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16 Fun Things To Do on Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip

Costa Rica is a haven for honeymooners, adventurers, and those who enjoy the outdoors. Its varied landscapes, which include lush jungles, breathtaking beaches, and active volcanoes have made this tiny Central American nation well-known. There is something for everyone in Costa Rica, whether you want to unwind on the beach, explore the rainforest, or engage in an adventure sport.

Planning a Costa Rica honeymoon might be difficult because there are so many sights and activities to choose from. in this article, We’ve compiled a list of 16 activities for your Costa Rica honeymoon to help you make the most of your trip. These activities, which range from relaxing on the beach to hiking through the rainforest, can help you create memories that you’ll cherish forever. So prepare for a wonderful honeymoon vacation by packing your baggage.

16 Things To Do on Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip:

1. Whitewater Rafting Down Rio Pacuare

Image by websiteproud from Pixabay

For newlyweds seeking a rush, whitewater rafting down the Rio Pacuare in Costa Rica is a well-liked and thrilling activity. This picturesque river offers a thrilling ride through some of the nation’s most stunning natural scenery as it winds through dense rainforests and cliffside canyons.

Trips down the Rio Pacuare usually involve Class III and IV rapids, making them ideal for both expert and novice rafters. Leading the way will be experienced guides who will offer professional instruction and safety gear. In addition to being exciting, rafting down the Rio Pacuare is a fantastic opportunity to see wildlife. The guides will be able to identify the various species as they are seen along the trip because the river is home to many different animals, such as monkeys, sloths, and tropical birds.

You can choose to have a romantic riverbank lunch or supper after the rafting, which will be served on a deserted beach or in the middle of a jungle. To give you more time to explore the area, several rafting companies now provide overnight trips where you can spend the night in a jungle lodge or eco-lodge.

2. Visit a Coffee Plantation

 Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by Creatista /unlimphotos .copyright 2023

A Costa Rica honeymoon, it’s a wonderful opportunity for newlyweds to learn about Costa Rica’s vibrant coffee culture and sample some of its delectable coffee is to visit a coffee plantation. The nation is well-known for producing high-quality coffee beans and has many estates where visitors are invited to learn how to make coffee. You can discover more about Costa Rica’s history with coffee and the various kinds of coffee beans grown there by touring a coffee farm.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to view the coffee plants and discover how they are raised, cared for, and harvested. The entire process, from the coffee trees through the roasting, brewing, and cupping, is covered on many coffee farm excursions. Additionally, you’ll get to try a variety of coffees and learn how to appreciate and taste them.

A few coffee plantations also provide extra activities including hiking, horseback riding, and bird viewing. Additionally, you can purchase coffee from the plantation to bring home as a memento.

3. Interact With Wildlife at La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
BY nicousnake / unlimphotos . copyright 2023

The biodiversity of Costa Rica can be experienced by honeymooners by interacting with the wildlife at La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Numerous species of creatures, such as monkeys, birds, butterflies, and reptiles, can be found in the park.

The butterfly observatory is a beautiful spot where visitors can get a close-up look at hundreds of different butterfly species. This is one of the park’s highlights. There is a hummingbird garden in the park where you can witness a variety of hummingbird species, including the rare violet brewing.

The serpentarium, where you can observe a variety of snakes and reptiles, including crocodiles and iguanas, is another well-liked attraction. There is a frog display in the park as well, where you can see many species of frogs and see how important they are to the ecosystem.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens has five separate waterfalls that are ideal for a picnic or a romantic stroll. A guided tour of the park is another option, during which you may discover more about the many creatures and their natural environments.

4. Safari Float Down the Rio Frio

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Costa Rica’s beauty The beautiful rainforest of the Cao Negro Wildlife Refuge is traversed by the tranquil and quiet Rio Frio. You can observe a broad range of wildlife while on a safari float, including monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and many tropical birds. Numerous different fish species and reptiles, including the elusive Jesus Christ lizard, which is renowned for its capacity to run on water, are also found in the river.

A naturalist who can identify the various animals and describe their behavior usually leads the safari float, which usually takes place in a large boat with room for several passengers.

Typically, the tour takes place early in the day when the animals are more active. On a Costa Rica honeymoon you can choose to have a romantic lunch or dinner served on the riverside after the safari float in a peaceful area with lovely views of the rainforest.

 5. Soak in Arenal’s Volcanic Hot Springs

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by hemeroskopion / unlimphotos copyright 2023

On a Costa Rica honeymoon, couples can unwind and recover by soaking in Arenal’s volcanic hot springs. Some of the most well-known hot springs in the nation may be found in Arenal, several of which are situated at the volcano’s base.

The geothermal activity of the volcano creates hot springs, and the magma chamber of the volcano naturally warms the water in the springs. Hot springs’ water temperatures vary, although they typically range from 98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (37 to 40 degrees Celsius).

In Arenal, there are various hot springs resorts, each of which provides a distinctive experience. Natural hot spring pools are found in some resorts, while man-made pools with waterfalls and Jacuzzis are also found in some.

In addition to providing spa services like massages and mud baths, some resorts also include private pools for couples.

After a day of adventure sports, soaking in the hot springs is a wonderful way to unwind and take in Arenal’s breathtaking surroundings. The hot springs are ideal for a romantic and rejuvenating honeymoon because they are also thought to have medicinal capabilities.

6. Explore the Jungle After Dark

A special and thrilling way for newlyweds On a Costa Rica honeymoon to see Costa Rica’s biodiversity is to go jungle exploring after nightfall. At night, the rainforest comes to life with a different cast of creatures and sounds, creating a really singular and unforgettable experience.

A night hike led by an experienced guide who can point out the various creatures and flora is one of the greatest ways to explore the forest after dark. Night-active species including owls, bats, armadillos, porcupines, and even jaguars may be visible

Additionally, a lot of tour companies provide boat-based nighttime jungle excursions where you can encounter nocturnal aquatic species like crocodiles, caimans, and otters. Another choice is to go on a night drive in a 4×4 vehicle, where you might see tapirs, monkeys, or even deer.

A special and thrilling option On a Costa Rica honeymoon to enjoy Costa Rica’s biodiversity and view some of the exotic creatures in their native habitats is to explore the jungle after nightfall.

7. Walk Through Hanging Bridges

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by yugenexperiences / unlimphotos copyright 2023

Couples on their Costa Rica honeymoon can get a unique perspective of Costa Rica’s natural splendor by walking through hanging bridges. Awe-inspiring vistas of the jungle below are provided by hanging bridges, which are suspended bridges built far above the forest canopy.

The cloud forests of Costa Rica, which are renowned for their great biodiversity and distinctive flora and wildlife, are home to many of the hanging bridges.

You may witness a broad range of flora, birds, and creatures, such as monkeys, sloths, and butterflies while taking a tour of the hanging bridges. Given that a variety of tropical bird species live in the canopy, the bridges are also excellent places to spot birds.

Naturalists who are knowledgeable about the local wildlife and vegetation lead the trips, which often take place in the morning or late in the day.

After the trip, you can choose to have a special lunch or dinner in a restaurant with lovely woodland views so you can continue to take in the area’s natural beauty.

8. Rappel Down Rushing Waterfalls

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by Claudine / unlimphotos. copyright 2023

A thrilling and daring method for newlyweds to explore Costa Rica’s natural splendor is to rappel down raging waterfalls. It’s a thrilling way to experience an adrenaline rush while enjoying a close-up view of the waterfalls.

In various parts of Costa Rica, a number of tour companies provide rappelling down waterfalls. A short trip to the waterfall is typically included in the tours, where you will then be prepared with the essential gear and given instructions on how to rappel securely.

It’s impossible to compare the sensation of going down a waterfall; the sound of the water, the mist, and the view of the surrounding nature combine to create an unforgettable experience.

A full day of adventure can be had by combining the rappelling experience with other sports like hiking, rock climbing, and zip-lining that some tour operators also offer.

9. Stay Overnight at a Cloud Forest

A special and unforgettable method for honeymooners to enjoy On a Costa Rica honeymoon natural splendor is to spend the night in a cloud forest. High-altitude forests known as cloud forests have an ethereal, otherworldly quality because they are frequently enveloped in mist.

In Costa Rica, you can spend the night in a number of cloud forests, including the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Numerous types of flora and animals, many of which are unique to these forests, can be found there.

You have the option of spending the night in a beautiful treehouse or a cozy cabin, both of which offer the ideal balance of luxury and adventure. It is simply beautiful to wake up in the middle of a forest, surrounded by nature, and able to hear the sound of birds. many cloud forests provide a range of daytime activities, including hiking, canopy tours, and bird watching.

10. Flying Across The Top of the Cloud Forests

A magnificent and thrilling way for newlyweds to enjoy Costa Rica’s natural splendor is by flying over the top of the cloud forests. The term zip lining across the cloud forest or canopy zip lining refers to this pastime. A thrilling way to experience an adrenaline rush and get a bird’s-eye view of the forest and its surroundings is to go zip lining. Typically located high above the tree canopy, the zip lines offer breathtaking vistas of the forest below.

Before beginning your tour, you will be provided with all the essential safety gear and lessons on how to zip line safely a number of zip lines that take you through various regions of the forest and let you observe a wide range of plants and animals that are often included in the trip. You may travel at great speeds and experience the wind rushing past you thanks to the longer zip lines.

A full day of adventure can be had by combining the zip-lining experience with other sports like hiking, rock climbing, and rappelling that some tour operators also offer.

11. Experience the Adrenaline of Fiscus Treetop Climbing

Fiscus tree top climbing is a thrilling and distinctive method for newlyweds to take in Costa Rica’s natural beauty while experiencing an adrenaline rush. Fiscus tree top climbing, rope climbing, and canopy climbing are further names for this activity.

Normally, the tour begins with a little stroll to the foot of the tree, where you’ll receive all the essential safety gear and lessons on how to climb the tree securely. Utilizing ropes and harnesses, the actual climbing usually entails reaching various tree levels, each of which offers a different perspective of the surrounding forest.

Climbing ficus trees is a terrific method to see the forest from a different angle and to gain a new perspective on it.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to observe the many forest layers, from the canopy to the understory, as well as to obtain a better understanding of the local wildlife. The activity is furthermore led by a qualified professional guide who will guarantee your safety and provide insightful knowledge about the forest and its inhabitants.

12. Search For Costa Rica’s Secret Waterfalls

On a Costa Rica honeymoon, finding Costa Rica’s undiscovered waterfalls is a wonderful way for newlyweds to appreciate the country’s natural beauty and escape from the busier, more populated tourist attractions. The only ways to get to several of these secret waterfalls are via horseback riding or hiking through dense bush.

Usually, the quest for these hidden waterfalls begins with a guided trip through the jungle, where you can witness a broad range of animals and flora. Although the climb can be difficult, it is rewarding because of the breathtaking vistas and the opportunity to see a waterfall that not many people have ever seen before.

When you get to the waterfall, you can have a swim in the cool, clear water and take in the surrounding scenery. These secret waterfalls make excellent swimming and play areas because some of them have built-in pools and slides.

Many of these hidden waterfalls are also encircled by lovely jungles, making them the ideal locations for romantic photographs and memories.

13. Go Beach Hopping on an ATV

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by melpomene / unlimphotos . copyright 2023

The best way for newlyweds to experience Costa Rica’s laid-back beach culture and stunning beaches is by going beach hopping on an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).

A brief training session on ATV operation and safety procedures usually precedes the excursion. After that, you’ll be off to explore the coastal villages and beaches, which are frequently only reachable by ATV. You can go at your own speed, stop at the beaches that most interest you, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful vegetation.

ATV beach hopping offers the chance to visit private and distant beaches, some of which are only reachable by ATV, which is one of the highlights. This can involve making stops at undiscovered coves, remote lagoons, or even deserted islands.

Many ATV trips include pit breaks at neighborhood eateries and pubs where you may taste regional cuisine and beverages.

14. Partake in a Turtle Nesting Tour

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by charlottebleijenberg / unlimphotos . copyright 2023

A special and instructive opportunity for newlyweds to see Costa Rica’s natural beauty and learn about the conservation efforts being done to protect endangered sea turtles is to take part in a turtle nesting tour.

These excursions normally take place between May and October, which is the sea turtle nesting and hatching season. You can watch sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs while on the tour, and in some cases, you could even get to see the hatchlings make their way to the ocean.

Experienced tour operators who are informed about the local sea turtle species and the conservation measures being made to protect them lead the tours. They will give you information about the risks to sea turtles and the steps being taken to protect them, as well as insights into the behavior and breeding practices of sea turtles.

Not only is taking part in a turtle nesting tour an interesting and instructive experience, but it also contributes to conservation efforts by funding programs for protection and research.

15. Learn Costa Rican Cooking from a Local Chef

A wonderful opportunity on Costa Rica Honeymoon to experience the local culture, learn about the country’s culinary customs, and forge lifelong memories is to learn Costa Rican cookery from a local chef.

Many cooking workshops are held in authentic Costa Rican kitchens, where you’ll learn how to make a variety of regional cuisines utilizing materials that are readily available. You’ll have the chance to taste and sample the various meals as you go, and the local chef will educate you on the flavors and preparation methods used in Costa Rican cooking.

The majority of lessons will teach students how to prepare classic dishes like Gallo Pinto, Casado, Tamales, and Arroz with Pollo, as well as a range of salsas and classic drinks like Chicha and Refajo.

You will have the chance to learn about Costa Rican food as well as the culture and history of the nation from the local chef. They frequently relate personal tales and stories about the meal and its significance in Costa Rican society.

16. Go Underwater and Explore the Colorful Marine Landscape

Costa Rica Honeymoon Trip
by MojoJojoFoto / unlimphotos copyright 2023

A wonderful opportunity for newlyweds to experience a Costa Rica honeymoon with Costa Rica’s natural beauty and see some of the nation’s most vivid and diversified marine life is to go underwater and explore the rich marine environment.

Numerous marine reserves and national parks, including Manuel Antonio, Marino Ballena, and Isla del Coco, can be found in Costa Rica and provide fantastic chances for diving and snorkeling. These regions are well-known for their crystal-clear seas, robust coral reefs, and a large diversity of marine life, including rays, sea turtles, and colorful fish.

Snorkeling is a fantastic alternative for folks who aren’t trained divers to learn about the undersea environment. In the calm waters near the coast, where you may observe a variety of fish and coral, snorkeling excursions are frequently conducted.

Costa Rica also offers superb diving options if you wish to go deeper underwater. You may see anything from shipwrecks to schools of tropical fish on dive expeditions, which transport you to some of the nation’s most stunning and secluded underwater spots.


Costa Rica honeymoon is the ideal location for honeymooners seeking a romantic trip filled with adventure. There is something for every kind of traveler in Arenal, from discovering the lush rainforests to whitewater rafting down the Rio Pacuare to relaxing in the volcanic hot springs.

The 16 activities listed above are a terrific place to start for your Costa Rica honeymoon because there are so many incredible things to do there. Costa Rica provides honeymooners with a multitude of chances to forge lifelong memories, including catamaran trips, turtle nesting tours, coffee farm visits, and overnight stays in cloud forests.

Don’t forget to take some time to unwind and take in the stunning beaches and delectable cuisine. Pack your luggage and get ready for a memorable Costa Rica honeymoon.

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