18 Wonderful Places to Visit in Halifax

The Canadian Maritime provinces’ administrative, commercial, and scientific hubs are located in the metropolis of Halifax, which also houses no fewer than six universities and colleges. Surprisingly, Halifax is still dominated by a star-shaped citadel placed on a hill despite the more modern buildings.

The article will give you an insight into all the beautiful and must places to visit in Halifax and have a holiday of a lifetime.

Best Places to Visit in Halifax –

1. National Historic Site of the Halifax Citadel

A fortification that watched over the city was the Halifax Citadel. You can travel through time at this national historic monument, from its founding in 1856 to the present day during World War II.

See the changing of the guard as well as the 78th Highlanders marching through the grounds in the reenactment. Even better, you may put on the Highlands uniform—complete with kilt—and pretend to be a soldier for the day.

One of the oldest customs in the world is the Royal Artillery firing the noon gun, so be sure to watch it.

Children enjoy Citadel adventures because they may try playing the drums and spy on the adversary while marching in formation. Following dusk, tours discuss some of the many ghost stories associated with the Citadel.

The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, the port, Dartmouth, and Little Georges Island may all be seen from points along the road that ascends the mountainside to the fortress.

On the hillside is also where you’ll find Halifax’s iconic Old Town Clock. It was initially ordered in 1803 by Prince Edward and is an everlasting tribute to a severe disciplinarian’s timeliness and has four clockfaces as well as chimes.

2. Brewery Alexander Keith’s

Alexander Keith’s Brewery is one of the popular places to visit in Halifax. Alexander Keith’s is a meeting of excellent people, wonderful beer, and great music, as David noted throughout our visit.

It should not be missed on your agenda for Halifax because it is one of the oldest brewers in North America.

So have a beer while learning about Alexander Keith, the man who created the beer, and watch it being made.

3. Distilling Company of Halifax

halifax distilling
Courtesy: The Halifax Distilling Company.

What’s wrong with you if beer isn’t your thing? But in all seriousness, sampling some real Halifax rum is yet another fantastic alcohol-themed activity near Alexander Keith’s Brewery.

Comes in the best places to visit in Halifax and you are given behind then a tour of this privately owned distillery by The Halifax Distilling Company.

Not only that, but you can also sip cocktails in the upscale cocktail lounge after learning how rum is distilled. It’s undoubtedly among the most enjoyable activities in Halifax.

4. The Waterfront in Halifax

There are waterfronts in lots of cities, but Halifax Harbor is unique. One of the best ways to explore Halifax is to take a stroll around the harbor.

This 4 km (2.4 miles) long boardwalk, which is home to many of Halifax’s prominent attractions, is crowded with tourists during the height of the summer as they take in the scenery and eat at the various restaurants and is among the best places to visit in Halifax.

5. Historical Buildings

Historic properties date back to the 1800s, when privateers dominated the seas and schooners were no longer used.

In 1963, Canada designated this group of warehouses as a site of national historic interest after completing a comprehensive restoration.

Although the homes’ façade and interiors give the impression of being in the 1800s, they combine historical and modern elements. Any itinerary for Halifax would be well-served by this stop.

Make sure you try the lobster at Salty’s before going to the Lower Deck for a pint of beer

You can dine, drink, take in the sights, and unwind. In all seriousness, eating lobster on the waterfront is one of the best places to visit in Halifax. You have a maritime-like feeling.

6. The Atlantic Maritime Museum

On your day trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, make sure to stop at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. At this museum that honors Halifax, Nova Scotia’s maritime legacy, you will have a great time learning about the maritime history of Canada.

There are several relics on display, as well as areas devoted to the victims of the 1917 Halifax Explosion and the Titanic.

So be sure to put this on the top of your list of places to visit in Halifax if you enjoy maritime history.

7. CSS Acadia

There are many fascinating museums and historic places in Halifax, so there is no shortage of things to do. Visitors can enter this floating museum, which is housed inside the CSS Acadia. 

It is the only surviving vessel from two world wars that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and comes in the best places to visit in Halifax.

8. Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is one of the top places to visit in Halifax and is located at the extreme side of Halifax Harbor from historic properties.

Pier 21 served as many immigrants’ first port of entry into Canada between 1928 and 1971. Currently, it serves as a museum.

You can look into your family tree and learn about immigrants’ adventures directly from those who have already arrived in Canada.

Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21
Courtesy: Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21

With items from the ship, there is an intriguing Titanic exhibit. After the Titanic sank, Halifax was the closest harbor, and many of its remains were transported there. 121 of the Titanic victims are laid to rest in the Fairview Lawn Cemetery.

Visit the Fairview Lawn Cemetery to learn more about the Titanic calamity.

9. Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax

If you need anything for a picnic after spending time on the Halifax waterfront, stop by the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. 

The oldest farmer’s market in North America still in operation is the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market.

10. Public Gardens in Halifax

One of the best places to visit in Halifax is to take a stroll through the public gardens if you want to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

The public gardens are a beautiful location to find peace as you meander through the garden paths taking in the antique monuments and carpet beds of flowers.

You can visit their website to learn more about the events that take place in the public gardens.

halifax garden
Image by Ebowalker from Pixabay

11. Central Library of Halifax

The Halifax Central Library is one of Halifax’s coolest architectural structures. Even people from outside the city who are visiting will want to go inside because it was built as a location for socializing.

The library is fantastic if you enjoy architecture when you travel; it was given the Governor General’s Medal for its exceptional new civic building design. If you want to see sweeping vistas, make sure to climb to the rooftop patio.

Among the best places to visit in Halifax is the best activity that Halifax people recommend if you’re seeking something to do there.

12. Spend Time on Spring Garden Road

In the Halifax neighborhood of Spring Garden Road lie both the Halifax Public Gardens as well as the Halifax Central Library.

Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay

With clubs, restaurants, and the primary shopping district, it is one of the most fashionable locations in the city.

Go get a cocktail at one of the trendy pubs when you’ve finished your shopping. 

13. Citadel Hill

It’s an excellent site to watch the Halifax sunset upon climbing Citadel Hill. The Old Town Clock, a federally designated historic structure, dominates the city.

Halifax’s city and harborfront are peacefully visible from looking down over the Old Town Clock and come in the best places to visit in Halifax.

14. St. Paul’s Church

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Watch out for the specter of St. Paul’s Church as you stroll around downtown Halifax.

It is the oldest structure in Halifax to have survived the explosion, which left a face-shaped mark in its glass. A head’s silhouette was permanently carved into the glass after the explosion.

Is it the spirit of the pipe organist, the reverend, or a sailor who perished in the explosion? We’ll never know, but for more than ten years, tourists have been entranced by this head.

15. The Argyle Street Nightlife

There is no better place to spend a night out in Halifax than Argyle Street. We adore it for three reasons; patios, bars, and dining.

Argyle Street, which runs down the center of Halifax, is a bustling area both day and night that is lined with eateries and live music establishments

One of the best places to visit in Halifax and for genuine seafood from Nova Scotia, we suggest dining at Five Fishermen. It has been named Halifax’s best restaurant for service, ambiance, value, and food!

16. Toronto Donair

The Donair is Halifax’s “unofficial” national dish and a late-night Donair will ease the hangover after a night of drinking and partying.

It’s delicious and I am sure you are going to thank your taste buds after trying this national dish of Halifax

17. Peggy’s Cove

Visit Peggy’s Cove if you’re in Halifax for sightseeing. It’s an easy day excursion because it’s only 30 minutes from Halifax’s city center and is among the best places to visit in Halifax.

There are bus tours and other forms of transportation that go to Peggy’s Cove from Halifax, but we advise hiring a car for the day to fully explore all the attractions in and around Peggy’s Cove.

Depart early enough to get a good view of sunrise from Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. There won’t be any crowds, and the view is stunning.

18. Bay of Fundy

No trip into Nova Scotia would’ve been worthwhile without seeing the Bay of Fundy because the province is known for having the highest tides in the world.

You can spend three hours along either side of the tides, which shift 100 billion tonnes of water every six hours, on the ocean floor in this location. That exceeds the total volume of all rivers combined.

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Fortunately, Burntcoat Head Park, one of the province’s most well-liked attractions, is also just one hour away from Halifax.

Final Note

The trendiest city in Canada may be Halifax. It’s challenging to compete with Halifax because of its stunning shoreline, simple-to-navigate downtown, and alleged claim of having the most bars per capita of any Canadian city. 

Check out all these great places to visit in Halifax to get you started if you need more motivation to visit this waterfront city.

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