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17 Amazing Things to Do in San Antonio

San Antonio offers a ton of activities and attractions, whether you are a native or a first-time tourist. We have arranged our list by popularity to make sure you don’t miss any of San Antonio’s top attractions, which range from historic sites to contemporary entertainment. So, have a seat as we share some incredible things to do in San Antonio.

Things to Do in San Antonio

1. The Alamo

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Three million tourists congregate in a plant-shaded area of downtown San Antonio every year to see a storied American icon. Many of them, whether they are from Berlin, Tokyo, or Dime Box, Texas, seem bewildered in this green urban area.

They may persuade themselves that the Crockett Hotel, which is close to a pharmacy, a post workplace, lots of parking, and a dismal café serving $5.49 chicken-fried steaks, seems appealing when they cast their eyes from their manuals toward the towering Hyatt Hotel, the historic 1859 Menger Hotel, and the Crockett Hotel.

The famous Alamo, a former Franciscan mission where 189 Texans fought and died during a 13-day siege by Mexican ruler Don Antonio Lopez de Anna in 1836, is the most well-known site in Saint Antonio.

The Alamo city currently stands as a tribute to those courageous men, with artifacts from some of its most illustrious defenders, like Davy Crockett and James Bowie, on display. The conflict catalyzed Texas’s war for independence.

Outside, you can find posters on Alamo Plaza displaying the glamorized stone figure as well as mugs in the infamous beige color. Davy Crockett will frequently be mentioned by locals responding to inquiries from tourists.

You can visit San Antonio, where the Alamo is located, and realize that this is the pride of Texas.

2. River Walk

The ideal stroll to see San Antonio, in the opinion of many, is along the River Walk stroll, also known as Paseo del Rio( River Walk).

One of the town’s hottest travel landmarks the San Antonio River Walk unites important locations including Brackenridge Park and the San Antonio Museum of Art. It is lined with a variety of eateries, retail locations, hotels, and sidewalk cafes.

The San Antonio River Walk is shaded by bright umbrellas, and mariachi music is frequently performed by street musicians, which is a treat for art lovers.

The River Walk is a must-visit location for anybody visiting San Antonio since River Walk offers beautiful views of the rivers and a range of entertainment opportunities. Everyone may find things to do in San Antonio on the River Walk, whether they want to unwind, eat, or buy.

Take a River Walk boat excursion to create memories and get up close to several of San Antonio River’s distinctive features.

Among the sights you’ll see along the 2.5-mile path are a statue of St. Anthony of Padua, after whom the city takes its name, the Alamo, Texas’s oldest continuously operating courtroom, and the second-tallest free-standing tower.

3. Mission Historic Mission Park

things to do in San Antonio
by USA-Reiseblogger, Pixabay Copyright 2016

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a must-see location whether you are a history enthusiast or a nature enthusiast.

Four of the five Spanish Colonial Missions in the city are preserved and protected by San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. The Alamo is the fifth mission, which is not in the park, and the oldest, dating from the early 1700s.

Earlier, a section of this trail was closed because of flood damage. However, this mission trail recently reopened.

Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada are among the four distinct parcels of land that make up the park. The oldest Spanish irrigation system still in operation in the area is the Espada Aqueduct, which is located between Mission San Juan and Mission Espada.

San Antonio Missions are nati al is the only mission church in the San Antonio area that still has its original roof and walls because this edifice, which was built on bedrock, is so sturdy.

This is still a great spot to view the original “frescos” (murals painted on plaster), which were painted on the inside walls centuries ago because the roof has always protected the interior.

4. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

things to do in San Antonio
by Incygneia, Pixabay Copyright 2015

Six flags fiesta Texas located in San Antonio, Texas, Fiesta Texas is a well-known amusement park that features a variety of exhilarating rides and attractions, including roller coasters like the Iron Rattler and the Goliath and water rides like the Bahamas Blasters and Thunder Rapids.

In addition to rides, the Park offers delectable culinary selections, live entertainment, and carnival-style activities. As a result, it provides a great vacation spot for families and adventure enthusiasts.

This 208-acre park, a well-liked family attraction in San Antonio, has a variety of conveniences that will render your day as pleasurable and straightforward as feasible.

Each of its five unique fields, which are separated by restrooms, ATMs, locker rooms, stroller and wheelchair rental shops, and other resources, features a wide range of dining and retail options.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is presently engaged in several park-wide renovation, development, and improvement initiatives. This includes the retheming of the activities at Thrill Seeker Park, the installation of new trains at Boomerang, and ongoing track construction for the Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster.

5. Breckenridge Park

The San Antony River flows through the park, and tourists can stroll along it or play a round of golf at the famed Brackenridge Park Golf Course.

There is an entirely novel zoo in the park where visitors may see a variety of critters from throughout the world.

With its wide variety of outdoor activities For families with outdoor enthusiasts and anyone wishing to unwind and have fun in the middle of the city, Breckenridge Park is the ideal tourist attraction.

The river walk can occasionally be quite congested, especially during the busy spring and summer seasons. However, Breckenridge Park, which is close by, provides a brief reprieve from the heat and the masses of tourists.

The Brackenridge Park is vast which includes rusted stone, bridges, shady walks, rich vegetation, and biodiversity in San Antonio’s Botanical Garden and Japanese Garden.

The park also features several sporting fields and frequently hosts outdoor concerts and events at the natural Sunken Garden theatre. It’s a lovely location to practice your favorite outdoor pastimes, like jogging, golfing, and fishing.

When it comes to where to grab a meal when touring the Brackenridge region, there are several options. You can feel at ease just eating at one of the numerous eateries inside the San Antonio Zoo.

Brackenridge Park and its girding areas are close to numerous other San Antonio lodestones. Just twinkles from the field or the Riverwalk, you will be suitable to enjoy nearly any kind of lodging you need.

6. Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio is a lovely, tranquil spot that is also a free attraction. A tranquil garden with exotic plants has been created here in what was formerly a rock quarry. Through the Gardens are ponds with Koi waterfalls and the lovely stone walkway of the pavilion.

An on-site restaurant called The Ginglu House offers both indoor and outdoor dining options.

The Japanese Tea Garden is just a 10-minute drive from the River Walk, and you can visit both while also going to the San Antonio Zoo, which is also nearby. Although this park was only renovated in 2008, it truly has a history dating back over 90 years.

The flower line trials here, the bamboo, and the 64 waterfalls cascading into the koi pond are easily some of the best things to do in San Antonio in the spring or summer. The waterfall is best viewed in the daylight.

Visitors can get a special taste of Japanese culture and beauty at San Antonio’s tea garden, a peaceful and beautiful area. A traditional Japanese tea shop with real tea and snacks may be found in the garden.

The Garden’s beauty and the tranquil sounds of the streams and waterfalls can be enjoyed by visitors as they meander down winding paths and across bridges.

The Japanese tea plantation is the perfect place to escape the city’s noise and bustle and find some tranquility in an incredible natural environment.

7. Briscoe Western Art Museum

Everyone can enjoy a trip to this Briscoe Western Art Museum art gallery, so do not vacillate to bring the whole family along. The emotional artwork can be appreciated by kiddies and grown-ups likewise. utmost visits last around 2 or 3 hours, but you can stay longer if you want to examine every last piece in their vast collection.

The Briscoe Western Art Museum is home to a vast collection of art about the American West, showcasing its beautiful geographies and rich history through colorful interpretations.

The gallery strives to capture the American West by pressing its multifaceted history and cultural expression.

Amongst the collection at this gallery, you will find an emotional quantum of iconic artifacts. Santa Anna’s Sword is amongst the endless displays, along with the fancies of Change form and the defile of Pancho Villa sheathe in leather and tableware.

Admission is fairly affordable, but you can enjoy abatements if you are part of an active military family with the service member present or if you are a stager, firefighter, or first pollee.

Still, you will not find space for parking at the gallery itself, If you are driving yourself. Public auto premises are available hard, still, with the closest being right across the road. On Sundays, parking is free in megacity-possessed auto premises.

8. Witte Museum

Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay


This is a great gallery for families! erected on the banks of the San Antonio River, the Witte is considered San Antonio’s foremost gallery. With a four-story tree house and dinosaur bones, kiddies are hooked as soon as they arrive.

The tree house itself features endless hands-on wisdom-related conditioning and a lift on a Sky- cycle’ 15 bases in the air! Grown-ups appreciate the. Texas art and in May 2012, an extraordinary South Texas Heritage Center opened.

Long-term shows include dinosaurs and corpses among other fascinating collections. The Witte will frequently host special events and exhibits that are a fresh figure on top of the gallery costs.

Ask the staff to tell you about the most current featured shows to help you determine. whether or not you want to add this to your regular gallery ticket price and stint.

You can situate in the free Brackenridge Parking Garage, to the south of the Witte’s 10-acre lot. Walk along the Witte’s Adventure Walk, and encounter concrete circus mammoths and a dinosaur, as well as native shops, bio sludges, funds, and cradles.

The lovely grounds include a native factory majestic theatre, oak- tree-lined yard, two amphitheaters, and several major structures from as far back as the Spanish social period. The ultimate proof is that while the “ New Witte ” is a sight to behold, it’s the old monuments that make the art galleries truly special.

9. Historic Market Square

In Historic Market Square( El Mercado), which occupies three megacity blocks, take your time shopping for the perfect remembrance there are unique products, which are similar to authentic Mexican vanilla or various woven cape robes, that you won’t find in typical sightseer destinations.

Also, indulge your taste kids at one of the numerous food booths or authentic Tex-Mex cafes that line the forecourt, offering everything from fresh baked goods to handwrought tortillas.

Numerous tenures of San Antonio combine Market Square with other points of interest, similar to the Alamo, the San Antonio operations, and the River Walk.

While these sights are all realizable singly, it’s helpful to explore the megacity up near with a companion who provides history and environment about the megacity and its people.

Market Square is the largest Mexican request in the United States. The” El Mercado” section has 32 specialty shops and the” Farmer’s Market Plaza” section has 80.

The San Antonio Market Square has been part of the community since the 1820s. With over 100 merchandisers, they say the major Market Square is the “ El Mercado ” remaining in the United States. Still, the air, and the food, If what makes it “ real ” is the people that make this the largest Mexican market.

10. Texas Hill Country

Affront on that buckaroo chapeau and head on eschewal for some horseback riding bliss, really one of the unmissable effects to do in San Antonio. Don’t miss the occasion to visit the Texas Hill Country and lounge in the putatively endless decor to delight the senses.

From flat open fields to steep rocky defiles, trip by steed like the cowhands of old. The Hill Country is, simply put, beautiful, and there are numerous effects to do( and some fantastic places to stay) in its extensive region.

Whether you want to peer at an endless ocean of wildflowers, eat a succulent apple pie in the Apple Capital of Texas, take a dip in a natural swimming hole, kayak along the Medina River, hike the alternate-largest determinedness pate, chase a cascade, or find your own beautiful Topaz gems, Texas Hill Country is the perfect place for adventure and disquisition.

While there are endless places to explore in Texas, we’ve set up that Texas‘ Hill Country might be the stylish spot to start your Lone Star peregrination.

Music is a massive part of the Hill Country culture that one whole city, Luckenbach, is devoted to it.

Made notorious by Waylon Jennings’, song of the same name, it’s been a favorite venue of country stars Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and more. However, under the- radar setting, head over to Alamo Springs Café, If you want a further low-key.

11. San Antonio Zoo

Image by StormmillaGirl from Pixabay

Home to 750 different species o creatures from around the globe, the San Antonio Zoo, is devoted to inspiring curiosity and educating the public about creatures, the territories, pitfalls to their species, and conservation sweats around the world.

The San Antonio Zoo is a great resource for educational entertainment that kiddies and grown-ups likewise will enjoy. From alligators to zebras, you will see tons of creatures you else wouldn’t get a chance to see.

If you are taking a San Antonio trip, don’t miss this Zoo, located amid Brackenridge Park and is home to 3,500 creatures Meet the Caribbean flamingos, lemurs, bears, giraffes, zebras, pussycats big and small, hippos, crocodiles, and further.

Over one million callers make their way to the San Antonio Zoo every single time and we suppose you should be one of them.

12. Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and Texas Ranger Museum

Image by DSTravel from Pixabay

San Antonio’s oldest taproom, the Buckhorn first opened its doors to trippers in 1881. Latterly, it added a gallery that showcases one of the world’s biggest collections of antlers and cornucopias.

Make sure to drop by the gift shop where you can find buckaroo headdresses, Bowie shanks, and other old West-themed particulars you can add to your collection.

If Texas beer is your thing to do in San Antonio then the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum are for you, An original bellhop, Albert Friedrich, opened the taproom in 1881; at the time, if guests didn’t have enough cash to pay for drinks, Friedrich was known to accept cornucopias, pelts, and other objects as forms of payment. His adventure paid off.

The taproom is now also a gallery, displaying miscellaneous oddities that the proprietor collected over time(suppose rattlesnakes in jars, antlers, and much further).

Moment, the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum has expanded to include a Texas Ranger Museum with quirky rotating shows, a cafe, and the original bar where Pancho Villa is said to have planned the Mexican Revolution and Teddy Roosevelt signed the Rough Riders.

Callers can take a walk through Ranger Town, a recreation of the city of San Antonio at the turn of the century complete with a replica of the Buckhorn Saloon, a jail cell, a blacksmith shop, and more. A must-see and things to do in San Antonio for any suckers of Texan heritage and the days of the wild borders.

13. Digital Art Exhibitions

Following the stunning success of the Immersive van Gogh and Immersive Nutcracker exhibits in San Antonio last time, experimental art company Lighthouse Immersive has brought yet another 360-degree installation to the Alamo.

On view now, Disney Animation Immersive Experience invites callers to step into the alluring worlds of their favorite adventures from the groundbreaking plant. With nearly 80 times animated flicks represented.

From Pinocchio to Encanto — there is enough Native American art magic to go around for Disney addicts of every age. From the lily-filled ponds of Monet to Van Gogh’s sunflower fields, Klimt’s gold-featured worlds to Magritte’s unique pictures, each experience gets you up near and particular with the contemporary artwork – because it’s projected around you!

14. Morgan’s Wonderland

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Enjoy Lifts and lodestones at Morgan’s Wonderland custom-designed to accommodate wheelchairs, similar to a Ferris wheel, a train, a carousel, and adaptive swings, including wheelchair swings.

Fresh conditioning includes catch-and-release fishing, contending remote-controlled Corsair vessels, and a plenitude of imaginative play at the sensitive vill.

Nearly all Morgan’s Wonderland callers arrive singly and either pre-book tickets online or buy them at the door. Individual tickets are available, or you can bespeak 2-demesne tickets for redundant savings.

Callers with special requirements can enter free of charge; there’s a nominal entrance figure for everyone differently. Admission includes a voluntary GPS band to keep track of individualities and free prints taken at several demesne features.

The demesne is fully wheelchair-accessible and includes features designed with other disabilities in mind. Same-day re-entry is permitted with wristbands which is a favorite. Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio is one of the highlights of things to do in San Antonio.

An original family created the demesne for their son with special requirements. ingrained with the aphorism “ Where Everyone Can Play ”, the lodestones are suitable and safe for all children, irrespective of age, disability, or special need.

15. Legoland Discovery Center

things to do in San Antonio
by Efraimstochter, Pixabay Copyright 2013

is a creative and engaging experience for kiddies of all periods and one of San Antonio‘s’ newest lodestones in the once couple of times. Then, you can Immerse yourself in the history, technology, and sheer joy of one of the world’s favorite toys Legos!

The Discover Center features 36,000 square bases devoted to interactive games, play areas, erecting challenges, lifts, and a 4D movie Aztec theatre arts– all about those notorious plastic structure bricks!

When guests enter the space through the mammoth, minifigure- shaped doorway, they’re first attended into a room with defenses on all four walls. There, they get a peep into how Legos are made, and they can produce customized mini figures on the defenses. adventure.

Also, they’re steered into the Discovery Center itself and can follow the path or choose their place. First Over is Kingdom Quest, a short lift that lets you fight Lego monsters with infrared ray ordnance(shaped like Pirate Lego fireballs, of course!).

See who in your wain can rack up the most points! and enjoy some awesome things to do in San Antonio. In the Miniland room, discover milestones from Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland rendered in Lego form.

Look for town Columbus, North Market, Book Loft, COSI, Ohio Stadium, and other Ohio State University spots. Asset out Cincinnati’s streetcar passing in front of the Museum Center, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the Christmas Story house in Cleveland.

16. San Antonio Botanical Garden

Image by Dar1930 from Pixabay

One of the most beautiful sights in the city is the Botanical Gardens of San Antonio sights. This remarkable 33-acre institution exhibits plants from arid regions to equatorial rainforests, some of which are kept in separate, climate-controlled glass enclosures surrounded by a sunken courtyard and a tropical lagoon full of lithostatic plants.

Epiphytic plants, desert cacti and succulents, equatorial tropical, palms and cycads, tropical fruits, ferns, and aroids, and insectivores are among the special collections.

The Gardens also has a children’s garden, a Japanese garden, and even a garden for the blind. The Gardens always aims to connect people to the plant world through experience, education, and study.

In addition to the Sullivan Carriage House and the Lucile Halsell Conservatory, the garden also has formal and show gardens, native gardens, an overlook tower, and a gazebo.

The botanical gardens are also undertaking a significant expansion project that will increase parking, parts of the gardens, and add a nearby agricultural marketplace. San Antonio Botanical Gardens are constantly adding new sights. In this world of plants, there are different hues and textures for all of the years.

The Rose Garden, where tropical varieties are on display at the Lucile Halsell Conservatory together with other botanical areas, is one of the fun things to do in San Antonio.

You will appreciate the Texas Native Trail, the region’s highlight and the second-largest state in the union, whether you are a native Texan or just visiting. For birders, there are bird watch structures with benches and special viewing portals.

17. Confluence Park

things to do in San Antonio
by Picabel, Pixabay Copyright 2017

Confluence Park is an educational park with its sights on the crucial function of water in the local environment. It is situated along the Mission’s Range part of the San Antonio River.

The park, which was created by Matsys with the help of Lake| Flato architects, Rialto the studio, and Architectural Technology Collaborative, features 3.5 acres of native establishing.

, a 2000-square-foot versatile establishment, a 6000-square-foot essential pavilion, and 3 lesser “satellite” buildings scattered around the grounds.

The 22 cement “petals” that make up the center pavilion form a network of vaults that offer protection and channel rainfall into a subterranean reservoir that is utilized to irrigate the park.

The pavilion’s layout was influenced by the way vegetation in the area uses the structural effectiveness of bent structures to route precipitation to their root systems.

To create the supporting curves, each flower petal was raised into position within pairings after being cast on site using technologically created fiberglass composition molds and an improved tilt-up building method.

Our keen interest in the fusion of form, manufacturing, and performance is embodied in the pavilion. The main pavilion was developed to produce an uplifting and idealistic atmosphere that would support the client’s purpose to promote the importance of water saving.

The shape of the pavilion was influenced by some vegetation’ use of double curved fronds to cantilever out, gather rainwater and dew, and send the water to its root stem using the biomimetic philosophy of turning at the environment for inspiration.


San Antonio is best visited between November and April when the weather is pleasant and lodging costs are reduced. The peak travel season for both domestic and international visitors is summer.

San Antonio draws throngs of Texas families over the summer because of its historical significance to the state and its family-friendly amusement parks. Plan to park your car in a lot or garage and explore some of the downtown areas on foot rather than attempting to navigate the congested downtown streets.

So those are the top 17 San Antonio Attractions for you to explore, please tell us if we miss something.

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