Best Burger In Montreal – 16 Best Options!

As foodies in North America, it only makes sense to know which restaurants serve the best burgers, so stop searching today. We have created a list of the locations serving the best burgers in Montreal.

Although there are several competing theories regarding the burger’s origins, it is widely accepted that the burger immigrated to America around the middle of the 18th century.

Almost everyone can agree that a decent burger needs a juicy piece of beef between two pieces of bread, despite disagreements on the specific origins of the burger.

Today, we are fortunate to have a variety of best burger in Montreal variations to pick from, making it possible for everyone to partake, from vegans to chicken lovers to beef purists. What is placed on top of a burger may make or destroy this fantastic dish because it is a blank canvas.

The locations that we believe sell Montreal’s top burgers are highlighted on this list. All of the places on this list satisfy our standards for inventiveness, quality, taste, and overall experience.

Best Burger in Montreal – Discover Your Options

Find the best burger in Montreal through this detailed article. There is also a wide variety of food available here, supplied by a variety of restaurants, from steakhouses to upscale cafes and bars with the greatest beer.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you consider yourself a genuine connoisseur of premium burgers, regardless of your scene. This list of the best burger in Montreal is the result of much research and dining throughout the city.

Other newer sensations also specialize in the diner favourite in addition to the classic locations, including Dic Ann’s and Dilallo, who have been serving patties & buns to hungry audiences for decades.

There are several options, from thickly pressed “smash” varieties to souped-up restaurant cheeseburgers.

1. Burger T Bar

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

It’s no surprise that Chef Normand Laprise’s burgers are the best in town as he is one of the most well-known and prominent chefs in Québec, a real advocate of the farm-to-table movement, and a cornerstone of our province’s cuisine.

Choose from beef, lamb, and vegetable alternatives, all of which are sustainably and traceably sourced. If burgers aren’t filling you up, try some comfort food that will make you feel wonderful, like perfectly shaped hot dogs and rich milkshakes.

You won’t be able to find anything as wonderful as Laprise’s renditions of traditional American meals, so grab some tissues and dig in.

2. Chez Tousignant

Great burgers are served at this Quebec deli owned the Stefano Faita, Michele Forgione, and Yann Turcotte. By providing a superior version, they hoped to take on fast-food franchises.

Allow himself to devour a traditional burger at Chez Tousignant in a delightful diner. Make it a tasty cheeseburger by adding a slice of cheese. These burgers have the added benefit of being served on handmade buns. One of Montreal’s top burgers, without a doubt.

Chez Tousignant is a Quebec snack bar that Stefano Faita and chef Yann Turcotte have established in Little Italy. Huguette Tousignant, Yann’s mother, gave the name. We placed Chez in front of it to convey the sense of returning home; They desire a welcoming atmosphere.

The great Impasto and many others designed the decor for Chez Tousignant, and it is absolutely beautiful! Green, pink, white, and black colours dominate the retro tile, vintage diner chairs, worktops, and kitchen area behind the counter. Once you enter Chez Tousignant, you are taken back in time to a time similar to “Happy Days” on television.

This case-croûte was the long-held goal of Michele Forgione & Stefano Faita, two renowned Montreal chefs best known for their success at the Italian eatery Impasto and the pizza Gema. It eventually materialized. Provides the best burger in Montreal.

The restaurant took over two years to perfect, opened with much excitement, and hasn’t disappeared from anyone’s notice since. Every item on the menu seems to have come straight out of a retro diner in rural Quebec. If you visit the Jean-Talon market, this is a fantastic choice for a snack.

3. Mile-Motherf***er Ex’s Burger

This Mile-Ex location, which specializes in a musical fusion of street food & seafood, came onto the scene with such notoriety that some people assert that this restaurant by Gregory Paul gave this neighbourhood its name.

Hipsters and architects moving north from Mile End’s soaring rents quickly realize that here is the place to be, and the single, double, or tripled Motherf***er burgers are simply amazing.

4. McDonald’s in Lawrence

Even while it can be difficult to locate truly premium meat when dining out, there are always a few places you can always rely on. One of them is this.

See, Lawrence is one of the greatest since they own their farm and butcher shop, and one mouthful of their fresh hamburger proves it.

Burgers made by Lawrence are straightforward and of dependably high quality. Their butcher, “Boucherie Lawrence,” provides the meat, which is then served in a handmade bun with seasonal toppings.

5. Bishop & Bagg’s Bagg Burger

Simply put, this burger is pub fare at its finest. The Bagg Burger is one of the top alternatives at this well-liked Mile End hotspot every single day. It is a daily house burger served with aioli potatoes.

The burger frequently appears just on the brunch menu, so you can expect it to have eggs and bacon. There is also a veggie option offered for the lighter $16.

6. The Zeke at Philippe’s Pataterie

This unassuming casse-croûte in the center of the Gay Village has long been a favourite among patrons, serving traditional Quebecois fanfare. The typical hot dogs, fries, club sandwiches, etc., are on the menu, but this Amherst hole is known for its burgers.

It’s understandable why customers keep returning, especially for the Zeke, which consists of a burger placed between two grilled cheese sandwiches, with most combos costing less than ten dollars.

7. Burger With Two Kinds of Cheese at la Boulette

This Rosemont restaurant selects top-notch, regional ingredients for each dish on the menu, taking pride in its authentic and comforting fare.

A dozen selections may make it difficult to decide, but each burger has a unique specialty of some sort. These range from grilled fish & fried chicken to spicy ground pork or even the traditional beef and cheese.

The traditional double cheese gets our vote, but it’s your call.

8. Uniburger Double Burger

Uniburger debuted a few years ago and has since grown to encompass three locations throughout the city. It is Montreal’s best analogy to Shake Shack Or burger establishments in the great US of A.

Uniburger Montreal Restaurant screenshot

This chain ups the ante with AAA Canadian beef and potato buns, elevating classic American-style fast food favourites like milkshakes, French fries, & paper-wrapped burgers.

Uniburger offers a superb fast-food burger. They have returned fast food to its proper state, one of a quick-served, freshly created product! We appreciate Uniburger’s simplicity, high standards, and limited yet tasty menu of burgers, cheeseburgers, and fries. Occasionally, especially when there are special events, a few goods are added.

Another reason to visit Uniburger and have a burger is that the burgers are similar to snack bar burgers and are available for the same low costs. On our list of Montreal’s top burger restaurants is Uniburger.

The restaurant’s policy and trademark include the purposeful simplicity of the menu. “They might not provide a lot, but they strive to do the things we do well,” Classic hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or uni burgers are all available at Uniburger, along with trios (which come with fries as well as a drink), fries, beverages (including milkshakes), and a variety of extras.

Everything is inexpensive, especially considering the calibre of the goods. Using Bilboquet ice cream, the restaurant’s milkshakes are delectable and rank among the best in Montreal.

The potato flour-based buns of Uniburger, which are imported from the United States, are evocative of American hamburger buns. The Maison du Roti in Montreal is where the beef patties are produced.

9. Maison Boulud’s House Grind Burger

Although eating at the wealthy and storied Ritz-Carlton hotel might make you feel pampered, the House Grind Burger is doing a good job at bringing you back to earth.

Maison Boulud restaurant official website screenshot

This exquisitely made burger is probably one of the most costly on this list but damned if it isn’t worth treating yourself to. It is served on a peppery brioche bun and arugula chutney, and with choices to add pork belly & Morbier cheese.

10. Burger at a Brasserie With a Fried Oyster

It’s hard to find finer beer and Harricana Burgers than this. Burgers are the epitome of pub food, and so this brewery on the outskirts of Villeray & Mile-Ex has one of the best around.

A fried oyster is placed on top of a burger in Harricana’s rendition, so it tastes as opulent as it sounds. Staying a little while after you finish dining is a no-brainer because their carefully curated beer list offers hundreds of alternatives that go well with this as well.

11. At Burger de Ville, Suisse Pleurote

This burger joint is located in the Montreal West residential district, and people go from all around town to eat here. This establishment, which is family-run and located near the westernmost extremity of Sherbrooke Street, is a genuine contender among the others on this list.

At Burger de Ville, Suisse Pleurote website screenshot

Here, customers enjoy dressing their burgers by selecting from a wide variety of fresh toppings on chalkboards that are displayed high well above the griddle station.

The selections that may be made to order are also tasty, particularly the Swiss Mushroom, which comes with grilled oyster mushrooms, pickles, and caramelized onions.

12. Burger Cheese at Foiegwa

Even without the opportunity to add a ‘healthy’ dose of foie gras as just an additional topping, this cheeseburger is already too fatty. Even better, while you’re at it, add another beef burger.

The absurdly juicy burger is also on the brunch menu, which is served Friday through Sunday from early morning until late afternoon.

13. Burger Palace at Nouveau Palais

As you enter this iconic Mile End cafe from the intersection of Parc Avenue & Bernard Street, time seems to have stopped. Food enthusiasts may remember when Montreal relaxed its 66-year-old ban on food trucks, “Winneburgers” were the talk of the town.

Burger Palace at Nouveau Palais official website screenshot

For the benefit of the rest of us, this hipster hangout offers the substantial Palace Hamburger three days a week, from Thursday to Saturday, till 3 a.m.

14. At Le Hachoir, Le Québecois

Le Hachoir’s burgers are so good they’ll make your head spin, but it may be most renowned for its superb beef tartare. One thing is having options like Le Double Cheese Classique, which consists of two 4-ounce meat patties, cheese, pickles, bacon, and secret sauce.

Le Hachoir, Le Québecois official website screenshot

The choice that doesn’t play around is the Québecois, an 8-ounce beef patty filled with curds, Montreal smoky meat spices, pickles, coleslaw, and spicy mustard.

15. Burger Bar Crescent

This Centre Street pub in Pointe-Saint-Charles serves up a delicious beef patty burger of polish ham, hot mustard, and mayonnaise. A relaxed, well-designed bar in a popular part of the city, Knox Taverne is a great place to go for happy hour with friends or a fun date night.

One of Montreal’s most gorgeous bars, Knox Taverne is a lovely establishment in Pointe-Saint-Charles and a terrific place to enjoy a burger.

Burger bar cresent official website screenshot

The highlight of the menu is the Knox Burger, and if you select the Knox Flavoured N Coke Burger, you can anticipate a burger with an intriguing combination of flavours, homemade mayo made with cola (! ), and a choice of toppings, each of which is superior to the others. This burger is really good, too!

16. Dill Burger’s Buck Burger

One of the first Italian-owned establishments in the city, this eatery has been a Montreal institution since the grandparents of current residents. This is one of the burgers that most people would say you have to taste at some point in your life. They have been serving gourmet burgers upside down.

Their Buck burger, which combines capicola, cheese, and hot peppers with their standard Special burger, is outrageously fatty and delicious. Be aware that you can consume your burger buns in any of the following ways: steaming, dry, wet, or with a dip.

Final Note

Image by Francis CLARIA from Pixabay

We have made this detailed guide on the best burger in Montreal. We hope you like it.

These restaurants offer the chicken burger with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, kosher beef, fried onions, napkins burger, fried egg, homemade bun with jalapeño mayo and top quality beef. You would love their taste.



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