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12 Amazing Drumheller Camping Sites

Drumheller is renowned locally for its amazing dinosaur fossils, archaeological past, renowned hoodoos, Drumheller Camping and stunning badlands scenery. However, it is not generally known outside of Western Canada.

It is one of Alberta’s most well-liked summer vacation destinations and is especially wonderful for families with young children. Drumheller Camping should be at the top of your list of things to do in Canada this summer due to the abundance of activities available nearby, including excellent hiking.

Camping is undoubtedly a very popular summer activity, but “van living” and RV travel are also becoming more and more popular every year. Thousands of Canadians load up their vans and RVs and travel across Canada in them every spring and summer.

Many visitors to Alberta glance to the west right away. We can’t blame them either because the Rocky Mountains have an endless allure.

However, doing so again while ignoring the east would be a mistake. There are many activities to do in Drumheller Camping at its centre, where the Canadian Badlands spread across the grasslands and where dinosaurs once roamed.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Drumheller Camping

Since Drumheller is the location of the renowned Royal Tyrell Museum, dinosaurs are almost exclusively on display all the time. It is the sole paleontology-focused museum in Canada. Aside from the museum, there is a tonne of other imaginative and enjoyable activities. Try to find all the statues of dinosaurs in the area.

The geology of these badlands is astounding in and of itself. Have you ever taken a hoodoo ride? If you haven’t gone to Drumheller or the surrounding area, the answer is probably no, but put it on your bucket list anyhow.

You can learn everything you need to know, including how to travel to Drumheller and enjoy this sweetness in the Badlands, in our comprehensive guide on what to do there.

One of Alberta’s great travel jewels is Drumheller, as well as the Alberta Badlands. Drumheller, as well as the Alberta Badlands, ought to be on the top of everyone’s bucket list for Alberta because of their amazing canyons, peculiar-looking hoodoos, and top-notch dinosaur museum.

Additionally, Drumheller is a fantastic location for camping. We’ll present the top Drumheller Campground in this travel guide to camping in Drumheller so you can make an informed decision.

1. RV Resort and Campground HooDoo

The top Drumheller Camping Locations with the biggest Drumheller campsites are listed first in this guide. Hoodoo RV Hotel & Campground is a fantastic Drumheller RV park with stunning coulee views, lots of greenery, and spacious lots.

This campground is located 13 minutes from the town centre and 5 minutes from the popular Hoodoos Trail trek, which is a must-see while visiting the area. However, kindly refrain from touching the hoodoos!

The Hoodoo RV Resort and Campground

As previously indicated, this campsite and RV park have spacious spaces, which is perfect for big RVs. 35 tent sites and 135 water and electricity sites are available in total. Additionally, there are two playgrounds, two major league baseball diamonds, a corner store, and more.

Enjoy facilities like High-speed internet, coin-operated laundry, restrooms, showers, natural paths, a dog-friendly area, and more. Although not exactly “roughing it,” there are lots of family-friendly activities that make this a fantastic Drumheller vacation.

2. Dinosaur RV Park

The two RV-friendly campsites in Drumheller are close to one another, but each offers many amenities like tidy restrooms and showers, laundry, free Wi-Fi, a mini-golf, an arcade, a park, and more.

Dinosaur RV Park

Dinosaur RV Park is a terrific location for people who want to be in the thick of everything. In fact, it just takes 7 minutes to walk to the well-known WHIFS Flapjack House.

Only a 13-min walk first from the campsite is the largest dinosaur in the world, where you can also climb to the summit.

3. RV Park High Eagle

60 30-AMP sites, including power & water, are available at High Eagle RV Park, which is situated in a picturesque valley on the Rosebud River’s southern bank.

Some are even on the water! In addition to a number of facilities, this RV park features clean restrooms, a convenience store, & fire pits.

High Eagle RV Resort official website screenshot

This RV park is situated in the quaint tiny hamlet of Rosebud, which is the location of the renowned Rosebud Dinner Theatre, despite being 30 minutes drive from Drumheller. Additionally, the Rosebud River is excellent for canoeing and kayaking, making this a fantastic location for both outdoor pursuits and culture.

4. River GroveRiver

Numerous facilities are available at this campground, including free Wi-Fi, a playground for kids, two restrooms with coin-operated bathrooms, hot water washing stations, a laundry, and even a mini-store & arcade.

If you want to camp in Drumheller in comfort, this is a terrific location, and if you don’t feel like cooking, downtown Drumheller is only a short walk away.

5. Little Fish Lake Park

Little Fish Lake Park, which is about 40 minutes drive east of Drumheller, has 13 unserviced tent sites, two camp kitchens, a small sandy beach, and water fountains with hand pumps.

6. RV Resort Dinosaur Trail

This RV resort, appropriately called after the amazing dinosaur-themed road trip, has 250 sites, water and sewer hookups, as well as controlled sites, making it among the biggest Drumheller campgrounds.

A heated outdoor pool, restrooms with showers, a laundromat, & more are all available. Additionally, they allow pets and offer cabins if you don’t have an RV.

Furthermore, the location is excellent. It takes only five minutes to walk from the nearby North Dinosaur Trail Roadway to the renowned Royal Tyrell Museum in one of the most breathtaking settings in the world.

7. Horseshoe Canyon Campground

This comprehensive Drumheller camping area, which is new towards the Alberta Badlands, gives explorers quick access to the climbs and views of Horseshoe Canyon. Being able to wake up to this view would be a tremendous delight because it is one of the region’s nicest vistas.

Horseshoe Canyon Official website screenshot

There are several different camping options available for visitors, including powered and tent sites. Additionally, Horseshoe Canyon Campground provides free Wi-Fi, a playground, spotless restrooms and showers, a convenience store, and even an ice cream parlour.

Only a 15-min drive from Drumheller, Mountain View Helicopters also provides on-site helicopter tours for those seeking a whole different perspective.

8. Campground, RV, and Cosy Cabin Park at 11 Bridges

This family-run campground is tucked within the banks of either the Rosebud River and is only ten minutes from Drumheller and adjacent to the Star Mine Suspension Bridge. It is a comprehensive campground featuring coin showers, laundry service, fire pits, & outdoor washing stations with hot water.

For those who don’t wish to camp at all, they also have full-service, limited-service, and unserviced sites, as well as cottages.

9. Provincial Area of Bleriot Ferry

Finding a ferry this far into the badlands may come as a surprise, but yes, This Drumheller camping area is close to the short ferry that you can use to travel across the river by car.

The 28 unserviced, first-come, first-served campsites at this quaint riverbank campground are ideal for unwinding amidst the enormous cottonwoods.

The Red Deer River is nearby and may be easily accessed for activities like canoeing, fishing, or simply floating through the meandering badlands.

10. Starland Recreation Near River Grove

The Starland Recreation Area, which is 10 kilometres west of Morrin on Highway 27, has 50 designated Drumheller campsites, private camping spots, nature paths, fishing access, three baseball diamonds, a playground, outhouse restrooms, fire pits, drinkable water, as well as a camp kitchen.

A small formal hiking trail and wonderful opportunities for hill climbing and exploration are both present in the area.

The river has built access that enables boat launching & fishing. Along with overflow & group camping areas, there are 50 designated sites. There is some more campground for Drumheller camping near the Starland Recreation area.

11. Printers Campground

Printers Campground, with its secluded riverside camping areas, is located directly east & across the road from 11 Bridges Campground. The majority of campsites have good tree coverage, and RV connections range from 15 to 30 amps.

The Star Mine Hanging Bridge is located just to the north of this adorable little camping spot, a neat and touristic location to check out after breakfast before going into the nearby town of Drumheller.

12. Hoodoos Campground

With plenty of green space and stunning coulee vistas, Drumheller’s largest campground is the ideal RV park for miles. Drumheller is a 13-minute drive to the north, while the Hoodoos Trail trek, a must-see attraction when in the Badlands, is a 5-minute drive to the south.

You can return to camp for a peaceful, unwinding evening spent by a roaring fire after spending the afternoon exploring the otherworldly-looking hoodoos. Large RV units may park here, and there are plenty of activities for families here as well due to the two playgrounds and two baseball diamonds that are available.

Things to Do In Drumheller

Here are some things that you can consider doing at Drumheller.

1. Opinion from Orkney

This unassuming viewpoint, which is located 17 kilometres northwest of Drumheller, offers some of the Red Deer Valley’s most breathtaking vistas. Watch the Red Deer river wind its way through the river valley from cliffs high in red sandstone.

2. The Small Church

It’s a tiny small place that can only hold 6 people at once and is in sharp contrast to the vastness of the surroundings.

It makes for a fun photo opportunity, but remember that it’s a place of religion, so show some deference! And is close to the Royal Tyrell Museum, making a stop convenient.

3. Largest Dinosaur in the World

Enter the throat of the largest dinosaur in the world by ascending 106 stairs! Through the T-mouth, Rex’s, you can see Drumheller’s downtown. She (yes, she!) has been surveying the town from 86 ft (25 metres) tall by 151 ft (long dinosaur edifice).

The Drumheller dinosaur is one of Alberta’s most well-known roadside attractions and an iconic element of the Dinosaur Capital of the World.

4. DinoWalk in Drumheller

Discover more than 20 dinosaurs which were found nearby on a self-guided tour of Drumheller’s downtown. While exploring various parts of the town, you can discover the prehistoric past thanks to the dinosaurs that are featured on each way-finding sign position.

5. Drumheller Museum at Royal Tyrrell

Drumheller, which is known as the “Dinosaur Capital of the World,” has the top-notch Royal Tyrrell Museum, which transports visitors to a time when dinosaurs once roamed the globe. It is home to the largest dinosaur exhibits in the world and the only paleontology-focused museum in Canada.

Drumheller Camping
Image from Travel Drumheller

It is a must-see and a fantastic day trip from Calgary. The museum’s tens of thousands of fossils will astound visitors, and the scale of the recreated exhibits will astound them as well. Viewing windows into paleontology labs, they offer to provide a glimpse into the labour-intensive process involved in locating each fossil.

6. Museum of East Coulee School

The East Coulee School Museum, which is located 20 minutes east of Drumheller and focuses on the homes and schools of the Drumheller Valley’s coal mining era, offers a look into life in a coal town.

The 11-room structure, which once served as a school, today honours the men & women who constructed their homes, educated their children, and made contributions to the East Coulee coal mining community.

7. National Historic Site of Atlas Coal Mine

Rewind to a time in Alberta’s past when conditions were dirtier and arider. The Atlas Coal Mine Provincial Historic Site features exhibits on the history the coal mining and the era when “Coal was King” in the Drumheller Valley.

Final Note

It’s time to start organizing your trip now that you know where to start Drumheller Camping, and we can assist you with that as well! Start by reading this in-depth information on RV rentals in Alberta if you need to hire an RV in order to fulfil all of your camping fantasies.

Image by Xuan Duong from Pixabay

There are so many things to do while Drumheller camping, like Alberta river grove campground, RV parks, cozy cabin park, dinosaur trail RV resort, badlands campground, hoodoo RV resort, fish lake provincial park, Wayne community campground, recreation hall, spray park and many serviced RV sites.



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