19 Amazing Things at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara, locations may be found throughout the United States and Canada. The Great Wolf Lodge is an incredible destination for a waterpark vacation that is welcoming to families. Every family has become such frequent visitors to the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara in Southern California that we have picked up several insider secrets throughout our time there.

Do you find yourself debating whether or not a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara is worth it for the adults in your life? Is there any advice that can be given on how to receive discounts or offers for the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara? What do you bring with you? How do you keep your sanity in this situation?

You’re in luck since we’ve got you covered in every way. Here are 19 suggestions for making the most of your water park holiday at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara with your loved ones.

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1. Things to Do in Great Wolf Lodge Niagara

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara is a popular family-friendly resort located in Niagara Falls, Canada. These are just a few of the many activities and amenities available at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara. The resort is designed to provide a fun and memorable experience for families with children of all ages. Here are some of the things to do at the resort:

1.1. Search for Great Wolf Lodge Holiday Deals Before Booking

A stay at Great Wolf Lodge is rather affordable, particularly when families have access to the indoor water park for two full days for a single night’s lodging. But, if the price appears to be a little expensive for your family, be sure to check whether or not there are any discounts available.

The Great Wolf Lodge Niagara often appears on daily deal websites like Groupon (normally only accessible during the off-season), and the resort’s website frequently includes bargains and package deals. On their website, you may sign up to get Great Wolf Lodge Niagara coupons to be notified about discounts. When families book early, they may save up to fifty percent!

Under their Howling Heroes program, Great Wolf Lodge Niagara also discounts all armed forces members, fire departments, emergency medical care professionals, northern lights arcade, free wifi, police departments, and correctional facilities.

1.2. Reserve a Family Single Room

The fact that the rooms at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara can accommodate as many as eight people each makes them one of the most appealing options for accommodating large families. Hurray! Access to the water park is included in the base accommodation charge for all room residents.

The resort provides four different room types, each of which has a different number of base and maximum occupants. These include themed Standard Family Suites (base 4, max 6), themed Wolf Den Suites (base 4, max 6), water park indoor pool, outdoor pool, themed Kids Cabin Suites (base 5, max 7), and Grand Bear Suites (base 6, max 8), which are ideal for families traveling with grandparents.

1.3. Contemplate Great Wolf Lodge Upgrades

While it is probable that your family will be comfortable in only one room during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, you have some alternatives for upgrades that should be evaluated well before your trip. Your children will adore the cute Wolf Den and Child Cabin suites, where they will have room to play while participating in activities based on their suite’s motifs.

Parents should be aware that there is only a partial barrier between the kids’ sleeping sections and the adult sleeping spaces. Nevertheless, children have TVs with YouTube and Netflix to watch from their beds. With the wave of a MagiQuest wand, guests may make these rooms “come to life” and get the complete experience of staying in a themed suite. The rooms will maintain their themes even if the upgrade is unpaid. However, there will be no noise or interactivity in those areas.

In addition, parents have to be aware that there is no way to “turn off” the themed interactions. Putting the wands in a remote corner of the room seems helpful, away from the main focus. Also, entertaining fort-building kits may be supplied to the room for the little ones to play. If you are staying at the Anaheim site of the Great Wolf Lodge, ask for a room on the upper level that faces the Great Wolf Lodge parking garage.

This will allow you to see the fireworks at Disneyland from your room. In our list of the top hotels for families near Disneyland, we included the Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California.

great wolf lodge niagara
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1.4. Great Wolf Lodge Birthdays and Holidays

You may want to think about having your child’s birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara. There is a wide selection of birthday party packages available, and some of them include birthday cakes, birthday decorations for the venue, parking buffet breakfast, and birthday activities (allergy-friendly cakes are available if requested in advance.).

Children who come to stay at the lodge will get a unique pair of “birthday wolf ears” to mark the event. Throughout your stay, everyone on staff and even other guests will send heartfelt birthday greetings to any visitors celebrating their special day.

At Great Wolf Lodge, the holidays are also treated as extraordinary occasions. They celebrate “Howl”-o-Ween, the Snow land winter “howl” days, and Springfest yearly with additional special events, crafts, themed eating, and other things to do.

1.5. Pack Light for Big Wolf Lodge

Even though you would want to bring your family’s essentials to Great Wolf Lodge Niagara, we have compiled a list of items you may leave at home. Avoid packing:

  • Towels are readily available, always clean and dry, and there is no charge for using them.
  • Flotation devices. The amusement park supplies these safety devices, which are required to be worn on certain rides by customers who are smaller in size.
  • You are putting on the air. You don’t need to bring anything extravagant as long as you don’t intend to leave the property toto to go to a restaurant specializing in fine dining.
  • At the most exclusive restaurant, bathing suits are not permitted; however, shorts and a T-shirt are always acceptable.
  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses. You won’t need sunglasses or sunscreen unless you want to spend a significant amount of time in the outside pool area, where there is a lot of sunlight.
  • Hats: On the other hand, when people stepped inside the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara, it was simply sitting there on the table, ready to be utilized.

1.6. Bring These Extras

Nonetheless, to make the most of your visit and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything, here are a few things you should consider packing in case you forget anything on your vacation. Do pack:

  • Cover-ups for swimming suits make it simple to get from your hotel to the water park and the activities and meals offered at the resort.
  • If your Great Wolf Property has a ropes course, you should wear athletic shoes (SoCal does not).
  • Treats to keep in your room (outside food cannot be brought into the water park).
  • Waterproof phone cover when at the pools, carrying cases come in helpful for shooting images and movies as well as maintaining contact with family members. These items are also available for purchase on the premises.
  • Headphones if you want to read a book or have some peace while your children are having fun at the water park, you’ll need headphones with either white noise or soothing music. The water park has a lot of background noise.
  • A Pool Bag, since you may begin playing at the water park on the same day you check in, carrying a “swim bag” with all your swimming suits and supplies, will make it easier for you to attend the water park without having to unfold your complete trip bag in the lobby.
  • On the day you check out, you can stay in the park until it shuts as long as you use the same bag. Before leaving your room to check out, you must ensure that this bag is stocked with clean underwear and other clothing items.

1.7. Check-In Early

On the day guests check-in, they will get access to the water park beginning at 1 p.m. They can stay and play there until it closes on the day they check out. This feature allows families to get the most out of their time at the water park. Most families know the “check in early” secret, which results in potentially lengthy queues.

Because of this, Great Wolf Lodge Niagara ensures activities in the lobby throughout the day, particularly from one to five in the afternoon, when most families arrive at the park. “Lobby Bingo,” story time, crafts, seasonal outdoor pool, hot tub, and other activities are just some of the “distractions” often available for children while one parent waits in line to check in.

great wolf lodge niagara
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1.8. Bring the Baby (and the Swim Diapers)

At Cub Paw Pool, toddlers will appreciate the zero-entry water play. Parents will be relieved to learn that this section is entirely fenced off and has a magnetic safety clasp to prevent young children from escaping.

While using the pools, diapers designed for swimming must be worn by infants. While they are available for purchase on the premises, it is recommended that guests bring their own.

1.9. Visit the Water Park with Your Kids

A lifeguard will take your child’s height when they first enter the water park and give them a wristband indicating which rides they are allowed to go on and which places shorter or younger children are required to wear a life jacket. This happens when children enter the water park for the first time. When you first get there, doing a “walking tour” of the water park is a good idea to get your bearings.

Parents may inform their children of the guidelines. Property amenities, point out the restrooms and lifeguards, can go to Niagara River gorge, drink buffet breakfast, free wifi, free water park access, location room features, family rooms, primary image indoor pool, air conditioning, and designate a central location to gather if anybody becomes disoriented or lost. They also have banquet hall guest reviews on them.

The park is home to a gigantic water play structure known as Fort Mackenzie, which is the perfect spot for splashing about without a pool. There are many types of water slides, from little slides designed for children to enormous tube slides that take thrill-seekers on aquatic journeys.

The facility in Southern California also has a pool with water basketball and an obstacle course, in addition to a wave rider where children may boogie board or surf. Great Wolf offers a wave pool and a lazy river since these attractions are essential to any good water park.

1.10. Set Up Camp

While families are free to come and go during their time at the water park (and are encouraged to take breaks), it is essential to remember to set up camp each time the day begins.

Among a horde of other mothers and fathers, the child must be able to identify their mother and father readily. A placement that affords a clear view of the clock tower is optimal for ensuring everyone is aware of the current time.

1.11. Watch Kid’s

The official signage around the water park suggests that parents always keep a watchful eye on their children. It also serves as a reminder that life jackets are not a substitute for the supervision of responsible adults.

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara places a high priority on the safety of its water park. Every attraction has a sufficient number of lifeguards on duty at all times, and these lifeguards constantly switch places to ensure that they do not get fatigued.

1.12. Give Tweens Freedom

Tweens and teens may make family trips difficult. Great Wolf Lodge Niagara is a terrific location to give kids independence without worrying about where they went.

Upon check-in, request a wristband for your kids to access the room key and charge. This technique works well (no more looking for the room key in a backpack full of things!), but there are no room keys to give around when getting anything from the room.

1.13. Give Magi Quest and Other Games Enough Time

Image by from Pixabay

The water park at the Great Wolf Lodge is the primary lure for guests, but the resort offers a wide variety of other activities. A Build-A-Bear workshop and a small bowling alley may be found in the Southern California facility.

In addition, there is a large arcade that is very generous with its tickets, a fun laser game, glow golf, dance parties, the Forest Friends show, morning Wolf Walks, and nightly Story Time in the Grand Lobby. Magi Quest is an addicting live-action role-playing game in which children use magic wands to solve clues and head to various video portals throughout the resort.

1.14. Leave Early, Stay Late

On the day when families check out of their rooms, they are welcome to use the water park up until the park shuts. During this transition period, you can store your luggage at the front desk or in your vehicle.

Showers, changing spaces, and bathing suit dryers are available in the locker rooms. Bring your accommodation’s miniature soaps and shampoos for a thorough cleaning.

1.15. Purchase Bundled Pass

For your family to enter the water park, you must go through an underground shopping centre and gaming paradise filled with everything your youngster could desire. The cost of the games and extras might rapidly increase, but with careful preparation, you can participate in many of these activities without breaking the bank.

Passes that include several activities, refreshments, and excursions may be purchased together at a discount, with prices beginning at low prices. These cards give purchasers various alternatives, including Magi Quest wands and games, glitter tattoos, sweets, ice cream, arcade credits, and more. Since the urge to acquire a specific pass is heightened by nervous children wishing to see everything, people propose that parents and their children investigate the passes online before checking in.

There is a ticket called the Wolf Pass for families who want to participate in every activity at the park, a pass called the Paw Pass for families that want to participate in a few activities and even a pass for families with tiny children (the Pup Pass).

1.16. Free Activities

There are a lot of activities on site, and some of them have fees attached to them. On the other hand, there are a lot of free activities, and they are already included in your stay. Make the most of these opportunities!

Children will have a great time participating in activities such as dance parties, story times, lobby crafts, board game afternoons, morning parent-and-me yoga, “nature” walks across the property, and meet-and-greets with their favourite characters. Your family will get a detailed schedule when they check-in, which will also be accessible on the app.

If your daughter, who is six years old, is upset because she can’t play any more arcade games, you may divert her attention to the complimentary social activities that are taking place on the lobby level.

1.17. Easy Meals

Image by 지원 이 from Pixabay

You won’t go hungry at the Great Wolf Lodge since it has many eateries on the property. But, if you want to cut down on the money you spend on eating out, you may consider bringing some of your food from home. You can even bring a cooler through the lobby and into your hotel. However, you cannot bring it with you to the water park.

Each of the rooms is equipped with a microwave, a mini-refrigerator, and a coffee machine. It is not difficult at all to bring along some essential breakfast foods, along with a few beverages and snacks.

1.18. Enjoy a Cabana

It is possible for the water park to get quite crowded, especially on peak days. It might be challenging to find enough seats for the whole family, to preserve those chairs, and to have a little bit of solitude or seclusion all at the same time.

The cabana that may be rented is here. Although it may be expensive to hire a cabana (the cost varies according to the time of year), it is an investment that is well worth making, particularly for parties.

The daily rental fee includes a table and chairs for six people, an ice-cold refrigerator stocked with non-alcoholic beverages, on-call food and beverage service (so you don’t have to wait in any lines! ), a new supply of towels, a television for when you want to relax, a ceiling fan to keep people who aren’t swimming pool, a safe for storing your valuables, and easy access to your cabana throughout the day.

1.19. GWL Official App

Almost everyone these days indeed has at least one app. Nevertheless, before you check in to the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara, you need free up some space on your phone and download the Great Wolf Lodge app.

You can text a resort concierge if you have any questions or concerns while you are there, in addition to being able to check in on the app, which will save you time waiting in line. You can also mobile order you’re to-go meals and drinks (no lines!), check the day’s schedule (and even let it remind you when a favourite show or activity is about to start), and check out the daily schedule.

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2. Conclusion

To summarize, Great Wolf Lodge Niagara is an incredible resort that caters to families and provides various services and activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. The enormous indoor water park at the resort is the primary draw for guests. It is home to various exciting water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, amongst other water-based activities. The resort has a wide variety of other activities besides the water park. These activities include bowling, mini-golf, arcade games, and more.

The accommodations offered to guests include ordinary rooms, suites, and themed suites, from which they may choose the one that best suits their needs in terms of comfort and amenity. The themed suites at the resort are trendy due to their one-of-a-kind designs and a variety of facilities, some of which include bunk beds, private hot tubs, and other features.

In addition, Great Wolf Lodge Niagara provides guests with various food alternatives, including full-service restaurants, casual dining establishments, and snack bars. The prices are fair, especially considering the typically excellent quality of the meals. Great Wolf Lodge Niagara is an excellent option for families searching for a holiday destination that will be both enjoyable and memorable. While the resort might be a bit pricy, the high-quality lodgings, activities, and facilities make the high expense more worthwhile.

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