16 Popular Bars in Paddington to Buy a Drink

The best bars in Paddington provide more than just a great glass of wine. They are cute, charming, and quite contemporary.

Paddington is a bustling centre that attracts visitors from all over thanks to its array of high-quality dining and shopping options.

The abundance of chic, fashionable bars in Paddington, though, is without a doubt the secret to its old-school charm.

The Top Bars in Paddington

The neighbourhood of Paddington is quickly evolving into one of the hottest spots in West London to spend an evening, thanks to the area’s ever-increasing number of bars.

Bars in Paddington
Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Whether you want to savour a fine glass of wine, sip cocktails on a rooftop, or dive into hearty bar cuisine with a pint, we’ve got you covered. Check out the top bars in Paddington to explore.

1. Heist Bank

This swanky beer and pizza establishment is the brainchild of the same people that brought you Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market, and it’s great to see that they’ve brought their signature humour to the expansive space.

A gaming room downstairs and a pool table on the main floor, coupled with a variety of upscale craft beers, drinks, and chic wood-fired pizzas, provide an escape from the 9 to 5 grind. Even flowers are done by them and come in Paddington’s list of best bars.

The 12 beers on tap from local favourites Beavertown Brewery & Fourpure and the two rotating guest beers will delight beer lovers.

Another great selection of drinks under ten pounds includes the punchy bramble, which combines gin, lemon & blackberry liqueur. Bars in Paddington

Courtesy: Heist BankAmong the best bars in Paddington, Heist Bank feels like a hip Shoreditch spot while being in a sleepy area of the still-under-construction Paddington Basin. With its industrial interiors and striking art, the area is stylish and welcoming.

Additionally, it excels in the crucial areas: good drinks, friendly service, and a menu with reasonable prices. All that is now required is more people. Midweek is essentially a ghost town, but if Friday and Saturday nights are any indications, Heist might become a popular destination.

2. The Victoria

A favourite of Churchill, Dickens, the Dracula Society, and various speaking and debate groups, Queen Vic glares down with contempt from her sign on a little roundabout next to this magnificent tavern.

Comes in the list of best bars in Paddington, The Victoria is a dependable alternative in a part of London where there aren’t many noteworthy pubs; it’s simply a well-run neighbourhood bar.

Perhaps the best word to describe it is “accommodating,” and patrons of other pubs owned by the Fuller group will feel at ease with the traditional pub décor and casual atmosphere.

The wine ranges from £3.50 for a glass to close to £30 for a bottle, and the beer is good. Both the setting where the food is presented and the dish itself is dated: pies, pork, and sandwiches with cheddar.

Although The Victoria isn’t exactly in Paddington, the neighbourhood’s official border is only 0.1 miles distant, making it entirely eligible for our ranking of the finest bars in Paddington.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: The Victoria

Among the best bars in Paddington, The Victoria Bars in Paddington is a classic 19th-century British inn with authentic-looking wallpaper and wooden furnishings that serves delicious beer and comfort food that will make you want more.

It’s a nice spot to unwind with a drink and some classic pub grub because of the beautiful interior design and welcoming ambience.

The menu offers unique meals like the fried buttermilk chicken burger as well as the maize chicken breast with Puy lentils & salsa Verde in addition to traditional British fares like fish and chips along with the best international wines from France, Argentina, Spain, and Chile.

3. The Bridge House

Is there a theatre bar in Paddington that is as friendly as this one? The Bridge House is located below the Canal Café and features a waterside terrace and a roomy, tranquil atmosphere.

Sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy the sound of the Regent’s Canal lapping; when it’s chilly, gather around the fireplace and come in the list of best bars in Paddington.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: The Bridge House

Although renovations are planned, the current décor, which includes velvet banquettes, vivid red beaded light shades, and photographs of Anna Runefelt that have a subtly sensual undertone, gives the space a charged, slightly wicked vibe.

Even the restrooms are hidden behind heavy curtains.

A bar in the centre of the space serves European beers, including Kozel, Franziskaner, and Peroni and a selection of wines available in both glass and bottle sizes. Ales like Landlord and London Pride are also available.

One of the best bars in Paddington, and even though the décor is expensive, the area feels larger, thanks to the large mirror behind the bar.

4. The Hyde Bar

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: The Hyde

The benefits of drinking in hotel bars are numerous, and The Hyde is a warm and attractive bar located on Royal Park Hotel’s ground floor.

There are also the upscale free appetizers, which would cost quite a bit in any other locations.

The bar is small, with only 12 seats, but it is decorated with money, and a large mirror behind the bar expands the space.

5. The Royal Exchange

This sleepy little Royal Exchange is a hub of midday racing-related activity, and thoroughbreds are honoured in painting and caricature. The form is avidly studied beneath the phalanx of flat-screen TVs changing from course to course.

Several lagers, Guinness and Greene King IPA, are also available on tap to help with focus and gambling talk; the popularity of the latter is partly attributed to the pub’s long-standing Irish ownership.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: The Royal Exchange

Comes in the list of best bars in Paddington; it may also explain why some of the sandwiches contain roast Limerick ham, while there are other hot dishes of the comfort-cooking sort (cottage pie, stews).

Louis Dornier champagne costs £35 a bottle, so if your horse shows up, you might want to purchase some.

6. Salt Whisky Bar

Although Salt Whisky Bar is now Indian (with a cuisine menu to match), it still has the largest selection of whiskies in all of London.

Salt feels like a haven for discriminating lovers of the grain amid the hardwood & natural slate of the one bar room, a stylish, dark, square-shaped environment at odds with the garish brightness of Edgware Road; many of the patrons are of Asian or Middle-Eastern descent.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Salt Whisky Bar

The whisky directory covers 200 whiskies that are accessible by glass or bottle, each with a separate tasting note and a category for provenance, and comes in the list of best bars in Paddington.

The limited-edition Point Ellen 25-year-old from Islay, the Glenfiddich 1973 Vintage Reserve, and the prohibitively expensive Dalmore 1973 Haut Marbuzet Finish are standouts among the Scottish malts.

There are also 20 American, The majority of cocktails contain whisky, but you can also discover novelties like pomegranate caipirinhas.

7. BrewDog Paddington

BrewDog Paddington is the ideal location for beer enthusiasts wishing to try some of the finest craft brews, including American Pale Ale to Belgian Framboise.

The pub serves a variety of BrewDog speciality beers, including the BrewDog VS Evil Twin, in addition to special guest brews from other renowned brewers.

Indulge in the Jackpot Burger, a 7oz beef patty with chorizo, black pudding, and blue cheese, which is another delectable must-try. Doesn’t this seem like the bite of your dreams?

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: BrewDog

As an alternative, be sure to try the truffle cheese fries with vegetarian parmesan, truffle oil, and crispy onions for some serious snack food. In addition, BrewDog hosts events that are also worth attending.

BrewDog Paddington has a lot to offer, including excellent food, a charming patio outside, and an industrial design. Reserve a table now and visit!

8. The Heron Restaurant and Bar

Comes in the list of best bars in Paddington, The Heron Bar & Thai Restaurant, a traditional English establishment with a catch—they serve delicious, authentic Thai food—continue our list of the top bars in Paddington.

From the first bite to the final sip of your pint, you’ll adore everything from the authentic green & red curries with beef, lamb, or pig straight from Bangkok to the seafood salad Phuket and many more specialities.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: The Heron Bar & Thai Restaurant

Speaking of drinks, whether you visit during the summer or the winter, you’ll have a great time in their covered beer garden.

9. Vagabond Paddington

The lovely wine shop and bar Vagabond Paddington is tucked away in the picture-perfect Paddington neighbourhood close to the canal and a short distance from Stone Wharf Park.

Everyone may find something at Vagabond Paddington, whether they want a bottle to take home or a taste to enjoy there.

The ideal location to enjoy a glass of wine with friends is provided by their extensive wine list and their selection of artisan cheese and charcuterie.

Try the sharing boards when you’re there; they’re what, besides the wine, make Vagabond so unique. The Sharing Plate of Meat, which features cold cuts from regional producers and French or Italian fare, the Sharing Platter of Cheese, which features mouthwatering cheese, or a combination of the two, will satisfy everyone in your company.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Vagabond

Moreover, Vagabond hosts Bottomless Afternoon Wine Days, providing 90 minutes of unlimited wine with the opportunity to sample all of their most delectable dishes from the menu.

Vagabond Paddington is the ideal place to unwind with a drink of wine and some friendly talk because of its welcoming atmosphere and skilled staff.

10. Skylark Roof Garden

One need not look any farther than the Skylark Roof Garden for a spectacular skyline vista of Paddington. This cosy rooftop bar is ideal for enjoying beverages and light meals while admiring the breathtaking views.

The menu offers a variety of delectable finger foods and small plates, and knowledgeable bartenders are constantly on hand to prepare distinctive beverages with the freshest ingredients.

Let’s talk about the drinks first. For larger gatherings, they even have cocktail pitchers. They have wines, sparklings, and cocktails. Aperitifs like the Aperol Spritz and Strawberry & Rose Sangria over Fresh Strawberries are perfect for sunny days.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Skylark Roof Garden

The Jingwansa crispy chicken with smoked garlic & dashi infused sauce and the Fushimi fillet & shrimp with teriyaki Aberdeen Angus filet mignon and king prawn are among the most noteworthy meals.

Comes in the list of best bars in Paddington, and to sum up, watching the sunset over Paddington from the Skylark Roof Garden is likely to be an amazing experience.

11. Pergola Paddington

Pergola is a relaxed, posh-looking pub with a large space in Paddington that has a forest-themed interior and a variety of meals to suit every taste.

Come here for a fun night out or a relaxed supper. Moreover, Tacos Dos Más serves up some of the best tacos you’ve ever had. Finally, the Prawn Ceviche from Crudo Cevicheria will make you the happiest you have been all year; thank us later.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Pergola

Also, the staff is highly attentive and will help you choose the best cocktails, including the amazing House Cocktails and Frozen Tequila Cocktails.

And don’t forget; Pergola hosts the annual Wunderbar, the neighbourhood Oktoberfest, every October.

12. The Cleveland Arms

For more than 150 years, The Cleveland Arms has served as a Paddington landmark. In a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, this lovely pub provides traditional British fare with a modern touch.

The Victorian-era theme of the tavern, which includes antique furniture and a distinctive ambience, showcases its rich historical background.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: The Cleveland Arms

The Cleveland Arms is the perfect bar to go to for a date or a night out with friends. Enjoy the amazing cuisine, which includes Scottish eggs and Scottish risotto, as well as distinctive British dishes like onglet steak with puy lentils and chimichurri.

Also, you may enjoy their wonderful craft beer on their terrace outside if you want to take advantage of the hot summer days.

13. Sawyers Arms

Following comes Sawyers Arms, a standard pub with a time-honoured, delectable menu and an appealing, industrial aesthetic. It appears open and friendly due to the light colour scheme, and the wooden furnishings give it a cosy atmosphere.

For relaxing with friends over a pint, there is a second comfy room upstairs with a few extra chairs and tables and it comes in the list of best bars in Paddington.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Sawyers Arms

Let’s talk about the food now, which is exactly what you would expect from a British pub, and among the favourites are the Whitby scampi and chips with garden peas and triple-cooked chips.

14. Fountains Abbey

In the centre of Paddington is a historic tavern called Fountains Abbey. It is simple to understand why this bar was once a favourite hangout for so many folks with its original tile & leaded windows.

The tavern has undergone renovations throughout the years, but its Victorian charm has not been lost.

Dark furniture fills the cosy and welcoming ambience, instantly transporting you to a more carefree time.

Together with classic British pub cuisine, the pub serves a large selection of beers and ales and the environment is laid-back and casual, and the staff is welcome and friendly.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Fountains Abbey

Comes in the list of best bars in Paddington, and don’t pass on the delicious, rich menu while you’re here for a drink!

The half-roast chicken with rosemary-salted fries and fresh salad, a delicious alternative to the traditional fish and chips, and the halloumi & chips are both dishes we heartily recommend trying.

Also, a large selection of international wines and regional beers, such as the Belhaven Grand Slam and St. Austell Tribute, are available.

15. Lockhouse

The next popular bar, Lockhouse, is located directly across from Paddington Basin. The ideal spot for a drink is a contemporary, industrial, and practical watering hole that comes in the list of best bars in Paddington.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Lockhouse

They adamantly proclaim that they offer Paddington’s best brunch and food, and it’s simple to understand why.

You’re in for a treat with traditional British fare like full English breakfast and bacon egg benedict as well as more exotic deli items like parmesan truffle chips, quintessential prawn cocktail, and blockhouse power bowl. The décor is tidy, it’s streamlined, contemporary, and welcoming.

16. Smith’s Bar & Grill

Smith’s Bar & Grill, conveniently situated close to Paddington Tube Station and overlooking the Grand Union Canal, may thank (or blame!) Paddington’s burgeoning nightlife scene comes in the list of best bars in Paddington.

They provide a variety of cocktails, or if you give the bartenders a mischievous grin, they’ll try to create you anything. There are many options on the evening menu as well, including steaks, fresh seafood, salads, and sides.

Bars in Paddington
Courtesy: Smith’s Bar & Grill

If you like an outdoor bar, Smith’s Bar & Grill in Paddington also has a terrace that is available all year.

Final Note

Although the City of London & Canary Wharf is attractive areas, they nonetheless lack something that vanished in the city with time: genuine British pubs.

The best bars in Paddington, which are just a few miles from the city centre, have everything you’re searching for and will make you nostalgic while you sip on unusual beverages.



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