Are Pitbulls Banned in Ontario: A Complete Guide

Dogs are man’s best friend, but do you think that your best friend can turn against you and might be the reason for the biggest blunder of your life! Are Pitbulls Banned in Ontario? Continue reading to know more.

Dogs are lovely creatures they love you unconditionally and, in some cases, they even have protected their owners, but there have been also cases when they were aggressive and caused damage to their owners and in some cases others too.

In this article we will be discussing animal welfare laws, why are pit bulls banned in the Ontario region what pit bull laws say, and things you should know if you are going to own one.

There are several dog owners’ liability act that dog owners should know before owning a dog, which makes it easy for both the dog owners and other people around them.

Are Pitbulls Banned in Ontario? Here are 5 things about Pitbull ban in Ontario 1
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1. What is a Pitbull?

  • Pit bulls in the United States are a breed of dogs that is a natural descendant of bulldogs and Terriers.
  • Staffordshire Bull terrier is another name for Pitbull, they were mainly developed for hunting and dog fighting.
  • People consider it to be an explicit breed of dog. Pit bulls are known for their courage and strong will.
  • Pit bulls are also known for their tenacity, and banning this breed of dog makes it more controversial among people.

1.1. Characteristics of American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire terrier is a medium-to-large, powerful dog breed that originated in the country. It has a square head and short, stiff fur.

This breed, sometimes known as the Am Staff, is renowned for its bravery and strength, but it also has a loyal and loving nature in general. In addition, it is a docile dog breed, in contrast to its hard exterior and ancestry.

  • American Staffordshire Terriers have a square-shaped head, almond-shaped eyes, and a square nose.
  • Their fur is small and soft and can be maintained by regular bathing.
  • In structure, they are very muscular and have rose-shaped ears.
  • Their tails are long and straight.
  • The variation in the colour is due to the intermixing of different types of bulldogs and Terriers.
  • They have a long wide muzzle and a flat broad skull.
  • Their coat comes in a range of black, white, tan, brown, and brindle colours.
  • They are affectionate and playful.
  • They have big personalities and are very loving and loyal by nature.
  • They are easy to care for hilarious, trainable, and more.

2. Are Pitbulls Banned in Ontario?

Are Pitbulls Banned in Ontario? Here are 5 things about Pitbull ban in Ontario 4
Image by Lilla Kalocsai from Pixabay Copyright 2015

Pit bulls are banned in Ontario for various safety reasons in several parts of the world due to their aggression. Pit bulls and other breeds with a similar look are illegal to own in Ontario. This breed-specific law has been in effect since it went into effect in 2005.

The prohibition specifically mentions the American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and pit bull terrier breeds. However, if authorities think your dog resembles a pit bull, they may take it away.

Authorities may remove your dog from you suddenly and without warning. If you live in Ontario or must travel there, be sure to have your documentation with you.

In the British regime, it is known as the American Pit bull terrier. There have been countless instances of our Staffordshire Bull terriers where they have led their victims to near-death experiences. The new Pit bull law says Pit bulls and similar-looking breeds are banned in Ontario.

2.1. Causes of Pitbull Ban

The primary reason some communities have banned the breed is that attacks by Pitbulls have the potential to be fatal to both people and other animals. Furthermore, some negligent owners still teach them to participate in illegal dog fighting rings.

They are extremely dangerous to other people because of their attacks since they have incredibly potent bites. The strongest domestic dog biting force known to man is 235 PSI, which they are capable of producing.

Although their teeth are not extremely sharp, their bites can nonetheless cause catastrophic harm, including tearing through muscles and breaking bones. This is mostly because of their powerful jaw muscles, which allow them to hang on to their prey even as it moves swiftly.

It is shown that Pitbull-related dog bites were more severe and fatal compared to other breeds of dogs. This breed is known for its refusal to release a dog bite even when they are in great pain. Pit bulls were mainly developed for bull baiting and dog fighting they attack other animals ferociously; this is one of the causes of stigmas in society.

2.2. Breed-Specific Legislation

BSL is a type of law that restricts owning a particular breed of dog. The breed-specific legislation came into effect in 2005 and has been there ever since.

People argue that it is discriminating against responsible pet owners pet ownership. The pit bull ban doesn’t address irresponsible pet ownership.

2.3. Are Pitbulls Really Dangerous?

Pitbull proponents contend that because all dogs have the potential to bite when provoked, they are no more hazardous than other dog breeds.

Pitbulls were devoted family pets who were mostly used to guard cattle and other livestock when they were initially introduced to America from England, Scotland and Ireland. Later, they were raised and trained to fight with other animals and bait bulls, which made them vicious.

The biggest factor contributing to Pitbulls’ negative reputation is their background in dog fighting. This reputation is largely undeserved since it is supported by media stories that aim to dissuade many pet owners from keeping Pitbulls.

It’s not a given that Pitbulls are aggressive. They are a product of their surroundings and means of surviving, just like every other canine breed. Therefore, any violent behaviour the dog may exhibit is probably the result of careless ownership.

These dogs will always develop into creatures devoted to those around them if given the right living circumstances, early socialization, and training. Pit bulls are naturally kind and caring, to the point that they make excellent service animals.

3. Dog Owner’s Liability Act Ontario

One of the most beautiful experiences might be adopting a dog, which can result in cherished memories created by years of unwavering love and affection. But everything can alter with just one taste.

Even though your dog continuously oozes unconditional loyalty and affection, one bite can cause catastrophic harm, long-lasting bodily and emotional trauma, and, in some cases, even death.

All kinds and sizes of dogs have the potential to seriously hurt people. Which breeds are more prone to violence inherently has been the subject of much discussion. As a result, specific breeds are the object of some protection legislation.

Dog Owner’s liability act says that the owner of a dog is liable for any kind of damages resulting from an attack by his/her dog to another person or an animal.  According to this act, canine control officers can seize your pet if it falls in the banned breeds category.

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4. Final thoughts

Judging a dog from its breed’s dog bites is like judging humans by their bloody history, which doesn’t make sense. Dogs are termed as a man s best friend for a reason, they make a good family pet and also protect people.

Dogs are gifted with their nose which makes them help humans in various ways from drug control to finding a missing body, Dogs are everywhere making close bonds with humanity.

Banning pit bull terriers is fine, but banning any dog which resembles the same is cruelty done to the American Staffordshire terrier.



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