8 Best Christmas Markets in Oxford to Check Out

Oxford is a university town and one of the most well-known and renowned academic cities in the entire globe. But this charming city of dreaming spires has more to offer than just a vibrant student scene.

You can visit, explore, and admire its many beautiful gardens, top-notch museums, courtyards, and fantastic shopping malls.

You may enjoy Oxford‘s many attractions, distinctive culture, and welcoming residents in a lovely setting.

As a result, the town becomes even more thrilling and vibrant throughout the holiday season thanks to fairs, concerts, and the incredible Christmas markets in Oxford.

8 Best Christmas Markets in Oxford

1. The Oxford Christmas Market

As the Oxford Christmas Market returns to the city, the town of dreaming spires will once more be brimming with holiday cheer.

It is often located in the centre of the iconic Broad Street and is a site brimming with holiday cheer.


  • Oxford Christmas Market is the most well-liked location in town for holiday shopping.
  • When you wander by and buy for the season’s necessities, take pleasure in hearing the powerful tones of choirs singing Christmas carols.
  • The marketplace is filled with vendors selling the most spectacular handmade goods and home décor from booths constructed of artistically adorned wood.
  • This location offers you a genuinely spectacular experience with the alluring scent of cinnamon and mulled wine in the air.

2. Holly Jolly Christmas Market

This Oxford Christmas fair, Holly Jolly Christmas Market, which is free for children under the age of 12, is one you shouldn’t skip while you’re in town.

This Christmas market will give you a truly magical Christmas experience when in Oxford!


  • This fair overflows with sounds, scents and sights of the Christmas season.
  • Showcases the amazing creations of several gifted artisans.
  • See glass art, paintings, knitted apparel, handmade gifts, jewellery, stunning wreaths, and much more.
  • There are numerous food trucks here that sell candies, chocolates, cakes, homemade bread, and even pet treats, so you won’t have to worry about going hungry.
  • You and your family will undoubtedly have an enjoyable day thanks to the music performances and food shows available to keep you engaged.

3. Abingdon Christmas Extravaganza

One of the best Christmas markets in Oxfordshire is the Abingdon Christmas Spectacular.

This event is a veritable extravaganza with a wide range of odd activities to participate in. This festival is the greatest location to rekindle your festive spirit and get that special Christmas gift.


  • The real party starts after an exhilarating marching band procession around the city centre, led by Santa.
  • It has so many different stalls offering a wide variety of Christmas products including unusual handmade gifts.
  • a “Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer” exhibition
  • food stands
  • street shows
  • live performances
  • The finale of this spectacular includes a breathtaking firework display that you should not miss.

4. Didcot Christmas Street Fair

You may spend a lovely evening enjoying Christmas activities and shopping on Didcot’s Broadway Street. It holds an annual Christmas street fair.


  • thrilling rides
  • exciting parades
  • intriguing sideshows where locals and tourists in town may spend valuable time
  • tastefully decked with bright lights and provide wonderful presents and other goods
  • The fair also has top-notch food and beverage booths, so you can have a very enjoyable time.

This market’s stalls are manned by vendors, churches, schools, local businesses, and even charitable groups.

5. The NSPCC Christmas Fair

The Henley NSPCC Christmas Fair is one of the most memorable of Oxford’s many distinctive Christmas markets and fairs.

It is situated on Phyllis Court and is open to all society members.

The NSPCC Henley Charitable Organization manages this market.


  • A distinctive setting for shopping and having a good time filled with festive joy and festive food.
  • It’s a great spot for you and your friends or family to buy Christmas items.
  • It has a broad selection of well-chosen products on display.

6. November Christmas Market at Waterperry

In a peaceful area of the city, visit the lovely Waterperry Gardens to get into the holiday spirit.

Every year to kick off the holiday season, Waterperry Gardens hosts a spectacular yuletide market.


  • It has a large number of stalls selling arts and crafts items.
  • It offers lovely homemade gift suggestions.
  • It offers festive food and drinks for everyone visiting this market.
  • You can browse the pictures and even purchase a personal Christmas tree produced in Waterperry.

This fair is undoubtedly a wonderful location to take in all the seasonal activities.

7. Henley Christmas Festival

At Henley Christmas Festival, one of Oxfordshire’s top Christmas markets, get a taste of a tranquil and enchanted season.


  • The town’s centre is home to this charming little market, which provides visitors with a lovely setting to buy holiday goods.
  • You may browse while Christmas carols are sung around a huge tree and see the sparkling lights turn on.
  • The festival has merchants selling handcrafted goods, presents, and several other stuff.
  • Don’t forget to visit Santa’s Grotto if you are travelling with children.

8. Carterton Christmas Street Fair and Lights Switch On

With its annual Christmas Street Fair and Lights Switch-On celebration, Carterton comes to life.


  • This wonderful festival begins with a lovely lantern parade from the Community College to Market Square, the location of the main event.
  • This Oxfordshire Christmas fair gets started fully after the performance.
  • Visitors and residents of the town can enjoy a variety of activities at this Christmas bazaar.
  • It features several stalls including charity booths, Santa’s Grotto, minor plays, and other attractions.
  • The chapel in the middle of the market serves hot meals and beverages and has fun kid-friendly activities.


Oxford is a college town with lots of interesting sights to see and things to do.

Nonetheless, the city transforms into a mystical hub of events during the Christmas season as it combines its energetic student vibe with its rich culture.

Visit these markets to see Oxford at Christmas and begin your holiday celebrations in grand style.



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