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14 Best Restaurants in Langley BC

Restaurants in Langley BC

The city of Langley, located in British Columbia, Canada, is a municipality that is most commonly referred to as “Langley City.” It is situated in the southwestern portion of the province and is approximately 89 kilometres (55 miles) southeast of Vancouver. Besides this, it boasts the best restaurants in Langley BC.

It is renowned for its vibrant social life, extensive communal facilities, several parks, hotel brand popular amenities, and annual events that draw a large number of tourists each year. It also has a rich cultural heritage.

No trip to Langley is complete without a few stops at the best restaurants in Langley to eat some of the best Langley outstanding food.

From breakfast favourites, cafes, and diners to sushi, poke, and pizza, Downtown Langley eateries provide something for everyone.

14 Best Restaurants In Langley BC

1. Rex Restaurant

The Rex Restaurant is considered to be one of the best in  this area.

Rex Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant found at 20248 Fraser Hwy in Langley City, British Columbia. Here you may taste the best Vietnamese food.

Most guests like salad rolls, broth, and shellfish.

Try some of their seafood and absolutely delicious Pho, which is full of flavour and has a great texture.

This restaurant is well known for its excellent service and friendly, helpful staff. Prices are average, according to what visitors think. It’s a tiny eatery with amazing food!

2. An Indian Affair

An Indian Affair
Image from An Indian Affair

Let’s talk about “An Indian Affair,” which comes in at number two on the list.

An Indian Affair is one of the best places to eat in Langley BC  and to enjoy Indian food. An Indian Affair’s contemporary, stylish decor is ideal for a casual supper and a special night out.

Langley’s best lunch buffet is also at An Indian Affair. The lunch buffet is always fresh and includes more than 22 different types of meals available daily.

An Indian Affair Restaurant in Langley has a fantastic aim to serve traditional Indian cuisine with a contemporary and wholesome spin on it. Through the tempting tastes and spices of India, their delectable food will transport you to that country.

They take extra precautions from the very beginning to ensure that the good food they offer you is of the highest possible standard. Gary Bakshi and his wife, Anu, are behind the success of the An Indian Affair Restaurant in Langley.

Settle down for a fiery red curry, their well-known tikka masala, butter chicken, and a mountain of fresh naan.

On weekends, live music adds to the exciting ambiance. It is consistently a great place for lunch. There are many delicious options at their very best Indian buffet.

The restaurant is hygienic, the staff is quite friendly, and the tables are arranged in an informed manner.

3. Ramen Bella

This is another great restaurant in Langley BC to visit. Ramen Bella, located at 20408 Fraser Highway, is widely considered among the top ramen restaurants in all of Langley.

For all Ramen fans, Ramen Bella is a hidden gem! This charming tiny ramen cafe offers a compact dining area and huge, robust flavours. Their store is furnished stylishly with a great atmosphere.

The Black is one of their most well-known varieties of ramen. It is a soy sauce ramen that includes pig chashu, corn, chicken and pork broth, roasted black garlic oil, seasoned egg, spinach, green onions, sushi nori, and garlic flakes.

4. The Katsu Cutlet House Restaurant

The Katsu
Image from The Katsu

Katsu is at the top of the list due to its delicious flavours, especially in its signature dish, Tonkatsu, which drove us to this establishment.

The different kinds of Katsu on the menu are sure to confuse you. Therefore, you should just try the Assorted Katsu, the most well-liked option, which features chicken, beef, and pig served over a bed of fried onions and topped with mustard and ketchup.

The flesh is so tender that it practically dissolves in your mouth, and the coating is paper-thin but incredibly crunchy. These Katsus still haven’t left our minds.

5. Atlas Streak + Fish

Let us now talk about another great restaurant in Langley BC which is Atlas Streak + Fish.

Atlas Steak + Fish is here to enchant you with its delectable flavours worldwide and its one-of-a-kind cooking techniques. Live piano and a lovely atmosphere make this a great location to celebrate.

Not to mention that this location has received Trip Advisor’s Travellers Choice Award.

This sophisticated steakhouse located within the Delta Hotels by Marriott Burnaby Conference Centre will make you feel like a VIP from the moment you enter until the moment you leave with its unparalleled hospitality, table-side service, a romantic ambience, and masterfully prepared Langley specialties.

The menu at Atlas features a number of alternatives that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, allowing diners with any dietary preference in the area to appreciate the restaurant’s cuisine, wine, and live piano performances.

You will undoubtedly find the classic steakhouse fare, including beef, lamb, great fish, chicken, and more.

6. Pasta Polo Langley

Pasta Polo
Image from Pasta Polo

Pasta Polo serves mouthwatering Italian cuisine, such as awesome fresh pasta. Polo’s is a preferred dining location for many Langley residents thanks to its lovely terrace, which gives the establishment a more premium atmosphere, and its welcoming staff, who make you feel at home.

The pesto pasta they serve is always a winner. A must-have is the awesome fresh pasta pollo.

The flavour of fresh basil is very flavorful when combined with the garlic and pine flavours, and the cheese on top instantly makes you happy. If you’re in the mood for some seafood, the smoked salmon will surely fill you up.

7. Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine

Ban Chok Dee is another lovely restaurant in Langley BC, that serves authentic Thai food.

The Chicken Cashew Nut is the most well-liked main dish among diners. It is abundantly furnished with soft chicken pieces, generously sprinkled with cashew seasoning, and served with a hot and sweet sauce!

If you like pineapple and coconut, the Gang Goong Pineapple Curry is an interesting meal to try since it combines the two flavours in a way that is both unique and delicious.

The best dish is, however, Goong Phong Ka-Ree, which includes prawns and a mix of chilli paste. Traditional good food like Pad thai can be enjoyed here.

The majority of the dishes in this collection have fantastic flavours and are quite delectable.

8. Hirame Sushi

Hirame Sushi
Image from Hirame

Hirame is mainly famous for its sushi. This restaurant serves everything from nutritious soups to delectable sushi, making it nothing less than a hidden gem. It offers the top sushi in Langley. Top-notch service and a welcoming atmosphere make this a great place.

Try out their Hirami Dream Salad, which is like a dream come true for anyone who is passionate about salads. They also provide a great lunch menu that consists of bread sticks, french onion soup, or salad.

We have not yet gotten over the incredibly delectable flavour of tuna and the vegetables that are used in the preparation of tuna. Their Salmon and Tuna Sashimi is something you shouldn’t be skipping.

The seafood is tasty and fresh. It offers a great fish option. If you are in the mood for something traditional, the Chicken Spicy Ramen is the ideal selection for you.

9. Maru Japanese Restaurant

This restaurant includes a semi-hidden booth in the seating area, which in our opinion, makes it an excellent place for a date.

We always get Assorted Sashimi whenever we eat at this restaurant. Each of the sixteen items is delicious food. The presentation is so well-organized and appears to be a work of art.

After you have finished eating the sashimi, you should order one of their salmon rolls if you still have space for something more to eat.

This recipe is taken to a whole new level thanks to the additional cheese and salmon chunks that are placed on top of it. It is shockingly delicious.

10. Annora Restaurant

Annora Restaurant
By Annora Restaurant

Annora is regarded as one of Langley’s most fantastic restaurants for farm-to-table freshness. Every handcrafted dish on the menu is more enticing than the one before it, with choices like hog belly gnocchi, short rib pierogies, and beet and goat cheese salad just as starters.

Desserts include dark chocolate cheesecake, passion fruit parfait, and other sweet treats.

This is a relatively tiny restaurant with only approximately six tables, which explains why it is so difficult to make a reservation here. This is a relatively tiny restaurant with only approximately six tables, which explains why it is so difficult to make a reservation here.

11. Estrela Montreal Deil

Estrella’s Deli
Image from Estrellasdeli

They produce almost everything in-house and start from scratch, adhering to the principles that make for superb deli fare. The menu’s main attractions include sandwiches, grilled paninis, and hamburgers, with home-style french onion soup, fries, and coleslaw serving as fantastic sidekicks.

Since you’re in Canada, now would be a tremendous opportunity to sample poutine, a dish of piping hot, fried potatoes covered in gravy, cheese, and the renowned smoked meat from Estrella’s.

Fresh bread, delicious fries, smoked meat and smokey beef that is to die for. The French fries seasoning mix contained sugar, and the sandwiches came very close to earning an “Excellent” rating but fell short.

There are comfortable chairs to sit on, tables that are kept clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

12. Luxe

Luxe, a Chinese restaurant located at 19653 Willowbrook Drive, is widely considered to be among the city’s finest examples of Chinese dining.

This restaurant’s name gives you an idea of the high quality of the traditional Cantonese cuisine served here. Therefore, sit back and unwind because you will enjoy your meal in this lovely restaurant, inspiring you to revisit Hong Kong’s streets.

Luxe will appeal to your senses with its contemporary decor and comforting sounds. They offer a wide variety of dishes, including fried rice, noodles, seafood, BBQ, hot pot and more.

The Peking Duck is another dish you absolutely must get and is one of the chef’s highest-recommended dishes. The entire duck will be cut in front of you, much like at other expensive Chinese restaurants.

13.Woorinara Korean Restaurant

When it comes to Korean cuisine, Woorinara is widely considered to be among the city of Langley’s best restaurants. It can be found in the lovely city of Langley, BC at #102-5499 203 Street.

Its charming storefront is just as warm and inviting as the modern interior and Korean food, which is owned by a family and is inspired by traditional home cooking.

The menu is sure to impress, regardless of whether you’re unfamiliar with Korean cuisine or find Woorinara’s meals as wonderful as those from your family. It offers a variety of delicious foods.

14. Brogan’s Diner

Brogan’s may surpass even the most upscale restaurants with its superb comfort cuisine because of its colourful atmosphere and retro feel.

Not only that, but the Karaoke created the ideal atmosphere for enjoyable meals. Therefore, head to Brogans if you’re seeking a restaurant that delivers fantastic burgers and shakes.

The gourmet hamburger is popular among the public, and as a result, we adore their delectable strawberry milkshake. You may also sample their chicken sandwich, whose flavour will salivate you.


If you are going to be in Langley, British Columbia, and you are searching for a fantastic restaurant to eat at while you are there, you won’t have any trouble choosing the restaurant that is most suited to your preferences.

There are many different restaurants to pick from, so you may locate one that matches your preferences and price range.

Whether you’re searching for the finest conch dish, a good steakhouse meal, or the best Indian buffet, these best restaurants in Langley BC, offer some of the island’s best cuisine.

Visit any of the top restaurants in Langley, BC highlighted above, and enjoy your weekend.

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