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Restaurants Verdun

Restaurants Verdun truly has something for everyone in terms of cuisine. Just to name a few, there are Italian, French, Mexican, Korean, and Cambodian cuisines, as well as cuisines related to local products.

The majority of these diverse offerings are focused around Wellington Street or near Liverpool House, which is constantly expanding, although a few others are on Verdun and Lasalle, two nearby streets.

The Montreal neighbourhood of Verdun is lovely. The neighbourhood, which is tucked between Nuns Island, Saint-Henri, and Pointe-Saint-Charles, is still a little undiscovered but worth exploring. The fantastic restaurants in Verdun are what I like best about the city.

There are numerous restaurants and cafes to choose from. Some of them are available for takeout only.

1. Rita Restaurant

These three words best describe the food at Rita: freshness, simplicity, and generosity.

Rita’s menu is constantly updated based on inspiration from d’Alleva to make tasty dishes. Varieties of fast food like pizza, pasta, burgers, fries, etc. got served in this amazing Verdun restaurant.

A few different pizza selections, three pasta dishes, and one or two alternatives for meat and fish are always included on the short but effective menu.

One of the first restaurants in Verdun to serve pies in the Neapolitan style is Rita. Vegan options are also available here.

If pizza is not in the cards, Rita offers a seasonal menu of homemade cheese pasta.

Address: 3681 rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1V1, Canada

2. Pavillon Snack Bar

The Pavillon Snack Bar wonderfully exemplifies the conviviality and sense of community that Verdun is known for in Montreal. It is one of the best restaurants on the edge of Wellington Street, and locals are gradually making it their go-to cafe-bistro.

Andrew was the proprietor of the St. Patrick Street café Le Mastiff before the epidemic. There is a great atmosphere, and the staff is friendly. While their warm coffee is required, their homemade chocolate chip banana bread (one of the best in town) is far superior. For the summer, they also offer an excellent selection of iced coffees.

Restaurants verdun
Photo by Ryan Concepcion on unsplash

Additionally, Les Touriers Bakery sells delicious pastries for sweet lovers. The fact that Pavillon Snack Bar offers some of the greatest coffee in the region is no accident, but Tom Sulik deserves praise for it.

In addition to serving as manager, Tom also began working with Andrew and Sean as a roaster. Trillium, the roasting facility he owns in Montreal, provides the restaurant with high-quality coffee that is custom brewed for them.

One of the best restaurants in Verdun offers great food. Their menu features a wide variety of tastes in foods! Sean Hayes, the chef, creates flavorful food.

Both the BLT-style sandwiches, like the breakfast sandwich, and the breakfast burrito with homemade salsa are excellent and quite filling.

On a gluten-free bun, sandwiches for breakfast can also be made with bacon, chicken, pig, or even avocado. The torta, a filling sandwich made with BBQ chicken, is another meal that you simply must get.

Address: 5200 rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4H 1M9, Canada

3. Les Street Monkeys

Friendly restaurants Verdun serves cuisine from Cambodia. Enjoy the modest plates cooked by Les Street Monkeys if you’re looking for authentic Cambodian flavours.

However, Les Street Monkeys‘ menu is what draws the most attention from consumers, and for good reason. This restaurant serves dishes that will amaze you with their flavours, which is a hallmark of good traditional Cambodian food.

restaurants verdun
Photo by Alaundra Alford on unsplash

Constellation’s well-known wine brands make up the wine list at this restaurant, which also serves seven specialty cocktails, all of which were developed by mixer Van Quillar. There are also a variety of cocktails.

The restaurant is a wonderful place to eat brunch, have a fun date, or have a group get-together, and the food from Cambodia is delicious. We advise giving it a shot!

Address: 3625 Wellington St., Verdun, Quebec H4G 1T9, Canada

4. Bagel St-Lo

It is a great place that continues to provide hearty breakfasts, great coffee, dinners, and freshly baked bagels in the center of Verdun. You will fall in love with this quaint neighbourhood restaurant’s quirky décor, friendly service, and cozy atmosphere.

The purpose of this innovative, young firm is to focus on local development, and this is evident in both the people who make up its committed staff and the partners and suppliers it chooses.

This is a tiny restaurant that is worth the detour. the renowned Benedictines, to try!

Address: 5411 Rue de Verdun, Verdun, QC H4H 1K6, Canada

5. Les Canailles

This is a French vegetarian restaurant where only French cuisine is prepared. affordable cuisine that is excellent! There are always some daily deals listed on the board, and their menu is really great. I recommend the delicious shrimp risotto.

Every two months, I visit, and I’ve always been pleased. Thus, this is a must-visit place. It is a little outside of the city center, but well worth the trip. Bring your own wine to enjoy.

Address: 3854 Ontario St. E., Montreal, Quebec H1W 1S4, Canada

6. Verdun Beach

Our neighbourhood’s new favourite destination is Verdun Beach, officially! While some may refer to it as a wine bar, the team is experimenting with a concept that is less typical in Montreal: a guinguette.

Whatever you want to call it, Verdun Beach promises to be a destination where you can enjoy good food, drink, and dancing. This is a perfect spot for eating lunch and dinner.

restaurants verdun
Photo by Joyful on unsplash

Frandon’s wine list, for those who choose to drink (after all, it is a bar)! They also provide a few house drinks and a range of craft beers to complete the beverage menu.

Although Verdun Beach is primarily a bar, it is important to remember that a good guinguette also provides variety in taste, and this one is no exception. The meal that chef Philippe Gougeon has created is intended to satisfy even the most voracious diners.

Gougeon, whom we’ve gotten to know through Park and Roseline, has created a delectable cuisine that is bursting with fresh ingredients and vows to change with the seasons.

The menu is punctuated by a small variety of mouthwatering desserts, ensuring that those with a sweet tooth are not neglected.

Address: 4816 Wellington St., Verdun, Quebec H4G 1X4, Canada

7. Well

The restaurant provides hearty and delicious brunch cuisine in a welcoming, casual setting.

While both Peter Simard and Paule Vezina were employed at L’entre-pots Masson, the concept for Well began to take shape in their minds. They opened the restaurant with the intention of establishing a welcoming atmosphere where one might feel somewhat at home.

For this reason, they decided on the name “Well,” which also makes reference to the street it is located on, Wellington.

Restaurants verdun
Photo by Jaqueline Pelzer on unsplash

Popular items on the menu include the shakshouka and the pancakes with bacon and ricotta. Besides, tartiflette and grilled cheese with duck confit are highly recommended by customers.

The quantities of dishes are sizable, and the majority of the recipes can be made vegetarian or vegan. You will definitely receive your money’s worth, we promise!

Manager Daniel Abécassis and his staff provide a wonderful selection of natural and organic wines, hand-selected wines, and delectable coffees to go with everything.

Address: 4567 Wellington St., Verdun, Quebec H4G 1W8, Canada

8. Aka Fuji

This is the best sushi and sashimi eatery owned by the Japanese in Montreal, and it is only open for takeout. Aka Fuji is a perfect place to spend a happy hour with family and friends.

With smoked salmon sashimi, you must order a plate of Ebi Shrimp Tempura, Nagano, Rainbow, and Sunflower maki sushi rolls. These are the best dishes that you must taste whenever you go to one of the amazing Verdun restaurants.

Address: 3872 Wellington St., Verdun, Quebec H4G 1V2, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Vietnamese Restaurants Are in Wellington?

Ans. There are many restaurants in Wellington, like Chez BOSS & Fils, Aka Fuji, BOSSA Prêt à manger, etc.

2. What Are the Best Indian Restaurants in Verdun?

Ans. Namaste Inde is one of the best restaurants in town.

3. What Are the Best Italian Restaurants in Verdun?

Ans. Romeo e Giulietta, Rita, Basilico Pizza and Pasta, and many more are Italian restaurants.

4. What Are the Best Restaurants in Montreal?

Ans. Jellyfish Montreal and Cadet are two of Montreal’s best restaurants.

5. Where Are the Warm and Inviting Restaurants in Montreal’s Verdun Neighborhood?

Ans. There are many on this list, such as Tuck Shop, Le Vin Papillon, etc.

6. What Are the Best Romantic Hotels in Verdun?

Ans. Cheap romantic hotels include Hotel St-Denis, Auberge du Carré St-Louis, and Holiday Inn Express St. Jean sur Richelieu.

7. What Is Verdun’s Most Luxurious Romantic Hotel?

Ans. Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel.


Verdun has become one of Montreal’s top neighbourhoods for eating out in less than ten years, thanks to a constant influx of restaurateurs and chefs.

Currently, the borough’s ancient, traditional Montreal restaurants and a preexisting variety of cuisines coexist side by side with new and glitzy places, generating a strong culinary volley of the greatest restaurants Verdun has to offer.

This area of town is surely one to watch hungry, with some of the top Chinese restaurants in the city and strong competitors for the best bagels in Montreal and beyond.

Besides this, there are a lot of restaurants for lunch and brunch near Indian Ocean Island and Liverpool House for amazing food in Montreal.

Pizzeria Gippetto, Burgundy Lion, Joe Beef, Diallo Burger, etc. are present near Liverpool House, and Les Délices is near the Indian Ocean Island.

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