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7 Fun Things To Do At Tofino Beach

Tofino Beach

There are various fun things to do at Tofino Beach in British Columbia. It has enough for everybody, whether it is surfing, dog walking, or beachcombing.

This is a place you can go to all year long. However, in the winter, visitors visit here to avoid crowds, observe storms, experience surfing, and reap the benefits of the almost deserted hiking trails and serenity.

In the summer, tourists, especially families, throng here to experience the beaches as well as various activities and attractions. Instead of travelling during the hectic summer tourist season, many people prefer to travel between fall and spring.

The area’s main attraction is Long Beach, which is located within Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It extends from approximately south of Tofino to just north of the tiny hamlet of Ucluelet. The park provides various access points to extensive areas of deserted coastlines and beautiful hiking routes.

Here Are the 7  Fun Things to Do at Tofino Beach:

1. Strolling

tofino beach
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The 16-kilometre Long Beach is the main draw for visitors to Pacific Rim National Park & the Tofino region. With its hard-packed sand, this lovely length of the beach is ideal for strolling and can even accommodate a stroller.

Once the tide is out, Long Beach is flat, immensely broad, and appears to go on forever as you gaze over the distance via the sea spray suspended in the air.

The beach is crowded with people strolling or gazing at the Pacific Ocean on sunny days. There is a sense of vastness there that is difficult to find in other parts of Vancouver Island, making it a compelling location.

The most famous landmark on the beach is Incinerator Rock, a sizable rock off the coast that is visible from a great distance away and is surrounded by roaring waves. People surfing can usually be seen here.

The expansive sandy shore is covered in tidepools that are home to a variety of living things including crabs, shells, starfish, sea urchins, etc.

As you wander along the silky beach on a date with your significant other and spot sight of the whales, Long Beach is certainly the ideal location.

2. Hiking

2.1 Florencia Bay and Wickaninnish Beach

Wickaninnish Beach
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Take a stroll along the Nuu-chah-nulth Trail to Florencia Bay Trail for a combination of culture, beach, and forest.

View a totem pole and educational plaques outlining the Nuu-chah-nulth culture’s customs along the path. Both Florencia Bay and Wickaninnish Beach, two magnificent beaches, are accessible from this trail.

2.2 Combers Beach

Anyone with a reasonable level of endurance can access Combers Beach through a 0.5-kilometre hike and boardwalk.

The trail passes through big trees as it gently slopes down to the seashore. A boardwalk will eventually separate you from the beach, where you must descend roughly a mile to the sand.

2.3 Tonquin Beach

Be ready for a stunning climb before arriving at Tonquin Beach if you want to make the best of your stay here.

You can see the start of the kilometer-long track right next to where you park your vehicle at the conclusion of Tonquin Beach Road. For a moderate hike, the trail is divided into sections with boardwalks and dirt paths.

You’ll notice the variety of plants and the usual scent of a characteristic West Coast forest swirling in the air as you approach the old woods heading out to Schooner Cove.

All ages are welcome to take the trip, but bringing a water bottle will help you stay hydrated and prepared for whatever lies ahead. Moreover using hiking boots is also good to keep your feet and legs protected. 

Tonquin Beach
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3. Surfing

Tofino is the best place to go surfing in Canada thanks to its miles of unending beaches and constant waves. All seasons are surfable there, however, heavy wetsuits are needed.

With surfers thronging the beaches from dawn until dusk on sunshine hours in February, it can be difficult to tell that the season is not summer.

For serious surfers, September to November in Tofino is the greatest time to travel, but any time is good for beginners and families, even if the summer months are the busiest.

3.1 Long Beach

Long Beach, particularly the region near Incinerator Rock, is a well-known surfing spot within the Pacific Rim National Park.

The beaches just outside of the park are also quite popular for surfing, and several of them are accessible to visitors staying at seaside hotels or campgrounds.

In the parking area, straight off the beach, are restrooms and showers.

3.2 Wickaninnish Beach

Wickaninnish Beach, which is at the extreme southern coast of Long Beach, and Florencia Bay, located immediately to the south of Wickaninnish, are usually crowded with surfers.

3.3 Cox Bay

Possibly Tofino’s busiest surfing spot is Cox Bay. In addition to waves for surfing, it has a beachfront campground and several of Tofino’s greatest hotels.

3.4 Chesterman Beach

Another large beach and popular surfing location are Chesterman Beach, which is located immediately north of Cox Bay. This beach contains some bed & breakfasts, is surrounded by homes, and also has a parking lot with basic amenities like showers.

3.5 Schooner Cove

The Tofino beach in Schooner Cove is hidden and protected by a sizable, rocky headland called Portland Point. It shields the entrancing white sand and blustery gusts from the shore.

On a foggy fall day, as you stroll along the log-strewn sand, you will see frequent, soft waves breaking into the beach, making it an excellent spot for surfing.

Plan your trip taking the tide into consideration. Numerous sea species can surface during low tides, particularly near the rocks just on islands.

There are many more surfing locations in the Tofino region than just these few. You can just enjoy viewing surfers from the luxury of a café or beach chair viewing the action if you like the concept of surfing but aren’t quite ready to give it a try.

4. Photography

4.1 Tonquin Beach

Tonquin Beach
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Tonquin is a breathtaking location that is divided into two coves with rocky, steep backgrounds and a tiny island in the middle. Small ravines that flow away from the shore are ideal for exploring and creative photo opportunities.

4.2 Florencia Bay

At Florencia Bay, a Tofino beach, some of the greatest local surfers can be seen riding the massive waves beyond the mouth of the river at the southern end of the beach, so don’t forget your camera for some great pictures.

4.3 Mackenzie Beach

Also, a fantastic place to take pictures is Mackenzie Beach. Offshore islets provide interesting contrasts to the expansive ocean & sky surroundings.

5. Swimming

5.1 Mackenzie Beach

Mackenzie Beach is well-known among families looking for a more tranquil atmosphere that is incomparable to other beaches because it is protected both from the Wide Ocean and strong winds by the neighbouring rock outcroppings.

The beach draws more SUP and kayak enthusiasts due to its reduced risk of storms and powerful waves.

It is the ideal location for swimming since the nearby rocky islands function as a shield to break the surf and maintain a tranquil, isolated environment.

5.2 Tonquin Beach

Tonquin Beach is the spot to go if you feel like swimming or even just dipping your feet in the Pacific Ocean to say you’ve done it.

This Tofino beach is located on a channel, so there aren’t many waves and the water is crystal clear and great for wading. If possible, go to this beach while the tide is low or just before; otherwise, you will be unable to see as much.

5.3 Combers Beach

Although Combers Beach occasionally welcomes high gusts and seas, that doesn’t mean it can’t provide a wonderful picnic outing.

There are signs indicating where you can swim, and combining that with a beautiful trek through the woods will undoubtedly inspire the desire for a relaxing day.

6. Sunset watching

Tofino beach
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6.1 Chesterman Beach

Chesterman Beach is renowned for its stunning sunsets. That implies that seeing the sunset from the safe coast is a wonderful experience.

You can also stay here for a night or two in one of the cottages or suites at Chesterman Beach B&B, which is located on the left side of the shore.

6.2 Wickaninnish Beach

On any sunny day, the blazing sunset provides a spectacular glow over Wickaninnish Beach’s ocean.

The fine sand of this well-known Tofino beach comes to life with loving furry pals playing a disc with their human and roaming around at will.

6.3 Tonquin Beach

Tonquin Beach also offers a beautiful sunset. Either of those boulders on the beach’s two ends is the finest place to relax while taking in the fiery horizon.

7. Beachcombing

Wickaninnish Beach
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One of the nicest places for beachcombing is Wickaninnish Beach.

For many years, the distinctive sand dunes in this particular area of Pacific Rim National Park had already served as a sizable natural playground.

So bring the kids along this Sunday and let them go on flotsam and jetsam and driftwood collecting adventure.

In the End

These were the  7 fun things to do at Tofino beaches. We sincerely hope that our guide to the amazing things to do at Tofino beaches in British Columbia was helpful.

The beaches in Tofino are the ideal location for leisure and enjoyment. we hope you have a fun time there!

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