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5 Famous Amusement Parks in Vancouver

Amusement parks in Vancouver

Vancouver is located in British Columbia, Canada. It was the third-largest cosmopolitan city in Canada in 2021, with a population 0f 2.6 million. 

Vancouver had the highest population density in Canada in the year 2021. There are a number of theme parks and amusement parks in Vancouver.

Vancouver is rated among the topmost cities in British Columbia, Canada in terms of comfort and luxury. You should visit Vancouver for a memorable experience.

A lot of tourists visit Vancouver mainly because of the presence of its amusement and theme parks. You can plan a trip to Vancouver with your family and friends.

There are numerous fantastic amusement parks in Vancouver that you must visit to add to the pleasure of your tour. Vancouver’s beauty, as well as its architecture, will undoubtedly entice you.

Formerly known as Gastown, Vancouver today offers many attractive sites to explore, including the theme parks in Vancouver.

Because amusement parks are a significant draw here, we are going to learn more about them so that you may receive a thorough tour.


Archaeological evidence suggests that between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago, native people were already residing in the Vancouver region. The city is situated on traditional Coast Salish territory.

In 2000, the theme park’s initial name was Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf. Nevertheless, between 2014 and 2015, it underwent a total transformation to become an extraordinarily dynamic amusement park with award-winning engineering and distinctive rides and attractions.

theme park night view
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Tips for Visiting Amusement Parks

1. Buy your Tickets Online

Buying tickets online is one of the greatest ways to avoid the huge lines at the ticket booth.

Furthermore, when you book your tickets online, you may take advantage of special deals and discounts that you would not receive if you bought them at the counter.

You may discover a discount on a couple of admissions and numerous group packages on the website.

2. Do your Research

Create a to-do list because it is impossible to visit every nook and corner of the amusement park that you will be visiting.

3. Bring your Essentials

Please study the theme park’s terms and conditions before packing your belongings to avoid any confusion at the time or upon arrival.

Wear lightweight clothing throughout the summer to avoid heatstroke. Bring a backpack containing sunglasses, a phone, and sunscreen.

4. Carry your Ids

Do carry your identification proofs to show at the time of entry to authenticate your age and other necessary details.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Amusement Parks in Vancouver

1. Roller Coasters and Rides

The amusement parks in Vancouver have the most thrilling rides, including the only rollercoaster in the Fraser Valley.

The Cloud Buster, a new addition to the Cultus adventure park this year, is a 151-foot tower attraction that lifts 12 people to a magnificent height of 120 feet from the ground before cutting all lines of communication and letting them free fall to the earth in three seconds.

2. Admission is Free

Admission to Cultus Lake Adventure Park is always free; you only pay for the rides, games, and refreshments available on-site.

Individual ride tokens or an All-Day Unlimited Rides Wristband can be purchased.

3. It is Beautiful in the Evening.

The amusement and theme parks are lightened up at night for a mesmerizing and memorable summer evening experience which is perfect for families and friends.

The reduced-price night rider pass lets you experience the park’s rides and attractions at a fraction of the cost.

4. There is Something for the Whole Family.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park is one of the few summer vacation destinations where everyone in the family can have a good time.

There is something for everyone, from the action-packed roller coasters of the park to the more laid-back enjoyment of gold and gem panning or Mini Golf.

Water park view
Photo by Tom fisk on Pexels

5 Famous Amusement Parks in Vancouver 

1. Playland Amusement Park

Playland amusement park is one of the oldest and the first amusement parks in Vancouver. It is situated on Hastings street.

Playland is open from May to September every year and runs on a seasonal basis. As part of its yearly “Fright Nights” which is Halloween-themed festivities, the park also reopens in October.

At the Playland’s annual summer fair, which runs from mid-August through Labor Day, extra rides are brought in from West Coast Amusements, almost triple the number of rides in the park.

Rides at the Playland Amusement Park

Playland has the most thrilling rides like the legendary Wooden Roller Coaster, Dizzy Drop, the swing ride Atmosfear, Crazy Beach Party, and The Beast which is Canada’s most severe pendulum attraction.

The highlight of this park is the classic wooden roller coaster. Younger kids can enjoy super fun rides like a merry-go-round, Bug Whirled, kettle creek, pirate ship, super slide, and Honeybee Express.

It offers wonderful rides, amusing activities, and frightening shows. Since 1910, the playland amusement park has hosted an umpteen number of visitors who have enjoyed fun performances, exhibitions, sporty events, amusement rides, concerts, cultural activities, and summer fairs.

There is a large selection of food options, including pizza, slushies, sugar floss, candy floss, and mini donuts.

The park is committed to giving visitors extraordinary experiences and supporting the social cohesion of the neighborhood.

In addition, Playland offers a variety of exciting pursuits including climbing walls, mini golf, midway games, and haunted houses.

Playland has 39 attractions in total. The Glass House funhouse, a climbing wall, face painting, and mini golf are just a few of Playland’s interactive activities.

The haunted house and shooting gallery at Playland are supplementary attractions that guests must pay to access; they are not part of the park’s regular entrance price.

The amusement parks in Vancouver also feature an arcade and other entertaining activities, such as Skee-Ball, wave swinger, and a balloon-popping darts game.

The park offers a range of fun rides, including three roller coasters, in addition to interactive entertainment.

The park remained open until 1957 when it shifted its amusement park operations to its current location.

merry go round in one of the famous amusement parks in Vancouver
Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels

2. Granville Island Waterpark

One of the best amusement parks in Vancouver is Granville Island Waterpark. Granville Island Water Park is the ideal amusement park for you if you want to have a fun-filled water park experience.

Attractions at the Granville Island Water Park

It features fun activities for children of all ages, including sprays, water fountains, slides, painted pavement, fire hydrants, water pipes, and a designated area for toddlers.

The Granville Island Water Park offers extraordinary activities, rich food, an enchanting aura, etc. There is also accommodation available on the island.

Children using slides must be at least 3 feet 6 inches tall. Between May 21 and June 26, the entire water park is open on weekends and on Victoria Day.

You can have an adventurous experience at the spray park and water slide in the children’s park area at the Granville Island Water Park. 

Weekdays from June 20 to July 2 will see the spray park exclusively. 

Fight the summer heat by taking your family to Granville Island Water Park and splashing around in the water fountains.

Make sure your children have water-resistant shoes they can wear as the surface is pavement. Although children can play barefoot, it will be simpler to run and move around in water-resistant shoes.

The Granville Island Water Park is one of the greatest amusement parks in Vancouver for a day of relaxation and enjoyment and is a treasure trove of entertainment for all age groups.

Children would be giddy with joy at the variety of attractions, water slides, geysers, flumes, and sprinklers in this water park.

The is fantastic for adults as well, as it has several adult water rides. 

You should bring your family here, and make it one of the most memorable experiences you can have with them.

3. Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest, located in a naturally expanding woodland with a magical world all around you, was first opened to the public in the 1960s.

The Needham family had always wanted to establish a magical and fantasy-filled environment. The dwellings of fairytale heroes, villains, and monsters that are so deeply ingrained in each of your memories are visible, touchable, and accessible to guests in this beautiful location. You’ll be taken back to songs and fairytales from your childhood.

The main route of the expansive forest serves as the enchanted setting for more than 350 cheery folk art figurines, BC’s tallest and grandest treehouse, which soars fifty feet into the forest canopy, and a massive stump home with surprises around every turn.

Explore the enchanting world of heroes, villains, and fantastical creatures from folk tales, nursery rhymes, Little pigs, Captain Hook to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella, Beauty, and the Beast, the Three Little Pigs, elves, gnomes, and fairytales.

There is also a wheelchair-accessible area where you can watch the exhibits and stroll among the old cedar trees of the Enchanted forest.

There is a huge tree house, a dungeon, and an old forest filled with more than 350 colorful and marbled figures.

Discover the other amazing features of the forest. Join the Wildlife Interpretive Nature Walk, a route that winds through a forest and over wetlands on a boardwalk.

You will pass by a variety of tree species along the trip, including fir and hemlock. 

Watch the annual salmon run from mid-September to mid-October. The Eagle River, which lies close to the northern limit of the forest, is where several kinds of salmon may be observed spawning.

During the first week of May until the middle of October, the Enchanted Forest is open every day. Senior people and kids between the ages of 3 and 15 are given reduced entrance prices. 

You should also visit the SkyTrek Adventure Park next door for some fun activities like zip-lining and other tree-related activities.

4. Adventure Zone

An adventure zone is a great place if you want to spend a fun-filled time with your family.

The Tourist Board of Vancouver named Adventure Zone one of the top ten places to visit in Vancouver for families with children.


The monster drop, Rainbow Bridge, ride zone, carousels, skeeball, and fishbowl frenzy are the main features of the adventure zone.

You can come to visit with your whole family and enjoy the rides and water parks in Vancouver. Playing some of the games inside will also give you the chance to win tickets and prizes.

At the Adventure Zone indoor playground, we provide a completely enclosed, thoroughly cushioned, and cleaned environment on a weekly schedule.

Children and toddlers may have lots of fun at the indoor playground known as Adventure Zone. Kids may spend hours playing in a play area with four levels of climbing structures, nets, slides, tunnels, and a ball pit.

The jungle gym contains cutting-edge equipment, and the playground offers multi-level enjoyment for everyone.

The playground includes a see-through net that ensures safety but maintains an outdoor playground design, giving parents a full view of all outside activities.

Adventure zone
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

5. Cultus Lake Waterpark

You need to look no further than Cultus Lake Adventure Park for a day of nonstop excitement! Everyone may find something to enjoy thanks to the abundance of amusement parks in Vancouver.

In 2000, the theme park’s prior name was Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf. Nevertheless, between 2014 and 2015, it underwent a total transformation to become an extraordinarily dynamic amusement park with award-winning engineering and distinctive rides and attractions.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park is the ideal place for a day excursion, whether you’re an adventure seeker or just want to unwind and enjoy nature.

Yet, this is more than just a simple wading pool; nearby are water slides, miniature water buckets, a spray park, and a playground.

The Twisters and Blasters may be zoomed down by older youngsters who like twisting and spinning.

Water Rides at Cultus Lake Water Park

The Freefall slide is suitable for children who are not frightened of heights. Colossal Canyon is a sizable slope that travels through the forest, and the entire family should tube down it.

You may go on a mat and race your children on the Zero-60 Circuit, or you can enter and shoot yourself out of the Bazooka Bowls, which are the newest additions.

This is one of the most famous rides of the Cultus Lake Water Park and also attracts a lot of tourism.

Check out places like Tubular Horror and the Valley of Fear, among many others, for quick twists and high speeds. Looking for a softer ride.

You may lie on the Adventure River and let the current carry you out to sea.

Cultus Lake is an excursion because of its gorgeous, relatively natural surroundings. Umpteen visitors come to explore the Cultus Lake Waterpark every year.

The Bottom Line

Amusement parks are artificially manufactured parks that are intended and developed only to provide visitors with enjoyment and new experiences.

Over the years, there have been major amusement parks such as Disney Land that have had a significant influence on tourism. There are several economic benefits linked with the creation of these parks.

Amusement parks attract a large part of tourism from all over the world. 

There are almost no peak and off-peak seasons for amusement parks in Vancouver.

It is important to remember that for amusement parks to influence tourism, there must be a link between the park and the local tourist infrastructure.

This is done so that the amusement parks can attract tourists and visitors to the local tourism industry. Amusement parks offer a fantastic touristic portfolio that helps to significantly increase the level of tourism.

This necessitates a significant diversification of the tourism sector so that amusement parks can effect significant changes in tourism.

Amusement parks in Vancouver have influenced the employment market hence increased more job opportunities. for the people.

This is because these parks give a large number of job possibilities, both directly and indirectly. The tourist business can flourish enormously with the correct coordination between these parks and other industries.

The effects of amusement parks on tourism must be considered while working to improve tourism. This is because parks account for a significant portion of all tourism-related activity.

An amusement park is an entertainment park that comprises various rides and games for all age groups.

While some amusement parks are temporary like carnivals and fairs, some are permanent and long-lasting.

There are several stalls at amusement parks that serve food and drinks which is also a revenue source. 

A theme park is a type of amusement park where it features a single idea or a topic and creates its exhibits and attractions around it.

Three older customs, such as roaming or sporadic fairs, pleasure gardens, and displays like world fairs, gave rise to the amusement park to make the experience worthwhile.

While themed areas are prevalent in amusement parks, theme parks provide a greater focus on a certain subject or group of subjects through more specifically crafted themes.

As a result, the effects of these parks on tourism are not overstated. The presence of these amusement parks in Vancouver has benefited the tourism industry at large and other sectors of the economy in general.

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