12 Excellent Chilliwack Restaurants


The Canadian province of British Columbia features the city of Chilliwack.

Chilliwack has recreational places and is surrounded by mountains. You’d be astonished to learn that this municipality also has a developing culinary sector in addition to beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation.

The local cuisine scene offers a wide variety of cuisines for different palates.

Here are 12 Excellent Chilliwack Restaurants:

1. Tokyo Japanese Grill

Photo from Tokyo Japanese Grill

Tokyo Japanese Grill is a welcoming neighbourhood restaurant serving exquisite Japanese cuisine that is expertly prepared using only the finest ingredients.

The restaurant is located at Wellington Ave and is closed on Sundays.

The restaurant has a welcoming ambience, and private booths for seating, and is well-known for its superb sushi and assortment of speciality rolls.

The Canucks Roll is one of their Special Rolls and it has crab, asparagus, and mango. It is topped with tobiko for texture and a spicy sauce for a somewhat heightened kick.

Whether you are a non-vegetarian, vegetarian, or vegan, Agedashi Tofu is the perfect Japanese starter that you must taste.

The tofu is fried to create a mildly crispy exterior while maintaining a soft interior that melts on your tongue.

The umami-infused sauce that is served with the tofu increases the dish’s flavour in general.

This restaurant’s cozy ambience makes it possible for customers to unwind after a long day at work.

The staff is knowledgeable and professional. Excellent service is important to these restaurateurs. You can eat at a reasonable price and have a wonderful experience there.

2. Bubba’s Big Bites

Bubba’s Big Bites located at Vedder Road, is a local restaurant which offers hearty amounts of freshly prepared, home-style food in take-out containers.

Even though the establishment is only a basic, outdated cafeteria that doesn’t appear to provide anything unique, consumers still come back day after day because of the food.

You ought to taste their Meatball Stromboli if you want to understand the buzz around Bubba’s.

The centrepiece of the dish is the homemade tomato sauce, but the meatballs will entirely alter your perception of what a meatball is in a positive and delicious way!

The homemade barbecue sauce gives the pulled pork sandwich a delicious flavour, and the coleslaw properly balances the filling’s richness. The sandwich is available with soup, tater tots, or potato wedges.

One dish you shouldn’t miss is the Kale and Artichoke Dip, regardless of whether you select one of their strombolis, sandwiches, or flatbreads.

The two green components are harmoniously combined with the mayo and cheeses used in the dip, which has a delicate and understated flavour that lets your main dishes steal the show.

It’s a pleasant pleasure to order delicious crumble and wonderfully baked doughnuts there.

Food delivery is a service offered by Bubba’s Big Bites for the convenience of its clients. This place has well-trained and friendly staff. Visitors enjoy the fantastic service there.

The fair prices at this establishment merit attention. You will have a delightful experience there.

3. Royal Zayka – Cuisine of India & Buffet

Your local Indian restaurant, Royal Zayka, located on Vedder Road features traditional Indian flavours in creative dishes.

Like food adventurers would love, their cuisine honours Indian tradition while simultaneously modernizing it. The patio seating is a great addition to the restaurant’s ambience of brightness, coziness, and comfort.

It’s safe to claim that Royal Zayka has mastered the Naan, the most well-known Indian bread.

They are always reinventing and releasing new flavours, and Coconut Naan is one of their rare and delightful offerings.

Even though the flavorful and light Tandoori Prawns are delicious on their own, the spicy Bombay aloo and butter sauce makes them even more delicious and decadent.

Although they have a variety of gluten-free curry options, the Zafrani Kofta deserves special attention. Homemade cottage cheese koftas are swimming in this thick, creamy gravy, which is the chef’s secret recipe. There is also a tinge of saffron.

Many visitors come to sample perfectly prepared Lamb and Mango Chicken. The best food is delicious ice cream.

You can also get wonderful wine at the restaurant. For customers who like to have dinner quickly, this restaurant that offers takeout food is a wonderful choice. Pleasant and trained staff members work there.

This restaurant’s quick service is a big plus. Many people think that the costs are reasonable for what you get. The warm atmosphere and comfortable furnishings let visitors unwind.

4. Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar

Chilliwack Restaurants
Photo from Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar delivers genuine hand-crafted Italian cuisine and is tucked away at Vedder Road in lovely Chilliwack.

The location is ideal for romantic dates as well as relaxing with family and friends because of its modern and stylish environment.

Enjoy the superb cuisine, which includes everything from appetizers to entrees, and don’t forget to explore the varied wine and drink list.

Frankie’s Italian Chilliwack’s well-prepared steaks, beef carpaccio, and mushroom ravioli are the secret to its popularity. Time to have some tasty ice cream, tiramisu, and flija. It is also recommended that you try the wonderful marsala, beer, or bellini there.

The Polenta Fries are a fantastic appetizer because they are crispy on the exterior and soft and creamy in the middle.

The garlic aioli dipping sauce that is provided with the fries is delicious.

When a meal is named after someone’s Nonna, you know it will be divine: Nonna Maria’s Lasagna. Frankie’s serves homemade, family-recipe lasagna, which cannot be adequately described in words.

It is quite noteworthy that they provide gluten-free pasta and pizza dough options.

You can visit the restaurant to throw a birthday party, wedding, or anniversary celebration. The personnel here are friendly and professional.

This bar offers excellent service, which speaks to its high calibre. Many individuals have observed that the pricing is fair considering what you get. The ambience and decor at Frankie’s Italian Chilliwack are lovely.

5. Chilies Thai Cuisine

Chilies Thai Cuisine, a family-run establishment located at Yale Road, first opened its doors in 2008 and serves meals that showcase the distinctive harmony of flavours that define the cuisine.

The restaurant offers lunch and dinner service, and the decor is straightforward and inviting.

Even passionate fans of Thai cuisine agree that the Pad Thai at Chilies Thai Cuisine is some of the greatest they’ve ever experienced.

With the sweet and salty sauce, this rice noodle dish with chicken is delicious.

Another fascinating meal you might try here is Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Instead of rice, crispy noodles taste best with a tasty sauce made from chicken cooked with cashew nuts and veggies.

If you enjoy spicy food, Chilies Thai Cuisine will take you on an exhilarating ride by giving you a variety of spicy options.

Do try their delicious fried bananas and ice cream. This eatery also offers delectable iced tea.

Chilies Thai Cuisine is renowned for its excellent customer service and helpful staff that is always willing to assist you.

The fair price of the dishes is charged by the restaurant. You’ll enjoy this place’s elegant furnishings and modern atmosphere.

6. Bravo Restaurant Lounge

Photo from Bravo Restaurant

If you want to sample the food of British Columbia, Bravo Restaurant & Lounge, located at Yale Road, which serves Pacific North-West fare, is the place to eat. 

This restaurant offers flavorful dishes from its international menu.

You can try the delicious beef tenderloin, scallops, and rack of lamb that may be served to you. You can also try tasty pastries, coconut ice cream, and cheesecakes in desserts.

You can choose from exquisite martinis, wine, or rum at Bravo Restaurant & Lounge. Excellent coffee will enhance the flavour of your meal and encourage you to return.

A popular dish at Bravo is Beef Tenderloin. They only utilize premium AAA-grade beef, which is juicy, soft, and flavorful when cooked to your preferences. The tenderloin gains a delicious level of richness from the port demi-glace.

Their Fresh Mussels in Spicy Chipotle Cream dish makes you question if anything as delicate as mussels can be boosted so much in flavour thanks to the combination of fresh mussels and the acidic, smoky, and spicy chipotle cream sauce.

This location is ideal for an anniversary celebration. All year long, the friendly staff welcomes you to this location.

The restaurant provides good customer service. The meals are reasonably priced. Visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the gorgeous decor and welcoming ambiance.

This restaurant offers you the chance to experience inventive food in a casually sophisticated, social atmosphere in a global setting.

7. Greek Islands Restaurant

Greek Islands is a family-run, award-winning restaurant that has been gratifying Fraser Valley residents’ appetites for cuisine for the past 40 years.

The restaurant is located on Hocking Avenue. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a Greek wonderland and are being treated like a Greek deity. Not to mention, their cuisine is of exceptional quality.

This restaurant offers flavorful dishes from its international menu. Excellent coffee will enhance the flavour of your meal and encourage you to return.

The quality of a Greek restaurant can be gauged by one dish, the Greek Salad. On Greek Islands, people come for the salad alone because it’s so wonderful and the dressing of salad is also perfect. 

The description of their roast lamb on the menu is “slow cooked for tenderness,” and boy is it tender! With its delicious fattiness, the lamb actually falls off the bone and melts on your tongue.

The delicious and succulent lamb goes well with the rice that you get as a side dish. Another traditional Greek food served on Greek Islands is souvlaki.

You may choose from chicken, beef, or tiger prawns, all of which are incredibly delicious and juicy and pair perfectly with their handmade tzatziki sauce. However, chicken appears to be the fan favourite.

This location is ideal for an anniversary celebration. All year long, the friendly staff welcomes you to this location. The staff is hospitable and professional.

The meals in the restaurant are reasonably priced. Visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the gorgeous decor and welcoming ambiance. 

8. Vita Bella Bistro

Vita Bella Bistro is a fantastic, upmarket, informal Italian restaurant located in Luckakuch Way, Chilliwack.

The restaurant’s menu, which honours Italian culinary traditions, includes everything from house-made Italian desserts to famous pasta dishes. The setting is welcoming and cozy, making it perfect for both date nights and family dinners.

Try the perfectly prepared pasta carbonara, smoked duck, and rack of lamb at Vita Bella Bistro. A pleasant experience is having delicious cheesecakes, gelato, and tiramisu here. Wine lovers should definitely visit this location.

The flagship pasta dish of Vita Bella Bistro is Linguine Fumate, and for good reason! The house-smoked duck breast, which is slow-cooked to make it soft and juicy, is the star of the meal.

The meal has a rich, sweet, and acidic flavour from the sun-dried tomato pesto, which is well-balanced by the unique cream sauce. Everything on the platter is brought together by the sparing application of truffle oil on top.

Apparently, Vita Bella’s house-made veal and beef sausage are out of this world. Their Zampina Bruschetta appetizer, which features the sausage cooked and served over tart, fresh tomato caper bruschetta, gives you a taste of it.

You can place a takeout order at this restaurant. All year long, the accommodating staff welcomes you to this eatery. The staff is kind and provides great service.

Vita Bella Bistro charges reasonable prices, as one would anticipate. The welcoming environment and cozy decor are sure to appeal to you.

9. Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen

The Mexican Restaurant is located on Vedder Road, Chilliwack. They offer traditional Mexican food with the finest quality ingredients. The restaurant is popular among the locals. Hugo’s has a pleasant, trendy atmosphere.

A wise choice for an intimate room is the decor, which is stylish, basic, and most definitely not cheesy. The location has a vibe.

The inside of the restaurant is lovely, with a modern tropical vibe and pink accent walls that make you feel like you’re in Mexico.

The dining area is sun-drenched on sunny days, revealing the subtly Mexico City-inspired elements. There are alternatives on the menu to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Try tasting the perfectly prepared tacos, bean rice, salsa, beef barbacoa, pork carnitas, tofu chorizo and chips. Also, you need to enjoy their excellent ice cream and good churros for dessert.

Margaritas and beers are the options available in drinks. You can get decent coffee or horchata at Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen. You can also bring your vegan friends there.

Customers can unwind in this establishment’s cozy setting after a long day at work. The staff is cool, friendly and hospitable. You can find delectable food at affordable pricing there.

10. Corner Nook Café

The Corner Nook Café is a popular restaurant located on Young Road

It is a small, quiet café in Chilliwack that serves brunch and breakfast in the early morning hours. This eatery fills your spirit with generous servings of cuisine at an affordable price.

Don’t forget to taste the excellent burgers, omelets, and grilled bacon at this restaurant. Delicious biscuits, sandwiches, French toast, and banana pancakes can leave a lasting effect on you. 

Visitors to this restaurant feel at ease and enjoy themselves because of the welcoming atmosphere.

The staff is enthusiastic and hospitable. The excellent service at Corner Nook Café demonstrates its high degree of excellence.

Corner Nook is a suitable option for all fuss-free diners because it is an unpretentious and authentic dining establishment.

11. Cookies Grill

Photo from Cookies Grill

Cookies Grill is known for some of the best comfort food and breakfast dishes in Yale Road, Chilliwack.

They provide several variations of the breakfast staple Eggs Benedict, are well-known for their Stuffed French Toast, and are one of the few locations in the Fraser Valley that serves Chicken & Waffles.

You should definitely try their strawberry waffles. You will get excellent coffee, juice and tea in drinks at this eatery.

Visitors can unwind at Cookies Grill after a long day of work thanks to the cozy ambiance.

The friendly staff makes this establishment great by working hard and remaining upbeat. They provide a professional level of service.

The prices of meals are reasonable. It is renowned for having a cozy atmosphere. This is the perfect place for a delightful dinner and makes the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, shower, or family gathering, unforgettable.

12. Shandhar Hut Indian Cuisine

 Shandhar Hut Indian Cuisine is a well-known restaurant located on Yale Road.

It is known for offering delicious Indian foods and is crowded almost every day. The menu offers a great variety of food such as various types of naan (tandoori, paneer, and garlic), samosas, pakoras, kaurma, chicken, rogan josh, curry, and much more.

They offer gulab jamun, ras malai, kheer, and ice cream in desserts. Beverages include various types of tea, lassi, and shakes. Mango lassi is a must-try.

Dishes that are gluten and nut free are specifically mentioned on the menu.

Imagine having excellent food and welcoming service all in one place—exactly that’s what this restaurant provides.

Excellent service is important to these restaurateurs. Additionally, low prices make the place more attractive.

Visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the elegant décor and inviting ambiance.

In the End

These were 12 Excellent Chilliwack Restaurants that offer delightful food with great ambiance. We hope you found this list useful! Make sure to let us know in the comments section!

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