9 Best Things to do in Penticton

things to do in penticton

When it comes to the Best Things to Do in Penticton, British Columbia, people have a lot of choices. Penticton is situated in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia’s Southern Interior, in Canada. It is sandwiched between Okanagan lake and Skaha Lake.

The city is surrounded on two sides by sea and on the other two sides by orchard-covered mountains.

Penticton is a popular destination for travellers due to its proximity to the well-known Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park. Numerous local events, such as the Okanagan Wine Festival and the, typically attract many guests and tourists from different parts of the country.

Penticton is well-known for its rolling vineyards, glistening lakes, golden beaches, enormous mountain ranges, and one of Canada’s best year-round climates.

Penticton, BC, is the place to go if you want to spend the day at the beach. Skaha Lake, in the south, and the enormous Okanagan Lake, in the north, are two lovely lakes that border the city.

The Okanagan Valley’s climate is characterized by long, hot, bright summers and warm, wet winters.

This region enjoys these characteristics year-round. The pleasant weather draws a mix of tourists and retirees. You may learn about the most significant things to do and see in Penticton with the aid of our list of top tourist destinations.

10 Best Things to do in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

So, if you’re looking for some interesting things to do in Penticton, have a look at our recommendations down below.

1. The Kettle Valley Trail

One of the most remarkable best things to do in Penticton is cycling the Kettle Valley Trail. The path starts in Penticton and extends to Naramata and beyond. Okanagan Lake and the nearby vineyards are beautifully seen from this short hiking track.

The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is a recreational path that can be utilized for a variety of activities, including walking, cycling, and hiking, among other things. Bicycles are available for rent at a nearby shop. The hike provides expansive, priceless views of Penticton and Okanagan Lake.

You can also see the massive Penticton sign on Munson Mountain from the trail. There are various places in Penticton where you can easily hike this trek. You can begin your trip in the downtown Penticton parking area on Vancouver Place.

This will take you on a beautiful ride alongside Okanagan Lake and via a couple of trestle bridges as you ascend through the Naramata district. If you want a guided trip or need a bike, there are many options available.

The Kettle Valley Trail is one of the most beautiful trails for biking or walking in the Okanagan. The majority of guests who come to Penticton believe that paying a visit to this trail is among the most enjoyable things that can be done while in the city.

If you want to capture the mesmerizing splendour of the landscape along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail again and again, you need to bring a camera or your phone with you. This trail follows a defunct railway that ran through southern British Columbia in the early 1900s. The mountain trail now offers stunning views of the Okanagan valley.

The Kettle Valley Trail
Image from The Kettle Valley Trail

1.1. What’s the Favorite Section of the Kettle Valley Trail?

Myra Canyon, which can be found to the south of Kelowna, is consistently recognized as one of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail’s most popular sections for various outdoor activities, such as sightseeing and hiking, and cycling.

If riding is your main interest, this seven-hour bicycle journey across the Kettle Valley Railway from Myra Canyon is one of the best things to do in Penticton.

This tour starts in Kelowna and goes through the Myra Canyon, the most beautiful part of the rail trail. This 74km/46-mile bicycle journey takes you over 19 trestle bridges and into three tunnels.

You can stop for lunch at Chute Lake before concluding your cycle at a Naramata bench winery.

2. Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park, located just south of downtown Penticton, is one of the best places in Canada to go rock climbing. Other trails have been adequately maintained if you’re different from the hiking type.

Here, a diverse range of creatures can be seen, including bighorn sheep, nocturnal snakes, Western screech owls, and fringed and small-footed myotis bats.

The scenic location of Penticton makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park simply takes a small amount of time to drive from the city to go to the best climbing spot in the Okanagan Valley, which also happens to be one of the best things to do in all of British Columbia. The space has cliff walls that are so sheer they attract climbers like moths to a flame.

Shady Valley, Sun Valley, and The Grand Canyon are home to more than 1,200 climbs ranging in grade from easy to quite tough. The climbing season begins in March and continues until October, even though the summer months can reach very high temperatures.

If you’re interested in learning how to climb, enrol in a Skaha Bluffs Five-Hour Intro Course. In addition to climbing, the park has trails for mountain biking and hiking.

The routes pass through Ponderosa pine and bunchgrass woodlands. In addition to night and western rattlesnakes, keep an eye out for bighorn sheep and western scream owls.

Bighorn sheep are a threatened species in this area. Use caution when choosing your path through the trails because some might be surprisingly challenging.

Keep in mind that the majority of the hiking and mountain bike routes are in the southern area of Okanagan Lake Park, near Gilles Creek, which was extensively devastated by the Christie Mountain Wildfire.

The Skaha Bluffs stands out due to its top-notch rock climbing, magnificent scenery, and wide variety of animals.

Some of Canada’s best rock climbing may be found at The Bluffs. There are about one thousand climbing routes spread across sixty-six different rock faces that are worth climbing.

You can engage in rock rising from March through October, depending on when the snow falls and melts. On long weekends, parking can be difficult to find due to the huge number of visitors.

You need to let them know how many additional guests will be attending so that they can make the necessary adjustments. You will have everything you need to climb the rock, including a helmet, harness, ropes, shoes, and a qualified guide.

3. Enjoy the Munson Mountain View

An extinct volcano named Munson Mountain can be found to the northeast of Penticton in the province of British Columbia. It is well known for the enormous PENTICTON sign that can be seen from across Okanagan Lake and the incredible panoramic views of the South Okanagan valley.

The way to get to Munson Mountain is from Middle Bench Road North, which is just north of Poplar Grove Winery. Watch for a sign that indicates the direction of the exit.

It is essential to point out that although there is a parking space at the very end of the road, this location does not have any public restrooms or outhouses.

The main path, which starts at the parking area and goes up to a sheltered viewing area, is paved and easy to follow. It provides a fantastic view beyond Skaha Lake, Penticton, and Okanagan Lake. Even for young children or anyone with accessibility challenges.

It’s simple and enjoyable to hike this little section of the trail. One of the most amazing and wonderful things to do in Penticton is to visit Munson Mountain.

The Penticton sign is located on Munson Mountain, formerly a volcano that has since erupted. The city and Okanagan Lake are both seen from a breathtaking vantage point reached by a short, level route.

If you want to climb further, take the trail up to the plateau above the Penticton sign. There is one section that is pretty high and has some unstable rocks. The peak offers expansive views over the Naramata Bench.

4. Skaha Lake Park

Now, let us talk about another best thing to do in Penticton: visit Skaha Lake Park. It is situated at Skaha Lake Road and Parkview Street in Penticton, BC, Canada, V2A 3W2.

Skaha Lake Park in Penticton is a wonderful place to spend the day and is well worth the trip.

Skaha Lake Park, situated along the lake’s shoreline, is ideal for spending the entire day with your friends and family. Many trees and grassy sites give you alternatives for shade while enjoying the scenery.

There are two playground areas for youngsters and a splash pad so they can stay cool while still having fun in the sun. Skaha Lake Park, a 21-acre lakefront park, provides tourists with several recreational opportunities.

According to Chatelaine Magazine, one of Canada’s top beaches is Skaha Lake Park.

This 21-acre park has a sandy beach, places for sports, picnics, and a playground for kids. All visitors are welcome to utilize the park’s basketball courts, tennis courts, softball diamonds, and beach volleyball courts on a first-come, first-served basis.

On a lovely day, you can even have a picnic there. You can also pick up a tasty snack at one of the adjacent concession stands, which are located nearby.

This breathtakingly lovely park by a sparkling lake gives panoramic views of the water and the surrounding landscape. If you want to spend the day by crystal-clear water and white sand beaches while visiting Penticton, you must visit Skaha Lake Park.

The park is perfect for families because it has a water park, calm water, a lot of play structures, and an open green area with picnic tables underneath big pine trees.

5. Penticton’s Farmer Market

The Penticton Farmer’s Market is the ideal location to enjoy some wholesome goodness from one of Canada’s top agricultural regions, the Okanagan Valley.

It is situated at 100 Main St, Penticton, BC, Canada, V2A 5A5. The Okanagan Valley, one of Canada’s finest agricultural regions, is known for its nutritious local produce, and this is the perfect spot to enjoy it.

In addition to delicious food like baked bread loaves, preserves, and other mouthwatering sweets, the market’s merchants also sell fresh and reasonably priced local fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, there is an area of the market dedicated to crafts where you can purchase items like flowers, handmade cosmetics, pottery, sculptures, and much more.

Everything sold at the Penticton Farmers Market is grown or made locally. Saturday mornings can be spent strolling down the main street, exploring the farmer’s market, and interacting with the people.

There’s a solid reason why this farmers market is a complete zoo. There is a tonne of sellers on the streets. This market has everything, from vegan cheeses to handmade pottery to fresh local produce.

This is one of the top weekend activities in Penticton during the summer or early fall! It would be best if you arrived with an appetite, as there will be several food trucks selling tasty treats.

The farmers market has been operating for more than 30 years and features a large variety of merchants offering fruits and vegetables, jams, handmade crafts, and baked goods.

6. Loco Landing Adventure Park

Loco Landing Adventure Park is a pleasant family-friendly amusement park for younger children. This adventure park is located downtown, just a block from Okanagan Lake.

Loco Landing Adventure Park is every kid’s dream, with everything from bumper boats to high-level ropes, fast go-karts, and wildly entertaining activities. As a result, going here is one of the top things to do in Penticton.

Loco Landing Adventure Park
Image from Loco Landing Adventure Park

You can pay as you go for each activity at this establishment that a family owns, or you can purchase a one-time pass that enables access to all of the activities, does not expire, and can be shared by many people.

We finally purchased two cards for the children and individual passes for bumper boats, mini golf, and go-karts for ourselves.

There are numerous activities available in this park, including bumper boats, go-karts, a mini golf course, massive bouncy castles, a climbing wall, a ropes course, and more. You can choose between paying for each activity or a bundled fee to participate in all the activities.

You won’t find a better area in town to let the kids run around and play. The park is a well-liked family destination spread across a vast region.

There are numerous attractions and activities offered, including bumper boats, a high-level ropes course, a jump and slide, miniature golf, Aeroball (a game played on trampolines that is comparable to dodgeball), Monkey Motion (a spinning attraction that shoots visitors 18 feet into the air), Go Karts, Rock Climbing, and A Big Baller Course (where you try and make it across four giant balls without falling off).

LocoLanding can be found on the east side of Penticton, just a short distance from the shore and close to where the SS Sicamous is located.

In Penticton, Loco Landing also features a Big Baller with WipeOut-style fun and an Aeroball court for a two-on-two trampoline basketball. They also include inflatable American Ninja-style courses for youngsters and trampolines with straps for safe backflips.

A little restaurant/canteen where you can get something to eat or drink is also there, as well as an outdoor climbing wall. As a family-run park operating for more than ten years in Penticton, the Loco Landing Adventure Park continues to grow.

 7. Apex Mountain Resort

Apex Mountain Resort is a ski resort in Hedley, BC, about 22 miles from Penticton and visiting this place is another best thing to do in Penticton.

It has a 5000-hectare area and is the ideal place to go when there are few people around in the winter. You will only be required to wait in line for about two minutes. Only locals are generally aware of this beautiful location; the resort is a hidden local gem.

Apex Mountain Resort is the place to go if you are new to skiing or snowboarding because it offers activities for people of all skill levels. To learn how to ski, you can enroll in skiing lessons. It is a Penticton lakeside resort.

You can stay at the resort and take in the stunning views of the surrounding white landscape. The resort’s cafes and restaurants are open for lunch and dinner as well. When you’re in Penticton during the winter, don’t forget to check out this daring location.

Apex Mountain Resort
Image From Apex Mountain Resort

Apex Mountain is a top BC ski and snowboard hill. Depending on winter road conditions, the journey to the mountain from Penticton will take around one hour. The ride up the mountain is very beautiful as you wind through the unspoiled splendour of British Columbia’s forests.

8. SS Sicamous Museum & Heritage Park

Visiting SS Sicamous Museum & Heritage Park is another best thing to do in Penticton. It’s one of Penticton’s most well-known tourist destinations.

The SS Sicamous was first put into service in 1915 and was responsible for transporting people as well as goods to a variety of destinations all along the coasts of Okanagan lake.

It was a trip that won praise for its beauty and luxury, and it’s well worth your time. In 1951, the SS Sicamous made its final voyage. It is now conserved as a public museum.

The SS Sicamous Museum is a 1914 steam sternwheeler that may be found on the southern portion of Penticton’s waterfront. Travelling here is like going back in time to the luxury ship travel era.

The dining room and the ornate internal spaces are all open for viewing. The SS Sicamous made 14 stops a day on Okanagan Lake on its journey to Vernon.

SS Sicamous Museum & Heritage Park
Image from SS Sicamous Museum & Heritage Park

The Gentleman’s Saloon, which still has its original furniture including a red carpet and a cane bench, and the Grand Staircase, which was constructed from wood imported from Australia, are two highlights. Both of these rooms are located on the second floor.

The flawlessly preserved engine room, which features a large boiler and multicoloured pipes, will captivate people who enjoy mechanics. Children will enjoy the scale model of the Kettle Valley Railway in the engine room.

9. Wine Tasting

One of the nicest things to do in Penticton is to participate in a wine tasting. Penticton is one of the top wine-producing areas in Canada.

Most of the well-known Penticton wineries are situated along the Naramata Bench, a few kilometres northeast of Penticton. If the Okanagan Valley is famed for anything, it is its wine.

The Okanagan region has the ideal climate for growing great grapes and even more excellent wine. The Naramata region, located northeast of Penticton, is well-known in Canada for producing delicious wine and breathtaking Okanagan lake views.

Booking your wine tastings in advance is highly recommended since it will guarantee you a seat because it is one of the most popular and best things to do in Penticton. Most vineyards will try to accommodate walk-ins, although wineries are busy, especially in summer.

The vineyard’s distinctive wines are available for tastings, which last around 30 minutes and cost money. There are more than 40 wineries in the Naramata/Penticton region.

You might have wished you had left your children at home for this excursion because there are more than 80 wineries, five craft breweries, and two distilleries within 20 minutes of downtown Penticton.

Even with all the humour, Penticton is home to many of the more than 300 wineries found in the Okanagan Valley. There are wineries in Penticton that offer activities for both adults and children, such as wine tasting, cellar tours, and even the chance to crush grapes for yourself. The majority also provide grape tasting for young children to feel included in the activity.


Thank you for reading this article. Hope you found this article helpful.

It is a charming little city with a tonne of fascinating best things to do in Penticton. Through its museums, recreational spaces, Okanagan Lake, variety of wines, and antique shops, Penticton blends the spirit of discovery with historical legacy in our list of 10 best Things to Do In Penticton.

The Okanagan Valley also referred to as Penticton, is a region in British Columbia, Canada, that offers a variety of parks, tourist destinations, and scenic landscapes.

In the city, where temperatures are reasonable, there are many vineyards and orchards. To make the most of your time here, we suggest that you stop by each of the places included in the top 10 best things to do in Penticton.

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