Cave Point County Park: 12 Amazing Things to Do Out There

Door County, located between Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport, has enormous beauty and a multitude of excellent destinations. One of Door County’s most popular attractions is Cave Point County Park.

A journey to this park in Sturgeon Bay is a definite must for your Door County bucket list, with underwater caves, limestone cliffs, and breathtaking Lake Michigan views.

1. Reason to Visit Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park is a must-see. The Door County peninsula is home to 19 county parks.

Here are just a few reasons why you should visit County Park. There are many fantastic activities to enjoy with the amazing beauty of the park as a backdrop. Don’t forget to visit other great destinations in the neighborhood after you’ve explored this park.

From a beautiful gazebo, cliff jumping, peninsula, and shoreline to beautiful rock formations everything is here for your family gathering. If you want to see this powerful natural beauty, check out the live animation of Lakes and try to locate Cave Point County Park on the map. This will indicate whether or not waves are currently crashing against the limestone cliffs.

1.1 Have Fun at Lake Michigan

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Lake Michigan has the world’s largest freshwater dune. Dunes of Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore and other protected dunes along Michigan’s western coast form the world’s biggest collection of freshwater dunes.

Under the turquoise waters sea, amazing underwater sea caves await exploration. You may enjoy a summer sunset or amaze it in all seasons.

enjoy Scuba diving and catch a glimpse of them from the cliffs. It links to Lake Huron (Straits of Mackinac) in the north.
In 1634 the French adventurer Jean Nicolet is the first European to see Lake Michigan.

1.2 The Ridges Sanctuary

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

The trail map is easy to follow, and the well-kept boardwalk area is a delight to walk by trail on while taking in the scenery.

Before tackling our project take another look at this Safety Note & be cautious! While precautions are required, don’t let the warning prevent you from attempting to see the natural beauty of Cave Point County Park. We have a list of 5 good reasons for visiting Cave Point County Park.

Even people with wheelchairs can walk easily. While the more primitive trails can also be walked. It is famous for its diverse range of wildlife animals. The nature trails and wildlife are, of course, the main draws to the area.

Endangered native orchids that are magnificent when in bloom! There will be wildflowers (carnivorous Pitcher Plants! ), songbirds, frogs, deer, and other wildlife, and it is a highly unique habitat in the state.

The park is as peaceful as it has always been, and it has now completed the repair of one of the lighthouses and is welcoming tourists. The late autumn wildflowers are wonderful. Don’t miss this tranquil spot in Door County for a wooded walk.

1.3 Go for Canoeing and Kayaking Opportunities

Image by thatsphotography from Pixabay

There are many kayak companies here so don’t forget to take wonderful kayak tours or hiking trails along the scenic Michigan coastline of Door County. The route includes Whitefish Dune and Cave Point County Park.

You’ll be able to explore the magnificence of the Dolostone caverns and witness the stunning karst terrain on crystal-clear Lake Michigan from the unique vantage point of your kayak.

Because the water is usually the calmest in the morning, it is preferable to book early in the day. Scuba diving costs in Cave Point Country Park vary depending on the level of course chosen.

The kayak seating area does get a little damp, so dress appropriately. It is also completely safe for beginners to go scuba diving in Cave Point Country Park, but you should always have water levels.

To kayak in Cave Point County Park, you have two primary options: Schauer Park with a parking lot (where it launches from) and Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park, or Whitefish Bay Boat Launch, which is a little further away.

Before kayaking and returning to the launch site at Schauer Park, take in the natural splendor and soak up the sun.

1.4 Grandma Tommy’s

Image by Silvia from Pixabay

Grandma Tommy’s carries all of your favorite Door County vacation meals, wines, and microbrews. Here you will find food, beverages, and gifts. This place is awesome, you can enjoy pies, locally made foods, and wonderful employees.

from apples to cherries, jams to cheeses, and wines to beers, you will have something for you. Prepare to spend a lot of money on trinkets, paddy whacks, and dog bones. As a memento, take some excellent cider and Door County gifts of jam and a quirky recipe book.

Here, the cherry salsa, chocolate-covered cherries, and beer are all well-known. T-shirts, candy, gifts and artwork, food and drink, honey, cheese, coffee, snacks, and hand-dipped ice cream are all available.

1.5 Host Your Special Event

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Do you have a unique event coming up in Door County?
Cave Point County Park has a lovely gazebo that you may rent for your special occasions to make them memorable.

You won’t find a more stunning lakeside site with lovely weather for a birthday celebration, intimate wedding, family gathering, or whatever private moment you wish to make with your loved ones. The park provides picnic areas with picnic tables, cooking grills, fire rings, and a shore for your convenience.

Enjoy every second of your stay at Cave Point, and spend some time staring at the stars while lying down on the smooth sand bed. One of the most popular things to do at cave point at night takes a short walk to explore cave point and see the calm waters.

1.6 Peninsula State Park

Image by Teri Comroe from Pixabay

This is one of the many reasons why visitors come to door county board during the “off-season.” Enjoy the more accessible possibilities that this Park offers in warmer weather; the winter views are breathtaking.

As you walked through the Park, you would notice the ice formations in various states of breaking up, which lent a dramatic accent to the views in some cases.

It’s fascinating to see ducks use pools of open water among the slippery rocks and till-frozen inlets, as well as gulls landing on ice rather than water. This allowed for very leisurely journeys without bothering others.

The natural beauty, biking, and breathtaking views are all reasons why people love to cycle through Peninsula Park and take in all of this great area’s grandeur.

A family day in the park is an excellent choice. Hiking, cliff jumping, water play, and an observation tower. The kids enjoyed simply hanging out and having a picnic.

1.7 Whitefish Dunes State Park

Image by Maryse Rebaudo from Pixabay

Whitefish Dunes State Park is located on the Wisconsin Door County Peninsula and is part of Wisconsin’s Northern Michigan Coastal Landscape. It is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Check out the boardwalk to see or stroll through the marshes. The nature center at the park also provides year-round programs.

Hiking (but staying away from the dunes), biking, picnics, swimming in Michigan, boating, and fishing in Clark are all popular middle winter months activities.

There are three excellent hiking. Enjoy hand-curated trail maps, as well as reviews and images from other nature lovers like you. Explore one of Whitefish Dune State Park’s three easy hiking paths, which are suitable for the whole family.

1.8 Gaze at Limestone Cliffs

Image by Ansgar Scheffold from Pixabay

There is plenty of parking and a covered pavilion with picnic tables. We enjoyed the limestone cliffs that drop 6 to 12 feet to the rocky shores.

There are no barriers on the Cliff edge, posing a major risk to youngsters, and there are locations where you can climb down to the coast.

The cliff is level but covered with tree roots and rocks. Climb down to the shore from a variety of locations. Hundreds of limestone rock statues have been erected by past visitors along areas of the shores, making for a beautiful scene.

A trail that runs straight down the lake’s edge can be followed to the Nature Center at the whitefish dune section of this trail parallels the road.

1.9 Stay in Door County at the Ashbrooke Hotel

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

This hotel is a wonderful romantic getaway for any couple. Everyone at the front desk is friendly and helpful. It was quite silent. You must clean your room on your own. They do, however, provide clean towels and other necessities as needed.

While the property is incredibly stunning and pristine, the grounds are well-kept, tidy, and extremely peaceful. Overall, this is the most romantic and restful getaway.

The fireplace has three timer settings: 60, 90, and 120 minutes, which is fantastic. Best of all, the tub’s lighting could be altered to different hues, and there could be multiple relaxing jet settings.

1.10 Door County Photography

If you appreciate photography, Door County is a must-see destination.

With 5 state parks, 19 county parks, and a plethora of city/village/town parks and privately held (but available to the public) land preserves, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of attractive locations.

Not to mention the county’s 11 lighthouses! You can click unlimited photos.

With picture-perfect parks, a crumbling facade, delicious food, and stunning green bay and fallen trees views, Door County is an ideal place for superb photography. The magnificent cave point, turquoise sea, animals, and excellent weather all contribute to this.

The Cave Point Country Park is an absolutely beautiful destination to spend your vacation. The pristine parks here are beyond your imagination, this beautiful location and attractions are for all types of visitors.

1.11 Stone’s Throw Winery

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

This is unquestionably one of the best places to visit in Door County. The wine is fruity, the service is excellent, and the proprietor (Russell) immediately makes you feel like family.

The wine and tapas bar is fairly premium, with a lovely terrace area. Do try wonderful tapas paired with an outstanding wine list.

The Sangiovese with Bottega and bruschetta is fantastic! The winery here is unlike many of the others in Door County. They concentrate on high-quality wines created from grapes brought from California, as opposed to the sweet wines made from grapes from Door County. They liked the drinks and the club.

With a magnificent canopy above the reception area and dazzling bistros lights neatly placed around the space, the ambiance is truly stunning.

1.12 Camping Near Cave Point

Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixabay

While Cave Point and the neighboring Park are popular, there are still nice camping options in the region. Monument Point and Frontier Wilderness campgrounds are excellent choices for camping near Cave Point County Park.

Weborg Point Campground, one of five wonderful campgrounds in the area, invites you to explore the great outdoors. It is located southwest of Peninsula Park, Wisconsin’s third-largest state park.

The campsite includes spots to pitch your tent or park your RV for camping in the forest, making it ideal for singles, couples, and families. The local attractions, such as Nicole Bay Beach with picnic facilities, a fishing pier, and a children’s playground, add to the appeal of Weborg Point Campground.

This is another choice; if you want to camp quietly, Monument Point Camping is your best bet. This expansive campground features isolated tenting spots and woodland spaces to park your RV or trailer, making it ideal for couples and families that like privacy.

2. History of Cave Point County Park

The Door County Board of Supervisors made a bold decision in 1943 to preserve the 19 acres that would become Cave Point County Park.

Cave Point is well-known for its impressive rock formation, such as a dense dolomite shelf. Underground caves and enormous bluffs that withstand waves up to thirty feet high pounding the rocky surface to silt stretching a quarter mile offshore beneath the water’s surface are among the other structures.

When Whitefish Dune first opened, it owed much of its success to its northern cousin. The Black Trail connects Cave Point to the remainder of the Whitefish Dune paths. Then, in 2003, a historical sign documenting Cave Point’s formation was added.

The rocky shoreline in Door County was formed between 410 and 440 million years ago, during the Silurian epoch. Wisconsin was located near the Earth’s equator during the time.

This sea had a Maquoketa Shale bottom that was covered with the skeletal remains of ancient marine organisms, or Calcium Carbonate, and debris from erosion. Under pressure, time, and heat, this material turned into the limestone that creates the picturesque cliffs of Cave Point County Park and may be observed in various areas across the world.

3. Other Information about Cave Point County Park

3.1. How Can I Have the Full Experience?

The park is near Jacksonport and is easily accessible by vehicle or bicycle via paved road and well-maintained grounds, including a moderately difficult trail that connects the park to Whitefish Dune Park to the south.

Winter, as previously stated, is an excellent season to explore Cave Point. This time of year, Door County is also the least crowded, which we think is a great benefit!

Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor are both just 20 minutes away from Cave Point County Park. Most people would reject a county park, so if you build your day around the beauty of the location, it will benefit you.

Throughout the summer, many kayak companies provide excursions to Cave Point. For a $5 fee, one mile north of Cave Point at Schauer Park in Jacksonport, you may enjoy scuba diving with expert scuba divers.

3.2. Door County Safety Warning!

for Camping and Hiking:
Hike with a buddy or family member at all times.
Don’t stray from the path.
Be respectful and follow etiquette.
Take plenty of water with you.
Shoes: To assist prevent damage, wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.

Before we begin, please check the safety notes below and remember to be cautious. While caution is advised, don’t allow this brief warning to deter you from enjoying the natural beauty of Cave Point Park.

When wandering near the cliffs, keep an eye out for blow-holes in the ground. Winter months produce gorgeous ice formations but also have extremely slippery paths, so tread carefully. Water near the cliffs can be unpredictable with high waves whether swimming or kayaking.

When to go is just as essential as where to go; paths in the northern half of the nation, or at any high altitude, may have deep snow far into spring. Even if the snow melts, you may have to cope with the runoff that results.

3.3. Can You Bring Your Dog?

Yes! Dogs on leashes are permitted at Cave Point County’s Park. Most tourist attractions in Cave Point do not let tourists bring their dogs or other pets.

Some require pets to be kept in special areas until their owner completes the tour.

3.4. Look for Near Hotel and Restaurants

In Jackson Port, WI, there are a few motels near Cave Point County, Parks. Square Rigger Lodge, for example, is a lakefront waterfront resort with stunning views of Michigan.

More of our favorite places, though, are still very close to Cave Point and have some fantastic hotels. Egg Harbor is one of our top four picks, and it’s only a 20-minute drive to Door’s finest parks.

You will find some fantastic restaurants to satisfy your entire gourmet journey. These are luxury restaurants that provide various American specialties, such as surf ‘n’ turf, and are attractively decorated and managed by professionals.

3.5. Always Bring a Map

Cell phone reception is adequate in most places of the Peninsula. However, if you’re like us and prefer to carry a nice road map that can also be used as a last-ditch trail map, it will make your trip more excellent.

Cave Point Park doesn’t have much information, but it’s still a useful tool for the rest of your Door County vacation. Maps may also assist us in avoiding getting lost, which is always useful when on vacation.

A map can help you narrow down your trip options. Every trip should start with a map in your hand.

3.6. The Best Time to Visit

Summer is the best month to visit for fun things. The months of June and October, as well as July and August, are ideal for visiting this historic park.
As a traveler, make any location you visit a safe one by taking good care of it. Always observe the park’s laws, no littering, and no causing damage to the park’s amenities.

County WI is a popular site for water sports such as kayaking, as well as photographers, swimmers, divers, explorers, hikers, and naturists. This park’s stunning vistas will not spare your life. WI is without a doubt an excellent choice for your holiday trip.

4. Conclusion

Cave Point County Park is the most recognizable natural scenery in Door County. Divers, photographers, swimmers, hikers, and all who visit revere the magnificently sculpted rock faces lining the turquoise waters that are authentically Door County.

Cave Point, while neither a state nor national park, is not lacking in grandeur. Local county officials help to protect the park by providing free entrance to the picnic sites, trails, and breathtaking views right up the beach from Whitefish Dunes State Park.

This park is well-known for its fascinating caves, beautiful coastal vistas, and towering trees. The park’s convenient location allows for a variety of fascinating explorations.

Door County is authentically Midwestern, combining the natural beauty of Wisconsin with busy local tourism.

During your vacation, you may immerse yourself in culture, art, excellent food, historical monuments, and all in between in a city known for its stunning natural beauty. Door County is famous for its fish boils, cherry orchards, dairy farms, specialized stores, and scenic coastal towns.

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