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12 Best Kimberley BC Restaurants

Kimberley BC Restaurants

Are you looking for the best Kimberley BC Restaurants or trying to decide where to eat while in Kimberley? In such a case, you are precisely in a place where you need to be.

Kimberley is located in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Canada, on Highway 95A between the Purcell and the Rocky Mountains.

The City is just over a century old and has a substantial German population. And, it is for this reason that this place  is also known by the name “City of Festivals” as well as the “Bavarian City of the Rockies.”

The gorgeous tiny City of Kimberley in British Columbia, Canada, is a popular tourist destination for several reasons, not the least of which is its focus on European alpine traditions.

Take a stroll around the heart of the downtown area and stop in some of the specialty shops and historic buildings.

Kimberley BC Restaurants has many dining options, including coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, and fine dining.

Here is a list of the 12 Best Restaurants in Kimberley, British Columbia.

12 Best Kimberley BC Restaurants

Let’s look at the Best Kimberley Bc Restaurants that are prepared to give you a lovely gourmet fine dining experience.

1. Stonefire Pizzeria

Stonefire Pizzeria is regarded as one of the best Kimberley BC restaurants due to its reasonably priced pizza.

It is situated at 195 Deer Park Avenue, Kimberley, bc V1A 2J5, in Canada.

Stonefire Pizzeria is ideal for dining with a family or a group of friends. The pizzas are served hot and fresh and taste amazing.

Stonefire Pizzeria
Image From Stonefire Pizzeria

The spacious restaurant has large tables, but there is also a bar where customers can take their meals.

You can watch the busy (pizza master chefs) assemble, toss the pizzas in the oven, and then quickly deliver them to the tables from the bar, located directly in front of Stonefire’s hand-built in Naples wood-fired pizza oven.

2. Sullivan Pub

It is located at 400 Ross St, Kimberley, BC Canada, V1A 2C6. It is a budget-friendly pub.

The Sullivan Pub has great service and offers significant portions, despite its plain appearance from the outside. Its menu is not like a typical bar menu.

If you are a fan of traditional pub fare, Sullivan Pub will not disappoint you in any way. It is a public house. Amazing Food, beer, and a few fresh and fine wines are served at the pub.

Try the tasty hamburger and sweet tears fries. It’s a secret gem of amazing food.

This menu has a complete Poutine section and luxuriant choices like Lobster Tacos, Wild Boar Bolognese, and Roast Prime Rib.

Try heading all out Canadian and ordering a few different kinds of poutine for a tasty and entertaining supper; you won’t be disappointed in the least by any of them.

3. Burrito Grill

Burrito Grill is an affordable Mexican bar and grill chain that also offers catering services. It is situated at 160 Howard St, Kimberley BC Canada, V1A 2G6.

This is not a fast-food Mexican restaurant; the food here is far better than that. The food was outstanding.

Enjoy good food and adjust your time expectations: a great meal, generous portions, and a comfortable atmosphere. The back seats are fantastic.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the seating area is comfortable and modest. Excellent service at a fair price.

The beer is delicious and affordable. If you want the real deal, there are numerous reasons to come here and return often.

The restaurants have a lot of plants, which is a good indicator of how much care they put into maintaining their garden.

4. Pedal and Tap

Pedal and Tap is one of the most popular Kimberley BC restaurants serving great food. It is situated at 215 Spokane St, Kimberley, bc Canada, V1A 2E3.

A great place to enjoy a burger and beer after skiing. Even a kids’ lunch is available, with options for special foods of all kinds.

Not just generic frozen chicken fingers. Fresh ingredients, tasty alternatives, and friendly staff. Excellent Cuisine.

One of the most incredible veggie burgers you have ever had. The ability to mix the sides with a little salad and fries is well appreciated. The freshly cooked, delicious fries are created from potatoes.

The service was superb, the prices were fair, and the portions were generous. It was a great place. Acknowledged the atmosphere a lot.

Pedal and Tap Reataurants
Image From Pedal and Tap

It was challenging to decide what to eat because of their fascinating and diverse menu.

The chicken, biscuits with fried chicken, and spaghetti balls. Both were delectable in every way.

5. Bear’s Eatery

Let us talk about another great Kimberley BC restaurant that is famous for home-style food.

It is situated at 324 Archibald St, Kimberley, BC, V1A 1M9, Canada, and is known for its home-style cooking, generous servings, and laid-back atmosphere.

The owner is incredibly friendly, the portions are huge, and the pie was amazing. It was a charming little restaurant well known for its mouthwatering pies.

You must give them a try. The cuisine is incredibly good. A tiny but worthwhile location.

The staff members are quite friendly. They provide a wide variety of drinks and the greatest pies.

You won’t be disappointed at all because this was the only restaurant open for great lunch. It feels like getting a gigantic bear hug. This was a sparkling little treasure.

The meal is precisely what one would anticipate receiving from a modest diner. The food at this restaurant is deliciously cooked, displaying the love and care that went into it, and has a flavour that brings to mind grandma’s dishes.

One cannot leave without trying one of their many delectable pies. The service is warm and pleasant, and the pricing is extremely fair.

This diner’s homey-style decor gives customers something to gaze at while they wait for the delectable home-cooked cuisine to come out. The cuisine was of very high quality.

It’s a great place, and the decor is fantastic.

6. Old Bauernhaus Restaurant

Old Bauernhaus is a Bavarian-style restaurant in Kimberley BC. It is located at 280 Norton Avenue, Kimberley, BC V1A 1X9.

The original farmhouse, which can be found in Southern Germany, served as the inspiration for the construction of the Bauernhaus in Kimberly BC.

A wonderful spot to enjoy great food that is truly Bavarian! A large assortment of meals, reasonable rates, and excellent customer service. Since this is such a popular venue, you should make a reservation for a table in advance.

You feel like you’ve been transported to Bavaria with the decor. You’ll like trying different menu items and sides in the old Bauernhaus restaurant.

The dish looks gorgeous and tastes great. There’s a solid reason why many locals recommended this old Bauernhaus restaurant.

In a situation like this, you need to be patient, take your time, and enjoy your meal without a servant forcing you to finish.

There was a member of our group who had never tasted decent German cuisine before, and the staff was outstanding and incredibly helpful. German food is available at the Old Bauernhaus restaurant, a historic building with a comfortable atmosphere for large groups.

7. The Shed

The Shed is a unique and unmatched Kootenay-like experience that is situated in downtown Kimberley BC. In addition, they offer BBQ and beer.

The Shed is genuinely a masterpiece. Really excellent BBQ place; their brisket and pulled pork are on par with what you’d find in the City. They have some of the best house sauces you will ever eat. The rumours about this crack in the wall are true.

The Shed Kimberley Restaurants
Image From The Shed

Despite being more expensive, the cuisine is still extremely delicious. There is a lot of variety on the wine menus, so you can find something you like.

The staff was amazing and helpful, and the setting was ideal for a romantic dinner for two. Wide selection of wines, a lovely waitress, and a unique setting.

The food was excellent, with generous serving sizes, and service was excellent. It was somewhat uncomfortable to sit for an extended period of time due to the small tables and seats. Definitely, a spot to go back to and really good value for the money.

8. Our Place

This restaurant is widely regarded as one of the best in the country for serving a reasonably priced brunch. The Kimberley BC Restaurants Our Place may be found in Canada at 290 Spokane St, Kimberley, BC V1A 2E4.

This restaurant ranks up there as one of the very best that you’ve ever eaten at. The server was amazing; he was friendly and aware of our needs at all times.

The food was excellent and reasonably priced. Warm and friendly welcome. It’s just a fantastic place to eat a great breakfast.

Along with a delicious meal, you can also experience first-rate service from a woman with a great sense of humour. The dinner was wonderful, beautifully prepared, and fantastic.

This restaurant serves great breakfast which can be enjoyed by the people. There was a fantastic supper there. The food was delicious, and there was wonderful service and staff.

There was no waiting around for the food, and it arrived quickly and still hot.

Because the friendly staff and the food are great for home cooking, we always stop by our place while we’re in the area. The space is filled with interesting local artifacts that will keep you thinking.

9. Grubstake Pizza

Grubstake Pizza is a great pizza place restaurant and among one of the best Kimberley BC Restaurants. It may be found in Canada at 385 Wallinger Ave, Kimberley, BC V1A 1Z5.

Today, the name “Grubstake” is most widely used to refer to the homemade pizza offered since 1992 by a certain Kimberley store.

Pizza from Grubstake is produced with fresh toppings and homemade sauce and baked in a clay-lined, gas-fired oven. Always warm, inviting, and freshly prepared. After a long day, a friendly, chatty staff is a welcome relief.

Pizza that is both freshly made and delicious has always been a favourite. The finished product has a distinct savoury taste.

The portions and toppings are generous, so if you’re a modest eater, you should plan to take some home.

They also offer daily specials that are reasonably priced. The most popular pizza in Kimberley is the one everyone orders. The pizza is always hot, flavorful, and fresh.

If you like vegetables, you can get a Shilo, and a Mexican is available for people who prefer a little heat.

10. The Stemwinder

The Stemwinder is the most well-liked apres-ski bar in Kimberley and among one of the best Kimberley BC Restaurants.

The Stemwinder is undoubtedly the place to be, with live music every weekend as well as themed events like student nights and local jam sessions.

The menu at Stemwinder is extensive, and they feature daily specials that are not to be missed if you’re looking for a good time and amazing food. All of the food, beverages, and service were first-rate.

The Stemwinder offers a large variety of beer on tap, excellent cuisine, and live music every weekend. Generally speaking, the staff is friendly, and the service is excellent.

This winter, the stoke fireplace juice transforms the space into the perfect location to keep warm.

11. The Nest

It may be found in Canada at 465 304 St, Kimberley, BC V1A 3H4.

This is a very high-quality service restaurant. Fantastic, specialized catering service. It is highly recommended to avoid squandering money on reservations and preorders.

The Nest
Image From The Nest

Making a reservation helps assure that your desired dinner will be provided, and it also reduces the amount of food that is wasted. Both delicious and enjoyable.

The front and back patios are equally beautiful and offer a cozy environment for a satisfying lunch. The Nest is highly recommended for the special occasion supper.

12. The Koffee Kan

The Koffee Kan, a coffee-serving restaurant, is another one of the best Kimberley BC restaurants and is located at 711 304 St. in Kimberley, BC, Canada, V1A 3H5.

The hotel has a great location, extremely cool decor, and a light, airy environment. The rooftop patio offers views of the mountains, and the back patio is very beautiful.

This coffee shop, which is located on the path that leads into Kimberley, is sure to capture your attention. Very pleasant staff and excellent coffee. It is well worth the journey.

The Koffee Kan is a fantastic place to have lunch with my family, and you will be pleasantly pleased by the calibre and flavour of the amazing food and beverages there. The wrap with chicken Caesar was also excellent.

The friendly and accommodating staff brought the order up to the customer on the rooftop patio. Kids liked to use the roomy rooftop patio to let off some steam and dance since you were the only people there at the time. Everything looked spotless and new.


This restaurant guide should have helped you locate the Best Kimberley Bc Restaurants. You won’t regret travelling to Kimberley, British Columbia, a popular tourist destination.

Kimberley offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants in addition to its stunning surroundings, unique boutiques, and magnificent architecture.

You can satisfy your appetite for unique and modern cuisine by visiting the restaurants on the above list, sampling their best dishes, and so on. These excellent Kimberley restaurants will not let you down.

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