22 Best Restaurants in Yorkville to Explore

Yorkville is renowned for its chic, visually stunning restaurants. There are things for everyone in the best restaurants in Yorkville, from diverse cuisines to inventive cocktails.

The greatest eateries in Yorkville range from sophisticated bistros to pubs that serve British favourites. You’ll find plenty to keep you interested if you spend any time in this neighbourhood.

You’ll find something to satiate your cravings at these best restaurants in Yorkville, whether you’re in the mood for one of the city’s most spectacular burgers, fine sushi, authentic fish and chips, and more.

For savoury & sweet delicacies you won’t soon forget, follow our advice and place an order at one of the best restaurants in Yorkville.

Best Restaurants in Yorkville

Based on the ambiance, the experience, & of course, the food, we have selected the best restaurants in Yorkville for you to explore.

1. The Momo House – Yorkville

Source: Momo House

Momos are becoming more and more well-liked in Toronto. Tibetan cuisine has spread beyond Little Tibet in Parkdale to other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

The restaurant is a modest, charming place with a dining room that runs the length of the building and stairs that lead up to a surprisingly small kitchen.

The menu features numerous traditional Tibetan dishes, with momos—Tibetan-style dumplings that are usually steamed or fried—taking center stage.

The traditional orders are made with a soft, pillowy dough that encases your choice of vegetarian, chicken, pork, or beef filling (the most popular).

They come in an order, are either steamed or fried, and cost between $11 and $13 each.

What to Try at the Momo House?

1. Jhol, Momos

This traditional momo meal from Tibet is made up of their traditional momos mixed in a thin curry or liquid chutney. The curry adds a nutty and tangy twist but is not at all spicy.

2. Talk to Momo

These Chat Momos, which are flavoured with tamarind, cream, spices, and dried noodle chips, are inspired by Indian street food.

3. Chipotle Momo

A highly addictively fiery and somewhat sweet sauce is drizzled over the chilli momos. It has a kick, but it also unquestionably adds flavour.

4. Momo in Butter Chicken

In keeping with their Indian roots, the Butter Chicken Momos are served with a light, creamy butter sauce. The excellent sauce would be ideal for dipping some additional bread provided on the side.

5. Momo Kurkure

This meal is a deep-fried, dry momo coated in kurkure (corn puff) coating. In contrast to their saucier relatives, these are unquestionably terrific as finger food while wandering the streets.

6. Shabhaley

Similar to an empanada, this Tibetan meal consists of bread that has been stuffed with seasoned ground pork and cabbage and shaped into circles before being fried.

Chef Garab is currently experimenting with the menu but includes many of the dishes that have made his Parkdale restaurant so well-liked, such as the butter chicken and chilli momos.

2. Alobar Yorkville

Alobar Yorkville
Image from Alobar

Alobar will give you the finest fish with real warmth, welcoming you with simple “go-to” decorations and a cozy ambiance.

Try their renowned Tuna Tartare, which features the freshest chunk of tuna with watermelon shavings to offer you that sweet, juicy, and wonderful experience if you’re looking for something lovely and light to eat.

A succulent and delicious Hokkaido sea scallop is also suggested.

Sometimes they overdo it, topping soft and sweet San Marzano tomatoes that have blistered with a granola-crunch covering of pine nuts and breadcrumbs or smothering tuna belly tartare with a pungent mountain of black truffle shavings.

Then they return to the sublime with a martini glass of creamy, preserved cherry-studded foie gras parfait and frozen shavings of much more foie gras.

Equally delicious are desserts like mille-feuille, a layer of puff pastry with Chantilly cream alternated.

3. Buca Osteria & Bar

More than just an Italian eatery, Buca invites you to sample their imaginative, firmly based exquisite Italian food in the center of Yorkville.

You may observe how they create beautiful and delectable food in the kitchen, which is contemporary and beautifully open. This also comes from the best restaurants in Yorkville.

Serving with a ragu made from duck offal and al dente, properly cooked noodles, you’ll be astounded by this dish’s robust flavour!

Always order a pizza when you visit Buca since they have the tastiest pizzas, and we especially recommend the Tartufo because it is delicious with truffles.

Dishes to Order

Bigoli, Tartufo, Nodini, and Branzino are the dishes to order. A whole branzino is briefly placed on the table before being quickly carved.

It comes back as a shimmering, translucent layer of melt-away fish flecked with prosecco, lemon, and olive oil, with every bite delivering an extraordinary double dose of rich and bracing saltiness.

Fresh grub worms the size of tennis balls are also oceanic; when spread on toasted focaccia, the buttery, deep-orange tongues of each one taste like a dip into the north Atlantic.

The city’s priciest pizza, a $65 slab of taleggio with a weird crust and black truffles confetti strewn across the top, is the one exception to the seafood extravaganza.

4. Trattoria Nervosa
Source: Nervosa

Trattoria Nervosa, where you may sample and appreciate incredibly delicious Italian cuisine while also getting that “homey” feeling. The “gathering times,” when you are with your devoted family and savouring warm, hearty cuisine, are also given careful consideration by Nervosa.

Do not pass up their Risotto Nervosa if you enjoy that delicious, mushroomy, and earthy flavour. You’ll be amazed by the delicious, fork-tender short rib and the creamy, flavorful sauce with mushrooms.

Another all-time favourite is Mafalda Al Funghi, which features four distinct types of mushrooms over homemade pasta in a light cream sauce.

Risotto Nervosa, Calamarata Gamberi E Zucchine, and Classica Pizza are recommended dishes to order.

5. Planta Restaurant

Planta comes in the best restaurants in Yorkville. Are you also seeking something unique and motivating?

They are pleased to welcome you to PLANTA, where plant-based dining will no longer be the same.

PLANTA has been working relentlessly to provide you with the tastiest plant-based meals and astound you with its exceptional cuisine in the hopes of enlightening people well about the power of plants.

Bang Bang Broccoli is a good choice! Also, enjoy beef tenderloin and early dinner excellent services there. You will be thrilled by the delicious flavour and refreshing aftertaste of crispy broccoli with a well-complemented peanut-sweet chilli sauce.

Order the Japanese sweet potato, lettuce wrap, lasagna, Bang Bang broccoli, and Udon noodles.

6. Josos

Source: Josos

How is it possible to ignore Josos? One of Toronto’s most famous, historically significant, and story-filled seafood establishments! Mediterranean-eclectic design characterizes the eatery.

Prepare yourself to feel “nostalgic” and “artistic” from the outside to the inside. Nevertheless, a very welcoming and cozy setting!

Every new customer must request one of their famous grilled octopuses! You can taste the octopus’ sweetness and freshness because it has been expertly seasoned and cooked.

Its appearance may look at first scare you, but don’t fall for it. They must have a special family recipe for this dish for a reason! Have a glass of white wine handy because it does discolour your teeth.

For better or worse, the founder Joso Spralja’s original goal for his namesake Yorkville establishment still stands.

The seafood selection is still top-notch, and each table is still ceremoniously served the day’s catch by a waitress who can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each clear-eyed, shimmering fish on the menu. It surely comes in the list of best restaurants in Yorkville

7. Aburi Hana

Aburi Hana is the best option if you’re seeking a delicious and authentic Japanese lunch. Additionally, you will certainly be astounded by their stunning meal presentation and the motivational stories behind each of them.

When you taste the beef differently (in a good way! ), and it pairs so well with their distinctive egg yolk sauce, we heartily recommend Aburi Mizayaki Wagyu.

You’ll be surprised by Maguro Flower’s lovely presentation and the deliciousness of the raw seafood with all the fixings!

Try the Wasabi, which claims to leave you with a lasting impression of delicate sweetness in a more thrilling way.

8. Bar Reyna

Source: Bar Reyna

Among all the other best restaurants in Yorkville, the dishes at Bar Reyna combine the best elements of Mediterranean cooking and are flavorful and varied.

They have truly unique something special here because of the lively vibe you experience with every bite you take inside this restaurant space, from drinks to music or talks shared by their visitors at surrounding tables!

Skewers cooked over wood flames are one of the available culinary options. You can be guaranteed that their dishes are very fresh because their seafood alternatives are acquired directly from fishing boats.

You can sample one of their classic tapas, such as Lamb meatball “potpie,” which is prepared with feta, pomegranate, tomato, flatbread, and house-made lamb meatballs. So be sure to visit our Bar Reyna if you’re seeking a novel and fascinating dining experience.

9. Blu Ristorante

For a flavour of Italy in the heart of Yorkville, visit their restaurant. Visit on Sundays to listen to great music and taste your favourite wine.

Everything is wonderful, from the drinks to the starters and the main courses. You can enjoy the sour cherry and enjoy your private events here.

The creamy tiramisu & blue chocolate cake in the desserts are amazing, and you can enjoy afternoon tea here. In addition, the service is first-rate.

10. Sassafraz

Agnolotti with chanterelles within are luscious and served with a rich truffle cream sauce. The vodka-heavy cocktail menu is unimaginative, but the wine list is intimidating and steep, much like the floor-to-ceiling basement where it is kept.

Sassafraz, one of Toronto’s most romantic restaurants, will astound you with its exquisite and minimalist décor that is nevertheless so airy and soothing.

A worthwhile experience is eating while looking out over their lovely, thick wall of living plants.

When unsure of what to get from the menu, shrimp Campanella is a good option. The shrimp are given a smoky and sour aftertaste by the roasted pepper, which elevates the meal.

11. MIMI Chinese

Menu — Mimi Chinese
Source: Mimi

Not just because of the culture but also because of the way their food makes you think of romantic times in the past, which you constantly value as you age.

You must order the shrimp toast as your starter. Make sure you sample this delicacy, which features crispy shrimp paired with mouthwatering mustard sauce since it has long been a favourite.

When you have to search through a mountain of chillies to uncover the tasty popcorn chicken bits, Hidden Crispy Chicken will make you eager to eat your dinner. So imaginative!

What to order: Oolong Sundae, Four Foot Belt Noodle, Hidden Crispy Chicken, and Shrimp Toast.

12. The Oxley

The Oxley, a restaurant with a prime Yorkville location, distinguishes out for its elegant British meals that unquestionably sate your appetite. You’ll feel embraced by the warm and welcoming ambiance due to the woodsy decorations.

We can’t fail to include their famous Fish & Chips! You can sample the most delicious original flavour at Oxley, which tastes and smells like heaven!

The British gastropub in Yorkville is warm, inviting, and subtly aristocratic in every way. Additionally, the establishment produces an abundance of meats drenched in sauce and fried savoury snacks, just like any decent British kitchen.

What to order: The Oxley’s Full English, Asparagus Salad with Bruleé Parmesan Custard, and Fish & Chips.

13. ONE Restaurant

ONE Restaurant Yorkville
Image from ONE Restaurant 

For exceptional dining experiences, ONE restaurant, located inside the upscale Hazelton Hotel, offers you a top-notch bar, a roomy patio bordered by trees, and a delectable dining room.

When you order lobster spoons, you’ll receive a spoonful of buttery, delicious lobster. Each dish is expertly prepared and cooked.

P.S. Keep in mind that they do have different menus depending on the time & day, so be sure to check them out online before you arrive!

What to order: Beef Carpaccio, Korean Chicken Tacos, Albacore Tuna Sashimi, and Lobster Spoons.

This establishment serves very delicious meals. The main meals, such as the deer topped with seared foie-something, are excellent.

They also had some wonderful wines on their wine list, including a New Zealand Pinot that contrasted brilliantly with a California Cabernet Sauvignon to round out the dinner.

14. Flo’s Dinner

Looking for a quaint, unassuming, and fairly priced dining establishment in Yorkville? Then among all the best restaurants in Yorkville, this one is for you.

A 20-year-old eatery with a cozy and caring upper-floor diner, Flo’s Diner guarantees to satisfy you. The “old school” and “vintage” ambiance that transports them back to a wonderful childhood is another reason why the locals adore it.

Your day will be made by a hot hamburger with juicy, fatty beef covered with egg yolk. They have amazing flavour!

What to order: Big Breakfast, Grilled Mozzarella, Hot Hamburger

15. Yomato Japanese Restaurant

Source: Yamato

For a flavour of Italy in the heart of Yorkville, visit the restaurant. Visit on Sundays to listen to great music and taste your favourite wine.

Everything is wonderful, from the drinks to the starters and the main courses. The creamy tiramisu & blue chocolate cake in the desserts are amazing, too!

In addition, the service is first-rate. This whole thing makes for the perfect evening out!

This is the place to go whether you’re searching for a special supper for two or a fun night out with friends.

16. Cafe Boulud

Daniel Boulud’s restaurant just at Four Seasons has changed chefs, undergone renovations, and had its menu updated during the past seven years, and the establishment is now better than ever.

The quenelle de Brochet, flawlessly fried eggs, and emulsified northern pike are a standout. It is served in a bowl of creamy cognac-lobster sauce.

They also offer fries, coffee, brunch with tomato sauce, and the best desserts.

It is scarcely visible from the street and is only accessible through an alley; even a simple lunch date picks up on the odour of a covert rendezvous.

17. Chabrol

Chabrol Yorkville
Image from Chabrol

Penfold toils away behind the bar at a few different burners, flourishing despite the limitations.

He creates a note-perfect pork liver mousse, a chestnut soup flavoured with sorrel, a chicken ballotine encased in roasted apples, and a watercress purée with a burst of herbaceousness.

The hefty charcuterie board is a fantastic way to start a meal, and an imported rotisserie oven roasts anything from whole chickens to pineapples to perfection and gratins of celeriac & escarole on the side.

Chabrol offers Korean flavours of food, grilled octopus, and french brasserie. The best is saved for last: a freshly cooked apple tart with a warm calvados sabayon drizzled on top.

18. Estonia

The (also stylish) Yorkville steakhouse NAO has been replaced by this slick Mediterranean eatery.

The majority of the dishes on Chef Ben Heaton’s menu (including entire red snapper, wine- and citrus-brined octopus, broccolini with romesco, and house-made halloumi) are prepared in the kitchen’s wood-fired oven and charcoal grill.

The white wines are the standout, ranging from simple to complicated.

19. Enigma

Visit Enigma, a modern-European fine dining establishment located in Toronto’s famed Yorkville district.

It features an ever-changing seasonal set menu that honours both local and foreign products and is surrounded by mid-century contemporary architecture.

This restaurant’s food is unlike anything other in Toronto & will fill you with excitement from beginning to end!

20. Sofia

Sofia Yorkville
Source: Yorkville

Sofia offers a novel viewpoint on Italian cooking with a sophisticated approach to authentic flavours, it is among the best restaurants in Yorkville for sure.

You will be astounded by the incredible culinary quality and powerful flavours made with locally obtained ingredients to honour authentic Italian tastes.

There is nothing else like the dining experience at Sofia. The attention to detail is immediately apparent as soon as you enter the restaurant; everything from the handcrafted cocktails and french toast to the locally sourced foods will tickle your taste buds.

Try the pressed cornish fowl with wood mushrooms, slow-cooked onion, and lemon pan sauce, called Pollo al mattone.

21. Dbar– The Dining Room

One of the best restaurants in Yorkville, Dbar is the place to be seen and is heard in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood because it is clever, sophisticated, and always in the know.

On trendsetting Yorkville Avenue, Dbar serves a delectable array of wine, beer, and cocktails in addition to a menu of relaxed fare that is ideal for sharing. They offer the drink menu and tasting menu and give you great food with excellent service.

You’re sure to love the lively ambiance and stylish decor at d|bar, whether you’re popping by for a quick snack before visiting the shops and making d|bar your evening destination.

22. Great Food in Kasamoto

As one of the best restaurants in Yorkville, this Japanese restaurant Kasamoto provides a truly exceptional eating experience. Their menu is presented in the izakaya manner and embodies Japanese customs.

The farmers, fishermen, and other producers they highlight on their menu give their lives to protecting the environment through sustainable agriculture.

They consider it a pleasure to serve you the crop. Each dish at Kasamoto is cleverly crafted to convey a tale about the people & places it originates from.

No matter who you’re dining with—friends or family—Kasamoto will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. So come on in & sample Kasamoto’s awesomeness!

Final Note: Best Restaurants in Yorkville

Yorkville is the place to be, as anyone from Toronto will tell you!

The distinctive Toronto neighbourhood, which is home to several high-end shops and restaurants, is known for its cultural organizations.

These best restaurants in Yorkville are the top choices in a community recognized for their delicious cuisine. Check out one of these delectable Yorkville establishments, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Enjoy these best restaurants in Yorkville!

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