33 New Things to do in Exmouth this Year!

Things to do in Exmouth, near the northern entrance to the Ningaloo Coastline Biodiversity Hotspot, is an ideal location for exploring the majestic mountains of the Cape Range Nature Reserve and the aquatic treasures of the Ningaloo Nature Reserve. Swim with the astonishing magnificent creatures in the water – whale sharks, stingrays, and marine mammals – who attract tourists from all over the globe.

The Coral Coast is lined with exquisite beaches. Only a few meters off the shoreline, Australia’s biggest surrounding sea life is the ideal spot to survive beside magnificent whale sharks, humpbacks, and stingrays, as well as meet Monkey Mia’s loving marine mammals. At the UNESCO Historical and cultural Ningaloo Reef, engage oneself in an extraordinary undersea journey.

Exmouth is one of the greatest treasures on the planet. This hamlet of 3000 people is on Australia’s northernmost point, on the Ningaloo Coast, and visiting here is like stepping back in half a century.

1. Take a dip with the world’s biggest Sharks.

Whale sharks won’t approach! Several excursions will allow you to return a day later for complimentary or will provide you with a coupon valid for the next growing season. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth. Avoid becoming the traveler that skips out because they have plans to leave the next day.

2. Visit the Ningaloo Aquarium & Discovery Centre to satisfy your Curiosity.

Observe the aquarium’s marine dwellers and reptile locals! Anyone may make one a personal creature and discharge it within the simulated pool with practical learning displays! You’ll now have the greatest fun accompanied by sea animals with no one getting soaked!

3. Kayak through Mangrove Bay

Another one of the best things to do in Exmouth. Take a break inside the bird to conceal, exploring for osprey, sea eagles, or the collared mangrove bird, or wait for small shark species splashing under themselves.

4. See if you can spot a turtle court that also hears appeals on its journey to the seashore.

Explore the beachfront at midnight between January and March to see turtles’ larvae making their way towards the sea. Sending him extra positive vibrations for a hatchling’s existence is difficult, and only one out of 1,000 would continue to be 20 years old.

5. Bundegi Beach: Jump off the jetty

This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth. Perhaps the most stunning Easter daybreak ceremony has already been witnessed. It’s just 30 minutes away from outside downtown, making it an ideal alternative for those short on time. Alternatively, you may release the boat, canoe, kayak, fish, or sunbathe.

6. The moonlight above, in the night sky

Throughout March through October, visitors may witness the stairway to the moonlight phenomena, which occurs when the moon is full immediately after sunset, producing a pathway of applications in the water.

7. Cheap shots are the place to go on a party evening.

Semisonic’s Demise Time ends the celebration at nightfall. Therefore, like Princess, in addition to making the most out of your evening before even the watch strikes twelve. Hence, this is one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

Explore Victoria with the best things to do there!

8. Look for Kangaroos

If you travel across the mountains before sundown, you’ll see that kangaroos tend to congregate along the road, hopping into lanes of traffic. When they are hit, kangaroos frequently have joeys in their pouch, and although the mothers do not escape, they survive.

9. Explore the Gulf of Mexico

Paddle to the harbor on a hang surfboard rented from Downtown Shore. The area is believed to be home to alligators and stingrays, so keep an eye on the water at the bottom of your surfboard. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

10. Participate in the monthly food Raffle!

Make a wager at Truscott’s meat giveaway. Users may win a food product package for your forthcoming cookout unless you’re fortunate. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

11. Visit Charles Knife Gorge

Experience a four-wheel drive journey through the Charles Knife Gorge and see why Exmouth is known as “the reefs that cross the mountain.”

12. Drive through Shot Hole Canyon.

Another one of the best things to do in Exmouth. Discover whether you can identify the source of oil expedition eruptions in Shot Hole Canyon. Hire cars are not permitted through this one, so take a walking tour or travel with a native.

13. Snorkel in Turquoise Bay’s Drift.

Just on the simplest snorkeling trip you’ll ever have, keep an eye out for tortoises and rays. However, help ensure visitors have always had an escape companion and swim back to shore even before water pulls them through into the ocean.

14. Have a one-of-a-kind ANZAC Day

On ANZAC Day, offer one’s condolences to deceased troops during a morning service. Then, at Truscott, take a shot at Two-Up, a betting activity only available permitted on ANZAC Day. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

15. Attend the Whale Shark Festival.

It only comes every other year, so wear someone’s best gown and attend the Whale Shark Festival gala. The evening is jam-packed with activities ranging from kid-friendly body painting and a scavenger hunt to a thrilling performance at Cadillac’s.

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16. Become a pilot (board)

Travel to Town Beach and let Superior Extreme sports connect you with Different uses the extreme for something like the greatest fun 15-20 feet above the water’s surface. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

17. Visit Australia for a taste of Americana.

Travel around Harold Holt station, where other remains of a basketball team, screening room, baseball stadium, and the game room may still be found, although US forces left more than a decade ago.

18. Attend a Sunday Session

The bubbling comes to life every Sunday, featuring entertainment, Australian beer, apples, and root beer. Grab Frankenstein’s Mongrel cheeseburger unless you’re feeling ravenous. Ordering the massive cheeseburger with three meat patties, three fried chicken toppings, sausage, mayo, parmesan, cabbage, a triple-stacked baguette, and a bucket of potatoes in under 10 mins could win readers a place on a Pyramid of Suffering!

Scuba diving at the Naval Pier was named the world’s seventh finest diving destination. Because the jetty remains in government ownership, it can only be accessed through Dive Ningaloo.

19. About the Emus of Exmouth.

Many emu citizens live in Exmouth. But avoid going too closely! Cougars can sprint at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and see animals put their throats out whenever they attack anyone who becomes a teeny bit nosy.

20. At the Dunes, grab a board and catch a Wave.

Experience surfing at the Dunes to experience some of the greatest swells and a wonderful social environment. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth.

21. Take a Boat Tour of Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek Boat Tours are efficient environmental tours along the creek, with operators imparting interesting information about just the location, history, and native flora and animals. Because boat cruises only run frequently each day, reservations are strongly advised.

Researchers spotted the pair kayaking and paddling down a stream while on the trek. If you have your appropriate apparatus, this appears to be an excellent option to investigate greater portions of the stream (or hire them in Exmouth Town).

22. Hike to Yardie Creek

Yardie Gorge Trail is one of Exmouth’s top treks. This trip follows the stream to a beautiful, picturesque overlook at the beginning of Cape Range National Park, which is positioned exactly at the bottom of the nature reserve. From the parking lot, there is a small, simple route. These 1.2km round-trip hike along the gorge’s northern edge. The harder class 4 Yardie Gorge Trail begins after the nature walk. This track necessitates additional mountain scrabbling.

23. Stacks of Oysters

Another fantastic snorkeling location is Oyster Stacks. This snorkeling place is the nearest to the Ningaloo Reef. Because the ocean is so deep underwater, visitors can only swim and snorkel at high waves. Therefore you won’t have to dive a long distance to reach the corals.

24. Bay of Osprey

Another excellent beach near Exmouth is Osprey Bay. The above bay, which has another quiet diving location, has one of Western Australia’s greatest campgrounds. If you would like to book here, be reminded that you do so before registrations are published on the DPAW shows that the environment is months in advance!

25. Sandy Beach

Because of its shallow and beautiful water, Sandy Bay in Cape Range National Park is a favorite surfing destination for families. This location also offers numerous covered chairs and tables specially designed for a lunch break.

Exmouth’s highlights are all situated in Cape Range National Park, located on the west side of the Exmouth Peninsula. It takes less than 30 hours to travel from Exmouth to the Cape Range entry point.

26. Pier Exmouth Navy

This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth. The Navy Pier is a popular diving location. Some no-zone and limited exposure would appeal to diving and snorkeling. Underneath the waves, a variety of sea life beckons.

27. Wreck on SS Mildura

For book lovers, a journey to the SS Mildura Wreck is essential. This shipwreck was a previous livestock steamship lost at sea in 1907. This occurrence was the impetus for the building of the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Even now, the wreckage may be viewed from the coast.

28. Whale Sharks

Diving with Whale Sharks on the Ningaloo coast is among these wish list experiences you should accomplish at least once in your life. Whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish, move along the coast from April to September. Numerous trip choices are available, including a check from Exmouth town BUNDEGI BEACH.

Bondage Beach, near Exmouth, is ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, canoeing, and stand-up parasailing! There is also a sailboat putting station.

29. Exmouth Breweries

Exmouth is home to not one but two fantastic craft beer breweries.  Excellent for presenting their chilled drinks and tasty wood-fired pizza. On Saturday, there is also live entertainment.

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30. Lighthouse at Vlamingh Head

Exmouth’s sunset destination is Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. As a result, it’s a very busy location! Arrive sooner to obtain an excellent location, in my opinion. The lighthouse, which is only 10 min from Exmouth, opportunity spectacular views of the Exmouth region.

31. The Jura Turtle Center

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Exmouth is well-known for turtle viewing and nesting. Exmouth’s turtle season lasts from November to March, although you can visit the Jurabi Turtles Museum all year to learn more about these majestic beasts. Enjoy a supervised Turtle Environmental trip from Christmas to early April to see breeding female turtles. Reservations can indeed be arranged at the Ningaloo Visitor Centre. The Institute is accessible for free.

32. Ningaloo Center

The Ningaloo Centre stands out in town. The exhibit has interactive touch screen displays and information about the species that live in Ningaloo and Cape Range. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth. The big prawn may also be found at the front. The Exmouth Visitor Centre, in addition to an exploration center and aquarium, is housed at this facility. A fantastic venue to learn more about the region’s history and natural ecosystem.

33. Exmouth Surfing

Exmouth is a renowned surfers’ destination. This is one of the best things to do in Exmouth. July through September is the greatest season to go surfing in Exmouth. Dunes Beach and Hunters are the greatest surf places in Exmouth. Dunes, located approximately 20 kilometers north of Exmouth, is perhaps the most popular surfing break for skilled surfers. Huntress, a little bit further along the Cape, is a favorite site for learning to surf from the shoreline.





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