar

One Kew Road offers traditional British pub fare, desserts, and other meals in addition to every kind of drink you might want. While you’re there, choose among wines, ales, and lagers, and also, they have a purely vegan menu so that they can meet everyone’s demands.

1.10. Pitcher & Piano

Richmond Pitcher & Piano, a cocktail bar in Richmond, features a stunning terrace with a view of the Thames; it’s one of the most attractive places to have drinks by the river.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: Pitcher & Piano

Famous ales and delectable cocktails are among the many drinks they serve. They also have a wine bar in Richmond with a wide selection. Additionally, expect delectable pub fare that is quite satisfying and is one of the well-known bars in Richmond.

1.11. No. 1a Duke Street

A courtyard, a charming bar, a second, brighter bar with a kitchen, an upstairs with a well-liked tiny games room, and a garden are all packed into No.1 Duke Street. Enjoy upscale pub fare and continental lagers.

The once-active Richmond bar scene has become stagnant in recent years. Most bars have chosen the simple route of relying on a steady but fickle flow of regulars who see redecorating as little more than clearing the ashtrays.

Those who have deviated from this formula have experienced rapid spikes in customer demand before returning to the norm, leaving them wondering whether it was all worthwhile or not.

On the former location of The Lot is where the most recent establishment to attempt independence is located. Cash has been used.

Bars in Richmond
Courtesy: No.1a Duke St.

You have enough to explore and pick from, including a courtyard, a charming bar, another bar with better lighting and a kitchen, an upstairs area with a well-liked tiny games room (four recliners and table football), and a garden that comes in the best bars in Richmond. Service is prioritized.

The bar never has a line, and the staff is kind and well-dressed in white ankle-length aprons. Bring in a chair, and they’ll provide blankets for your knees if you sit outdoors in the courtyard.

Although they warn you, spirits are delivered in double portions, while the food and cocktails are presented at the end. Roast fish and lentils cost £17.50, whereas a club sandwich costs £14.95 instead.

Yet, it keeps out the undesirables Richmond has (if any). The majority of the patrons seemed to be ladies who came back after lunch and first-timers looking to make a good impression, but we’ve been told that Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days

2. Final Note

There is a varied range of charming cocktail bars in Richmond, and the magnificent Richmond Park, where deer roam & greenery extends as far as the eye can reach, is located in addition to the fantastic cocktail bars in Richmond.

The city is renowned for its venerable pubs, but naturally, many also serve some delectable drinks.



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