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21 Best Restaurants In Dieppe

Restaurants Dieppe

Are you searching for the best restaurants Dieppe? Well, if you’re planning a trip to Dieppe and don’t know where to dine in Dieppe, don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to the fantastic Dieppe restaurants to help you plan your lovely trip.

Dieppe is a community found in the most northern section of France and is a part of the region known as Normandy. The Seine-Maritime Department is one of the most important towns and a coastal village.

Dieppe is still a charming coastal village and a terrific destination nearly 200 years later. The Dieppe town centre is home to several beautiful attractions, including a lovely pebble beach bordered by some truly spectacular white cliffs and attractive historical structures, including a castle, churches, and other ancient forms.

Dieppe offers a wide variety of sights and activities, and the local culture and cuisine are unique. Dieppe, in Normandy, is home to many taverns, cafes, and eateries that serve a wide variety of best food.

Marmite Dieppoise is a traditional French fish stew that comes from Dieppe on the coast of Normandy. The fish stew commonly contains scallops, prawns, white wine, mussels, salmon or monkfish, mushrooms, whipping cream,  thyme, bay leaves, and parsley.

The best thing about Dieppe restaurants is that they provide each customer with various international flavours and cuisines.

Downtown Dieppe restaurants serve food everything from brunch, cafes, and diners to prawn, salmon, and French seafood.

Best Restaurants Dieppe

In the best restaurants in Dieppe, you can try local food, bistro food, or gastronomic food. Dieppe and its surrounding area are the best places to eat well.

Dieppe is home to a vibrant and active fishing community. On the Quai Henri IV, the majority of the Dieppe restaurants serving fish and seafood can be found.

This area is well worth visiting for both the fresh fish dishes and the wonderful, generously portioned shellfish.

Below is a discussion of the Best Restaurants in Dieppe:

1. Le Bistrot Des Barrieres

The Le Bistrot des Barrières is considered one of the best restaurants in Dieppe, located at  5 Arc de la Poissonnerie, 76200 Dieppe, France.

Le Bistrot des Barrières is a great French restaurant that serves very good food. The restaurant is well-liked by both locals and visitors and if you want a seat, you must arrive early or make reservations far in advance.

A nice restaurant is known for its exquisite sweets as well as its fresh fish. The menu changes frequently, and the friendly staff provides great service and guidance.

The chef delights in preparing foods that capture the guests’ taste. The pricing is reasonable.

However, the wine may be improved. An excellent café gourmand for dessert follows a delicious seafood lunch.

2. Le Turbot Dieppe

Le Turbot is another best restaurants in Dieppe that has recently gained popularity, particularly after the national newspaper Libération praised it.

The cozy, small restaurant with excellent meat, fish/seafood, and desserts is a great delightful place to visit. The staff is amiable and helpful, even though they don’t speak French and only know a little English.

You may order delicious, fresh meals at a very reasonable price, and a great selection of appetizers on the buffet.

A great restaurant owned and operated by local fishermen, where each dish features fresh seafood.

Le Turbot Dieppe is a family-run Norman restaurant that serves fantastic seafood straight from the boat. They have had a lot of fun and have been able to order great food with ease.

3. La Potiniere

La Potinière is a modest café-bar located behind Église Saint-Rémy de Dieppe. It is situated at 18 Rue du 19 Août 1942 1943, 76200 Dieppe, France.

La Potiniere Restaurant
Image from La Potiniere

They also welcome dogs and offer indoor and outdoor seating. The outside space is rather beautiful and is located on a small side street with some interesting street art.

This was an excellent spot for Stella Artois while walking the dog. It’s time to rest at this bar after seeing Chateau-Musee.

La Potinière serves delicious beer. You can have some good coffee if you come here.

Many guests say that the staff here is friendly and helpful. There were several menus with set pricing, but there were just a few options available on each one.

A thick, delectable tuna steak and luscious veggies followed a tasty starter of vegetables.

The tables were sufficiently spaced apart from one another. People noticed that the manager was very particular about safety, asking everyone to wipe their hands with gel before entering and reminding them to wear masks when not seated.

Customers value having their needs fulfilled on time here. According to visitors, this location has a unique atmosphere. This bar received a 4.5 out of 5 on Google.

4. Le New Heaven

This is another excellent restaurant in Dieppe. Le New Heaven is a beautiful eatery located on Quay Henri IV’s harbourside.

The cuisine was excellent and highly affordable, and the restaurant was spotless. In addition to seats inside the restaurant, seating is available on the terrace that looks out over the water.

Given that it was a lovely day, we chose to eat outside while enjoying a view of the marina.

The New Haven has recently opened a second room on the ground floor of the famed Hôtel d’Anvers, located a little further along the quayside.

The restaurant is highly well-liked among British customers (perhaps due to its name), takes pleasure in using only the freshest ingredients, and we must admit that it offers very good value for money.

Not having been to Dieppe or tried any Dieppe restaurants, Le New Haven was excellent from start to finish.

A lovely meal that is reasonably priced, with an attentive staff. It was quickly crowded at lunchtime because it was a popular choice among the many others on the marina.

There was excellent seafood prepared in the classic French style. Their set menu is the least expensive, and the main course, which is a massive dish of Moules and Frites, is excellent.

5. La Marine

La Marine is another restaurant in Dieppe. It is a lovely Dieppe restaurant located on the harborside and specializes in seafood.

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers daily special set dinners, then La Marine is a good choice. They had the option of sitting inside, outside by the harbour, or on the roadside.

On account of the nice weather, people decided to sit by the water outside. Poisson Terrine and a fish soup were among the seafood offerings in this restaurant as an amuse-bouche.

The terrine was presented with fresh bread, a salad, and a sauce. The cheese was an optional garnish for the soup. For the main course, you should try the regional specialty Marmite Dieppoise, a fish stew.

The seafood included turbot, langoustine, and mussels, and it was all fantastic. The sauce was smooth and creamy, and it had a cider apple flavour to it.

The potatoes given with it were perfect for soaking up the sauce. Apple tart and crème caramel were the desserts recommended to finish the meal. These were both delectable and flavorful.

Normandy is known for its delicious apple desserts.

6. Le Regent

Le Regent is another great restaurant in Dieppe. It is a lovely cafe/bar located in the heart of Dieppe’s leading high street.

Dieppe’s Le Regent restaurant may be found at Rue de la Vieille Grange, Dieppe, 76200, France.

They provided a welcoming atmosphere, and the patrons and the employees contributed to making it a fun night out.

The dog probably helped with this since he was with us all night. Traveling with a dog makes meeting and talking to people easily, even if you don’t speak the same language.

Both indoor and outdoor seating is available at Le Regent, serving fine Belgian beer and French wine. They also serve very good food to customers here.

It appears to be a tourist’s paradise; all you have to do is order a protein, which will be sent to you immediately with fries. The excellent food, and the best service, but the menu is unremarkable.

It doesn’t even come close to the standard on a good day.

7. Le Bistrot du Pollet

Le Bistro du Pollet, at 23 Rue Tête de, 76200 Dieppe, France, is another great restaurant in Dieppe.

Le Bistrot du Pollet is a popular and upscale restaurant that serves fresh, well-prepared, and artistically presented traditional cuisine items. It is located directly in the heart of the Ile du Pollet, across the Pont Jehan Ango.

A small restaurant serving a wide selection of food. Good meals of a high standard, affordable prices, and the

best service. The fact that the tables are so close together is the one significant downside. There are some delicious seafood dishes, and the waitress is courteous.

There is little doubt that the excellent quality of the meal contributed to the restaurant being completely packed.

The atmosphere was quiet, but that didn’t matter. Excellent cuisine and a warm environment. Make reservations in advance at a small restaurant.

A budget lunchtime menu similar to that at Les Voiles d’Or has recently been created and costs about 20 euros.

The wine selection is a fantastic complement to the food, and the pricing is often extremely fair, considering the quality.

It’s a fish restaurant for those who love fish and seafood, not for those who don’t or kids who hate it. Please keep this in mind before making a reservation.

Customers reserve a table here to eat delicious food and take in the views of Estran Cite de la Mer.

Visit this restaurant to sample French food. It’s time to taste delightful halibut, pomme puree, and caviar.

A delectable parfait is a must-try here, as shown by the feedback left by previous visitors.

8. Cactus Cafe

Cactus Cafe is another one of the best restaurants in Dieppe.

The Cactus, as the locals often refer to it, is a trendy, lively, and bustling cocktail bar situated on the Quai Henry IV, across from the marina.

A sunny day is a perfect time to stop on the terrace, take in the laid-back ambiance, or come in late for a snack and a vibrant cocktail.

An excellent café close to the harbour and boats. The nice menu has many creative cocktails made with beer, alcohol, and soft drinks, and the staff is lovely.

They also offer very good food, and folks particularly enjoyed the crepes. Kids were playing outside. Family-friendly and wheelchair-accessible.A short flight of stairs leads to the entryway.

It’s a beautiful location with a pleasant atmosphere. Delicious burgers and modules, great service, and very affordable prices.

The meal and beverages could have been better, but the service was excellent. People come here for drinks and to try their tapas meal.

The staff is kind and helpful, and nothing is too much bother for them. The tables are also constantly removed.

9. Le Trefle – Restaurant et Bar Lounge du Casino de Dieppe

Le Trefle – Restaurant et Bar Lounge du Casino de Dieppe
By Casino de Dieppe

Le Trefle is another great restaurant in Dieppe. The French restaurant Le TrefleRestaurant et Bar Lounge du Casino de Dieppe is a beautiful location for a nice lunch with breathtaking views of the sea and is located in Dieppe, France.

It is situated in Restaurant du Casino de Dieppe, 3 Bd de Verdun, 2nd floor, 76200 Dieppe, France.

Le Trefle, a bright, modern restaurant, welcomes you for enchanting moments focused on eating correctly. It has a beautiful sea view, dazzling and soothing to the eyes.

A delight for the taste buds, with a gourmet and gastronomic menu that puts a modern spin on classic cuisine. An enjoyable experience to share with your loved ones while enjoying a variety of delicious food.

Le Trefle also has a lounge bar where you can enjoy a drink in a hip environment. Delicious cuisine, lovely accommodation with a view of the ocean, and kind service. The desserts are excellent.

The only drawback is that the raw vegetables in the poke bowl could need a little more flavour. And it’s a shame to put the bread in a single-use paper bag.

10. Marmite Dieppoise

La Marmite Dieppoise is another best restaurant in Dieppe. It is terrific for seafood lovers.

This Dieppe restaurant has an exciting vibe because of the brick decor inside and the general old-world ambiance. There are many different foods on the menu, which are fantastic.

The pricing is quite affordable, amazing food, and the service is excellent. Oysters, seafood dishes, and specialties from Normandy are served in an old-world setting with stone walls.

Wine is reasonably priced and of high quality. For surf and turf lovers, expect seafood and local beef. Dieppe, in Normandy, is known for its signature dish, marmite Dieppoise.

The restaurant offers several variants of the rich and creamy shellfish bouillabaisse in the rue Saint-Jean, which lies just off the marina. It’s a fish and crustacean stew-like dish.

The dish’s name derives from Dieppe. Fish and shellfish are used as ingredients, and vegetables are also included. Herbs, butter, and cream are also included, along with a simmering liquid of dry white wine or cider. F

ish utilized, including monkfish, sole, and turbot, are locally caught.

It tastes great, and the flavours blend well, whether a soup or a main entrée.

After going to the fish market, you will also get inspired by the ingredients to make something similar.

11. Cafe des Tribunaux

Les Tribunaux is Dieppe’s oldest and most well-known café in the middle of the city. Also, it is among one of the best restaurants in Dieppe.

It is the ideal location to sit and observe life as it goes by because it is housed in a historic eighteenth-century building.

It is said that Renoir, Monet, Flaubert, or Maupassant drank here in the past, and there is also a rumour that Oscar Wilde authored a few novels in this café in the past.

Cafe Des Tribunaux Restaurant
Image from Cafe Des Tribunaux Restaurant

Les Trib is still the meeting place for local politicians, tourists, students, and even celebrities, thanks to its ever-so-French décor. Several television commercials have even been filmed within and outside the building.

Les Tribunaux now offers delicious meals at fair pricing, much like other cafés.

In a historic structure, Café des Tribunaux is a unique and lovely café that welcomes dogs. This is the most well-known and established coffee shop in all of Dieppe. The 18th-century structure is stunning and has a great appearance.

People are constantly gathered at Café des Tribunaux for a cup of coffee, wine, or a meal. Their Tarte Normandie was unique and excellent.

The service was efficient if you were dining out or coming in for a drink throughout the day. Café des Tribunaux serves Leffe, a delicious Belgian beer.

Excellent chicken kebabs are present. There are many options on the menu, and the service is kind—excellent coffee in a pleasant setting.

Due to the charming outdoor seating and gorgeous décor, we frequented this location several times while travelling to Dieppe.

You might be initially alarmed since it appears to be a tourist trap, but it isn’t.

The best food and service are excellent, and the prices are reasonable for the region.

12. Tout Va Bien

The Tout Va Bien, situated at the top of the Quai Henry IV, a historic quay with a bevy of Dieppe restaurants, has just had a complete interior renovation and now includes a sizable area where people can relax and enjoy a drink.

The restaurant, which was once a brasserie, continues to serve its well-known Moules-Frites (mussels and fries) and seafood platters, which satisfy the appetites of numerous tourists.

Starting from the top of the quayside, the famed and always booked Tout Va Bien maintains continuous service and invites late diners, unlike most Dieppe and French restaurants.

Its facilities have recently undergone a complete renovation, and it has also expanded its menu to include an intriguing three-course offer, including oysters, for about 16 euros.

Surprisingly, burgers have also made their way into the menu in recent years to cater to the evolving preferences of the French people. On a day when there is a market, there is amazing food and courteous service.

The staff was helpful and pleasant. Unfortunately, neither flavour nor presentation was present in the food. It’s likely prepared in preparation for high traffic.

The single meunière was flavourless and was given very little sauce. The restaurant had a kind and friendly welcome.

The food is delivered quickly, and the plate is attractively presented.

13. La Musardiere

La Musardiere is another one of the best restaurants in Dieppe. The restaurant is located in the heart of Dieppe, close to the marina. It is a beautiful French restaurant managed by a family.

Although it doesn’t have the best curb appeal from the outside, the interior is sleek, warm, and practical.

Fantastic food prepared and presented with an evident passion for exceeding expectations is served in a setting to enjoy.

It is also essential to highlight the number of prizes they have received, which is justly deserved. People advise making a reservation at La Musardiere if you’re looking for a restaurant with fantastic food and excellent service.

The menu selection is superb, and even though the prices are not low, they are fair given the location and high calibre of the food. It would be best if you frequently stopped there for meals when taking the ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven back to the UK.

During the primary summer holidays, weekends get bustling.

Fantastic wine selection, excellent service, and a good meal. Well-liked by the neighbourhood’s inhabitants. It has a friendly, laid-back vibe and is near the harbour.

14. Comptoir a Huitre

Comptoir A Huitre is another best restaurant in Dieppe. A truly classic French fish restaurant.

The restaurant is a short stroll from the town center, but it is well worth a visit for the beautiful shellfish served in big servings and the fresh fish dishes created by Chef Stephane Barca.

One of the most excellent restaurants specializing in seafood you have ever visited. Everything was presented with great freshness and taste.

Everything about it shouts that it was made in France. Fish served hot from the boat, with or without cream. Just fantastic fish and a warm welcome.

A very remarkable and genuine seafood restaurant. Excellent atmosphere and was a lovely host.

15. Les Voiles d’Or

Les Voiles d’Or is a restaurant awarded a Michelin star and is known for serving delectable food carefully prepared with ingredients of the highest possible quality. The service is first-rate, and the setting is cozy and welcoming.

You won’t regret making this restaurant the focal point of your journey to Dieppe. This is a fantastic location for fine eating. It was not at all disappointing.

You pay a good price for elegant meals. The wine was incredibly affordable.

People had made plans to dine at this restaurant, and fortunately, they were satisfied with their experience when they arrived.

The chef’s wife is friendly and pleasant. Unfortunately, the young waitress didn’t speak English and was a bit frigid. The blue lobster menu is something you should get since it is excellent.

Very tasteful overall. The steak with lobster and Chanterelle mushrooms is especially popular. It is worthwhile to visit.

16. Restaurant Du Port

The Restaurant du Port is Dieppe’s oldest and most beloved restaurant. Michel Mount is still present behind the burners, and his wife contributes to the cozy atmosphere in the dining room.

Although the prices are higher than those at other restaurants, the quality of the food served here won’t leave you feeling cheated.

A lovely older woman runs this eatery. The fact that it was more pricey than the typical tourist restaurants.

The tastiest meal in the harborside, timely service, accommodating owner and accepting those who do not speak French as their first language.

17. La Cotrillade

La Cotrillade is the restaurant for you if you enjoy eating beef and among is the best restaurants in Dieppe. It has taken over the former location of the Tex-Mex restaurant beneath the arcades.

The restaurant serves a variety of meats and has a large selection of sides, making it the equivalent of a steakhouse in France.

La Cotrillade Restaurant
Image from La Cotrillade Restaurant

Everything is delicate, including the welcome, the service, the setting, and the food presentation. The food is presented wonderfully and is cooked to perfection throughout.

If you want to have a wonderful time, Certainly would recommend this restaurant because of its cook and team.

18. Restaurant Le Colombier

Restaurant Le Colombier is another best restaurant in Dieppe. This restaurant has gained a reputation for both the quality of its food and the warmth of its service.

In addition to a vast selection of wine choices, it offers a variety of cuisines. It’s the ideal location to share a dinner with friends because of the welcoming atmosphere.

Amazing as usual. A celebration of the senses in terms of flavour. The people are friendly and welcoming.

It was a little pricey but well worth it—best wishes to the chief.

The excellent dining experience at a good price for a Michelin-starred restaurant! The presentation is first-rate, and the service is flawless.

In a casual setting, inventive and revitalizing cuisine is served with appropriate wines—very kind and helpful staff. The pace at which the courses were served was delightful.

19. Auberge du Vieux

Auberge Du Vieux is another great restaurant in Dieppe. The Auberge du Vieux Puits is an exquisite French restaurant with breathtaking ocean views.

The service of this restaurant is warm and welcoming, whereas the food is amazing, delicious, and excellent.

Dinner on the patio was simply fantastic. The view was breathtaking, the food was delicious, and the price was very fair for what you got. The service was also polite and attentive.

Be aware that it is not “cheap,” as you will need to pay approximately 100 Euros for supper for two, which includes wine. But it was worth it because it was a 3-course chef’s menu. An a la carte menu is also available if you prefer to make your selections.

This was a pleasant evening from the get-go, with an excellent meal, delicious wine, and friendly service. The Auberge is the perfect restaurant for a romantic supper, especially considering that being a vegetarian was no problem (the vegetarian dishes were excellent).

It is easy to picture how stunning the sea view must be at sunrise or during a sunny period.

When you combine everything, you get a fantastic restaurant at a very affordable cost.

20. Brasseria Cap Horn

Brasserie Cap Horn is a beautiful and among the best restaurants in Dieppe.

Excellent value for the money and the quality of the cuisine is comparable to or even better than that served at more costly places.

The tenderloin and mussels dish was excellent. The proprietor and her daughters, who lovingly run this business.


They were even able to speak English. If you find yourself in Dieppe, you should check out this location. You will be happy when you leave because parking is simple and free.

The food and service are excellent. A paper menu should be accessible, as the usage of I pads is a bit excessive.

The play area is not your typical noisy place but is adequately controlled and not too busy.

Dieppe is a place where the food is lovely, the service is exceptional, and the kids can play in the play area as part of the dinner price.

21. La Place

Many people sit outside the square in front of Église Saint-Rémy de Dieppe. The person serving you depends on where you sit because these are specific to pubs and cafes.

We settled onto the chairs offered by La Place, a bar with some delicious beers just next to an exciting record store. A few Belgian draught beers were available.

A Grimbergen Blonde Abbey Beer is unquestionably something you should taste. It is pretty fantastic and displays excellent taste. They have been brewing beer since the abbey was built in 1128 or for more than nine centuries.

A smooth blonde ale with flavours of luscious yellow fruit, a spicy clove aroma, and a creamy, cream-coloured foam, according to their website, the blonde was tasty.

You were somewhat taken aback by the extensive beer menu at La Place, not to mention its charming setting.


This guide should have helped you choose the best Dieppe Restaurants. You will always be satisfied to visit the Dieppe, a popular tourist attraction.

Dieppe has a lot of great restaurants in addition to its beautiful nature, mountains, wildlife, and historical buildings.

So visit the restaurants on the list above, try some of their best dishes, and fill your stomach with modern and unique food. You will always be satisfied by these great Dieppe restaurants.

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