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18 Best South Granville Restaurants

Ouisi Bistro

If the first images of South Granville that come to mind are luxury fashion boutiques, lifestyle shops, and opulent salons, you are seriously losing out.

Because there are numerous South Vancouver cafés and restaurants in the area that serve a variety of international cuisine, you may enjoy a delicious dinner or a sinful snack after the shopping binge!

Here is the list of the best South Granville Restaurants.

Best South Granville Restaurants

The top South Granville restaurants are listed below for your reference the next time you visit:

1. Cheesecake Etc

Source: Cheesecake etc.

This Vancouver establishment draws customers from all around the world in pursuit of its cheesecake, which is prepared using its secret recipe.

You should try one of their cheesecakes, but which one?

Their Original Cheesecake is still very well-liked, and you may customize it to your tastes by adding toppings like fresh berries, toasted pecans, and almonds, chocolate, mocha, & peanut buttercream.

Real whipped cream, which is the standard topping for all cheesecakes, strikes the ideal balance between the cake’s lightness and richness.

To complement your cheesecake, a variety of hot & cold beverages are available.

2. Bin 4 Burger Lounge & Gourmet Burgers

Source: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Have you ever heard of gourmet burgers? The proprietors at Bin 4 Burger Lounge have succeeded in elevating the world’s most popular meal to a gourmet level!

Only premium ingredients are used in these burgers, including smoked salmon, 5-year aged cheddar, and premium BC beef, making them the greatest burgers you’ve ever had.

3. Café Salade de Fruits

Source: Salade de Fruits

Are you looking for a relaxing weekend activity?

Your plan will be a tremendous success if you go to Café Salade de Fruits on a Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with someone you enjoy being around.

The restaurant offers expertly cooked French meals that will transport you to the streets of France without having to pay a hefty airfare.

Start your meal with their perfectly sautéed Garlic Frog Legs to bring out the adventurous side. The main entrée of Duck Confit Leg will have your mouth watering because of the succulent and soft duck leg’s top-layer skin. It’s Baked Alaska for dessert!

4. Kathy’s Sandwich House

Source: Kathy sandwiches

A light yet full sandwich and some fresh juice to wash it down can be all you need while you are out for lunch, driving for a while, or just out shopping.

If you’re looking for a sandwich shop in Vancouver, try Kathy’s Sandwich House. This sandwich shop has been serving Vancouver for more than ten years and offers breakfast, salads, & soups.

The best part is that you may create your sandwich by selecting a protein from a wide variety of selections, like roasted beef, roast chicken, BLT, etc. Select a wrap or one of more than five different types of bread, then top your sandwich with crisp vegetables.

Which option to select? Try their Shrimp Avocado Wrap or Montreal Smoked Beef sandwich.

5. The Stable House Bistro

The Stable House Bistro, which was created by a group of residents, serves seasonal fare made with the finest ingredients from nearby farmers.

As a result, the menu is always changing to reflect the harvest being done by their affiliated farmers. The bistro’s four-course family-style menu is another one of its trademarks, and each dish can be accompanied by the ideal glass of wine.

Source: Mazahr

Their specialty, the Charcuterie & Cheese boards, provides a varying assortment of one to five items.

You can enjoy the local pink scallops’ freshness on their autumn menu, together with white wine, hay cream, & local harvest beets as sides.

One of Vancouver’s best-kept culinary secrets is Stable House, which serves lunch, Tuesday through Friday.

French classics like salads, savoury soups, & terrines can be found on the straightforward lunch menu at this upscale wine bistro. You also enjoy their charcuterie boards a lot, you have your liquids (also known as soups) & your solids.

6. Breakfast Table

Without a brunch or breakfast option, no list of South Granville Restaurants is complete.

The Breakfast Table is a popular breakfast establishment in the region and offers a lot more than coffee & expertly cooked eggs. Their cuisine is attractive enough to draw a wide variety of customers, from regular breakfasts to birthday brunches.

The Beef Bulgogi Hash, which is served with eggs, kimchi, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, & green onions, is one of the most well-liked items on their traditional menu.

The renowned Sweet Chilli Sauce, which is used to top many of their meals, gives them the required kick.

7. Mazhar Lebanese Kitchen

Source: Mazahr

Lebanese cooking uses spices to impart flavour to meals in the same way that many other cuisines do with sauces.

Lebanese food should thus be your pick if you’re seeking for a new culinary adventure to experience taste & flavour explosions in your mouth, and Mazahr Lebanese Kitchen is the best option in the South Granville area to complete your “food adventure.”

The Mixed Grill Platter is well known and includes Kafta, Shish Tawook (crisp and juicy skewered chicken seasoned in earthy spices), and Lahm Mishwi.

If you want something cold, their Muhammara is perfect. Once the flavour of the platter has subsided, let their beef shawarma make your mouth water once more.

8. Farmer’s Apprentice Restaurant

Farmer’s Apprentice Restaurant is a cozy, straightforward place that provides a cup of coffee, a bottle of wine, a snack, a speedy lunch, to an easy-going dinner.

Its size is not striking, though; rather, the lovely fragrance of wood smoke as you go by is.

Enter to experience the inviting atmosphere created by the wood plank tables that have been lovingly decorated with enamel mugs and floral murals.

The Shigoku Oyster & Wild Rice Yellowfin Tuna are good places to start. As a result of their delicious flavours and Instagram-friendly décor, they are all regarded as the Farmer’s Apprentice Restaurant’s hallmark.

Farmers Apprentice
Image from Farmers Apprentice

It’s not difficult to tell that Farmer’s Apprentice draws inspiration for their cuisine from civilizations ranging from European to Asian. So, get ready for South Granville’s most distinctive eating experience ever!

The dark chocolate terrine is a pure chocolate treat that is perfect for dessert. It is soft but firm, fudgier but light, and the bitterness of the dark chocolate is the key.

9. Fiore’s Yummy Food

Italian cuisine is one where good food may be made using inexpensive components. When prepared properly, simple Italian cuisine will remain in the memory for a very long time.

Your local Italian eatery, Fiore, is situated in the center of South Granville and offers mouthwatering pizzas, hand-made pasta, and more in a welcoming setting.

While you can begin with their classic Antipasti Board, make sure also to order their Pappardelle Bolognese since the well-balanced veal, pig, and beef in the sauce will leave you wanting more.

Enjoy your meal to the fullest by serving it with your preferred Italian wine & chocolate Budino for dessert.

10. Bombay Kitchen & Bar

Source: Bombay Kitchen and Bar

If you’re ever looking for a neighbourhood restaurant that provides authentic Indian food, make a reservation at the Bombay Kitchen & Bar.

This restaurant has been a neighbourhood favourite thanks to its delectable Indian cuisine and top-notch service, and once you have its magnificent buffet, you’ll understand why.

Samosa with Chutney or Fish Pakora is two crispy starters for your Indian meal. It is recommended to pair their tandoor oven delicacies, such as Garlic Naan & Lacha Paratha, with their main dish selections, such as Chicken Jalfrezi & Fish Tikka Masala.

With Bombay Kitchen and Bar’s Gulab Jamun & Gajar Ka Halwa, no Indian meal seems to be complete without dessert.

11. West 

West, one of South Granville’s most upscale eateries, specializes in modern regional cuisine employing the tastes of the Pacific Northwest and the best seasonal ingredients in enticing, sophisticated contemporary presentations.

West provides both a substantial a la carte menu and a prix fixe choice for a three-course lunch.

12. Rangoli

Rangoli is the renowned chef & restaurateur Vikram Vij’s casual eat-in or to-go offshoot. It was sometimes jocularly referred to as the “fallback plan” when you couldn’t get into Vij’s original Vancouver restaurant.

This market restaurant is open every day and no longer serves as Vij’s tiny next-door sibling because it moved to a new location.

Its menu of inexpensive meals ranges from samosas and curries to heartier, meatier dishes.

13. Heirloom

Source: Heirloom

Heirloom, one of the eateries recognized for expanding the range of meat-free dining options in Vancouver over the past ten years, is open every day and serves its brunch/lunch menu.

They offer a variety of plant-based dishes during the day, such as vegetarian scramble, omelets with a Southern flair, Eggs Benedict, & French toast.

14. Luke’s Corner Bar

Luke’s Corner Bar is a dependable option for lunch because it has a relaxed neighbourhood atmosphere and an approachable menu.

Luke’s serves lunch every day of the week and offers a variety of bar snacks and sharing plates, gluten-free options including fried calamari & yam fries, seasonal salads, burgers, and sandwiches, as well as heartier meals like gnocchi or a pound of fresh mussels in one of three broths.

15. Ouisi Bistro

Best South Granville Restaurants- Ouisi Bistro
Image from Ouisi Bistro

Ouisi Bistro, a popular destination for visitors seeking New Orleans flavours (and live music on some nights), offers a lunch and anytime menu that highlights Cajun and Creole food.

When you want a Po’Boy or a Jambalaya, come here. If you can, also peruse their large beer & wine list.

16. Caffé Barney

Source Caffe Barney

Caffé Barney, a nearly 30-year-old institution in the community, is open every day and serves both lunch and weekday brunch.

Caffé Barney, a popular hangout for locals, is the ideal place to visit if you’re in the mood for some comfort food like an Eggs Benny in South Granville.

17. Paul’s

Another one of the South Granville Restaurants and the neighbourhood favourite for traditional egg-centric breakfast dishes that are all reasonably priced is Paul’s Omelettery.

Almost any breakfast fancy may be satisfied here, whether Corned Beef Hash to a hearty Lumberjack to a stunning assortment of omelets and Bennies.

If not, they have a huge selection of salads, burgers, and sandwiches, as well as a grilled cheese menu on their all-day lunch menu.

18. Vancouver Fish Company

Source: Vanfish

The Vancouver Fish Company on South Granville is unquestionably a shining jewel.

In keeping with its name, this charming waterfront restaurant serves food all day long, including a Happy Hour menu and a late-night menu.

This is the ideal location for a social event with friends, family, and even on a date.

Here, the fish is nicely cooked and not too battered, unlike in other places. You will continue to fantasize about this meal if you add some excellent fries to it.

Also delicious is the oven-roasted Sablefish, which is served with heirloom-tomato consommé, braised swiss chard, chorizo, and smoked mussels.

Final Note

South Granville is among the best areas in Vancouver to get the best restaurants, and different cuisines, & these restaurants & their popularity bear this out.

There is everything from soft bread sandwiches to gourmet burgers, full-on savoury feasts to on-the-go snacks and drinks.

There’s no excuse to ignore lunch when it’s sandwiched between dinner, which is said to be the “most important meal of the day,” and breakfast.

Have fun!

Also, explore 13 spots to have the best oysters in Vancouver for an amazing experience.



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