3 Best Things to do in Algonquin Highlands

Algonquin Highlands

Are you looking to visit the beautiful Algonquin Highlands in Ontario, Canada? This stunning region is known for its beautiful scenery and a wide range of outdoor activities.

From hiking and fishing to canoeing and camping, the Algonquin Highlands Township has something for everyone.

The Algonquin Highlands is teeming with attractions and things to do. No matter how long you want to stay, it’s simple to locate points of interest in Algonquin Highlands to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

The best destination in Algonquin Highlands is Wasaga Beach along Pointe Au Baril.

The Algonquin Highlands is a great place to visit year-round, offering unique beauty and activities each season.

In the winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities in the region, and in the summer, visitors can go hiking, fishing, and swimming.

1. 3 Best Things to do in Algonquin Highlands

1.1. Hiking

The Algonquin Highlands offer endless hiking opportunities, with trails ranging from easy to challenging. The park is home to several marked trails, or you can explore off the beaten path and find your route through the wilderness, which warms your heart.

Algonquin Highlands
Photo by Eric Sanman on pexels

On Highway 60, the Highland hiking trailhead is situated 1 km west of Mew Lake Campground.

Mew Lake Campground is an alternative if you’re seeking to stay in Algonquin before or after your trip. There is another trailhead, and it begins near the campground.

1.2. Fishing

The Algonquin Highlands is home to several beautiful lakes, including Halls Lake, Canning Lake, and Little Hawk Lake, which are popular for fishing.

You can also find several rivers and streams and other popular destinations in the region that are stocked with a variety of fish species.

The park entrance is located on the lake’s southwest edge, and Algonquin Bound offers delivery service there. Casting for smallmouth bass off Big Green Island in the summer using Berkley Powerbait can be quite successful.

On the lake, keep an eye out for any unique rules and interests of the local community.

1.3. Canoeing or Kayaking

The lakes and rivers of the Algonquin Highlands are perfect for exploring by canoe or kayak. Along with vacation rentals rent a boat or bring your own and spend a day paddling through the stunning wilderness located East.

Algonquin Highlands
Photo by Spencer Gurley Films on pexels

For more info, check out the official website of Algonquin Highland Township, Ontario, Canada, to get cheaper vacation rentals and other notifications.

2. Other No-Risk Fun Things to Do for Free Are

2.1. Visit the Haliburton County Highlands Museum

Located in the town of Haliburton, this museum features exhibits on the history of the region, including its indigenous peoples, logging industry, and farming history.

Haliburton county, Ontario, is the best destination for cottages that provide all the amenities required but remember, some of them remain closed on Fridays.

2.2. Attend the Dorset Sculpture Festival

This annual event, held in the village of Dorset, features sculptures created by artists from townships in Canada and around the world. It’s a great opportunity to see some unique and creative works of art.

2.3. In The Winter, Go Cross-Country Skiing or Snowshoeing

With numerous routes and ski areas in Haliburton County, the Algonquin Highlands is a well-liked winter sports destination.

3. Some of My Tips to Enjoy Your Visit to Algonquin Highlands

  • You might be stopped in your tracks by the view, but if you’re driving by motor vehicle, please don’t!  try cycling. Always look for a safe spot to stop, and if you observe a line of traffic behind you, you might want to stop so that others can pass.
  • Be considerate of private property you are trespassing. The majority of the land next to the roads you’ll be using is privately held; unless the owner has specifically encouraged you to come, don’t do so.
  • Remain patient! More people come to see the fall colors as they improve. Plan early, give yourself plenty of time, and stock up on snacks and beverages to get you through the inescapable lines


Visitors go from all over the world to watch the amazing spectacle of the changing leaves, and Algonquin Highlands is a terrific site to enjoy it.

Why then wait? Plan your trip to the magnificent Algonquin Highlands right away!

Its stunning natural beauty, abundance of outdoor activities, and rich cultural history make it a destination that should not be missed.

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