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Top12 Terrace Restaurants in BC: You Must Visit

terrace restaurants in BC

Are you searching for terrace restaurants in BC ? This article might help you to find that! 

According to a study, outside helps people relax and relieve tension, which enhances the flavors and fragrances of food and drink. Rooftop dining rooms, such as the eight Canadian options featured below, are exceptional and eye-catching places where breathtaking panoramic views meet a world-class dining experience

So now let us find out some popular restaurants near Toronto-

1. The Beech tree 

Beech Tree is an acclaimed restaurant and bar with a cozy and romantic interior. Think eye-catching wallpaper that will revitalize former diners by 2022. Their summer terrace is lively and regularly has live music.

The Beech Tree has an eclectic menu inspired by British chefs, Italian farmhouse cuisine, French, Spanish, and North African cuisine with an Ontario twist. Be sure to try the cocktails and crispy peak crepes.

Terrace BC Restaurants
image source from the beech tree

2. Kyouka Ramen

This eatery’s chicken ramen is well-known. Their meal has a genuine Japanese flavor. You customize the spice and fat content of any dish at Kyouka Ramen. The food is therefore tailored to your preferences. Since its opening in 2015, this restaurant has been serving delicious dishes.

The cuisine is worth the money because the portions are so large. Here, the broths are meticulously prepared using a variety of cuts of beef to give them a rich flavor and scent.

3. Tiflisi

Tiflisi is a restaurant serving authentic Georgian cuisine. This family-run, family-friendly business has collected traditional recipes over the years and puts that dedication into everything on its menu. Their food is delicious, and their seafood is top-notch.

Terrace BC Restaurants
image source from Tiflisi

4. Green Eggplant

Burgers, spaghetti, seafood, and other delicacies are available at this Mediterranean eatery that welcomes families. To make the pasta creamy, briefly stir it in the sauce. Shrimp and lobster pieces are mixed in this dish. 

A side salad with homemade dressing is served with this entrée. The morning fare is excellent here. If you get up early, we suggest you give it a try. The cuisine is of incredible quality. If you visit here, do try their seafood cuisine. You would love it.

5. Yumei Sushi Japanese Restaurant

The most extraordinary sushi is served here. Because the dishes are reasonably priced, and their homemade rolls are large, ordering a combo is almost always worthwhile. The variety of their sushi makes it a perennial favorite among diners.

Additionally, this restaurant offers some fine wine that goes well with the food. The dragon roll is a popular item with the patrons here.

The avocado is moist, the cucumber is crunchy, and the shrimp is fragrant. Together, the ingredients make a delicious feast. 

Terrace BC Restaurants
image source from Yumei Sushi

6. Vivetha Bistro

The little Italian-French fusion restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is decorated with pictures of famous people. The European bistro menu is healthier than other bistro menus, with an extensive salad bar featuring dishes such as smoked salmon, goat cheese, and grilled wild mushrooms. 

7. Garden Gate Restaurant

This is a breakfast and brunch restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine. So they have an extensive menu with different options to choose from. This diner excels in food and service. A customer favorite here is the Garden Gate Chicken Sandwich.

Chicken club sandwich with cheese and mayonnaise. It’s delicious because it’s easy and fills you up. One of the charms of this restaurant is that the food is served quickly and at a reasonable price. Here you get your money’s worth as the portions are substantial.

image source from Garden Gate

8. The Stone lion

There are two large terraces with great views to enjoy your meal. We follow the “first come, first served” principle. If you want to dine al fresco, check availability first. This restaurant is located very close to Woodbine Beach.

Enjoy pub-style dining with friends at The Stone Lion. They also have some excellent vegetarian options. The black bean burger is a customer favorite, just the right size and delicious. The ambiance and service here are great. 

9. La Sala Restaurant

This Italian restaurant has delicious pasta. A customer favorite here is the beef carpaccio.  This dish is very fresh and goes well with arugula and parmesan cheese. Hearty meals are perfect for this restaurant. This restaurant has a nice terrace, and the environment is very relaxing. 

The pasta dishes here are very vital, and the sauces are homemade. The prices are reasonable, so many people come to eat pipe dishes when they have time. You can go right eat here.

10. Green Basil

Thai, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines are served at this restaurant using traditional family recipes. To produce high-quality meals, their recipes are seasoned with conventional herbs. The mango chicken is a popular item with the patrons here. Both the sweetness and saltiness are just right.

The colorful meal goes nicely with rice, noodles, and other dishes. There is little wait because this location is so close to the beach, and they prepare their dishes swiftly. This location is worth checking out if you’re looking for traditional food to enjoy with friends.

11. Mira Mira Diner

This charming retro diner with a busy summer patio elevates traditional diner favorites like fish & chips into something new, intriguing, and contemporary. After a day at the beach, this is the ideal location for a comforting supper. Also, be sure to sample their delectable cocktails.

12. Limon

This Middle Eastern eatery close to Woodbine Beach provides takeaway and delivery. Come to Limon and taste their incredible food if you’re tanning or just spending a lazy day on the beach.

The falafel served here is especially popular with customers because it is crispy on the outside and warm on the inside. It also contains lightly pickled vegetables. Israeli cuisine is best served with lemon. Great place to buy takeout if you live near the beach. 

There are also brewed beers for sale. Try the baklava if you want to eat with friends. This pastry dish has honey as a sweetener and is loaded with almonds.

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