5 Best Hikes in Durham Regional Forest

Are you all set for your upcoming bike or hike in an adventurous forest? Discover the family-friendly, easy hikes in Durham Regional Forest.

With paths that range from 77 to 503 meters in elevation gain, we’ve got you covered. You can find the ideal trail for your upcoming visit to Durham Regional Forest no matter what you have planned for the day.

Top Hikes in Durham Regional Forest

Some of the very popular and adventurous hiking trails in Durham Regional Forest to explore are listed below.

1. Durham Regional Forest Loop

Explore this 10.1-km circular trail that is close to Uxbridge, Ontario, the loop through Durham Regional Forest.

With lots of parking just at the trailhead to accommodate all of the hikers and cyclists who utilize this path during the multi-use adventure, this loop through the Durham Forest is fantastic.

This is undoubtedly the ideal time to visit because of how well-kept the trails are and how stunning the fall foliage is. Hikers are advised to stick to the broader paths since cyclists will mostly use bike trails.

It is advised that hikers stick to the bigger trails so they do not frequently cross paths with bikers.

With primarily level terrain and a few hills, but plenty of shade provided by the old canopies, the trail itself is incredibly picturesque and simple to complete.

The management team will occasionally reroute parts of the main walking paths for habitat regeneration but will open alternate trails nearby to accommodate the change.

2. Forest Loop in Glen Major

The Glen Major Forest one of the more established forests in the Durham Forest network is a popular destination for all kinds of visitors. These paths are accessible to both mountain bikes and pedestrians, and during the winter months, cross-country skiers and snowshoers can also utilize them.

The majority of the journey travels along large trails that pass by a wide range of picturesque viewpoints, dense forests, and riverfront paths.

This location is particularly nice when seeking wonderful paths for photographs because of the big trees and hillside routes. The path is covered in wildflowers during the summer, and the fall is a particularly beautiful time to visit and see Ontario’s famed colors.

Although there is a sizable parking lot at the beginning of this loop, it gets fairly crowded on weekends because most hikers love the path.

Locals advise arriving early because there is no street parking & families spend a lot of time here. Since the trails are largely well-marked, novice hikers should have no trouble finding their way around and can even extend this loop by adding other trails.

3. Loop of Secord’s Pond & Oak Ridges Trail

Discover this 4.3-km loop trail that is close to Uxbridge, Ontario of Durham Regional Forest and you will probably come into other people while exploring because this region is quite popular for birding, hiking, & running.

At the end of Secord Road is the trailhead, with a dirt area for parking. The trail winds through a lovely wooded area, passing an old barn & a few creeks.

A boardwalk is used to bridge some wetlands, and there are some great stair climbs. A golf course & Secord’s Pond are the final stops on the loop.

4. Red Oak Loop

This 5.5-km loop route is close to Uxbridge, Ontario, and one of the popular hikes of Durham Regional Forest which take an average of 1 hour, and 43 minutes to accomplish what is typically thought of as an easy route.

You can find some peace at more sedate times of the day even though the trail is a well-loved path for snowshoeing, hiking, and mountain biking. 

5. White Pine Loop Trail

Explore this 3.2-km circular trail of Durham Regional Forest that usually takes 50 minutes to finish and is regarded as simple.

A wide, well-maintained track leads you on a rather easy trek through the woods. There are many worthwhile possibilities to continue exploring the area thanks to its connection to the extensive trail system of the woodlands.

Through the Uxbridge Woods Centre, there is a loop. Entry is available from the Main Clearing via Concession Road 7.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Tips for Hiking in Durham

  • A wide variety of single & double track trails that are fast, flowy, and difficult are available. If you want to locate the most suitable trails the first time, it’s better to hire a guide or join a group ride because the area is somewhat confusing and lacks enough signage.
  • At trail intersections & significant points, there are posts with trail numbers.
  • The tops of the posts slope in the direction of the north. Moreover, there are blaze markers with directional arrows to aid in path navigation.
  • The plantation forests and mixed hardwood regions that make up the Durham Regional Forest Main Tract date back more than 90 years.
  • This forest, which spans a 596-hectare area in the town of Uxbridge and is known for its great cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding, is situated at the summit of the Oak Ridges Moraine.
  • Four designated loops with more than 16 km of trails each, as well as numerous side trails, make up the main tract and enhances local and international trail networks.

Final Note

The Durham Regional Forest is a stunning and serene natural haven that presents guests with a rare chance to interact directly with nature. The variety of animal & plant species that inhabit the forest is an absolute feast for your eyes.

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