21 Top Bars in Cambridge to Grab a Drink

With approximately 100 pubs and bars in Cambridge that are popular with locals, students, and visitors, most of the club bars and the best bars in Cambridge are offering great food and outdoor seating in cool venues.

Read the article to know about the cool places in Cambridge to enjoy a boozy weekend with your friends and family.

1. Best Bars in Cambridge

With one of the top places and a sizable population, the city is unsurprising for having a lot of unique drinking establishments.

We’ve compiled a list of Cambridge’s greatest stylish and unique bars, including exquisite rooftop terraces for all those perfect sky-high sips and hidden speakeasies serving bespoke cocktails.

bars in Cambridge
Image by Concord90 from Pixabay

1.1. The Pint Shop

The Pint Shop, which has 17 taps and a charming, cosier taproom, is where we begin our ranking of the top Cambridge Pubs.

It takes a lot of effort to stand apart in a city with so many pubs (many of them historic). Still, the Pint Shop has succeeded in doing so, making it a welcome addition to the Cambridge craft beer culture and pub scene and comes among the best bars in Cambridge.

Bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Pint Shop

Choose an Egyptian Cream and a Mother’s Hip APA for Nene Valley Brewery after much thought (there were so many options).

The Cambridge location of the Pint Shop pub has a cosy and inviting decor.

It is simple to simply stay put, navigate the taps, and gaze out the room’s huge bay windows at the passing scenery. Recommended.

1.2. The Town and Gown

The Town and Gown tucked away in a side street and considered one of the best bar and pub setups in Cambridge’s city centre, is a sort of cultural hub with a stunning bar, a renowned fringe theatre, and a restaurant on the premises.

Among the best bars in Cambridge, keep on enjoying the Town and Gown, which is in Market Passage, because of its luxurious décor, which includes balconies where you could sip drinks while overlooking the bar (excellent for people-watching) and very strange barrel-style tables where one could consume food and beverages in a semi-barrel recess.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Town and Gown

The Town and Gown Theater often features plays, comedy shows, live music performances, quiz evenings, and more.

1.3. The Grain and Hop Store

The Grain and Hop Store, a lovely and spacious pub in Cambridge, was once a warehouse with a view of Parker’s Piece Green and came in the best bars in Cambridge.

The Grain and Hop was the first Cambridge bar to get off the train (it’s not too far from Cambridge Station) and is one of the best bars in Cambridge.

Enjoy the mid-afternoon beers there mostly because of the craft beer selection on tap but also because of the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable bartender (we didn’t get his name, but what a beard!).

The Grain and Hop Store’s plush interiors caught people’s attention right away, albeit this might be because it was recently renovated in late 2021, making it appear to be rather new.

Snag a booth with a view of the green at the far end of the enormous bar downstairs. The Grain and Hop Shop also has an upstairs room that is similarly furnished and has high ceilings.

1.4. The Eagle Cambridge

The Eagle Cambridge, often known as Cambridge’s DNA pub, is perhaps the most well-known pub in Cambridge due to its moment of glory. It is notable for being the place where Francis Crick and Watson first celebrated discovering DNA and the “secret of life.”

Comes in the best bars in Cambridge, the Eagle in Cambridge, which dates to the 14th century in some places, makes you feel as though you’ve travelled back in time when you first walk in.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: Eagle

The front bar has a larger bar with guest signatures and scrawls, while the back bar is dominated by wood panelling and wooden beams. On the same block (Benet Street), a few doors down, is its sibling bar, The Bath House.

1.5. The Mill

The Mill is a traditional Cambridge pub, cosy with an interesting combination of the old and new. It is situated directly across from Scudamore’s punting station with views of Laundress Green as well as the River Cam.

The craft beer bridge and neon jukebox seem out of place next to the antique fireplaces and low lighting.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Mill

The 19th-century Mill pub, which offers a 15% student discount and a tonne of board games, is a great place to go.

1.6. The Anchor Bar in Cambridge

The Anchor Bar offers many indoor tables (plus a small riverfront terrace) that directly overlook the River Cam and Mill Pond, offering perhaps the greatest view of any Cambridge bar.

The historic Anchor pub, which opened in the 1860s, is in a beautiful location and frequently hosts travellers who want to sample classic British cuisine like fish & chips & Sunday roasts and comes in the top bars in Cambridge.

Bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Anchor Bar

Unfortunately, the beers on tap are all quite basic (Amste and Beavertown), but it is understandable with such a spectacular view.

The Anchor is especially well-known because Pink Floyd frequently performed there prior. The band Pink Floyd frequently performed at The Anchor before they became well-known (founder Syd Barrett was a regular), and the establishment has various nods to them throughout, including a mural below.

1.7. The Granta

The Granta is a great pub in Cambridge, and its USP is that in addition to having a stunning riverside location (with a huge deck overlooking Mill Pond), it also has a private punting setup, which allows you to rent a punt before you head inside for a pint. However, remember to drink responsibly and never punt while intoxicated!

One of the best bars in Cambridge, the Granta is unquestionably one of Cambridge’s top pubs, along with the nearby Anchor & Mill establishments. This may be enjoyed throughout the year because the patio is also heated in the winter.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Granta

Indulge in a Charter Pie as you gaze out to Coe Fen Gardens as well as the River Cam.

1.8. Thirsty Cambridge

It was good to witness some brotherly love between Cambridge pubs since we had never heard of this taproom/bottle shop before visiting Cambridge. Still, Thirsty Cambridge came strongly rated by a barman at Eagle.

Thirsty Cambridge, which boasts a well-stocked taproom and an outdoor patio on Chesterton Road and is well-liked by both craft beer experts and students, has a variety of pop-up street food vendors and takes pride in its cheese toasties and comes in the best bars in Cambridge.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: Thirsty Cambridge

The full list of the upcoming food trucks is posted on a chalkboard outside, and a different street food truck arrives every night.

The selection at Thirsty Cambridge frequently varies, as you might anticipate, so plan to sample something new every time you go.

1.9. Fort St George

Among the best bars in Cambridge. There are wooden fires and old fireplaces within Fort St. George, along with the usual beer tap lines (so far, so average).

In addition to a few tables facing the River Cam, Fort St. George also features a sizable beer garden with views of the adjoining park, Midsummer Common.

Bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: Fort St George

The Fort St. George is a great place to start a Cambridge riverfront pub crawl, along with The Granta, The Anchor, and The Mill (thank you and cheers!).

1.10. The Orator

What a lovely beer garden this is! The Orator brasserie and bar are housed inside the imposing Victorian structure that houses the renowned Cambridge Union and has more gleaming brass than a steam locomotive.

These are genuinely holy rooms given that the Union has historically entertained notables like Winston Churchill as well as the current Dalai Lama, and the Orator bar & seating space outside makes it one of the finest bars in Cambridge.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Orator

A stone’s throw away from one of Cambridge’s busiest thoroughfares, the serene Orator outdoor space is surrounded by historically significant structures, which makes it even harder to believe.

1.11. The Boat House

This Greene King Cambridge pub, which goes by the name The Boathouse, boasts excellent views of the River Cam and a sunny beer garden & terrace that ascends across seven storeys before reaching the river’s edge.

Comes in the list of best bars in Cambridge, the Boat House is a family-friendly bar with plenty of indoor seating and a budget-friendly menu of pub food.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Boathouse

This is a typical chain pub with live entertainment & sports as a mainstay, made even better by its outside seating and riverside location.

1.12. Tivoli

The Tivoli is a massive gathering place with multiple floors that only recently debuted in Cambridge in the summer of 2022.

The Tivoli, a former theatre that was also a Wetherspoons pub, has been transformed and now boasts a stunning rooftop bar with a view of the River Cam. When you first arrive, a similarly lovely bar is also on the first floor.

Offering a variety of street cuisine, with a focus on pizza and burgers, visitors can also play a game of shuffleboard in the basement area dubbed Electric Greens or a round of crazy golf on the nine-hole course.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Tivoli

The Cambridge Rivoli rooftop bar remains packed and comes in the well-liked bars in Cambridge.

The craft beer selection is good, and the deck seats overlooking the Cam are very popular. The terrace’s wall-mounted artwork contributes to the inviting outdoor atmosphere.

1.13. Calverley’s Brewery

Startled to see that there weren’t many artisanal or regional taprooms or brewers in Cambridge while researching the city’s pubs and bars a few years back.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: Calverley’s Brewery,

Among the best bars in Cambridge comes the Calverley’s Brewery, a tiny batch brewery with a cute and beautiful taproom off Mill Road, a short stroll from the centre of Cambridge.

1.14. The Elm Tree

The Elm Tree is a unique real ale, and Belgian beer tavern tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood in the backstreets of Cambridge. Its interior is designed with a variety of vintage and retro advertisements and road signs.

Several upside-down hats affixed to the ceiling and numerous photos of prior hangouts & events at the Elm Tree add to the bizarreness and comes in the best bars in Cambridge.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Elm Tree

Although the Elm Tree specializes in Belgian beer, it stuck to local ales and discovered that it is the least expensive round.

You should discover this to be a welcoming neighbourhood tavern that is well worth finding out, much like the Free Press pub.

Although being on Elm Street, going to this Cambridge pub was fortunately not a “horror” on Elm Street.

1.15. The Bath House

Comes in the best bars in Cambridge, The Bath House is a branch of the Greene King brewing chain of pubs, so you know you’ll receive a decent pint and satisfying pub fare. It is located along Bene’t Street.

Bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Bath House

Okay, so this may not be the most inventive and remarkable bar in Cambridge. Still, the reason we included it is that it seems to be a hideout for locals, who occasionally want a great pint with a seat but can’t get that in many pubs because of all the tourists.

The beer selection is good, including Ice Breaker from Greene King and a few more craft options from Little Rebel and Beavertown.

If you’re looking for a quiet pint in a lovely location, the Bath House in Cambridge might be the place for you.

1.16. The Tram Depot

Originally a horse tram depot, the Tram Depot has been transformed into a massive, opulent pub (hence the name).

During term time, anticipate it to be crowded with students and campus personnel next to the Anglia Ruskin campus, which is among the best bars in Cambridge.

bars in Cambridge
Image by Simón Delacre from Pixabay

The Tram Depot is novated well (tiled flooring, enormous timbered beams, etc.), and the tap selection is good.

Although there is a separate dining area, most patrons appeared to prefer simply to eat in the bar. Tram-tactic will fulfil your need for an unfiltered lager & a fruity beverage.

1.17. The Mitre Cambridge

Due to its old world/classic décor and Cambridge city centre position, The Mitre is well-liked by tourists and out-of-town visitors.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Mitre

1.18. The Wrestlers

The Wrestlers, the most remote pub on this list of the “best Cambridge pubs,” is known for its Thai food kitchen & is suggested by multiple bartenders at other pubs. It is situated a bit outside of Cambridge city centre.

Among the best bars in Cambridge, the Wrestlers is a real hidden gem on the Cambridge pub and tourist circuit.

Bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: The Wrestlers

The Thai food is excellent and reasonably priced, and there is a wide selection of beer and ales from surrounding breweries, including Charlie Wells and BrewPoint.

1.19. The Maypole Freehouse

The Maypole Freehouse, a family-run free house connected to no single brewer or supplier, is situated along Portugal Place in Cambridge, so much so that it received the honour of being named the Cambridge CAMRA Pub of the Year a few years ago.

The Maypole Freehouse always has more than 20 taps and kegs open, along with a large selection of gins, whiskies, and other spirits, and it comes in the best bars in Cambridge.

Courtesy: The Maypole Freehouse

The Maypole, which dates back to the 1850s, provides a friendly greeting along with hot Italian-inspired foods, including open pizza sandwiches, polpette, and arancini balls, in addition to the usual burger fare.

However, we believe the Maypole may have one of the biggest beer gardens of any Cambridge bar, complete with a labyrinth of outside tables and hiding places as well as a small serving hatch for takeout or outdoor pints, so even if the Maypole is full, visitors can always grab a craft beer.

The Maypole, which boasts one of Cambridge’s best craft beer selections on tap, will have you jumping with excitement.

1.20. Old Ticket Office

When you “jump” off the train in Cambridge Central, do you feel like getting a pint? Maybe you might enjoy the Old Ticket Office!

The experience herein is all about the luxurious interiors and railway-themed design, which add to the convenience (this is practically a 15-second walk from where you get off the train).

In the snug that was inspired by a train car, you can (hopefully) disregard the “Beware of the Trains” placards while sipping craft beer or drinks, and it is among the top bars in Cambridge.

bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: Old Ticket Office

The Old Ticket Office frequently provides drink specials like 2-for-1 cocktails on particular nights, plus it has an outside terrace in front that looks out over the recently constructed.

1.21. Station Tavern

There are no rewards for figuring out where in Cambridge this is. The Station Tavern is a brand-new bar that was constructed as part of the recent infrastructure upgrades near the front of the Cambridge train station.

Bars in Cambridge
Courtesy: Station Tavern

The Station Tavern’s interior has a certain faux-rustic appeal, and the expansive terrace outside was amiable and joyful and came in the well-known bars in Cambridge.

The Station Tavern hosts a variety of events, and the upcoming “Paint and Prosecco” workshop—a cocktail—piqued our interest.

2.Final Words

There are so many cocktail bars in Cambridge that we don’t know how one could avoid becoming drunk.

Take a stroll through this beautiful city and while you’re there, visit some of Cambridge’s incredible cocktail bars.



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