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20 Amazing Things to Do in Amusement Park Belfast

20 Amazing Things to Do in Amusement Park Belfast

If you’re looking for some fun and excitement, Amusement Park Belfast is the place to be! With over 20 different attractions to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and have some fun! Amusement Park Belfast has something for everyone!

1. 20 Things to Do in Amusement Park Belfast

Whether you’re looking to relax or get your adrenaline pumping, Amusement Park Belfast has plenty of activities that will make your visit unforgettable.

From thrilling roller coasters and water slides to carnival games and arcades, Amusement Park Belfast is sure to have an activity that you’ll love.

1.1. Gravity Rider

An extreme roller coaster that simulates up to 3 times the force of gravity!

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you race through loops and curves at speeds reaching up to 50 miles per hour!

1.2. Giant Swing

Reach heights of 90 feet in the air, then experience the sensation of zero gravity for seconds at a time as you swing back and forth.

1.3. Carnival Games at Amusement Park Belfast

Test your luck and skills with classic game stalls like ring toss, hooping and basketball shooting in order to win prizes!

Whether you’re competing against yourself or with friends, there is something fun for everyone.

1.4. Adventure Tower

Scale three floors filled with rope ladders, cargo nets and other obstacles before finally reaching the top deck offering spectacular views of the park from above.

1.5. Experience Virtual Reality at VR Zone

Explore interactive experiences set in different worlds such as outer space exploration and underwater adventures with cutting-edge virtual reality technology!

1.6. Enjoy Live Entertainment Shows at Amusement Park Belfast

Take in acrobatics displays, comedy acts, clown shows and much more while experiencing some family-friendly fun!

Get ready to laugh, sing along, shout out applause and make lasting memories together!

1.7. Giant Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel
Image by K. Mitch Hodge from Unsplash

Standing over 120 feet tall it allows riders to take in stunning panoramic views of Northern Ireland’s beautiful countryside scenery from their bird’s eye view seat!

Enjoy the gentle rocking motion of your carousel cabin as it moves around one full rotation takes approximately 12 minutes each time!

1.8. Race Around Amusement Park Befast’s Go Kart Track

Put your driving skills to the test while taking on sharp turns and hairpin bends while zooming through tunnels and bridges in electric go-karts that reach speeds up to 40 mph.

1.9. High Ropes Course

Featuring over 20 rope bridges suspended over 30 feet off the ground, this obstacle course is sure to give an amazing sense of accomplishment once completed!

1.10. Carousels & Swing Rides

Swing Ride
Image by ckturistando from Unsplash

Relive childhood memories by riding classic fairground attractions such as Carousels & Swing Rides, perfect for those looking for a relaxing activity who want to reminisce about simpler days spent laughing with friends & family!

1.11. New Rides Every Year

Try out some new rides available only at Amusement Park Belfast!

Every year brings something new including roller coasters, water slides, simulators, carousels & more which are sure to provide plenty of thrills & spills for all ages!

1.12. History, Culture and Heritage

Revel in local history & culture by attending Amusement Park Belfast’s educational shows & activities focusing on traditional Irish music & dance, mythology, Gaelic language & more!

Let these cultural experiences give you an insight into Irish life & heritage unlike any other attraction can offer!

1.13. Explore the Haunted House

Test your courage by venturing into the haunted house if you dare! Explore dark corridors filled with eerie decorations, mysterious sounds & special effects guaranteed to spook even the bravest visitors!

1.14. Relax Under Shady Trees at the Picnic Area

Enjoy delicious food while taking in stunning views of Northern Ireland’s beautiful countryside scenery away from all the hustle and bustle inside Amusement Park Belfast itself where things can get quite chaotic!

1.15. Kids’ Play Areas

These include mini rides suitable for toddlers right up until indoor playgrounds geared towards older children which will keep them occupied for hours upon end!

1.16. Play at Amusement Park Belfast’s 18-hole Mini Golf Course

Navigate castles, forests and pirate ships while keeping score using an interactive scorecard system all within a lush green landscape unlike anything else found elsewhere within Amusement Park Belfast!

1.17. Holiday Seasons and Special Events

Visit during holiday seasons when special events are held throughout the Amusement Park Belfast including Halloween celebrations, Christmas markets, Easter egg hunts & much more giving families extra reasons why they should return again soon after their current visit has ended!

1.18. Thrilling Water Rides

Plunge down steep drops into mountain streams filled with white rapids ready to soak both young & old alike before shooting them back out onto safe dry land again afterwards!

1.19. Treat Yourself to One of the Many Eateries & Restaurants

Enjoy delicious food ranging from traditional Irish dishes to international cuisines plus a wide selection of drinks & snacks all while taking in the beautiful views Amusement Park Belfast has to offer!

1.20. Amuse Yourself with The Many Arcade Games

Play classic video games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders & Pinball or try your luck by playing one of their many ticket redemption machines which will reward you with prizes for achieving high scores!

2. Thrilling Rides at Amusement Park Belfast

Theme park rides are a great way to experience thrills and excitement like never before! Amusement Park Belfast has five thrilling rides, each offering a unique experience.

The first is the Tiger Tomahawk, a roller coaster that starts with a steep drop before sending riders through looping turns and high-speed corkscrews.

Next up is the Tornado Ride, a giant spinning arm that tosses riders around and around in all directions.

For an extra thrill, take on The Big DipperAmusement Park Belfast’s oldest ride – which consists of several long drops and sharp turns.

Then there’s the Pirate Ship Ride – a large swinging boat that moves from side to side while playing classic pirate songs.

Finally, there’s Amusement Park Belfast’s newest ride: Typhoon – an intense multi-directional spin ride with unexpected dips and sharp turns!

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Amusement Park Belfast has something for everyone!

With these five thrilling rides alone, Amusement Park Belfast offers thrills and excitement like no other amusement park can provide.

Each of the thrilling rides offers a unique experience filled with twists, turns, drops and breathtaking views that will leave you wanting more!

Whether you’re brave enough to take on the scariest attractions or just want some fun family entertainment, Amusement Park Belfast has it all!


Amusement Park Belfast is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and families looking to experience an adrenaline rush.

With five thrilling rides, Amusement Park Belfast offers something for everyone – from roller coasters and high ropes courses to water slides and haunted houses.

So if you’re looking for a unique adventure filled with thrills and excitement then Amusement Park Belfast should be at the top of your list!

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out on an adventure at Amusement Park Belfast today!

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