12 Best Things to Do in Whistler

things to do in Whistler

Whistler, Canada’s most well-known ski destination, is situated at the base of Blackcomb and Whistler, two enormous mountains.

These towering peaks make up the largest winter sports region in North America, with the often busy Whistler Village offering quick and easy exposure to a number of the finest skiing available.

Even though Whistler and Vancouver, which are both conveniently located 90 minutes away by vehicle, co-hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, the mountain resort’s reputation as a top destination for recreation was already well-established before the games.

Since people from all over the world travel to the village to ski as well as visit, it has a comfortable selection of lodging options for tourists, ranging from rental units to five-star hotels.

These accommodations are all crammed along the leisurely Village Stroll, a walkable path filled with innumerable playful activities, from wonderful places to eat in its various restaurants to purchasing in its gift shops, boutique stores and art galleries.

This rough area, which includes endless forests, emerald lakes, wild rivers, and volcanic peaks, surrounds the settlement.

The region’s attractions and communities are connected by a single main road, Highway 99, commonly called the Sea-to-Sky Highway. This magnificent drive is regarded as one of Canada’s most amazing road trips. 

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How to Reach Whistler?

Only a few hours’ travel separates Whistler from Vancouver, British Columbia. You may drive up to Whistler from the United States.

You may alternatively take a flight to Vancouver and then go by car. The Sea to Sky Highway, which is the route you travel to reach there, is known for its breathtaking views.

The trip winds along the Salish Sea and British Columbia’s coast for at least 50 percent of the distance. If possible, do it in the daytime because it’s beautiful.

The road in Whistler can get rather crowded in the summer and during the busiest winter months, but the road construction that was done in preparation for the Winter Olympics hosted in Whistler and Vancouver resulted in a much-needed expansion of the road.

If you’d prefer not to drive, you can get to Whistler via Vancouver by bus or rail. The train might be a great entertainment choice if you can spare more time.

The 73-mile, three-hour Rocky Mountaineer Sea to Sky Climb travels between North Vancouver and the ski resort of Whistler.

Explore the best things to do in Whistler, Canada for more suggestions to add to your trip schedule.

Here Are the 12 Best Things to Do in Whistler:

1. Ride the Peak 2 Peak Gondola

Between the two summits, there is an upward ride on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. It’s a feature of the Whistler-Blackcomb touring journey from spring to fall, with escorted alpine excursions and numerous picture sessions.

Despite travelling a record-set 4.4 km, the ride only takes 11 minutes. Excellent views of alpine lakes, snow-covered mountains, and dense coniferous woods can be seen on clear days.

Fitzsimmons Creek is indeed breathtaking to see from above; at certain points, the gondola is approximately half a km well above the valley.

The spectacular Cloudraker Skywalk, featuring its 360-degree views of the amazing Black Tusk and Coast mountain range, must not be forgotten.

The main draw is Skybridge, and admission is part of the ticket fee. If you’re frightened of heights, you might want to avoid this, however, if you’re able to cross the bridge without becoming sick, you can make your way out to a stunning vantage point.

Blackcomb Lake is reached by using the brief but stunning Lakeside Loop hiking trail. Enjoy a picnic here and the magnificent lake hue. Loop-hiking trails also showcase the alpine terrain at the summit.

Additionally, there is a tea tent for warming you since temperatures might drop at higher altitudes. The Peak 2 Peak gondola is used by snowboarders and skiers in the winter to go between sections on Whistler and Blackcomb.

Watch for the unique glass floor gondola on Peak 2 Peak if you’ve got enough time. Every 15 minutes or more, the glass-floor gondola cart provides a unique view for passengers, making it one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

2. Ski Whistler Blackcomb Mountain

things to do in Whistler
Photo by MennoSchaefer from depositphotos

Some of the finest skiing in America can be found on Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain, the two summits that climb above Whistler Village.

Over 200 runs and 3,307 hectares of skiable terrain are available at the Whistler Blackcomb resort, which is served by 39 lifts, along with a brand-new gondola just on Blackcomb Mountain.

These numbers may seem intimidating, especially to a newbie, but they actually have excellent beginner runs and provide lessons.

You should try skiing on Whistler Mountain, even when you are not a keen skier.

The Whistler Blackcomb resort boasts the longest ski season of all resorts in Canada since it provides summer skiing options on Blackcomb’s Horstman Glacier.

Blackcomb Ski Resort is among the busiest ski areas in Canada, with over 2 million tourists every year, due to the fact that it truly appeals to everyone.

Various passes, including single-day, multi-day, and season passes, are available during the Whistler ski season, which normally lasts from November through March.

In fact, there is far too much to see in a day, resulting in a lot of tourists wanting to ski for a few days or even a week.

Be careful to schedule at least more than a day of skiing when organizing a Whistler ski trip. At the very least, a three-day pass is suggested. It can be overwhelming to complete all the paths between Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain in a single day.

You can choose to enroll your children in daily group ski and snowboarding classes at Blackcomb if they are just learning to ski.

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A number of restaurants and village cafes are well within a ski-boot short walk of the gondola base and have ski racks put up from outside door as well as blazing fireplaces inside.

Some hotels offer ski-in access to both of the mountains. There at Whistler Blackcomb resort, snowmobile excursions and heli-skiing are other well-liked winter activities.

For families with young children, the bubbly Tube Park provides endless downhill fun.

In addition to glacier skis, mountain hikers and mountain bikers who ride the difficult paths of Whistler Mountain Bike Park fill the slopes with activity in the summer.

Watch out for bears strolling around the mountain routes in quest of fruit when using the chairlifts.

Visit Vallea Lumina, a captivating multimodal light show that brightens portions of the forest surrounding Cougar Mountain, as it is one of the best things to do in Whistler at night.

3. Hiking

The numerous hiking paths in British Columbia are well-known, & Whistler is no exception. The trails range from simple nature hikes near Lost Lake to strenuous mountain treks.

The lookouts on top of Whistler Mountain are the hub of a well-known network of treks. Hikers are transported well over tree lines by gondolas, where the routes are particularly beautiful during the alpine wildflower period.

The mountains also border Garibaldi Provincial Park’s largely unexplored landscape.

Garibaldi Lake
By Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock

Between Squamish and Whistler’s north end, five trailhead spots offer entry to the provincial park at various locations. Excellent day treks to Cheakamus Lake, Garibaldi Lake, and Wedgemount Lake are possible from the trails.

The park is also home to Black Tusk, a famous climbing destination and one of the best things to do in Whistler, which rises 2,319 meters above the ocean’s surface and is seen from the convenience of your automobile as you go down the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Or, if you’ve got the strength, you can hike 26 kilometres to get to Black Tusk. You’ll climb a lot of verticals on this path, and the slick shale at the end makes it not one to take lightly.

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, which is not far from Garibaldi, is a fantastic location for pictures because of its magnificent 70-meter-tall waterfall and is one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

A visit to the Train Wreck, a collection of wrecked 1950s boxcars that can be reached over a simple walk and feature a fascinating suspension bridge constructed above the Cheakamus River, is another worthwhile addition to this day trip.

The trail can become very crowded, so be sure to take this hike around dawn or as early in the day as you can.

4. Whistler Olympic Park

Whistler Olympic Park, a facility also constructed for the 2010 Winter Olympics, now has easy access to cross-country skiing slopes in the winter.

The facility’s odd-looking ski jumps and a series of Olympic rings are still present. Numerous interactive tour choices are offered, some of which incorporate elements of sports such as rifle shooting, escorted hiking tours and mountain biking.

Snowshoers travel the path to Alexander Falls as well as other vistas while Nordic skiers use the groomed paths in the winter. Nordic skiing is equally popular as downhill skiing.

Whistler has 160 km of tracks, and it served as the Olympic cross-country skiing venue in 2010. There is a cross-country ski course for every ability level.

Another interesting fact is that because Whistler has a long season, Olympians travel there to practice at Whistler Olympic Park.

Every year, Whistler saves snow over the summer and buries it in the spring so they can distribute it and begin skiing when the temperature drops in the fall. You may spend a day outdoors on the snowshoeing paths in Whistler Olympic Park.

The park also has a cafe, a lodge, and accommodations available in this dog-friendly area. Even classes and tour packages are available. We adore snowshoeing since it is a self-contained activity.

You can put on snowshoes and walk out on one of the many hiking paths in the area of Whistler to go exploring. 

5. Try Mountain Biking, Zip Lining, and Bungee Jumping

In Whistler Village, mountain biking is unquestionably the most popular summer activity.

It is also beginner-friendly. By using the Whistler Gondola, the Fitzsimmons Chair, or Creekside to ascend the mountain, mountain bikers can reach the path from Whistler Village. 80 km of bike paths with courses for every skill level total of 70.

Advanced and intermediate riders will enjoy playing in the Gatorade Skills Park at Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Rent all the equipment you’ll need and be aware of your limitations before you go. You will adore Downhill Mountain biking if you haven’t already.

You will observe hordes of armoured bikers ascending the lift to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.  However, the area also provides a wide range of other adrenaline-pumping activities.

One of the most exhilarating activities is zip lining and zip liners can go at highway speeds when flying through forested valleys.

The skeleton and bobsleigh track at the Whistler Sliding Centre offers an even another fast option.

The center was constructed for the Olympics and is available for self-guided visits. Bungee jumping across the Cheakamus River, off-roading through logging roads, and rafting through the spring freshet are additional local delights that can be enjoyed.

6. Visit Squamish

On a drive to Whistler, Squamish is a logical stop because it is situated upon the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

By EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock

The former logging city of Squamish now serves as a destination with fascinating activities to do and adventure activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and kiteboarding because of its breathtaking location at the tip of Howe Sound.

On the outskirts of the city, the granite dome known as Stawamus Chief Mountain draws climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Additionally, it is the location of a well-liked trek with amazing panoramic views, despite its extreme difficulty. The Sea-to-Sky Gondola offers more diverse mountain routes for treks with gondola access.

The town features a nice waterfront in addition to a good assortment of restaurants and shops. Visit the Britannia Mine Museum to get a glimpse of regional history.

The third-highest falls in British Columbia, at 335 meters high, are located in Shannon Falls Provincial Park, which is also nearby. From the parking lot, it takes about five minutes to reach the park’s entrance.

One of the finest ways to engage with the local culture and population is to take a visit to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre which is one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

The First Nations People who have inhabited this region for millennia run the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. This cultural facility has been made available by the Squamish and Lil’wat Peoples to invite tourists to their ancestral territory.

Watch the welcome film showing Squamish culture to learn about their past and practices, and make sure to listen to the greeting song.

The purpose of the center is to educate visitors about the local First Nations population’s culture.

Make sure to speak with the staff when you tour the museum and make suggestions about indigenous culture because they are quite amiable and approachable.

Spend some time looking over the relics and artwork, and be sure to step outside to stroll the tranquil path.

7. Golfing

Celebrity-designed golf courses enhance Whistler’s resort atmosphere. These fairways in the Pacific Northwest are surrounded by a lush setting of tall conifers, little lakes, and mountains.

The Whistler Golf Club, Nicklaus North Golf Course, and Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club are three places where 18 holes can be played.

In order to guarantee a tee time during peak season, avid golfers are urged to make reservations in advance. There are numerous pleasant walking pathways all around the boundaries of these golf resorts for non-golfers.

The Nicklaus North Golf Course, created by renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus, is a favourite among golfers. Just 5 courses in the entire world hold his name, including this one.

The Nicklaus North Golf Course, one of the best in North America, is only a short distance from Whistler Village, making it one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

However, Arnold Palmer also created a course in Whistler, making Jack Nicklaus, not the only well-known golfer to do it. 

8. Visit Audain Art Museum

The elegantly built Audain Art Museum was opened in 2016 and quickly established itself as one of Whistler’s newest cultural attractions.

The museum’s collection is undoubtedly excellent, with the purpose to highlight British Columbian artwork and artists from the late 1700s.

The Dance Screen, a sizable piece carved from wood by artist James Hart, as well as works by well-known Canadian painters including E.J. Hughes and Emily Carr, are highlights.

Significant First Nation artwork is also displayed, including numerous old masks.

The venue also organizes talks, cultural activities, and educational programs, in addition to regularly hosting touring exhibits.

9. Cloudraker Skybridge

The Cloudraker Skybridge is located at Whistler Mountain’s highest point, close to the Peak Chairlift’s summit.

Cloudraker Skybridge
By Hide Matsui/Shutterstock

The views from this brand-new attraction are undoubtedly among the best anywhere in British Columbia. This 130-meter metal-framed bridge, which is only open during the summer, spans a gaping hole between Whistler Peak and West Ridge.

 The Raven’s Eye balcony, located atop West Ridge, offers unimpeded views of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, the Coast Mountain range, and Black Tusk in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

The Peak Chair ride is equally exhilarating as it climbs rapidly over several very high points.

To complete the 0.6-kilometre gravel path walk with a 63-meter elevation gain or loss, individuals must be a meter tall and in acceptable physical condition.

10. Explore Lillooet

Be ready to spend the majority of the day on this excursion since it is a two-hour journey from Whistler to the little hamlet of Lillooet via a picturesque and winding drive straight northeast down Highway 99.

This quaint small village, which is situated on the shores of the Fraser River, owes its origin to the Cariboo Gold Rush of 1858 because it was from this location that prospectors swapped their canoes for oxcarts and began travelling up the Cariboo Road.

The Lillooet Museum is stuffed with artifacts from the height of the gold rush, and a cairn at Mile 0 marks the actual route and is one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

As a result of the shelter effect of the nearby mountains, Lillooet is also renowned for its unusually dry climate, which has given the town the moniker Canada’s Hot Spot.

You can also travel from Lillooet to the stunning Seton Lake, a sizable reservoir where boating, swimming, and fishing are very prominent, making it one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

11. Explore Via Ferrata

Beginners can do this Whistler Via Ferrata Tour, which entails using safety cables to ascend a mountaintop that is actually near a glacier. By the time you’re done, you’ll have ascended Whistler Mountain’s summit.

Through the use of a built vertical pathway using metal rung ladders & secured cables for security, the Via Ferrata is a distinctive and thrilling method for ascending Whistler Mountain.

Prepare yourself for breathtaking mountain views, expansive skies, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you succeed. Moreover, a summertime chance to view snow which is one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

Although it is not necessary to have specific abilities or previous climbing experience to take the Whistler Via Ferrata excursion, it is advised to have reasonable fitness.

The tour begins at the summit of Whistler Peak, which may be reached either the Peak 2 Peak or Whistler Village gondola.

Before starting a short journey to the start of the Via Ferrata course, your instructor will get you outfitted with safety gear. After then, it’s time to ascend.

12. Visit Lost Lake

Photo by Pierre_Leclerc_Photography from depositphotos

Hiking, Mountain biking, and bird viewing may all be done at Lost Lake throughout the year, as well as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and is one of the best things to do in Whistler. 

Trails branch out from the shoreline, allowing tourists to explore the nearby tranquil woodlands home to a variety of British Columbia animals.

On a sunny summer day, the little lake, which has a beach area, is usually among the busiest locations, especially since a shuttle runs from the village.

Alta Lake and Alpha Lake are nearby freshwater lakes with additional sand beaches.

Whistler is recognized as a winter paradise and offers a ton of fantastic things to do all year long. And due to this, it is the ideal family getaway spot.

In the End

These were the 12 best things to do in Whistler, and we hope you find this list useful when visiting this fantastic destination!

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