22 Best Apps for Blogging That You Should Know

You are probably running a few blogs, social media accounts, and email accounts, right? You have to manage them all, but what if you could just let everything flow through your Android phone? In that case, you’ve come to the right place!

Best apps for blogging? Continue reading.

The internet has provided us with the opportunity to share our thoughts and make a difference in this world. One of the simplest ways to do this is through blogging. This means there are thousands of blogs out there, but also thousands of bloggers behind them.

We all have different needs and requirements, so choosing the best blogging app can be difficult. I decided to do some research and build my list of the best blogging apps for you.

1. Why Need a Blogging App?

Blogging app
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Blogging is often an unattended task. You spend time writing and posting, but sometimes you might find that you cannot be on the computer always when you want to article update.

Or worse, you just want to give your readers some peace of mind and show them that you’re busy. Luckily for us bloggers, there are apps that can help us run our blogs when we’re away from it all.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there are so many blogging apps out there that you might be wondering what’s the point of a blog having if you don’t use any of these apps. But did you know that using multiple tools, services and apps can really help you out with keeping up with your blogging tasks?

2. Best Apps for Blogging

A blog post is a piece of writing that gives you a chance to share your thoughts and opinions on issues that are important to you. That’s why I created this list of the best apps for blogging.

Best Apps for Blogging
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2.1. Blogger App

Blogger by Google also has an outstanding app for its blogpost users. Now managing your blog posts without sticking to your desk is possible because of it. In case you didn’t know, the signup process is easier for managing the app on your mobile device. One of the finest free blogging apps to give a shot. It has several free templates for customizing your blog’s design.

The app allows users to share their thoughts, ideas, and comments with the whole world without even leaving the comfort of their homes. However, it is an official Google product, so you will rarely be deprived of features or improvements to this popular blogging tool.

2.2. Medium

As a blogger, Medium is one of my favourite apps for bloggers that I personally used to write blog posts. If you are not interested in investing in web hosting, then I would love to recommend you Medium for blogging. The platform is free to publish blog posts. You can customize your profile with your logo, professional image, background color, and many more features.

Medium has become one of the most popular blogging tools on the web and with good reason. It’s ideal for blogging because it enables you to write excellent content, connected to your audience, and increase your online visibility.

2.3. Pocket

You might have noticed that our attention span decreases every day. Social media and the internet are becoming more entrenched in our lives, so it’s easy to ignore things that don’t interest us. However, there are some great apps out there to help us remember the things we read.

Pocket is one of the best apps you can use if you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in your industry. You don’t have to remember every article you read and then forget about it, nor do you have to worry about forking over $5 for a news app that feeds you stuff you don’t care about all day long. Instead, just save the content from your favourite sources and read it anytime you feel like it.

2.4. Evernote

Taking notes of your best ideas is a must-must for a blogger. However, it should be easy to find whenever you need them. That’s why you need Evernote to organize your notes efficiently. Evernote is easy to use for taking your most important notes of blog post ideas.

I know you can use Google Docs, Dropbox, and Evernote, but I’ve found that Evernote is easy to use for taking your most important notes of blog post ideas. It’s simple to create a notebook just for blogging ideas (or any other subject) with just the click of a button.

Finding the perfect blog post idea is now a straightforward process that doesn’t require sifting through a lot of bookshelves or folders. Use the Evernote app to manage your notes, pictures, and audio; it syncs with your desktop. This makes finding the information you need whenever you need it simple.

2.5. Quora

Choosing a topic can often pose challenges. However, if you want to write and are looking for a platform where your target audience can also ask questions, Quora is the website for you. It’s more than just a site where people ask you questions and then wait for your answers; rather, it’s a place where people come to find answers to their problems and difficulties.

On Quora, tens of thousands of individuals ask questions in search of information, either to find answers to their own questions or to find ideas for articles. It’s an excellent website to use and it provides you with the chance to reply to those queries even after other people have answered them.

2.6. Wix

Hate coding but love building and customizing your own website? Your own blog can be created completely from scratch using Wix, a website builder. You can use it for free and get custom templates for your blog thanks to its accessibility If you want to take control of your website design then there is no better option than Wix.

It’s one of the best blogging tools and I really recommend it for any type of blogger who wants to start their own source of income but doesn’t know how or where to begin. For your blog, Wix has everything you need.

2.7. Squarespace

Are you trying to find a specialized website to provide modifications where you can create your blog posts? So, give Squarespace a shot.

Over 400,000 businesses and professionals use Squarespace, a versatile, scalable, and user-friendly website builder, to create expert websites. It’s one of the most popular tools among bloggers. Squarespace doesn’t require any coding knowledge in order to build an affordable website.

2.8. Flipboard

Flipboard is a distinctive and useful app that gathers information from different social media channels and blogs, allowing you to view it on a single page.

Flipboard has advanced with the times. It was originally launched in 2010 as an app for iPhone, but later on, it achieved great success with its Android version as well. The application gives you fascinating interfaces with which you can read your favourite news items on a daily basis.

The new version of Flipboard for PC allows you to read about the latest happening around the country, world and even on your desktop computer.

2.9. Milkshake

Milkshake is yet another website builder to build your website on your phone. It is free and easy to use. Make your link in the bio more creative with Milkshake. It is easy to create and update Milkshake websites from your phone. The Milkshake website is best for driving traffic to various platforms including your website, newsletter, services, etc.

With just a few minutes, you can build your own website with this app. This app is really simple to use and it saves hours of your time.

2.10. Tumblr

Talking about blogging and not mentioning the Tumblr app is a no-brainer. Tumblr app is yet another excellent app for blogging. You can post videos, photos, quotes, links, and articles in Tumblr app with ease. Tumblr makes it easy to follow your own interests while connecting with same interest people.

Make your Tumblr blogging experience out of the world with the customization options including fonts, layouts, and super cool colors out there for you. This platform is free to use for anyone interested in microblogging. Tumblr allows you to manage multiple blogs at once.

2.11. Reddit

Reddit is a social network that allows people to share links, information, and ideas. The front page of the internet is a common term used to describe it. People can create their own subreddits (forums), which act as virtual bulletin boards where they can discuss various topics, including from their own areas of interest.

Reddit is a platform where users can post questions, share tips and information, and get help from others. If you’re just starting out with blogging, Reddit is a great place to get started.

The best thing about Reddit is it has so many users who are looking for answers too but aren’t sure where to look. Getting started on this website will provide you with a good number of initial ideas that may help inspire your next blog post idea. This will help you save time and provide an excellent resource for your first post – the best way to get started is by reading what others have said!

2.12. LinkedIn

If you are trying to attract an audience from the B2B sector, then LinkedIn is your place. LinkedIn is an excellent networking platform that also works as a blogging app to attract business. A LinkedIn contact can be a potential client, an industry expert or even a business partner. The social network for professionals has more than 300 million users around the world, which means LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to promote your blog.

The reach of your content on LinkedIn is outstanding however you must ensure to comment on others’ posts as well to grab the attention of your target audience for hyper-growth on this platform. While finding new connections on LinkedIn can be complicated at first, the ability to create posts and share them with your contacts makes it easy to blog with LinkedIn.

2.13. Google Docs

If you are a Freelance Writer like me then you know the value of Google Docs for writing your first draft effectively. Google Docs is one of my best blogging apps to use for writing my high-quality blog post. In fact, I prefer using Google Docs when I’m writing long-form articles or blog posts. You can collaborate with your team members easily to provide you with real-time feedback on your work.

You can also create professional-looking documents that are formatted in a way that looks like a finished product. And because it’s free, you can try it out before deciding if it’s right for your needs or not.

2.14. WordPress App

WordPress is one of the best blogging apps. It allows you to edit, draft and publish your blog post from your mobile app easily.  You can even manage your comments and its reply. Whether you want to approve or delete a comment, the WordPress app makes it easy for you.

This app is perfect for those who love travelling on a frequent basis. So, you need not worry about to check laptop constantly. You can create your WordPress blog in the app easily. So, you can enjoy your travelling while blogging for a living.

2.15. Twitter

Welcome to the world of microblogging! Twitter and microblogging are like synonyms and engagement on this platform is super beneficial for your business growth. Twitter recently changed their blue bird logo to the dogecoin one but that doesn’t mean it is underrated. It is still one of the best Android apps that actually helps in sales.

There are more than 100 million active users on Twitter, and millions more average visitors. With so many people on the platform, it’s no surprise so many businesspeople have been making use of the social network for their blog growth strategies.

Nowadays, Twitter is not just about sharing 140-character messages to keep up with your friends, but it’s also used for publishing new content on your blog and gaining greater exposure, engagement, and followers.

2.16. Meta Business Suite App

If you’re a fan of your Facebook page, then you’ll likely be using Meta Business Suite. Many people use this application every day to create posts, respond to comments, and create ads.

If you run a Facebook page, then it’s inevitable that you’ll have to manage your fans and likes on a regular basis. Not only is it possible but it’s also really easy with Meta Business Suite. Never before has it been this easy to keep track of everything that’s going on your page, stay in touch with your audience, monitor their activity, and more.

Facebook likes to say that it’s a place where friends and family connect. It’s obvious that Facebook is also aiming to provide marketers with a much-needed boost in their marketing efforts with the new Meta Business Suite app.

2.17. Buffer App

The best social media account management apps are plentiful. But making the most of your content is important if you’re a blogger and marketer. It’s crucial that your readers can quickly and easily discover any new posts you post on your site.

Our approach to managing our social media presence is constantly evolving. In the past, when you went to Twitter or Facebook, that’s what you’d see in your newsfeed. However, if you’ve properly maintained your social media accounts, you now need to alter a lot of apps, use a tool, or anything similar. And that might be perplexing.

I’m constantly looking for new solutions to assist me streamline my daily tasks related to managing social media, as well as to make my job simpler. The Buffer app is a sophisticated social media management tool that makes keeping up with your social media platforms so much simpler. I absolutely adore using it.

2.18. Todoist

Nobody dislikes a to-do list, right? To be completely honest, I’m really eager to introduce you to Todoist. You won’t lose track of crucial information anymore, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by anything that demands your immediate attention. You undoubtedly have a tonne of tasks to complete.

You can organize your day, be more productive, and save time with Todoist. I use it every day to work on my personal projects, complete tasks on my to-do list, and produce fantastic blog posts. Both your computer and smartphone can utilize Todoist. It syncs across devices, making sure no tasks are missed or forgotten.

2.19. Google Analytics

Analytics is one of the most important tools when you are blogging. You should use it to see how your visitors behave, where they come from, what kind of content they are interested in, etc. If you have a blog with any type of traffic, then you need to get valuable analytics for it.

Google Analytics shows you the statistics of your website like pageviews and visits. It also gives you an idea about how people found your website on search engines and users. The Google Analytics app is a product of Google that you can integrate with your website effortlessly.

2.20. Canva

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. Canva as an image editor or logo creator? You could be asking yourself, “What is this app?” Or perhaps you believe it to be something else that I couldn’t possibly employ in my blogging. I get that this app sounds awesome, but it doesn’t go with the theme of your blog. However, I must admit that Canva is an excellent graphic design tool. The nicest thing about it is that it’s a totally free platform as well!

For creating logos or editing images for your site, Canva is among the best graphic design apps. It offers numerous tools for designing unique social media graphics online, and you may use them for any purpose. This graphic design app offers everything you need for all these reasons, including the ability to create beautiful infographics and design blogs.

2.21. IFTTT

The acronym IFTTT means “If This Then That.” IFTTT is a platform that enables the automatic integration of your online services. This makes it simpler for you, the user, to save time by doing quick tasks that have a big impact. It’s an easy way to automate all of your favourite chores, including social media, streaming music, Gmail, Slack, and more.

IFTTT uses the internet to link the things you currently use, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with your numerous devices, including phones, TVs, and web-based apps. Although, apps with the ability to automatically establish new connections hold immense power.

2.22. Gmail

Like it or not, blogging is a big part of your life. You have to keep up with your newsletter subscribers to be able to grow your blog and earn money, you have to monitor your social media accounts so that you can respond quickly if the right people are commenting on your content.

And finally, there is the constant email coming in from people asking you questions about that post you wrote last week. As much as this seems like a small personal problem (and trust me it is), it actually has a big impact on the overall success of your blog and how many subscribers you will get in the future. If you’re a blogger and don’t have Gmail, it’s time to change that! Gmail is essential for most bloggers these days.

3. Final Notes

No one app can solve every blogging problem, but this list takes you through a wide range of tools that solve a variety of issues. From content organization to design, you’ll have everything you need to create a blog success. Hopefully, this is the first step in helping you build your own blog or manage an existing one.

All of the apps mentioned above offer different features that can benefit blogging, and they each have their own pros and cons. Hopefully, this post has helped you to see what features are available and decide which one is right for you. To get a better idea of how these apps look in action, make sure to watch some of our video reviews.

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