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6 Best Gyms in Cambridge

In this article, we will help you find out some of the best gyms in Cambridge but first, let us know more about the city itself. Cambridge is the county town and university city of Cambridge Shire, England. It is situated around 55 miles (89 km) north of London along the River Cam. Cambridge has 145,700 residents as of the 2021 United Kingdom census. There is archaeological proof of settlement in the area dating back to the Bronze Age, and Cambridge developed into a significant commercial hub during the Roman and Viking eras. Cambridge is a city renowned for its extensive history, esteemed academic institutions, and beautiful architecture.

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1. Types of Gyms in Cambridge

The Membership Gym

  1. 24-Hour Access Gym
  2. Crossfit
  3. Boot Camps
  4. Training Gyms

It’s important to think about the benefits and drawbacks of regular exercise, regardless of your level of fitness expertise or whether you’re still unsure. Weight loss, greater muscle mass, decreased chance of heart disease, and better heart, lung, and bone health are the most evident health advantages. Yet there are several additional justifications for thinking about prioritizing exercise. In a similar vein, there are things to be aware of that could sabotage your noble intentions.

2. 6 Best Gyms in Cambridge

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With so many gyms and fitness facilities to pick from, it’s also a city that takes fitness seriously. We’ll delve further into Cambridge’s top six gyms in this piece.

2.1. David Lloyd Cambridge

One of the gyms in Cambridge is David Lloyd Cambridge, an opulent health club with a variety of amenities for members. Modern gym equipment is available, and there are more than 100 weekly group exercise sessions to select from. A 25-meter swimming pool, spa services, tennis courts, a bar, and restaurants are also available to members. The staff is constantly on hand to offer knowledgeable guidance and support, and the club offers a warm and friendly attitude.

2.2. Nuffield Health Cambridge

One of the gyms in Cambridge is Nuffield Health Cambridge, a modern, spacious facility that is perfect for people of all fitness levels. The gym offers a variety of cardio and strength training machines, as well as several free weights and functional training areas. Members get access to the on-site sauna, steam room, and pool, and there are more than 70 group workout programmes available each week. In addition to personal training sessions, the gym offers physiotherapy treatments and nutritional counselling.

2.3. The Glassworks Health Club

A modest gym called The Glassworks Fitness Club is located in Cambridge’s city centre. One of the gyms in Cambridge with excellent cardio and strength training gear as well as several functional training spaces, is this one. Members get access to a variety of group fitness classes, such as spin, yoga, and Pilates. The staff constantly offers knowledgeable guidance and support, and the gym offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

2.4. PureGym Cambridge Grafton Centre

One of Cambridge’s most reasonably priced gyms with top-notch amenities and equipment is PureGym Cambridge Grafton Centre. For people with busy schedules, the gym is perfect. Members get access to a variety of cardio and strength training machines in addition to free weights and functional training areas. Several group workout classes are conducted at the gym, and personal training sessions are available.

2.5. Better Gym Cambridge

Better Gym Cambridge is a spacious, modern gym that’s perfect for people of all fitness levels. The gym has numerous functional training areas in the gym in addition to a selection of cardio and strength training machines. Members get access to a variety of group exercise classes, such as spin, yoga, and Pilates. Together with personal training sessions, the gym has a sauna and a steam room.

2.6. Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre

In the heart of Cambridge, there is a sizable fitness facility called the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre. There are various functional training spaces around the gym, along with a variety of cardio and strength training machines. Members can access various group exercise classes, such as spin, Pilates, and dance. Moreover, there are squash courts, an indoor sports hall, and a climbing wall at the sports complex. There are also personal training sessions offered. In conclusion, there are plenty of great gyms in Cambridge. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious fitness club or a budget-friendly gym, there’s something for everyone.

3. Pros of Gymming

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3.1 Compound Effect

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, committing to exercise frequently will have a snowball effect. You could initially feel like you don’t have the energy to finish an exercise. Don’t let that get you down! Exercising for even 20 minutes is a start. If necessary, take pauses, but try to complete at least 20 minutes. Try to increase the total time spent by five minutes every week.

3.2 Better Memory

Anybody can improve their mental acuity with exercise! All groups, including the elderly, can benefit from moderate-intensity exercise, according to studies. Exercise also helps you focus on your body and the movements because of the mind-body connection. Focusing on the muscles that need to be used while maintaining balance and appropriate form can give you a greater awareness of your surroundings throughout the day.

3.3 Happiness Booster

You might not necessarily feel happy when you’re in the middle of a vigorous workout. Yet exercising is a great way to relieve tension, especially after you’ve finished. Serotonin, the happy hormone, is released by the increased blood flow to the brain and can treat depression and mood swings. All those feel-good endorphins improve your mood, which is something we could all use some help with. The other factor to think about is the boost in confidence you’ll experience as a result of the physical improvements brought on by weight loss and muscle toning.

4. Cons of Gymming

4.1 Risk of Injury

Some people seriously undervalue or neglect the importance of the first point. Don’t deceive yourself, especially if you’re starting an exercise program for the first time or resuming workouts. You are not a professional athlete who can rush in and exert yourself vigorously without risking harm. You’ll only move further from your objectives if you overdo it in a single workout with poor form, lift too much weight during strength training, or don’t get enough rest. A workout class can help you with this by providing the extra support you need to exercise correctly. Moreover, give your muscles time to rest in between sessions so they can heal and recuperate.

4.2 Money and Time Investment

For many folks, this one is an eye-opener that can rapidly lead to discouragement. It might be expensive to join a gym, especially if you seldom use it. Even if you started with the greatest intentions, the gym equipment could occasionally be scary, and you give up.

4.3 Diet Trap

There is probably some kind of food plan in addition to your fitness regimen if one of your goals is to reduce weight. Nonetheless, some individuals use exercise to justify overindulging in junk food. The idea is that since you exercised all week, you can indulge without it showing up on the scale. That is a terrible trap. Remember that exercise aims to improve health, not to give you an excuse to make poor choices that outweigh the advantages. You don’t have to follow a rigorous diet, but you should, at the very least, be aware of your behaviour to avoid undermining your efforts. We hope this article has helped you narrow your options and find the perfect gym for your fitness needs. Click here to read more related articles.



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