5 Trending Restaurants Surrey to Visit this Year!

Restaurants Surrey

Surrey, the second-largest city in British Columbia, is home to several parks, art museums, and mouthwatering restaurants.

Here are the top restaurants Surrey, regardless of whether you’re looking for a traditional West Coast lunch, ethnic cuisine, or a great fine-dining restaurant.

1) Old Surrey Restaurant

Over 40 years ago, Valentine Aguirre, a native of Spain, started the Old Surrey Restaurant. The food has always come from a nearby farm, and French influences can be found heavily in the cooking. The Old Surrey Restaurant is located in a classy antebellum structure with green trim.

The ambiance is upscale, and the cuisine focuses primarily on seafood (fish).

When you taste delicious food in Surrey restaurants, your search for good food will come to an end. All the delicious meals on the menu are prepared using only the finest ingredients. The most famous and delicious main dishes in this restaurant are lamb and veal.

This restaurant is a great place to spend a happy hour before brunch or dinner with friends or loved ones. Plenty of good-flavored wines are also a great part of the old Surrey restaurant. Diners frequently choose the Chateaubriand Bouquetiere at Old Surrey restaurant.

If you visit Surrey, you must try the fillet mignon, another amazing main dish served with a burgundy sauce that is cooked to perfection before being carved and flaming at the table. The number of drinks available here also makes a great combination with all the delicious food.

2) Sapporo Kitchen (for great food)

Sapporo Kitchen is a must-visit place if you are a fan of Japanese food, especially sushi. Mouthwatering, delicious food gets served in one of the best restaurants Surrey.

The restaurant serves a broad variety of authentic Japanese food, including teriyaki, bento, ramen, and much more, which are delicious and filling.

Bento boxes are a specialty of Sapporo Kitchen. The Teriyaki Chicken Bento is ideal for anyone who is just starting to fall in love with Japanese cuisine.

A perfect piece of teriyaki chicken with tempura, a California roll, salad, rice, and Ebi sunomono (Japanese shrimp salad) are included in the box on the menu platter. Everything about the meal is delicious and well-made.

The salmon oshi is listed as the “most popular” on their website, and feedback from numerous customers supports this claim. Salmon that has been thinly sliced is served over rice with a dash of soy and Japanese mayo sauce for flavor.

Several beers, wines, and cocktails are also included in the great service of Sapporo Restaurant. The atmosphere in Sapporo Kitchen is cozy and casual. Customers claimed that their dine-in service is fantastic.

3) A Taste of the Himalayas for a Fine Dining Experience

All food enthusiasts must experience Nepal’s cuisine! Taste of Himalayas is a neighborhood restaurant that combines Indian and Nepalese cuisines in a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.

This eatery will not disappoint any foodie, as it offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options in addition to basic but delicious momos (Nepalese dumplings).

While you should taste all of the momos on the menu, the Tandoori Chicken Momo is a good place to start. The chef’s tandoori masala is used to marinate and cook the momos in this meal, giving them a unique spin on the traditional steamed chicken momo.

Each mouthful of the momos will give you a tandoori spice taste, and their glazing color makes them seem quite delicious.

You should try the Sherpa Chicken if you want to know what Himalayan cuisine tastes like. This straightforward, uncomplicated chicken curry recipe can be enjoyed with naan, roti, or basmati rice. Tender chicken slices are prepared in a traditional Himalayan sauce seasoned with a variety of regional spices.

restaurants Surrey
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Nepalese chow mein and Nepalese chilly (fish), along with the best chai (Indian tea), are the most liked and recommended foods by experienced customers.

Soothing Nepali music and Nepali art on the walls create a beautiful atmosphere, which makes it a hidden gem of ethnic cuisine. The restaurant always looks clean, and the service is outstanding.

The atmosphere is great. It is also an excellent spot for kids. There is also a bar on site where you can enjoy a variety of flavorful wines, craft beers, and other alcoholic beverages. Moreover, debit card payments are accepted in this restaurant.

4) Samosa House ( One of the Best Restaurants Surrey)

As it sounds, this is a samosa shop. It is appropriate to have a restaurant specialize in offering it as their main dish because it is one of the most well-known and adored snacks in Southeast Asia.

The Samosa House is the place to go if you’re Indian and miss your favorite snack from home. Samosa is crunchy on the outside and stuffed with vegetables and spices on the inside.

The restaurant serves eight different samosa types, many of them vegan. This Surrey restaurant also offers a home delivery service. The restaurant is small, amazing, and has a few tables for dine-in customers.

Try their butter chicken samosa if you believe that butter chicken is overrated. Chicken that has been marinated in tomato cream sauce and the house’s distinctive spices is filled into thin sheets of phyllo dough and baked to the ideal crispness. Indian spices are the hidden gem of samosas, which makes them even more amazing.

For all of you spice fanatics out there, they have a masala samosa. This should be your order at the restaurant if you always prefer your Indian meals or snacks hot.

The samosas are served with tamarind chutney (a dip or sauce), and the sweetness of the sauce balances out the spiciness of the potato, chickpea, and onion stuffing, as well as the unique spices in the samosas.

The beloved samosa is without a doubt one of the most well-liked snacks in Southeast Asia, but it is a mouthwatering treat that should be experienced by everyone, no matter where they are.

Apart from samosas, there are also mouth-watering dahi gujia and pakoras at very reasonable prices on their food menu.

5) Afghan Kitchen

Afghan Kitchen is one of the best restaurants Surrey. If you are visiting South Surrey, you should go to Afghan Kitchen. Afghan cuisine reflects the flavor of home. Mom’s recipe is used in every dish in the Afghan kitchen. Their main motive is to elevate Afghan cuisine.

This restaurant provides the most memorable dining experience by serving amazing food, beverages like wine and craft beer, and excellent chef and table service.

The atmosphere here is modern and inviting. It’s a great spot for couples, and the special anniversary dessert is fantastic. This Surrey restaurant is highly recommended by locals, either for a date night or a get-together with friends.

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You can’t go to an Afghan restaurant without ordering the renowned huge bread, or bolani. This enormous pan-fried bread that is loaded with potatoes, herbs, and spices will fill you up before your main course shows up. However, you won’t regret it! Afghan chutney and excellent yogurt are offered with pita bread.

Moreover, the menu was suitable for all types of eaters, including vegans, gluten-free eaters, and meat eaters. Besides this, the spice level is perfect in each dish at this restaurant in Surrey.

The most delicious dishes on the non-vegetarian platter are Afghan chicken, lamb kabobs, and lamb shanks. They have an extensive collection of wine and cocktails. If you are thinking about spending a happy hour, you must go to the Afghan Kitchen restaurant in Surrey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is the No. 1 restaurant in Surrey?

The Old Surrey restaurant is the most popular among others in terms of excellent chef service and fine dining.

2) What food is Surrey known for?

Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and Cornish pasties are the most popular foods in Surrey.

3) What restaurants are unique to Vancouver?

There are many unusual restaurants in Surrey, including Laurence and Chico Cafe, which serve cocktails and special coffees. The Rumpus Room, which gave you homemade food,

4) What is the most popular Surrey restaurant in 2022?

Dastaan Ewell was the most well-known restaurant in Surrey the previous year, with amazing Indian cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients.

5) What are the best Indian restaurants Surrey?

Samosa House, Apna Chaat House, and Tasty Indian Bistro are among the best restaurants Surrey, British Columbia.

6) Are there any fancy restaurants Surrey?

There are many expensive restaurants Surrey, Canada. Old Surrey Restaurant, Clove—the art of dining, and tap restaurants are examples.

7) What are the most popular restaurants in South Surrey?

Tap Restaurant and Cactus Club Cafe are the two most well-known restaurants in south Surrey.

8) Are there any restaurants near Surrey Central?

Dominion Bar + Kitchen, Afghan Kitchen, New Town Bakery and Restaurant, and many more restaurants are in the vicinity of Surrey Central.

9) What are the best restaurants Surrey that deliver?

Indian Panorama and Saffron Summer are the most popular restaurants that deliver.


There are many famous restaurants Surrey. Our ranking of the top five restaurants Surrey is complete. As you can see, the area has a thriving culinary culture and provides foodies with a seemingly endless variety of options to explore.

Surrey takes pride in providing a variety of cuisines, whether you want to try something new or settle on something hearty and traditional.

If you are visiting Surrey anytime, don’t forget to read our recommendations for famous restaurants for a better experience.

I can tell you with certainty that these restaurants would make your day with incredible chef service and delicious food. You would not regret making these choices.

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