10 Best Zoos in New York City

New York City is known for its perfectly straight buildings, high-end stores, and the fact that it has some of the best-known brand chains. This metropolis is the most significant built-up area in the world.

It is also home to a wide variety of animals and marine life. These locations, which range from the well-known Bronx Zoo to the Central Park Zoo, will be perfect for a family day out. Visit the renowned zoos in New York City.

They are recognized to take the most outstanding care of their creatures here, and they keep species that are threatened with extinction or endangered. Millions of people visit zoos in New York City each year, and this is due to the excellent standards they have maintained throughout the years.

The city has several zoos and natural areas, making it difficult to see them all daily. Here is a list of the top 10 best zoos in New York City that every traveler must see to spare themselves the chaos.

10 Best Zoos in New York City

1. Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo- One of the best Zoos in New York City
By FlitsArt/ Pixabay copyright year2021

In the center of NYC, Central Park contains the Central Park Zoo. Due to its urban setting, this zoo is relatively tiny, yet it draws more than a million visitors annually because of its impressive displays.

The three main exhibit areas explore the Tropic, Temperate, and Polar display sections. Aside from the animals it cares for, this zoo is known for its long history. It replaced New York’s first public zoo.

There are still a few well-known sculptures and works of art from the last century on display. The first non-human evidence of whispering was also discovered in the Central Park Zoo when some Tamarin monkeys were overheard whispering about a work they didn’t like.

Central Park Zoo is ideal for young children. Kids may feed the animals and engage with them because of the place’s intriguing design. Visit the Delacorte Musical Clock to see a variety of hippos, bears, and goats. Don’t forget to visit the dancing crane café as well. There are many attractions at Central Park Zoo, but regular admission tickets do not cover them all, so you must go to the website for details. the

2. Bronx Zoo

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Another New York City monument not to be missed is the Bronx Zoo, part of Bronx Park. This zoo, one of the largest in the country and home to more than 600 species, has a long history of animal communication and is known for having one of the best collections of rare and endangered animals in the world. Over the years, the Bronx Zoo has participated in programs to keep animals alive in captivity and put on exhibits that have won awards.

The Bronx Zoo has two types of exhibitions as a part of Bronx Park: ordinary exhibits, which are covered by standard entrance tickets, and premium exhibits, which are chargeable extras. One can quickly get to the zoo by bus or subway anywhere in the Tristate area. The rapid bus service is another option for visitors from Manhattan to visit the zoo.

Animals are fascinating to see because they have been arranged in engaging ways, such as lions living on the African Plains and gorillas in the Congo Gorilla Forest.

In addition to Congo Gorilla Forest, numerous other creatures, including tigers, bears, monkeys, and leopards, are the main draws. Children may engage directly with animals, such as donkeys, sheep, or goats, at this location, giving them a unique learning opportunity. One of the prime attractions of this location is the 4D theatre.

3. Staten Island Zoo

The only zoo in New York City not administered by the Society for Wildlife Conservation is the Staten Island Zoo. According to local lore, the zoo once had connections to the Staten Island Reptile Club, which would explain why it has always had such a noteworthy reptile collection.

They still have one of the most significant rattlesnake collections worldwide. The Staten Island Zoo is also home to two famous creatures, including Chuck the groundhog, who serves as New York City’s official Groundhog Day forecaster and participates in the tradition of using the groundhog’s movements to determine whether spring will arrive early or not.

The other is Grandpa, a spider monkey that correctly predicted seven out of nine results in the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. The modest, unique Staten Island Zoo is a pleasant diversion from the typical tourist sites.

There is also a café with picnic tables where you can stop and eat between exhibitions if you are weary of watching sights and need a break. Numerous kid-friendly activities are offered, and the Staten Island Zoo often hosts special events. The unique feature of this place is that children may ride on endangered species.

4. Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo is located in Brooklyn on Prospect Park’s eastern edge. The zoo, a menagerie since the 1800s, has been available to the public and still maintains some of its original buildings and sculptures.

Prospect Park Zoo is well-liked by local families, especially those with children, who are searching for a pleasant, relaxing day due to its comparatively smaller exhibits and open layout, as well as the fact that it adjoins Brooklyn’s, Prospect Park. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is right across the street; there are many cheap places to eat around the neighborhood.

The draw of this children’s zoo is interactive games that your children may enjoy, such as the spider that kids can climb, Red pandas, and a duck pond. Don’t miss the fascinating sea lion display, and while you’re there, take some time to ride the carousel in Prospect Park—a great spot to visit with friends and family.

5. Seneca Park Zoo

The Seneca Park Zoo strongly desires and is committed to protecting and caring for wildlife and their habitats. They want to lead the way nationally regarding conservation and education for species survival. The zoo’s structure was constructed in 1931. Since Monroe County participates in essential zoo operations, the location is exceptionally well-kept and tidy.

Many creatures are here, including fish, birds, lions, tigers, and snakes. Your child may engage with animals here and enjoy the outdoors. They also honor several activities focusing on ecology, animals, and efforts to save endangered wildlife species throughout the year.

6. New York Aquarium

Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay

The New York Aquarium is the oldest in the country that is still open. It is on the famous Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn. The aquarium contains a remarkable variety of aquatic animals, drawing residents and visitors in great numbers.

A 2 million-liter tank houses their enormous new shark display, and the most recent addition to their collection is an exhibit named “Spineless” that features invertebrate marine life. Aside from this, one of the aquarium’s most popular attractions among visitors is the daily sea lion show in the Aqua-theatre, which takes place during feeding time and allows guests to see the crew and sea lions playing.

In addition to its many educational programs for students of all ages and levels, the New York Aquarium also does a lot of work to protect and restore the environment.

7. Queens Zoo

A fantastic way to escape Queens’ urban environment is to visit the Queens Zoo, an expansive collection of buildings and wildlife.

This unique zoo in New York City is most known for its aviary, which is situated inside the historic dome built for the 1964 World’s Fair. It is also the home of the last Andean bear born in captivity. There are two sections to the animal exhibitions. One has creatures native to the Americas, while the other has more tamed animals and a petting zoo, which is a hit with younger tourists.

Because all the animals coexist here peacefully, this zoo in New York is quite well known. It is one of the smaller sections that focuses on creatures from North America.

Like other zoos, they also feature two inhabitants, including a sea lion that entertains guests throughout the day, and a kid-friendly petting zoo with on-site dining options. You can get to this location quickly by bus or vehicle, and there are many other activities with your kids. Head to the playground near the petting zoo for some monkeying around the wild.

8. Van Saun County Park

The Bergen County Zoo, along with several playgrounds, picnic spots, pony rides, and a carousel, are all located in the Van Saun County Park in New York City.

This expansive park, open all year and with a small admission fee, provides a broad choice of activities to keep youngsters busy and interested. A tiny railway that travels around the park and offers rides to guests for a modest fee is another attraction besides the zoo, home to several endangered species of animals unique to the Americas.

The park is accessible by public transportation and has a lot of exciting things going on all year. Several Halloween, Easter, and Christmas-themed events and markets turn Van Saun County Park into a holiday wonderland between October and December.

9. Tisch Children’s Zoo

The entry fee to Tisch Children’s Zoo, which is close to the Central Park Zoo, is covered by the price of admission to the Central Park Zoo. Children may engage with and play with animals in a safe and healthy setting at this location.

Goats, cows, sheep, pigs, and other fuzzy animals live in this Children’s Zoo, making it a mini petting zoo. Your children are given a chance to feed the animal themselves. Children may discover different animal noises by grabbing bronze sculptures of animals placed next to their pens, and the troupe at the neighboring location puts on daily performances.

10. Long Island Aquarium

Image by Martina Janochová from Pixabay

It is a fantastic location, and the hemisphere shark tank features the most extensive live coral reef. Watching African penguins, several touch tanks, and rich indoor gardens with exhibits of butterflies, beetles, and birds is worthwhile.

You may take part in fantastic dives like shark diving, during which you descend into the spectacular city of Atlantis in a cage. Penguin encounters are another option where you may see and interact with penguins. Your youngsters will find this to be an excellent fantasy getaway.

End Notes

Therefore, these were some of the busiest and Best Zoos in New York City. You may take a break from the bustle of New York City at one of these New York zoos while still getting to see the state’s animals.

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